Will Smith hosts Meme Review

katma 22 Feb 2019
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Mars Rover
Gonna cry?
Alladin Memes:

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  • I love how Elon asks if the deer is real and then proceeds to laugh

  • #46 trending in India

  • 17k people who unliked is those Gay T-series fan

  • f , is a u all right after ?

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  • #1 on trending. Thanks Susan🙏🏿😊

  • I’m always hoping to see them in Felix’s office but this will do!

  • Thank you, Elon! Very cool

  • TR-tv isn't supporting T-Series now. Thanks for the #1 trending.

  • This is trending in India.

  • TR-tv finally gave in and gave the king his throne! Congratulations again for being #1 in trending!

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  • This is epic #1 on trending!!!!!

  • who else has watched this like 6 or 7 times already?

  • Goddamn i love Elon

  • i think it would've been funnier with elon alone since justin roiland was just sort of explaining the joke every time and stuff

  • I hate pewdiepie

  • Liked You PewDiePie

  • The way pewdiepie says Rover Rooooover

  • They should send another rover with a spare battery to revive opportunity roover

  • Is this click bait? I'm so conflicted

  • I thought one TR-tvs factors of getting into trending was not being pewdiepie.

  • Elon will forever be relevant because he knows how to adapt well

  • Beta tu gaand tak ka jor lga le,,, T-Series popcorn leke baitha h 😂😂😂😂

  • Pewdiepie's video is #1 on trending MrBeast is #2 Jablinski is #3 Hmmmmmmmmmm what is happening?

  • yes this is #1 ON TRENDING

  • i'm 14 tho


  • Friday with pewdiepie

  • Uh-lad-in

  • Finally on trending

  • Meme review meme review meme review meme receive

  • Peppa Pig hosts meme review

  • My friends brother just shot his toe off I said “well that’s what he gets for shooting my friend with a air soft gun”

  • I was hoping this would be good but Elon Musk and Justin Roiland are two sincerely unfunny people. Sorry guys.

  • Pewdiepie pin this comment right now. Do Gekyume on meme review

  • Number 1 on trending!

  • Post elon

  • PewDiePie: everyone’s time will come Me:why can’t it fucking hurry up then

  • 13:30 Elon review thanks for the likes

  • Trending Page #1 PewDiePie #2 Mr. Beast #3 Jablinsky Games WTF....

  • After a reset the Mars rover is back in business. It's not dead. It's back and living the dream. Love that incredible scientific achievement. Which we sent a mars rover every year. Maybe we should have spent the money to not just go to mars but other planets.

  • i like the fact that elon musk laughed the hardest at the dead deer meme

  • i like the fact that elon musk laughed the hardest at the dead deer meme

  • Ruuver

  • They aren't clapping for next meme

  • WHAT CAN'T YOU DO??? Keep being awesome, pewdiepie!!

  • #1 on trending less gooo

  • Just google "Meme Review" and thank me later.


  • Clickbait. Your channel is getting sorry

  • please my id chak

  • Idk why, but I find meme review so much funnier when pewds laughs at the memes too

  • zona asmr for meme review

  • *Roover*

  • #1 trending!

  • 19:24 Justin Roiland, of all people, complaining about society using dark humor. What even is this?

  • I looked ahead... he went away );

  • Turn this into a podcast and bring on a new guest every week

  • They dont even care about his feelings... I bet will smith is watching this he is crying right now...(will smith)...let's just make some cringy memes about pewds....meme revenge next vid...

  • I love how much Elon wanted to just legit laugh at memes and Justin wants to analyze their potential to produce other memes in their format and their origin

  • Wtf 1# trending ?!?!?

  • The electronics are going to be destroyed by the winter because there is no heat to keep them on (power) because the solar panels vacate inoperable

  • Elon Musk’s laugh is so human like

  • The fact that PewDiePie is #1 trending and Mr.Beast is #2

  • Ok, this is actually kinda nice go see. The top three vids on trending are three actual trending vids on TR-tv. Pewdiepie, mr beast, and jablinski games. Maybe TR-tv is truly trying to change :D

  • If you rub his head all your wishes will come true


  • f

  • Grammar mistake in title...

  • 4.5 billion years of evolution got us here 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

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  • *Pews makes it into #1 trending Sneak: 100


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  • I have released the first track please go and see, I will be very happy, thank you

  • Will Smith himself is just one big meme. Failure tho

  • Bet you the 20 k people that disliked were indian scammers or just indians xD

  • #1 on trending!!! TR-tv made an opsie

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  • Zona ASMR for Meme Review

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  • so much respect for elon musk for doing this

  • Elon Musk is an absolute mad lad!

  • *roover*

  • Chronic wasting disease be like DEER

  • nUmber oNe treNdiNg youtube owo?

  • Pronounced “Alla-Deen”

  • Does Elon save tony stark in endgame though?

  • 13:35

  • no clapping though. Kinda disappointed. But not that much.

  • both mrbeast and pewds are at the top of trending. thank you meme gods.

  • NASA: Opportunity where are you? Opportunity: Seen. NASA: >:(!!!!!

  • 0:30 How the faq did Pewdiepie know exactly when i was gonna skip ahead??

  • #1 on trending. Thanks TR-tv, very cool.

  • Elon musk host meme review AND it gets trending?