katma 20 Aug 2018
It's time to see whether these chips will reign supreme, or be impossible to redeem, as we ask the age old question: Will it Nacho? GMM #1360
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  • Wow TR-tv puts the same people on the trending page like wtf😂

  • Number one on trending!!! HYPEEEEE

  • I am so happy they got rid of that system! Idk but it felt like it wasn't as enjoyable as it was before.

  • josh needs a restaurant

  • But will it nacho????

  • How does it feel to be number 1 on trending?

  • Pig ears are pretty tasty thou, when they are nice and crispy.

  • #1 on trending

  • will it soda;) pls i wanna see a vid of this

  • #1 on trending. Welcome back boyos

  • Who’s been here since will it tacooo

  • #1 on trending!

  • Hi how r u lol I’ve been watching u guys for years

  • I love u

  • Wow... I am not sure how to understand you abandoning the multiple sharable segments... hmmm. The numbers just didn't show it was working, I guess. I'm still hoping for more remote things (Rhett & Link on location/out of the office) episodes and more music and less food. That's just me! I'm here no matter what anyway ♥ Congrats on the start of a fresh new season. ♥

  • These guys would be so fun to rage with!

  • When are u going to bring out a cooking book with all the good thing u have eaten

  • “My eyes are frickin crying”

  • My boys #1 on trending

  • I love going back to the original format I really like the longer videos

  • 13:18 Rhett=Natsu

  • Rhett's "okay!" at 12:14 😂

  • Back to Mythicality WOOOOOO!!

  • 1 think at least every one has asked the age old question : will it _______? In there life 2-10 times in there life I mean come on you must of .

  • Notch shots

  • Will it alcohol?

  • I feel like after you guys do a will it video you should put the recipe to make the items that you guys agreed was good so that we can try them as well

  • So glad you guys are back to the old format. You guys were making too many episodes and were going to burn yourselves out.

  • Awww i liked the 3 episodes a day plus more

  • Yay I was waiting for a new will it


  • i love you guys so much but good mythical more was so funny it out shone the original show

  • Listen to BLAZE FEAT KNOWLEDGE THATS WHAT MADE ME by Steven Rowe (BLAZE) TR-tv @ OKC RIP SESSION #np on #SoundCloud soundcloud.com/steven-rowe-895535022/blaze-feat-knowledge-thats-what-made-me

  • Drunk people sigh lol

  • You guys are awesome. I love this format best

  • #1 On Trending!!!!

  • Do will it ASMR

  • Congrats on #1 on trending

  • OMG" Rhett these little piggy when to the market "

  • I never realized how much I want Gordon Ramsay to guest star on one of these Will It episodes.

  • It’s so f*cking disgusting that you’re eating a pig. Do you even realize??

  • The definitive bar drink is BEER

  • 2018 anyone??

  • Furst

  • This format of one a day is so much better.

  • yaaaaas back to the ,,old,, format, thank god :D

  • Uh oh....xylitol will make you have major digestive problems in larger quantities🤤! You guys are gonna be in the toilet all day😂

  • Mom: what are you eating Me: NACHO BUISNESSSS

  • My boys on number 1 trending. I'm so proud 😂

  • Thank goodness they went back to the regular one video a day


  • “I’m not gonna eat it, I’m just gonna put it in my mouth and see what happens.”

  • Thank God they are going back to one a day. Very good decision

  • I’ve been looking forward to this the whole time since they been gone😭😃

  • Congrats on 14 million guys! Whatever format makes you guys happier I'll always support it!

  • hey guess what, chicken butt.

  • so funny

  • It's kinda sad that these Will it episodes are getting more and more rare :(

  • I'm from long island

  • As a long islander...no lol. I was also a bartender and Long Island iced teas were almost never ordered lol

  • No new intro?

  • Number one on trending, that's my boys!!

  • Thank god 1 video is all we wanted

  • Dink it and regret it

  • 5:35

  • posted today and it's already #1 on trending

  • The getter down phase

  • YESSSS😩🙏🏼

  • Congrats on trending guys!!!

  • #1 on trending

  • I'm a fan of stinky cheeses.... first time I ate head cheese I was but a wee lad of maybe 6 years of age.... it was good, until I found a hair in it and was told what it was....

  • Nacho sure...

  • I liked the old 3 part episode thing

  • Thank you so much for bringing back the classic format! Love you guys ❤️

  • tr-tv.net/tv/video-U95vrQeoPdU.html

  • I hungry u should of made a chip nacho

  • You know it’s good when Link starts gagging😂😂😂

  • Do they seem a little tipsy after those long island nachos?? LMAO :)


  • This is #1 on the Trending list. Also this is a great way to start off the season.

  • Yay old format is back

  • Omg this is to complicated I can't keep up..... how dare

  • I prefer the new format from this episode :3

  • The maning stuff down faze

  • That second one did NOT have a soft boiled (aka 3 minute) egg. A soft boiled egg has a very runny yolk. What they had was about a 6 minute egg. I'm pointing this out so definitions don't get changed and people aren't misled into thinking this is what a soft boiled egg looks like. If you don't correct this kind of mistake regarding classic food, you wind up with the abomination of croutons on top of French onion soup instead of the bottom.

  • Yaaay! Welcome back!

  • Will it cheesecake would be so good!!

  • Thank god. The 4 episodes a day sucked. 1 GMM 1 GMM more

  • GMM is back along with the pointer from Rhett's conspiracy theories XD

  • Guys, thank you so much for going back to the one episode a day! Last season was rough trying to get into the "episodes".

  • MKBHD has Team Crispy. GMM has Team Gettin Stuff Down!

  • Will it nacho?

  • First retch!

  • 384 nachos disliked this video.


  • Can someone join my BO3 clan (NOVA)

  • link´s voice after almost puking is like will ferrel´s in the "let the boy watch..." scene from east bound and down xD

  • Link said there not making mushrooms yet

  • Wanna hear a joke? I'm 3sty for some water.

  • I liked the old format from the beggining, why would you complain about more Rhett and Link? Oh well, Im not going to change anything and complain, its their channel, their choice. Ya know?