What's The Most Metal Album Cover Ever? ft. Jack Black

katma 21 Sep 2018
Jack Black helps us determine the most metal album cover ever. GMMore #1384

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  • Gmm,and gmmore today were amazing with Jack black.his energy meshes so well with y'alls!

  • I’m sorry... Iron Maiden all day long. Boom!

  • This guy kinda looks like Jablinski Games

  • I love metal

  • Please bring Link count down back.

  • Amon Amarth, eah!!!!!!!

  • Where were the slayer and cannibal corpse covers tho?

  • 5:59 Do yourselves a favor and listen to John Sykes' (who Link is referring to) song "Cautionary Warning" if you like good ol' rock.

  • Sodom, M-16 is the most metal cover...

  • It's pronounced Ser-Ter which is in Norse Mythology the Giant of the fire realm and is part of the reason of Ragnarok aside for the twin wolf's eating the sun and moon and Thor and The World Serpent fighting eachother throwing all the Nine realms into everlasting winter. Anyways, He is the one that destroys Val Halla. Amon Amarth is a Viking themed Death Metal Band.

  • how do you not know the awesomeness that is the viking metal of Amon Amarth!? He is Surtur and this is Ragnarok -_-

  • I love Amon Amrath

  • i love how jack says "i'm gonna get ya" then proceeds to clearly click it up to 9 and smile manically lol

  • No cannibal corpse? Missed opportunity!

  • Melissa album from Mercyful Fate

  • Don't break the oath album from Mercyful fate

  • These guys are just too metrosexual for me. Jack Black is kool though.

  • It was me !! DIO !!!!

  • And I'm really really happy to see that naked women worshipping a man turn you guys on 😑

  • Dislike because of Link comment on the album cover and the fact that he seems to be a perv over it

  • All Amon Amarth fans going crazy in the first 3 minutes XD

  • What an amazing skit to have jack black on for

  • What about punk goes pop?

  • Brutal legend 😍

  • Surtur it's noris... also was in Thor ragnarok

  • Scream bloody gore by death is pretty metal aswell.

  • Couldn’t show Slaughter to Prevail or Ingested 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • I'm sad that Jack Black doesnt know who Amon Amarth is. He should know who that is, for being such a metal head

  • As an Amon Amarth fan this was very painful

  • Black Sabbath-Black Sabbath

  • How about tenacious d

  • they said the one cover looked like a Frazetta painting or Conan the Barbarian and then the very next cover is Conan painted by Frazetta lmao

  • Sweet Jack knows about Frazetta but totally doesn't recognize one of Frazetta's works...lol 10:23


  • the anatomy on some of those figures are so off lol

  • Surtur is a Norse fire giant.

  • c a v e o f p l e a s u r e

  • Jack Black Vs Neil Tyson...WWNTD...mmm Charming

  • sweet need My Jack Black Charcoal Body Bar...I feel Dirty

  • I love how Jack mentioned Frazetta about the Manowar cover but not for the exact following one which actually was drawn by Frank Frazetta.

  • What about Ghost BC

    • Or what about The Unguided - Hell Frost

  • On the first cover dirtier os pronounced (ser-yer)

  • I would put GWAR and Cannabal corpse as metal af

  • Just three guys being dudes

  • 1:17 Jack getting shocked and playin it off like nothing ever happened xD

  • Surtr is a fire giant.

  • Sepultura, Arise Death, Scream Bloody Gore Slayer, Show No Mercy Sepultura, Beneath The Remains Slayer, South Of Heaven Megadeth, Killing is My Business Metallica, Ride the Lightning was pretty dope as much as I hate throwing their name into the mix Anthrax, Fistful of Metal... deffinately the ugliest on the list but cant argue it's very Metal. And, as to ot offend anyone here, pretty much any Amon Amarth cover.

  • Best part 1:16

  • i almost got an aneurysm listening to you guys talk about Amon Amarth. you should be banned from discussing anything metal related.

  • I get why Jack was chosen to be here

  • *joock bloock*

  • Amon Amarth wins.

  • He wore that shirt on gq. Same TR-tv day?

  • Judas Priest: Painkiller. That's the ultimate in metal artwork in my opinion.

  • Some say that this was Jacks inspiration to make a TR-tv channel

  • The shock thing is jacks new toy

  • I was kinda disappointed to not see a Metallica album cover here


  • 80s metal is the BEST

  • Sexulization of metal! Couldn't be more 2018!

  • It would have been pretty funny if they had shown a Tenacious D album cover for Jack. Lol

  • Should of gotten Slayer on there


  • Check out Feast Of Corpses album cover....most brutal cover art ever

  • Jack is like a cocktail of reth an link 😂 the glasses and hair and the beard

  • Mayhem - Dawn of The Black Hearts literally has the singer of the band with his brains blown out on the cover. thats the most metal

  • No Slayer, Metallica, Megadeth, Pantera.....WTF!?!!!! Dio definitely deserves the win though🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  • Ooh...Molly Hatchet - The Reaper...forgot about that one.

  • Dude...I never heard of Amon Amarth, but I know who Surtur is. Ragnorok, yo!

  • Holy Diver Dio - Best album art EVER!

  • I could see Jack Black playing the Hulk in a marvel movie

  • It's funny that Jack mentions that the (more Boris-like) Manowar cover was very Frazetta-like, but doesn't realize the Molly Hatchet cover actually IS by Frazetta.

  • I think south of heaven is the most metal album cover

    • South of Heaven is pretty good. I was between that and Hell Awaits.

  • I'm genuinely disappointed that Slayer wasn't on here.

  • Imagine them standing up

  • Y'all remember when girls had "Big Hair", yeah ...

  • Check out death metal covers guys...

  • It's actually Dawn of the Black Hearts by Mayhem. Any other answer is a lie.

  • My mom had an Iron Maidon cup with that huge beast, and when i was 6 it would give me the CREEPS.

  • Jack black is officially a disgrace to metal. He makes a mockery of it. Hes the carlos mencia of metal. What is jack blacks real name?

  • Norse facepalm.

  • Mayhem's album cover is the most medal. Look it up

  • I love Iron Maiden

  • I see infinite annoyance of my friends with that shocker. Where can I get one, anybody? Also Surtur is a figure in Norse mythology and thats pretty metal.

  • Mr. S sure has aged 😔

  • guys who dont have a clue bout metal and nordic mythology talking bout amon amarth ...just wow

  • I always go towards Painkiller

  • "How metal is Conan, the Barbarian? ... It's somewhat metal" are you kidding me? The two Conans are the most metal movies ever made. They pretty much embody the entire feeling of heavy/true metal

  • Jack Black is not metal. He's the definition of a wannabe poser.

  • Surtur is the big boy with the sword, and in norse mythology he is the one who burns the whole world to the ground.-.

  • So we're just gonna forget about the first 3 Cannibal Corpse albums and literally any W.A.S.P album

  • Hahaha - you could tell that Jack couldnt accept there is anything more metal than what he grew up on, so of course he gave it to Dio...


  • Any of Amon Amarth's albums could have made it on here.

  • What about doom

  • Surtur (sert-er)

  • If Jack knew the story of Surtr and Ragnarok, he'd change his mind about the first album cover

    • He still would've chosen the Holy Diver cover, simply because Dio was one of his biggest idols.

  • I like how Jack Black describes the Manowar sleeve as very Frazetta like, without mentioning the actual Frazetta sleeve straight after :)

  • Right before they showed-up Iron Maiden's The Number of the Beast, I was thinking...Iron Maiden's album covers. They're all Metal

  • Jack Black I love you father