What's The Most Metal Album Cover Ever? ft. Jack Black

katma 21 Sep 2018
Jack Black helps us determine the most metal album cover ever. GMMore #1384

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  • Gmm,and gmmore today were amazing with Jack black.his energy meshes so well with y'alls!

    • Its pronounced sue-ter

    • They need to have him on the show more often

    • Sutur=notse fire gaint

    • Jack is a super cool dude. There are more metal things out there tho.

    • “A little more cerebral” Nice. A good enough pun to forgive not knowing Surtur

  • Check out Feast Of Corpses album cover....most brutal cover art ever

  • Jack is like a cocktail of reth an link 😂 the glasses and hair and the beard

  • Mayhem - Dawn of The Black Hearts literally has the singer of the band with his brains blown out on the cover. thats the most metal

  • No Slayer, Metallica, Megadeth, Pantera.....WTF!?!!!! Dio definitely deserves the win though🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  • Ooh...Molly Hatchet - The Reaper...forgot about that one.

  • Dude...I never heard of Amon Amarth, but I know who Surtur is. Ragnorok, yo!

  • Holy Diver Dio - Best album art EVER!

  • I could see Jack Black playing the Hulk in a marvel movie

  • It's funny that Jack mentions that the (more Boris-like) Manowar cover was very Frazetta-like, but doesn't realize the Molly Hatchet cover actually IS by Frazetta.

  • I think south of heaven is the most metal album cover

  • I'm genuinely disappointed that Slayer wasn't on here.

  • Imagine them standing up

  • Y'all remember when girls had "Big Hair", yeah ...

  • Check out death metal covers guys...

  • It's actually Dawn of the Black Hearts by Mayhem. Any other answer is a lie.

  • My mom had an Iron Maidon cup with that huge beast, and when i was 6 it would give me the CREEPS.

  • Jack black is officially a disgrace to metal. He makes a mockery of it. Hes the carlos mencia of metal. What is jack blacks real name?

  • Norse facepalm.

  • Mayhem's album cover is the most medal. Look it up

  • I love Iron Maiden

  • I see infinite annoyance of my friends with that shocker. Where can I get one, anybody? Also Surtur is a figure in Norse mythology and thats pretty metal.

  • Mr. S sure has aged 😔

  • guys who dont have a clue bout metal and nordic mythology talking bout amon amarth ...just wow

  • I always go towards Painkiller

  • "How metal is Conan, the Barbarian? ... It's somewhat metal" are you kidding me? The two Conans are the most metal movies ever made. They pretty much embody the entire feeling of heavy/true metal

  • Jack Black is not metal. He's the definition of a wannabe poser.

  • Surtur is the big boy with the sword, and in norse mythology he is the one who burns the whole world to the ground.-.

  • So we're just gonna forget about the first 3 Cannibal Corpse albums and literally any W.A.S.P album

  • Hahaha - you could tell that Jack couldnt accept there is anything more metal than what he grew up on, so of course he gave it to Dio...


  • Any of Amon Amarth's albums could have made it on here.

  • What about doom

  • Surtur (sert-er)

  • No cannable no seath no death metal no blaxk metal

  • My fav band viking for life

  • If Jack knew the story of Surtr and Ragnarok, he'd change his mind about the first album cover

  • I like how Jack Black describes the Manowar sleeve as very Frazetta like, without mentioning the actual Frazetta sleeve straight after :)

  • Right before they showed-up Iron Maiden's The Number of the Beast, I was thinking...Iron Maiden's album covers. They're all Metal

  • Jack Black I love you father

  • Inferi - Revenant is the most metal album cover of all time.

  • sad loosers!

  • ...a dude who loves metal doesn't know of amon amarth?

  • Jack black is on three movies I know goosebumps 1 and 2 and a house with a clock in its walls

  • Surtur is a mythological being that is prophesied to destroy the home world of the Norse gods and cause Ragnarok

  • Fun fact: Amon Amarth is another name for Orodruin (Mount Doom) from Lord of the Rings

  • Nazareth - Hair of the Dog.

  • Don’t need to watch to know that Vulgar Display of Power by Pantera is the pick for me

  • The most metal cover is painkiller or and Justice for all...

  • WRETCHED!!!! They're from NC!

  • Torture Killer for maggots to devour is my favorite album cover . Look it up.

  • i think all of tenacious d's album covers are more metal than all of these

  • Surtur is a fire demon from Norse mythology.

  • Death : Leprosy . There, did it for you.

  • I'm surprised Jack black doesn't know amon amarth. They're viking metal and I can only imagine him pillaging around his house listening to viking metal

  • That priest looks like Danny DeVito

  • im sad jack didnt know wretched or amon amarth :((

  • It's a testament to Jack Black's level of ignorance, confusion and maybe superficial knowlegde of anything, knowing that the manowar cover was frazetta-like (done by Ken Kelly who also did rainbow's rising cover and two covers for kiss) yet doesn't recognize the very next cover for being an actual frazetta painting done for a Conan book (ergo that guy actually IS Conan) and was later liscenced by Molly hatchet. Then again I don't get why this guy's not delivering people's pizzas. That ought to have been the high point of his life cause he's not an actor, not funny and highly irritating. The stupid people Americans will elevate...

  • Jack Black is a poser, proven by the first album. B==D

  • its S ur ter hes a fire giant from norse myth

  • Surtur is the king of the fire giants in the nord mythology

  • I’d hate to see Johan Hegg beat yalls ass

  • Molly Hatchet one is Conan the Conqueror Book cover look it up. SO Plagiarism????

  • Haha love Jack being on the show! I watch both GMM and Jack Black a lot! Love you guys!💖

  • amon amarth is amazing

  • Pantera Far beyond Driven

  • This wasn't very scientific. You need a larger sample base.

  • JACK BLACK DIDN'T KNOW/NEVER HEARD OF AMON AMARTH???!!! "Eagles Of Death Metal" ey? But still, he's heard of Manowar. They should've invite Brian Posehn as a guest if they're discussing a topics regarding metal music in the future. Don't claim yourself a metalhead if you've never heard of a famous vikings metal band

  • So them some Cannibal Corpse covers.

  • You are all kids.

  • Wait Link met John Sykes from Whitesnake?!?!?!

  • Missed Slayer, Cradle of Filth, and Behemoth.

  • Butchered at birth by cannibal corpse!!!!!!

  • Killing Is My Business So Far So Good So What Peace Sells... But Who’s Buying? Rust In Peace Basically the first 4 megadeth albums that r cool asf

  • Its prononced sir-ter

  • Frank Frazetta made the cover art for the Molly Hatchet album... (Triumph of Steel was by Ken Kely)

    • but you can easily mix the two, their style is similar (though Kely is more modern)

  • reign in blood should have been on here

  • Surprised that nobody thought to look at the very first metal album, the eponymous Black Sabbath.

  • The cover of Holy Diver is the most metal thing in existence

  • Wretched FTW

  • 11:25 How did no one get Jack Black's cerebral joke? That was hilarious. Also, JB is starting to look a lot like Guillermo Del Toro.

  • Holy Diveeeeeerrrrr errr errr yeah

  • Among amarth

  • Molly Hatchet? ... Lol!!

  • Top 3 most metal covers Iron maiden ,NofTB Slayer, Reign in Blood Metallica, Master of puppets

  • The most metal? Look up "Riding a black unicorn"

  • Old timers stuck in 1985 looks at metal covers, yay.

  • Burzum - Aske is the most metal

  • For me personally, metallica" kill em all". It's iconic and in your face no b.s. cover art.

  • Divine intervention

  • Kill em all, Peace sells, Reign in blood is pretty metal

  • Celtic Frost - To Mega Therion

  • Jack doesn't know who Amon Amarth is cause he has good taste

  • Is it just me or does Jack Black's speaking voice sound somewhat similar to Mark Hamil's?

  • Peace sells but whos buyin!!!

  • South of heaven

  • BLACK SABBATH? too many album covers, not just from sabbath, over looked. Awful coverage

  • Tsk tsk no cannibal corpse or sodom

  • nothing more metal then those beeber hair cut hahaha

  • hope jack didnt went gay just zappe the guy lollll