Weird Powdered Peanut Butter Combinations (EXPERIMENT)

katma 24 Oct 2018
The possibilities are limitless with powdered peanut butter... but should they be? GMMore #1407
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  • I just know Link is going to be the crumpy grandpa when he is old 😂

  • You Should have used bread and butter pickles. Those are the best with PB. Love GMM all you guys are awesome!

  • I love peanut butter and dill pickle sandwiches!

  • PB fit is actually pretty good

  • My parents like to make peanut butter pickle sandwiches (my mom does half mayo/half peanut butter on hers though) so it didn't surprise me that the peanut butter pickle juice combo tasted ok.

  • shoulda did chocolate milk

  • 6:16 A man who has found God

  • Peanut better powder and chocolate milk

  • Pickles with peanut butter are GOOD and I will preach that until I die

  • U should do will it peanut butter

  • Just wanted to say Thank you for making my PB2 life better !!!!!! Much gratitude 🙏 😋❤️❤️ 😄

  • I can imagine Rhett and link opening up a peanut butter shop with countless flavors of peanut butter

  • R&L have y'all never put peanut butter on a pickle? Childhood snacks man

  • now, I don't particularly love peanut butter in the first place, but I really dislike a peanut butter spread. I don't go for Justin's only because they make almond butter too and I'm allergic to that, so I only get brands that have no factory cross-contamination. I used to go for smuckers, but now I get Adams. The purest form is just the only one I really like. I like the crunchy more. I like salted packaged peanuts more. I like full shell lightly salted peanuts the best. I'll even eat one with a shell on every once in a while. I guess I just don't like processing when it comes to my goober peas!

  • Pickle juice I understand lmao I know people who dip pickles in peanut butter

  • I laughed, the best stir in Town😂

  • Do jazz hands help😂

  • MY biggest question here, is why in the world are they using tall glasses instead of BOWLS, to mix the ingredients in? They live in a bowl-less sheltered life?

  • Pickles and peanut butter sandwiches are YUM! 😋

  • My siblings and I grew up mixing peanut butter and grape jelly. We also mixed it with maple syrup and honey not all at the same time. I've developed an allergy to peanuts, sadly.

  • Shouldve mixed it with chocolate milk!

  • They keep getting one glass each and still they keep eating from the same glass😂

  • PB2 GANG!!! Anyone?!

  • Coconut peanut butter is an actual thing! North Shore Goodies! A friend of my mom's brought it back from a Hawaii trip and it has been the biggest and best shock of my life!

  • Im sad now I cant have Peter Pan peanut butter 😭

  • I used to work at a Boy Scout camp and we’d throw peanut butter and jelly in the huge mixer . Did the same with ALL of the butter we’d use

  • I love your show so much and I love you guys so much

  • My friends pregnancy craving was peanut butter and dill pickles.

  • I landscaped at John C. Reilly’s house Half of step brothers. Like so they can see thissssasss plz

  • "I kinda like this in a weird, wrong way" lol

  • I think coconut 🥥 milk woulda been better. Has a more coconutty taste

  • Josh is the best

  • I’m Koogle. You could actually buy this stuff in the 70’s

  • Wow that whole table in the beginning of this would slaughter me😅😅😅 lethal peanut allergy

  • Link's dad makes PB&J the same way my mom used to! I didn't know anyone else mixed the PB and jelly together before putting it on the bread.

  • No.nut.november

  • When I was a kid my dad used to make us peanut butter and pickle sandwiches, he still loves them today

  • Stevie has the perfect voice for this.

  • Wine and powdered peanut butter?

  • Some peanut butters contain a sugar substitute called xylitol. Xylitol is lethal to dogs. Just something to be aware of.

  • I legitimately eat peanut butter and pickle sandwiches and it’s my favorite.

  • Use to make peanut butter and pickle sandwiches all the time growing up! The trick is to use sweet Gherkin pickles

  • so funny

  • why did they mix it in a cup

  • Thanks for making good content

  • I love peanut butter I can eating it all day

  • Hello everyone, I live in Russia, I am 18 years old, I would like to make friends with a person from another country, communicate, find out how they live in other countries)

  • Delicious

  • Is no one going to try chocolate milk?

  • I would watch that mockumentary.

  • You should try apple juice (who doesn't love apples and peanut butter?)

  • Watch 12:32 with . 25% playback speed

  • PB2 is good, but try one of the unsweetened brands. I think it's got a better peanut flavor. Plus if you're adding juice, there's already SO much sugar that you won't miss it.

    • How about Godiva chocolate liqueur, Kahlua or Irish Cream?

  • I'm sorry Link, but I ABSOLUTELY HATE peanut butter

  • pickles and pb work

  • If you like peanut butter made with banana milk, this holiday season if you have banana bread, heat up a slice in the microwave and then put peanut butter on it. Its delicious and perfect for a small breakfast on turkey day.

  • Where's the chocolate milk at though?

  • Killer burger has peanut butter pickle bacon burgers

  • My favorite peanut butter ever is Reese's.

  • I used to have banana and pb on sandwiches

  • Have they done "Is too much of a good thing a bad thing" with peanut butter yet?

  • Alcoholic Peanut Butter? You mean Drunken Monkey's Peanut Butter.

  • its like you saw a coconut while you were eating peanut butter

  • Let’s keep this peanut butter thing going. Sprinkle the peanut butter powder on foods? Spaghetti? Steak? Shrimp? Think about it

  • we're going to try mixing powdered peanut butter and yoo-hoo tomorrow. will reply to this with the results.

  • Peanut butter Stout is gross

  • I had a peanut butter commercial in the middle of this video, how funny lol

  • I used to put powder peanut butter in my coffee 😂😂 don’t judge me!!

  • Guys!!! There’s a place in Texas that sells flavored peanut butter. My favorite one is the banana peanut butter!

  • PB & Dill pickle sandwiches are my favorite. My dad raised me on them. :)

  • My name a JIF!

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I live in Pa and as kids we ate peanutbutter and pickle sandwiches all the time. Always thought that was a normal thing haha. Sometimes peanutbutter marshmallow and banana.

  • The banana milk pb sounds freaking amazing.

  • chocolate milk

  • The sales of powdered peanut butter just went up

  • Stevie is practicing her man voice.

  • If y’all remember when there was the will it pickle episode, Rhett and link both decided that pickle juice and peanuts went well, so I’m not surprised that they like the “pickle butter.”

  • When my dad was a child, he would get his older sister to make him a Dill Pickle and Peanut Butter Sandwich every day after school. I have a peanut allergy, so I’ll never get to try it.

  • Rhett's face at 6:15 was my face when I found out my wife was pregnant.

  • Air whipped PB and J all on a flaky wonderful biscuit is something I would for sure eat

  • Pixel Gun 3D

  • #50 on trending

  • Worcestershire sauce!

  • Peanut butter breath is stronger than onion breath! Eww

  • Someone please make a compilation of Rhett’s tastebud discoveries!!!!! IT IS AMAZING !!!!

  • Ive been eating peanut butter with dried pickles and it's a+.

  • Oh man this is GENIUS good hecking job guys

  • The pickle peanut butter would probably be something the people that enjoyed Sonic's pickle slush drink or KFC's pickle chicken or whatever other pickle-related items were released this summer would enjoy. Fast food restaurants were crazy about pickles in 2018 for some reason.

  • 6:16 Rhetts face lol ..... and then Link is like thats just good lol

  • So glad I saw this video. Immediately went and bought some and it's freaking amazing.

  • I would think the pb and pickle juice would be good when made to right consistency because peanut butter n pickle sandwhiches r sooo good and we'll liked on East coast.

  • The last one sounds good especially since my friends and I like Peanut butter and pickle sandwiches lol

  • I love how Rhett gets a huge scoop of PB2 then a tiny scoop😂

  • Elevator pitch isn't my favorite spot on the wheel.

  • I've discovered a peanut butter favorite recently . At an organic store they had a peanut butter making machine with honey roasted peanuts. WOO what a discovery.

  • These are from ma house! You disrespected ma wife!

  • is hjjvxgagg hhhchvsknbx hhuyqygd

  • You guys should do more of this or maybe with powdered milk?

  • With water?! Mix with coconut oil or MCT oil...