Camera Updates! What I use to make YouTube videos

katma 19 Sep 2017
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Sony rx100 V -
G7X ii -
Canon 80D -
Sony A7s ii -
Sony a6500 -
GoPro Hero 5 -
GoPro Hero 5 Session -
Epidemic Sound -
Favorite lenses:
Canon EF 24-70mm -
Canon EF-S 10-18mm -
Sony 16-35mm (full frame) -
Sony Distagon 35mm (full frame) -
Sony 10-18mm wide angle -
Rode Small on camera microphone -
Rode Larger (battery required) microphone -
Sony XLR adapter Microphone -
Small Sony Microphone -
Favorite SD Card -
DJI Mavic Pro -
Phantom 4 Pro -
Phantom 4 Pro Plus -
Sony A7s ii -
Sony A7 iii -
Sony rx100 v5 -
GoPro Hero 7 -
Insta360 ONE X -


  • Updated video please!❤️

  • cool video justine

  • You are literally an inspiration! I bought a Macbook Pro because of you! :D

  • Umm i use canon but sony is still good

  • what's the monitor you use please ?

  • 0:35 they actually do, the Canon EOS M50

  • 2 TERABYTE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • She seems like a nice lady, unfortunately she thinks the iPhone is good.

  • Great video. Thanks for posting.

  • what ur most fav lens to use for vlog with a7iii ?

  • Justina... great video and Ive leaned a couple of things from you. A question, I'm starting to with my phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 5) but I'm saving up for a vlog camera. Ive looked at the Sony A6500. The Canon M50, the canon 1Dx (not the mark 2), The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema camera (both the regular and the 4K version), The Sony a7ii... I'm looking for a great video camera to start with but still get great footage. What are your recommendations especially for a setup like yours with a high chance of shooting outside for under $1300?

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  • that was a very weird color on that red fireman thingy


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  • So I guess we're all rich........!?!

  • Thanks Justine!📷

  • What video editing program do you use and yes drone video

    • She uses Final Cut Pro X on the Mac. She has also dabbled with Premiere Pro just to be well-rounded.

  • The screen is mentioned I don't see a link for it?

  • Ijustine i got a question for you. I have a 950.00$ budget to buy my camera . I wanna do photography and filming movies and videos . What do you think camera that i should buy

    • Well as she showed -- it is a lot more than just the camera. You also need gear. Starting out on a budget -- use your smartphone and then use your money for buying the accessories you need.

  • I have the sony RX1000 firts generation

  • You're so so so beautiful!!! I really really a hugeeeeeeeeee fan of yours!

  • Those cameras aren't that fancy....

  • What the hell I just watched you on a iwatch now your doing Sony cams?

  • Thanks a lot for this video! I am really trying to go all out with my TR-tv. This is really like my baby haha. Like it give you a different kind of pride when you are working on something YOU created haha, not a project given to you at work. But thank you so much for this video! I am looking to buy a camera this month for sure!

  • Definately saving this. Will help if my channel gains popularity

  • Can someone please help me understand something? Why does TR-tvrs focus on 4K so much when most people consume video on youtube in 720P or 1080P? I also noticed how smooth beautiful the colors are, could 4K have something to do with it? For instance, this video, was it shoot in 4K then compress to 1080P? Is this how you achieve such a look for a video like this? I'm sincerely trying to understand, I'm very new in video making and trying to learn through youtube videos...Please help...

    • +otbway pretty much.

    • +Sally Smith I see... So you're saying you are not sure which process they do... Whether they render from 4K to 1080p or upload straight to 4k...but I would only see it in 1080p bcz of my hardware /internet...

    • +otbway when TR-tv first started everything was 320 across the board. No matter what. Then HDTV became standard on cable so TR-tv upgraded to 720p. But then 4k became a thing. So now TR-tv as an option of many levels of Quality. Right now the options I have on this specific video are 2160p 4k 1440p HD 1080p HD 720p HD 480p 360p 240p 144p Auto Now when I just checked it - it was set to 720p which is strange since the monitor is set at 1080p, so I changed it to 4k and I got a neverending loading circle, so my internet and computer isn't accepting it now. Most times TR-tv will show you the highest you can handle. But sometimes it shows you everything possible available. Now my original suggestion was speaking towards my experience with different resolutions going back to the HDTV transition of 2009. This is with watching BluRays that were shot in 4k, but are playing on a 1080p TV. Or 1080p material playing on a 720p or 480 TV. It is possible for them to shoot in 4k then render it in 1080p and then even upload it to TR-tv in 4k. To add comment about TR-tvrs obsessing over 4k. The TR-tvrs with close to a million subscribers and a billion views are making 7 figure salaries so as such these tech reviewers are going to push for 4k because it is bleeding edge. And their reputation and image is one of being ahead of the general viewer. Plus some of these people are getting hidden sponsorship deals to use a company's latest and greatest equipment. On our end, the resolution quality is determined by how good your internet connection is. A consistent 4k stream with no interruptions takes 25gbps of bandwidth. And keep in mind that most internet data rates are shared among your residential area. This means speeds and bandwidth vary minute by minute. And your monitor/computer might dictate how high the quality is or it might not and end up buffering. So if you have a 720p monitor and you have the choice of 4k, stay with 720p or 1080 because otherwise you are just overloading the computer that will transfer the heavy data amount but you won't see it. This stuff can get complicated and I'm not an engineer, but I do believe that material shot in quality 4k will be better than 720p even if it is still viewed at 720p... but then again it also depends on your computer GPU/CPU/Monitor/internet connection speed and bandwidth. I hope that helps.

    • +Sally Smith Ohhhhhhh...That is a great're right, 10yrs from now it will still look amazing... So you are saying they edit, and they upload to youtube in 4K but youtube playback their upload in 1080? or are you saying they record it in 4K but render it in 1080P?

    • Yes, when the original source is shot in 4K and then you watch it in 1080p, the video will look better than if the source material is 1080p and watched in 1080p. It is also because unlike broadcast TV, TR-tv is an archive of over a decade of videos. You can see iJustine's first short film from way back in 2007 where she is making soup in the microwave as an office metaphor. So if Justine shoots in 4K now, then the video will still look spectacular when watched in 5 years. However if you are a casual vlogger and it is just a hobby, then stick with 1080p because the video will be smaller in memory size and rendering time and processing will be a lot lower in post production.

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  • You’ve got good editing skills, I love watching your videos over and over again

  • Hi justine im your fan... please come here in philippines

  • justine was holding a lot of those lenses i think she loves them.......................................if you know what im saying

  • i really like sony camera, but i can't buy it, can you get me free one of your old camera?

  • You are so beautiful by the way

  • A7SII très bon choix, merci pour la qualité et la richesse de tes videos

  • Write-protect your SD cards when you remove them from the camera.. when you dump footage, write enable them. That way you can always see the status of the cards in your bag.

  • Why is the colour rendition so bad? Is it the Sony's or the post? Especially the wide-angle outdoor shots: the shirt has 20 colours of purple before it overexposes to white, the legging is not black but again 20 colours of purple and your skin has 10 ethnicities from shadow to highlight covering asia to north pole.

    • +Love made in Japan Thank you so much for the details... Do you have a channel? I think the YT community would benefit from that expertise. Ok so I am running an errand right now and only have my factory calibrated Razer Phone at the moment. I didnt notice any irregularities, I will check on other monitors when I get home. Brainstorming I came up with the following: iJustine doesnt just post to TR-tv with the footage. She first edits on Final Cut Pro X and along with the super white wall-- she probably purposely oversaturates in order to reach those people with dimmer, less dynamic screens. She wants to give a very bright perky vibe. Two final points i then thought of... TR-tv itself might not accept the precise color accuracy. And finnally sometimes having the best hearing and viewing equipment can actually be so final tuned as to reveal things once hidden. When they remastered the 60s show Star Trek in High Definition... the unintended effect was it actually revealed the makeup on the characters faces thereby taking away from the serious scifi. Again thanks for the details. Rock on!!!

    • Take for example 4:00. She holds the camera's These are as far as I know black, but they don't look black. They are too bright, and have a very clear purple/blue cast. I took a 5x5 colour sample from a still, and it reads out as 98 red, 109 green, and 162 blue. It is both very bright, you expect black parts to be around 50, and you a a heavy blue cast. Ideal, this measurement should be having RGB values of 50-50-50. The image also looks hazy, but that can be a desired effect, I don't know about that, or heavy coma due to use of full open lenses.

    • +Love made in Japan I must admit I dont know what you are talking about with the purple overtones... maybe you can provide some timestamps. And as far as your calibration it seems to be set to reference standard. Good work 😁. But every monitor and every source has slightly or hugely different color tones. Again I didnt see the purple you are referring to, sounds cool... maybe you can help us out. Take care.

    • +Sally Smith Sorry but that is not the problem. Nicely calibrated 6500K sRGB screens here. The thing is that parts of the image the should not have colour (white shirts, black lens barrels) do have a crazy amount of colour, especially a lot of purple. Guess the Sony footage itself is very bad.

    • Could be the way your monitor is calibrated... especially among world regions -- since different regions agree on a set of colors and temps. It is like different pairs of sunglasses.

  • 120 frames a second isn't just for slow mo. That's a high refresh rate of gaming monitors and sport targeted UHD televisions.

  • What is the hhd ?

  • Which mini tri-pod do you use to shoot panorama shots with?

  • hey justine... how're ya goin ?

  • You do realize the 10-18 is actually like a 24-32 equivalent when used on a cropped sensor?

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  • Extremely helpful! Thanks a trillion!

  • Tu ladki hoke itta Shi tech gyan deti hai .. achcha lagta hai re

  • Put your hands up if you still watch video in 1080p max

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  • I really want to start a vlog on TR-tv & get a good camera instead of my small one it plays up all the time I do have the iPhone x I could use but I want a proper camera

    • The iPhone X has been rated as a great entry-level camera. Of course there is also the Camera and Lenses like Justine here. Then there is BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera that includes Video Editing and Color Correction software DaVinci Resolve Studio. This camera has all the jacks and ports you need for expansion. For cameras around $500 - here is an October 2018 list of 10 great cameras for blogging.

  • @5:37 I use that one on mye A7S and A5100 and is awesome!

  • *the worst thing is when you find a 10,000$ camera **_body only_*

  • What’s the music. Thanks

  • How did she connect her camera to her iPhone?( 7:01)

    • It is a wifi software connect. There is an app downloaded on the iPhone and then the phone is paired with Camera through wifi.

  • None of these cameras have dual Pixel autofocus and flip-out screen. What a shame Sony.

  • Fab video. I just wondered if you could give me some advice. I currently have just started a TR-tv channel and shoot the videos on my honor 8 smartphone. In Regards to cameras would you recommend a dslr, mirrorless or even a bridge camera to shoot my videos as I'm not happy with the result from the honor 8. Thanks in advance. P. S loved your studio tour video with Linus. Do you have any gift wrap lol :)

    • May I suggest this recent Oct 2018 list of 10 great cameras for vlogging

  • You literally took away my manhood, I can't even figur out my remote control for crying out loud..

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  • Thanx iJustine for making me study because I think I better study hard to get a good job to be able to afford these cameras.

  • What editing software do you use for videos

    • She uses Final Cut Pro X on her Mac, she has also dabbled with Adobe Premiere Pro to stay well rounded.

  • I'll fly to america, I will find you and I will marry you

    • She's currently lives in Los Angeles, and she vacations in Hawaii. good luck with that.

  • Great video. My brain hurts though

  • im intimidated. im a very handsome man and i dont want my video's only being about my looks.

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  • What HDMI portable monitor do you use? I don't see it on the list. Thank you

  • Anyone watching in 2018!?

  • I got ptsd when Justine to that lense off that camera and placed the pins right on the table

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  • How do you get steady vids when you are on walking and vlogging at the same time? I feel like a gimbal is not fit to uphold a heavy cam.

    • Well she has been doing this kind of thing since 2003, so I think she has built up her dexterity.

  • What a nice summary, very helpful. Thank you !

  • that zeiss lens costs alot for sure lul, admit it you sold one of your organs to get it

  • What is the most popular user-friendly software for video editing? (asking this question to anyone!) Thanks

    • Many people like to start with the free iMovie. However, for me the most popular, user-friendly, easy to figure out as a beginner software for video editing is... Camtasia by TechSmith. However, it doesn't have the power of Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premiere Pro. I have heard that Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X10 is best for beginners. Many of the software have free trials for you to get a feel for it. One thing that makes Camtasia unique is that you can also record what is on your screen and add a picture in picture webcam of you talking about what's what on the screen. Camtasia is geared more towards education/presentations/tutorials, but the video editor is really simple to pick up. And it has a TR-tv publishing built-in which is convenient. Or you share with another social media or just saved to your desktop. And then later you can take that completed video and then combine it with new videos you make (whether on the screen, a youtube download, or footage from your camera). And it is easy to adjust audio, narration, music, multiple video clips, add text bubbles, make annotations like the sportcasters do. It can really get addictive. But along with the video editing software, you will need 4 times more storage than you think you need because once you start to fill up your primary hard drive, you computer will start acting money and glitching out. Hope this helps. I am here to answer any questions.

  • Redundancy Queen!!

  • Using Sony full frame with a big lens for vloging? Those cameras are for professional work for stills. Not for putting them in front of your face If you miss the flip screen then why don't you pic camera that has one? Just to mention super zoom bridge cameras with a large zoom range, flip screen and 4K video capability, and some of the MFT system cameras that are well suited for video Last thing: vloging is about the content. The gear that is used doesn't matter

    • If you haven't noticed, she is a gearhead so this is her content.

  • Loooove this! These are really good tips. Unfortunately I only have $5 so I just use my phone... do you have any good mic recommendations for mobile??

  • Nikon is coming out with mirrorless full frame cameras. You might wanna check them out soon!!

  • what website do you use to edit your video ?

    • The video editing software she uses is Final Cut Pro X on her mac

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  • okay, I've been watching a lot of you videos. but I'm a huge camera nerd so now i have to subscribe

  • Justine, love your channel. Quick question. I'm starting to shoot video and I'll be buying the new A73 after your awesome reviews etc. But, for 4K video and 1080 plus shooting at 120 fps what memory card should I get in the sandisk range. I've no idea and would love to hear from someone who knows. Lastly, what is your top vlogging lens for this camera. Thanks iJusine, you rock. Geoff

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  • Nice! Ever had heating problems on your Sony’s? I have... :-/ on the a6300 and bought cold packs in a cloth that cools it. Also changing battery helps

  • What do you think about the black magics out there? Like the Pocket Cinema and the micro studio?

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  • I understand with the canon cameras! Canon has Amazing 4k Cameras! But, Those are for more of photographers!

  • I'm using the Nikon D850..… a beast.....

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