Camera Updates! What I use to make YouTube videos

katma 19 Sep 2017
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Sony rx100 V -
G7X ii -
Canon 80D -
Sony A7s ii -
Sony a6500 -
GoPro Hero 5 -
GoPro Hero 5 Session -
Epidemic Sound -
Favorite lenses:
Canon EF 24-70mm -
Canon EF-S 10-18mm -
Sony 16-35mm (full frame) -
Sony Distagon 35mm (full frame) -
Sony 10-18mm wide angle -
Rode Small on camera microphone -
Rode Larger (battery required) microphone -
Sony XLR adapter Microphone -
Small Sony Microphone -
Favorite SD Card -
DJI Mavic Pro -
Phantom 4 Pro -
Phantom 4 Pro Plus -


  • A7SII très bon choix, merci pour la qualité et la richesse de tes videos

  • If you use those, then how are you filming this video

  • Write-protect your SD cards when you remove them from the camera.. when you dump footage, write enable them. That way you can always see the status of the cards in your bag.

  • Why is the colour rendition so bad? Is it the Sony's or the post? Especially the wide-angle outdoor shots: the shirt has 20 colours of purple before it overexposes to white, the legging is not black but again 20 colours of purple and your skin has 10 ethnicities from shadow to highlight covering asia to north pole.

  • 120 frames a second isn't just for slow mo. That's a high refresh rate of gaming monitors and sport targeted UHD televisions.

  • What is the hhd ?

  • Which mini tri-pod do you use to shoot panorama shots with?

  • hey justine... how're ya goin ?

  • You do realize the 10-18 is actually like a 24-32 equivalent when used on a cropped sensor?

  • Hii

  • Extremely helpful! Thanks a trillion!

  • Tu ladki hoke itta Shi tech gyan deti hai .. achcha lagta hai re

  • Put your hands up if you still watch video in 1080p max

  • (((((( ❤️ ))))))

  • I really want to start a vlog on TR-tv & get a good camera instead of my small one it plays up all the time I do have the iPhone x I could use but I want a proper camera

  • @5:37 I use that one on mye A7S and A5100 and is awesome!

  • *the worst thing is when you find a 10,000$ camera **_body only_*

  • What’s the music. Thanks

  • How did she connect her camera to her iPhone?( 7:01)

  • None of these cameras have dual Pixel autofocus and flip-out screen. What a shame Sony.

  • Fab video. I just wondered if you could give me some advice. I currently have just started a TR-tv channel and shoot the videos on my honor 8 smartphone. In Regards to cameras would you recommend a dslr, mirrorless or even a bridge camera to shoot my videos as I'm not happy with the result from the honor 8. Thanks in advance. P. S loved your studio tour video with Linus. Do you have any gift wrap lol :)

  • You literally took away my manhood, I can't even figur out my remote control for crying out loud..

  • amazing

  • Thanx iJustine for making me study because I think I better study hard to get a good job to be able to afford these cameras.

  • What editing software do you use for videos

  • I'll fly to america, I will find you and I will marry you

  • Great video. My brain hurts though

  • im intimidated. im a very handsome man and i dont want my video's only being about my looks.

  • You are the best!! HiperNice Video!!

  • What HDMI portable monitor do you use? I don't see it on the list. Thank you

  • Anyone watching in 2018!?

  • I got ptsd when Justine to that lense off that camera and placed the pins right on the table

  • this is super interesting wth!

  • Can u do a giveaway

  • How do you get steady vids when you are on walking and vlogging at the same time? I feel like a gimbal is not fit to uphold a heavy cam.

  • What a nice summary, very helpful. Thank you !

  • that zeiss lens costs alot for sure lul, admit it you sold one of your organs to get it

  • What is the most popular user-friendly software for video editing? (asking this question to anyone!) Thanks

  • Redundancy Queen!!

  • 4:09 - NO MAKEUP! YES! Aaaaaaaaaand, I'm in love. For real. Forever. Oh, dear. In all seriousness, I love a girl who is naturally attractive.

  • Using Sony full frame with a big lens for vloging? Those cameras are for professional work for stills. Not for putting them in front of your face If you miss the flip screen then why don't you pic camera that has one? Just to mention super zoom bridge cameras with a large zoom range, flip screen and 4K video capability, and some of the MFT system cameras that are well suited for video Last thing: vloging is about the content. The gear that is used doesn't matter

  • Loooove this! These are really good tips. Unfortunately I only have $5 so I just use my phone... do you have any good mic recommendations for mobile??

  • Nikon is coming out with mirrorless full frame cameras. You might wanna check them out soon!!

  • what website do you use to edit your video ?

  • great video. I learned a lot watching it

  • You have a separate “unboxing” desk?!!

  • which stablizer do u use

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  • Perfect video for a beginner👍

  • okay, I've been watching a lot of you videos. but I'm a huge camera nerd so now i have to subscribe

  • Justine, love your channel. Quick question. I'm starting to shoot video and I'll be buying the new A73 after your awesome reviews etc. But, for 4K video and 1080 plus shooting at 120 fps what memory card should I get in the sandisk range. I've no idea and would love to hear from someone who knows. Lastly, what is your top vlogging lens for this camera. Thanks iJusine, you rock. Geoff

  • This be so inspiring justtt 😢😢😢

  • Awesome video thanks for sharing !

  • Nice! Ever had heating problems on your Sony’s? I have... :-/ on the a6300 and bought cold packs in a cloth that cools it. Also changing battery helps

  • What do you think about the black magics out there? Like the Pocket Cinema and the micro studio?

  • u r my favourite youtuber i just like all ur videoes

  • I understand with the canon cameras! Canon has Amazing 4k Cameras! But, Those are for more of photographers!

  • I'm using the Nikon D850..… a beast.....

  • Great video‼️🙌👉👏 What’s that thing you’re holding like for 6 seconds that says solar, diffuser, USB, etc.?

  • Linus, please give her a RED camera !!

  • Just curious have you thought about 4k at 60 FPS?

  • Had to order some stuff but what you were saying is genuine and makes so mucj sence

  • Actually this did inspire me to start making videos... Thank you

  • I want to post but I don’t know what to edit with or do thumbnails

  • What do you use to edit your videos

  • Can you do another updated video like this , but for 2018?

  • How do you record on a macbook

  • I just got a new camera from amazon and it came with a 18-55 mm lens. do you think that a 18-55mm lens is good for vlogging?


  • can you dont expose the sensor it hurts

  • I am just starting out as a Vlogger and this video answered all my questions Thanks Christine.

  • The only female tech TR-tvr, that I don't find having an irritating accent. 😂 iJustine 🤟🏼

  • i'm a broke young child who cannot afford those cameras. i just love your channel and your content is sooo goood

  • don't hate me , but i think u r so much prettier without makeup for example 4:12 ;)

  • I use the Canon Rebel T6i for my videos

  • Can I have the one that went into the pool! ?

  • I dropped my brand new Fuji X-T2 in the lake. That was an expensive fishing lure.

  • Pls suggest Best Compact camera for Photos(Not for Videos).. Is there any alternate/strong competitor for Sony RX100 Mark 1or 2.

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  • One more question what software do you use to edit

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  • Canon eos m50

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  • Zoom is wavy AF

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  • Cannon stopped making cameras

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  • Did you ever debate between the 16-35 f2.8 gm vs the ziess f4?

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