Unboxing Every iPhone XS + XS Max

katma 22 Sep 2018
This is my iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max Unboxing. This video features the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max is Space Gray, Silver and Gold --- dbrand skins - dbrand.com/
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  • So what do you think... Should I switch to the iPhone XSX Max? Should I do it for Tim?

  • 7:52 mfker bought em all

  • I phone X'r

  • thx for this video

  • actually no id rather get the 1st one

  • im gonna get one of those maxs for xmas

  • umm qis somone interviewing u

  • It’s actually just a waste of money they are all the same only the size and some of the colours are different

  • Can I have on of that we can't afford that phone but my Christmas wish is parents give me a iPhone but father said she don't have a money pls can I have the one of that phone😓

  • I’m upgrading my iPhone 6 Plus to the iPhone XS Max and I’m so excited!!! My iPhone 6 Plus camera recently “broke” aka the camera lens focus completely stoped working and now it flickers and makes click noises. It looks like a laser light show.

  • You should write a poetry book. Or talk in ground of big crowds.

  • 🤢🍎! 🍏🔫... 💥🔫

  • have you ever get punched in your face for talking too much?

  • 8:41 omg

  • Cool man is it cool

  • I’m guessing I’m the only one thinking that with these phones we should be able to talk and send pics with out WiFi and they should be unbreakable

  • Lmao yt shut down but I'm still watching it.

  • he looked better with glasses

  • My mom last day break my i phone 7 😫

  • I’m getting the iPhone Xs max this week 💋

  • I’m interested do it for us. Switch it.

  • He starts Unboxing at 2:30 the rest is just junk

  • I am watching this in my I phone 8 plus 😂😂 Now I am going to upgrade to Samsung galaxy note 9 😂😂

  • Apple cheap ass not adding hi speed charger. Fuck that shit. I am out

  • Phenomenal

  • Sigh... if only I could afford this phone. And to all the people who say GET A JOB whenever I post these types of comments I can’t get a job. But on the other hand I still wish I had this phone because I’ve had the SE for like 3 years. Hope you enjoy your new phone.

  • iPhone X was better because it came up with new stuff. XS is same stuff with a little here, a little insignificant there. XS Max is awful because its huge. 6.50 inches is too big. XR is another waste of money, that thing is...just...Apple fooling people. Really disappointed with iPhone release this year, its just money dementor.

  • 8:41 that the best sound or what?

  • very well

  • give me your extra iphone lol

  • Getting my xs max soon :D

  • WTF! I didn't realize the box doesn't have the headphones adaptor until I bought the phone! WHy the heck it is not included!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I won't get I phone by you

  • So, if the charger isn’t fast charging, can I use the adaptor for my iPad 2018?

  • This is so lit 🔥

  • Geeeeez. Tone down the rants lol

  • "Money brought these things" For me 10 dollars is a lot

  • An apple every year makes your money disapear

  • Can you give me one I broke my phone and can't buy another

  • ahhhmmmm considering...iphone..but price...nah

  • Gust got my new iPhone XsMAX love it 😍

  • How you affording dis

  • just unbox one the rest are look the same

  • I can't appord that kinds of gadget, because it's so expensive, but i wish some day I can buy.

  • Wow

  • With Wireless Charger for Xs.DONT NEED ANYTHING ELSE IN LIFE

  • Why are you buying such things that they are the same and so expensive but, you can't use at the same time man, should just buy only one of them so that you can save a lot of money man even tho you can afford all of them. I'm just suggesting man. Sorry if you don't like my messaage

  • I love how he spend a lot of money on a product just to criticize

  • Super

  • I currently have the 8plus, I think this will be my last iPhone

  • iPhone XS& XS max camera is Good but mobile is more expensive .

  • Apple really surprise me

  • Very Honest opinions my friend. XS Max purchased!!! Done!!!

  • I want one so bad my sister has one. Like if you want one

  • Gold and Black is Perfect!

  • Too much taka taka

  • Apple is best!!!

  • I should be doing my hw rn but no, I’m watching this💀🤠

  • ssubscribed

  • Could you do a speaker test between the iPhone Xs Max and the Pixel 3

  • I watched this white eating apple?

  • @unboxtherapy....if you are not gonna use all these iphones...can you send me an iPhone XS Max gold version to Mumbai, India

  • I want that iPhone but no money 😭😭😭😭

  • it still 2700 mAh ?!! 🙄

  • Phoness

  • 1 iPhones xs = my one kidney 😆

  • please give me phone. i really love it!

  • I'm here from the the pixel 3xl unboxing Those saying he's biased are just iPhone wankers he wasn't hating on them he really complimented this and said the truth and the pixel 3xl he talked about the notch so stop hating on my man

  • what is he going to do with all those iphones?

  • can i have one

  • send me one iphone lol

  • his review is very neutral either for andriod user or IOS user

  • 1/4 of the video is him ranting and yet I’m still entertained and don’t hate him for being “critical” towards Apple. All my devices are Apple and I’m still happy 😊

  • Just came from ur Pixel 3 vid and OMG I can’t believe how bias ur rn. This is gonna ruin ur channel. People who really love tech should treat all the devices without bias. I used to love ur vid but now I just can’t do so. Some times ago u made a vid talking about if apple is paying u off, and u claimed multiple times in ur vids that ur not bias. Well I hope soon u will mark ur words.

  • Wow

  • You should switch, please do it

  • Please do a story on the top speaker it’s keeps cutting out and won’t come back on I’m getting this 4-6 times a day and have to restart all day long this is getting stupid as hell please do a story this is bad news for every one who spent almost 2 grand on one.

  • Nobody gives a fuck We all know you are biased Your reviews are stupid I was shocked by your pixel 3 review You use to be a lot better Nowadays all you do is bash apple and praise pixel

  • The same in iPhone Max LaiK Abakmtkrku in my channel I am Arab

  • well instead he luckily gets paid by google :)

  • Google was inspired for pixel 3 xl's notch by apple's paperwork kit 2:32 😂😂

  • Who else is comparing this to his pixel 3 unboxing

  • Can I have one? Please😊 I don't have any phone I just use my computer🙁

  • Nice

  • Am i the only one who noticed lots of his sentences rhyming with MGKs diss on Eminem " Rap Devil" listen after 3:09

  • Pixel 3xl has even better notch/ no 3.5mm And he said nothing..... how much did google gave u

  • Who’s here after the Pixel review?

    • Me!! He says “I don’t have anything against Apple, I tell like it is !” What a joke !!! 🤣🤣

    • Haha... me... I wanted to compare his attitude towards the two platforms

    • Maaaaaybe

    • Me 😂😂

  • Who’s watching this on their iPhone XS Max?

  • @unboxtherapy Can you do the unboxing of the new Nokia Smartphones? And see how they compare to other more expensive smart phones? And the new Nokia 3310 3g and Nokia 8110 4g? And see how they compare to the original ones?

  • stop talking just open that shit

  • I want one

  • Who came here after watching the pixel 3XL unboxing video to see how biased is he!

    • I did !! And the music isn’t as sinister in the Pixel Video..

    • I totally did. Ha ha

    • Me!

    • lol not even a single bad comment about the pixel in his pixel unboxing video

    • I thought it was just me LOL .. Dont think he was biased .. apple is just ignorant and PIXEL 3 notch kinda looks good even

  • Nice phone sir

  • me aint a fan of iphones

  • prize hi h


  • And here in India XS max costs around 140,000 rupees

  • My ever wish is to have an iphone, but due to lack of money, that will just stay as a wish~~ 💔

  • Toda razón Apple con sus mierdas de cargadores lentos en pleno 2018

  • I just love you LU