Unboxing a SEALED iBook G3 with MKBHD!

katma 16 Jul 2018
Huge thanks to MKBHD for letting me unbox this new 18 year old iBook! Check out the video we did on his channel: tr-tv.net/tv/video-nIs8xAr_nIo.html
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  • I wasn’t born

  • Boi, it's late 2018 not early 1989 something.

  • But does it play Half-Life. I hate mac and think they are a garbage these days but this machine is an incredible device for it's time, a time when Mac actually was innovative.

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  • This video was a huge oportunity loss... should be an amazing video but that chick freaking out over the laptop was super annoying.

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  • I dont even think she was annoying or anything, more like you guys are being the drama queens here.

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  • Too much overreacting justine, relax

  • i remember my matte black Pismo g3 powerbook in 1999(i think that's what it was called) i was 23 in 2000...Y2K baby

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  • It's like im watching old film black and white sitting together 😆😆😆😆

  • i wasn´t this excited for an iphone x

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  • You should have searched for WTC.

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  • Mkbhd is too nice to tell her to chill but u can tell he’s just thinking stfu

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  • Wooow! You can't be more "Apple" than this!

  • Am I the only one who thought of Finns hat from adventure time when I saw the white things???

  • I turned 16 in 2000 and was just entering my sophmore year in high school

  • Anyone born when this dropped is actually 18 now... I just have to sit down

  • I was -7 years old :D

  • Justin: There's no mouse!!! Mkbhd: Oh it's a laptop. Me: what the...

    • Mkbhd said theres no mouse too.

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  • I was 16 in 2000, but I didn't get into Apple until 2006.

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  • I loved this video... I had one of these second hand and loved it... I used it for when I was doing an art course in New Zealand... Hey you two are great, so forget about the people that have bagged you in the comments iJustine... The two of you bought back great memories and put a huge smile on my face... A great computer... Thanks for the post... :-)...

  • I was born on 2003😂

  • 18 years later and macs have not gotten any better

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  • She is so irritating that I couldn't bear to see it after 4.20 min

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  • i was -3 in 2000. but i did have the old iMacs, like the eggy shaped ones in 3rd grade.

  • 2000 I was 30. I worked at a Mac reseller in San Francisco. I sold a bunch of those iBooks. That year they were only blue and key lime green.

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  • I was -3 years old when this macbook came out

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  • I remember half of my ICQ number. Lol, how old are we.

  • CD ROM drive, do you remember those? Wow

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  • i turn my computer voice up and down when i watch this video

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  • I was born in 2004 so idk know anything about the iBook g3

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  • The iBook made me hate Apple for years. These weird shapes and the evil yo-yo device were a nightmare to carry in a bag, loading Internet pages was sooooooooooooooo slow with this garbage, this screen made my eyes cry, this stupid thing shut down suddenly for no reason and didn't afford high temperatures, and I hate the noises it made. It was a total disaster. I had to use this stupid thing for work and believe me, I was the happiest guy in the world when my enterprise switched to PC. Funny thing: if we expect a disc reader, this is the last device from Apple I have used in my life.

  • Marques doesn't remember Netscape? Damn...

  • I was 19 in the year 2000! I got my first Mac, a Mac plus in 1986! We even got a 20mb external hard drive with it. It cost $3000 all up!

  • I wasn’t born in the 2000s

  • Shut up Justine.

  • That was the the first laptop I ever saw in person. I remember being in the 3rd grade and using a tangerine one for writing assignments, and being taught about search engines like Yahooligans. It was the computer that made me want to get a Mac. To be honest, I would react just like her.

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  • Looks a fisher price laptop lol

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  • Honestly kind of love her enthusiasm

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  • I had the desk top one in blue aha

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  • I love her energy. I normally date girls like that which is funny cause I'm sorta like MKBHD lol. I don't get all excited all that often.

  • My goodness I feel old now. At 11 years old barely becoming familiar with dialup internet, I vaguely remember these being popular among tech geeks. If only MacBooks still looked like these, I’d totally get one.

  • I was 3 in 2000😂

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  • You guys look great together perfect combination

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  • I remember these! That poor thing can’t handle today’s internet. I was 16, in the middle of nowhere, TX, and never got one! So crazy to see one in action finally! 😂 only iJustine and MKBHD...

  • first time watching iJustine's vid beacause of mkbhd. are your videos always so cringy? so awakward for mkbhd. no Hate tho, you do you

  • Very cool! Thanks for sharing!

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  • Why was the C in continue​ a capital?

  • 10:18 Apple was already breaking people balls with boring forms. Don't change a winning team they say

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