This iPhone XS Max Was Not Made By Apple...

katma 15 Sep 2018
The iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR are the latest smartphone offerings from Apple. The devices haven't even shipped yet and we've already got fakes (android clones) hitting the market. Do yourself a favor and don't buy one of these fake iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max or iPhone XR. Subscribe for my eventual (real) iPhone XS Max review.
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  • 💀💀💀

    • APPLE is fooling people just like churches in medieval period did

    • I know

    • why do you forcefully throw everything..

    • What website did you buy it from? I want to buy it

  • Tbh I like the knock off is bigger XD

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  • That chin doe

  • I don't believe that Apple Inc. actually makes any of their own hardware, instead relying on 3rd party contractors to produce their devices.

  • where do you buy this

  • Looks like a pixel 3 😆

  • It was dumb ass

  • where can i buy it in uk offline even online?

  • Can I have the iPhone xs max

  • I'm here with the IPHONE 7 in getting the XR or 8 Plus For Myself I'm Paying 867$.00

  • Clickbait Therapy

  • Androids are WAY better than iPhones

  • This stupid fool Lou is More impressed with the Chinese knock off because he’s a hater and candida has never done anything special please name something. You can’t even have your own pro leagMore im more impressed with the Chinese knock off because he’s a heater in candida has never done anything special please name something. America has the NHL and Canada is the country of hockey you can’t even have a professional league. You’re lucky America then take the land . Maybe one day . Semper Fi

  • The iPhone X’s don’t have any Writing underneath the iPhone they don’t have those marks anymore.

  • All fakes are 256 GB . And you should plug it into a machine if find out what it’s actually running because it’s probably running android from A s6

  • LOL it says 2016 Apple Inc.

  • Even a pear phone is better than this

  • That thing has a bigger screen to body ratio then my j3 lol

  • boi love ur vids


  • iphones are junk every one iv owned has had issues, you can keep it :)

  • Sorry.

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  • Hey, have you seen the iPhone XS Max (A1 Concept Clone) videos on TR-tv? The phone looks of a much better build quality than the one shown in your video. I believe the phone is available from Chinaecart and I wanted to ask if you would kindly do an in depth review of it? Do drop me a reply if you manage to get hold of one. Love your vids by the way!

  • *Iphone X Was not made by apple??True!!It was their 10th phone and 10th birthday they asked samsung to create it and paid 1 miliard dollars so they dont share that samsung made it*

  • Wtf so much clickbait on this channel

  • It's 2018, and I know someone who personally got fooled into buying one of these knockoffs. LOL! Out $500 bucks for something thought to be authentic.

  • Currently Iphones r the ONE & ONLY phones in the world to have a VERY UNIQUE FEATURE : All phones charge very fast with their supplied charger but slowly with wireless charger BUT In case of Iphones its the. EXACT OPPOSITE they charges slowly with their supplied 5watt charger but surprisingly charges much faster with any wireless charger 😂😂😂 👌👌

  • Gareebo ka iphone 😂

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  • Xioami mi max now the apple iPhone max wow.

  • Unboxer is not good 😂😂 shit he is

  • He hates apple so much even though this isn’t an apple....bias dude.

  • how

  • Is it charging properly? xD

  • I love i phone

  • Horrible.

  • There actually is no writing under iPhone, my iPhone 8 has no writing under iPhone

  • Are people actually trying to brag they own an iphone??? I see someone with an iphone and i know immediately they don't care about their phone.

  • Lou ( Luigi ) this is funny but all the other UTUBE techs are quoting you. Timmy ( salty dog Timmy ) gotta be hating you.

  • F.u Apple. Luigi your best.

  • Where can I buy this?

  • your such a rich human, i love it, i love it.

  • Why would Tim Cook invite a constantly squeaking android fanboy to his event?

  • apparently apple is overpriced, they act as if the s9 doesn't exist, ITS BASICALLY $1000 LMAO, THATS CHEAP TO YOU?

  • Apple fans: don't buy it if you are poor. No its not about being rich or poor... I'm not buying phone that cost like 300 bucks to make and then buy it for 1500$.

  • That would fool me.

  • Your turning into the person who reviews phones and says I'm moving on

  • Aur jis nai b unboxing ki koi sticker nii tha tera pa especialy lgaya. Bloody phool.idiot just ahut uppp

  • Acquire the trend Purchase the product Pay all your savings and be broke Lose everything you have Enjoy the instant regret of the choices you made in the past hours. The definition of APPLE

  • Like and replie if apple overpriced on these phone

  • That's pretty convincing man.... But the bezel is way too tacky

  • I have an iPad so I just use iPad charger

  • Rumours about iPhone Xr clone says that the display of clone Xr is better than the original Xr🤣😂

  • One of the best smartphone with most nonsense pricing.

  • This phone is Just shit nothing more to say ...

  • You unbox a duplicate iPhone stupid

  • Dai potta naaye ni Kaila vachurukuradhu original apple iPhone kadayadu da punda

  • You can fool a grandma

  • Wait no you’re wrong there. On the iPhone 8 and up there are no words under the “iPhone” word on the back of the phone.

  • 0:34 the address isn't in San Francisco sans. it's still the 2007 apple font. that's how you know a fake.

  • background sound is irritating

  • The way you talk is anoying😡

  • Very interesting

  • But........Am Still Here With My iPhone 7 working great

  • give me some gadgets men

  • Clickbait name of video dislike sorry!!

  • 1 grand and no fucking charge brick. Apple is a fucking joke.

  • Is that iphone C? China?

  • It has to be 5% different before you’re actually copying it

  • Got to love china

  • China probably has great replicas because the iphines are MADE IN CHINA

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  • When I got my Samsung Galaxy S9, it came with a fast charger

  • I like you just because Apple hates you.

  • Apple suck

  • Then it's not a fucking iPhone x Mac change the title

  • How much did you pay for that fake model?

  • In Hungary its almost 2000$ :D

  • ,没中文字幕怎么看

  • I want it😭😭

  • iPhone Xr=💩💩💩💩💩💩

  • That was such a droupout 😂

  • By the way they don’t put text under the words iPhone anymore

  • To unbox you need to buy! Please don't buy lol The new apple phones. iPhone XS Max 64GB $1,099.99 256GB $1,299.99 512GB $1,449.99 iPhone XS 64GB $999.99 256GB $1,149.99 512GB $1,349.99 Something strange in the night! .99 why not? .00 compute our brains ;;--) The game is between $1,300.00 iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, Galaxy Note 9 256GB XS $1,149.99 SX Max $1,299.99 Galaxy Note 9 $1,249.99 for 512GB 128GB Galaxy Note 9 for $999.99 is a good buy but if we want more picture colors and videos colors (more saturated colors) then buy iPhones XS or Max.

  • What a stupid channel. A guy that spends 10 minutes bitching about Apple. What a bunch of crap - unsubscribe

  • U could get that garbage & sell it to sum idiot who think it’s real

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  • It was not made by apple but it was surely made by mango 😂😂😂

  • 8-10xs max all the same

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  • They are fooling everybody with that price tag, even it worse and worse year by year...! They will think that we are fool, we will buy anything if they were tattooed a apple logo on shit,,🤔

  • They will screw up with the Google pixel, definitely gonna fall Apple...! Newton's law of motion😅

  • Apple think we are all stupid

  • I need 50 dollars but I need to be 16 years old to order a necklace online.....

  • Steve Jobs would be disappointed of what apple has become

  • Anyone know where you can buy these fake ones?

  • Give that iphone to me please its my birthday

  • Who’s watching this with an iPhone 8 (Plus)