The iPhone XS Max Is Great. Don't Buy It.

katma 12 Oct 2018
This is my iPhone XS Max review. I used the iPhone XS Max as my personal (exclusive) device for roughly 3 weeks. The iPhone XS Max is a great smartphone, I don't think it's a great value.
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  • Which smartphone should I switch to next?

  • value = quality/cost....

  • What a drama queen

  • Buy. Keep buying. Buy more of the same exact phone every 6 months and spend another $1k each time. Buy. Apple needs more billions upon billions in cash reserves. Buy. Apple cannot bring manufacturing jobs here in the US because instead of hoarding trillions in cash they would only be able to hoard billions in cash. Buy. Keep Buying.

  • Do you like apple or Samsung

  • I don't believe u

  • 3 reasons you said dont buy it : 1- you may have got paid money from one of the competitors ! 2. you may have personal grudge against apple products like many others ! 3. you want to get more views by saying dont buy it ! because everyone wants to know why!

  • the too much higher price tag for an ordinary person

  • Try the iPhone XR since it has best price to performance ratio for iPhones

  • switch phone to nokia :>

  • There is nothing quite like an iPhone....

  • *That’s probably my main issue sometimes my iPhone says I’m connected to my 2.4GHZ WiFi but there’s no internet connection and if I disconnect and try to reconnect it gives me a “Wrong Password” error, so I have to switch to my 5GHZ WiFi in order for it to have WiFi again.*

  • switch to a xiaomi mi8

  • switch to the note10

  • You are the fucker one in the world

  • Dude, you forgot telling your experience about the charge gate 🙄

  • this is best for you switch it.

  • I have the Xs max just gold and I absolutely love it it’s a total beast I also have the note 8 I love both phones but the Xs max is in a different league speed wise but I love the screen on the Samsung devices

  • one plus 6t

  • Does anybody else look down at others when they hear other ppl bragging about their new iPhone xs

  • Even its my wish for long that apple launch a finger print on the apple logo its gonna take apple to a different level

  • I like the iPhone 8 Plus 😉

  • Bruh i still want it

  • I phone xr

  • The only reason I continue to buy iPhones is because all the music I have on them and because I bought a iwatch.

  • i got the iPhone Xs Max in the 64GB version for $1100 and i have to say it's an amazing phone.. its really smooth and fast, the battery lasts me all day with heavy usage. and the phone feels really good in the hand and it just looks like it's built with quality, and it has better benchmark scores than any android phone out to date.. i'm not sure why there's so much hate?

    • Mattdizzle 64gb storage with 4k recording would last about a month before having to dump to an external HD. That's the problem I have with iPhone. Consumers are paying way too much for far too little storage. When 128gb micro SD cards are $25. We should not be paying $1100 for 64gb. That's just disgusting.

    • Jeerd Ace Someone that never had that last year’s phone like me... maybe you should try it out unless you already have the older 10 and don’t mind a smaller screen

    • Jeerd Ace alright so the same can be said about other smartphones like the note 8 and note 9... and I never had the the last years model so it’s new to me

    • Mattdizzle who’s paying over one grand on a bigger size of the x?

    • Because there's nothing new to the table. It is basically last year's X. Don't get it twisted man.

  • Apple is trash. please boycott it. just buy used phones!

  • Damn, u got old...

  • Switched from essential phone to iPhone XS Max. I use android and iPhone about the same but I missed how clean iOS is.

  • so close to buying it.... then face recognition flaw.. I will wait

  • Do u know iPhone x s max display come with three tints!!!!!!😱😱😱😱get this notified

  • Thanks buddy. Grateful

  • Shit m watching this in my iphone xs max

  • In India iphone sucks

  • The same like Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL doesn't worth it's money? At least IPhone it's a premium device,premium materials,friendly OS,and doesn't scratch easy like Pixel do!

  • The Face Scan Is Not Necessary

  • Ok good sound , good camera , face recognition and beautiful sound I'm 100 percent sure that I can find a good android for 400or 500 dollar why I should pay 1100 dollar for a piece of crap?

  • Thank you for the great video, I have the same opinion you have, but I am buying these phones anyways. Why? Because of the software situation Android has. I can never be sure with an Android phone if it gets the next security patch or release update and when this will be. It drives me crazy that there are Software features out there and I cannot use them because my phone is already one year old.

  • Mine is not showing missed calls on the lock screen despite what I think are correct notification settings. My face recognition on my iPhone XS Max fails about once a day when i am laying on a pillow at night with the screen unusually close to my face. So nothing major. This is my first large screen and I find it rather bulky and heavy in shorts compared to all my other regular sized iPhones in the past. I don’t watch videos or play games on mine so the extra real-estate feels wasted on me but others may love it. As you pointed out I think it boils down to what is best for you. I will be going back to a smaller form factor on my next purchase in two years and after having exclusively used iPhones, I’ve got that itch to see if the grass is greener (iMessage pun) on the android side.

  • Apple is probably really pissed at you

    • Ederson Perin yeah lmao

    • Who cares! They suck anyways! LMAO

  • And he wonders why apple does not invite him to their events!!!

  • The problem is you have no taste

  • IPhones are like the supreme of phones. Its complete shit but people still buy it just because "its an IPhone

  • iPhone 10 to switch to

  • Enjoyed, no actually LMAO, watching this on my 3gb ram, 1080p, hi nit, great sounding, expandable memory, dual camera and all day plus lasting Android phone that cost me all of a $140.00 USD. Apple fanboys paying for $1100 for this, what chumps.


  • I have it and 🥰

  • where was the Xr

  • Switch to Motorola Z2 Force

  • what ever happened to the Graal Phone, wasn't it supposed to come out this year?

  • Has this been solved? I'm not trying to drop a grand on some bullshit.

  • I didnt liked iphone but i switched to iphone 7 and honestly i was amazed how fast it was with no lag like on samsung, after 2 years it was still so fast like in the first day and now i got the X and im amazed... honestly guys you should try the iphone and then judge because its worth the price...

  • Compared to my iPhone 7, would it be good to go to the iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max?

  • Doesn't matter how much money you have, you're a dick if you buy a $1100 phone.

  • My XS Max charges fast , I use the regular iPhone cable & a iPad wall charger 🔌 👍🏽

  • Hey Bro. ???...Help me ..???? I am using iPhone 8plus but want switch me phone with iPhone X or Xs , please let me know my decision is good or not , if it is right decision so please let me know which one☝️ can I buy?

  • Switch to the xr

  • I have an iPhone xs max I didn't like it so if anyone wants it 450$ PayPal

  • What a waste of money. I can buy a public transportation auto rickshaw for income generating investment. I can give that money to my parents who will have more happiness than I will ever have owning this piece of shit phone.

  • Check out my vid of new iPhone vs Molten lead plz

  • It's just another fine phone ,but not for the price...

  • Switch to Nokia flagships.

  • Here in Cyprus the XS Max is 1,500. There is no way im buying it and guess how much the XS is. 1,300. I mean hold it up for the price please

  • I love the idea 💡 of the Apple logo fingerprint that would have been great 👍🏽

  • Should I get this phone or a gaming computer? I still have the 6s btw.

  • Sorry but their is no details only blabla.

  • Apple should utilize the Apple logo, like fingerprine sensor or light.

  • Everything is very good, but Apple should include the blazing fast charging adapter like Dash charger in the box. Thanks.

  • .....oh my goodness. Get to the point 🤦🏼‍♀️😴

  • Switch to the Huawei Mate Pro 20! I have it and it's DOPE.

  • Watching on my x max

  • Fuck your job it's like comparing nissan skyliner with a Zonda , seriously ,

  • u dont want the Xs max so y not give it away?

  • iPhone XS MAX can not rotate home screen with the apps

  • Who finna buy me any iPhone my phone just broke😂 help a kid

  • Fuck the poor.... got myself a xs it

  • iPhone 6s . End of chat. Change the battery every year yourself.

  • I’ll start by saying that I wear glasses full time but with or without them I don’t have any problems with the Face ID us ring it when laying in bed though is an issue and I have to use the pass code choosing an phone was a little difficult though since my family is pretty divided when it comes to phones but I ultimately choose the apple side

  • Samsung just sitting there selling there crystal clear oled displays on every other big smartphone company lol they're making some buck from that I wonder what will they give us Samsung users in an exchange for that?

  • i say that apple should make some sort of notch that is on the screen and make there be a finger scanner on the power button

  • soon apple will remove the calling feature and say everyone should face time. jokes aside this thing is extremely expensive in India. for the equivalent amount here you can buy an alienware 15 or 2 galaxy s9. Still its going to sell like hot cakes because Apple has become a luxury brand and people are willing to pay for luxurious items. its a status symbol.

  • Don't buy Apple because they're literally raising prices to see how high you'll go before you stop blindly shelling out cash. The recent mark-ups across all product lines is actually fucking hilarious.

  • First video ive watched of yours.... gotta say big fan of your content!! Great review, great opinions, and great that you put it out there that it is a "best for you" perspective!!! Big fan and now a new subscriber!!!

  • Notch > bezels


  • Find the next best flip phone

  • I just bought it and am watching this video on it

  • Lew, hi do you know anything about some news where Apple is alerting iPhone X users might be affected by touchscreen malfunction due to a faulty component in the display module. I really I in crossroads between going back to iOS from Android (Nexus 6p) with the iPhone XS Max or betting for the Pixel 3XL ... any thoughts _?

  • Unbox the iPhone xr

  • Switch to the Note 9. I’m an Apple fan but you can’t just make a screen bigger and say it’s a thousand dollars more..

  • One plus 6T

  • a9 pls

  • How does snapchat works on samsung s9? Cause i am an android user since day 1 but i msybe want to move to thr xs

  • iPhone XS : - Best Display (DisplayMate) - Best Processor (A12) - Best Security - 2nd on photo/video (behind Pro 20) and this Guy says " you can do the same with a 400 dollars Android Phone". You can go from A to B with a Twingo and with a Ferrari, so the Ferrari isn't a big deal ? What A DUMB review !

  • I don't see the point of "wireless" charging. It's not even wireless if the phone is still connected magnetically at the bottom. One you place in the socket of the phone, the other you put on top a magnetic pad just like the Apple Watch. There's literally almost no difference between them at all and I don't see how it's a feature.

    • It’s wireless.. there are no metallic connections.. it’s inductively charging. You know how many chargers people go through with traditional pin connections? This feature saves the hassle of needing to replace chargers. Expecting Bluetooth or WiFi charging is crazy. You need a magnetic field strong enough and close enough to induce voltage to its circuit. Not audio frequencies in the 2+ GHz range.

    • Anthony Dillion have fun with that

    • It is wire-less, but what we want it airborne charging.

    • Its WIREless

    • Charging thru bluetooth or wifi. Now that's wireless

  • Guys !? The skin smootjing on the frontcam and rearcam ist still on ! A little bit but that is not funny. Hate doin pictures of people with this phone. Everyone looks still like a puppy... i paid 1.430€ for that phone and the smoothing thin fcks everything up... need help and like this comment if you have the same issue !

  • Iphone Series was great until iphone 6 was released.

  • iPhone XR

  • Actually its a $ 744 phone.

  • No shit,it suppose to feel expensive