The iPhone XS Max Is Great. Don't Buy It.

katma 12 Oct 2018
This is my iPhone XS Max review. I used the iPhone XS Max as my personal (exclusive) device for roughly 3 weeks. The iPhone XS Max is a great smartphone, I don't think it's a great value.
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  • Which smartphone should I switch to next?

  • My dream phone 😭😭😭

  • I just bought one. (Not yet delivered at the time of this writing.) I am insensitive to price and I loved your review. Thank you very much for being so 'Down-to-Earth' in your video. It was very well done! I know it will not be a 'perfect device', none are, but you said very few horrible things about it other than cost. I did not go for 'value' and I went for performance and long life. You have given me hope Apple will not screw it up this time. (I have an iPod and iPad, not rave reviews!)

  • iPhone xs max is great dont buy it. Youre right. But i got it as a gift lmaaoooo

  • Who else is watching on a cracked iPod Touch 5th gen

  • When you pay more than a $1000 for a phone shows how stupid you are.

  • Got a xs max yesterday so far it’s good to me battery is amazing I gave up my note 9 for it

  • I watched this on a Nexus 6P, and I would not give it for anything.

  • iPhone xr is great

  • Who else be watching with an iPhone X max

  • popo cant crack iphone xs , samsung 9 plus in 5 min.

  • I'm so glad OnePlus let's me opt out the the notch. Also Intel is a mess rn, but hopefully they get better and give Qualcomm a run for their money on their Monopoly; hell there's a missing link in the wearable market, they should go after that too, Qualcomm doesn't want to bother investing in wearable chips.

  • Watching this on my htc u11 with the active noise cancellation buds from htc and let tell you I used the xs for 2 months and it doesn't worth shit It's only useful if you want to brag about owning the newest apple product

  • God you are a tiny, tiny little man

  • I wont because i dont have money... thanks to my wife

  • Steve Jobs died some 7 years ago. Apple still alive but not as good.. So is iPhone... Switching to Note 9... Is it a wise choice after 9 years in the Apple biosphere?? I I should take some Oxygen and Apples with me?? 😊

  • Send it this way when you’re done using it , 🤣🤣, I’m poor

  • You say this ever iPhone

  • Do not buy this shit. Apple sucks overrated phone.

  • Yeah listen to those steps and go buy a Nokia 3310

  • Watching this on the xs max

  • High five if ur watching this on a iPhone 5s and everyone in ur class has an iPhone X or some shit like that.

  • Hey dam ass iPhone people you pretty much buy the same shit every year 🙌🏼👏🏼

  • Buy an Android ffs

  • Unbox therapy: Apple logo that’s a fingerprint sensor Apple: *S#*T That’s all you had To say*

  • iPhone is built premium but way too restrictive

  • Hey Lewis, I've just found out the HTC CEO was contributing large amounts of money to oppose marriage equality in Taiwan so now I have to get rid of my U12 + I'm considering the XS Max because I can get it for less than 1/2 retail price. Do you think they are comparative devices?

  • What do you with all these phones😅?, would you give me one, it is a big lost if you just storge them😁😁

  • Apple is the only company that has phones with a built in compass that actually works. Is there ANY non apple phone which will reliably tell me which direction I am facing? I have owned about ten different android phones, many of which are flagship/expensive, and have become completely fed up with the inaccurate compass.

  • u talk to much

  • Watching from an iphone xs max 256 gb

  • Well you talk all this time is or not tell me

  • Why u do it

  • "worth IT'S hefty price tag" ITS* There should be no apostrophe in "its".

  • My face recognition is awesome I can be wearing a hat sideways and it still picks up my face. It never misses unless it’s too dark in the room and If my brightness is turned all the way down

  • Note 9

  • Cat or dog. Android or apple Bros or hose

  • I love mine

  • I am using iPhone XS Max now. It’s quiet nice. Go ahead and check my unboxing on my channel.

  • You're buying into the ecosystem. I would hands down spend up to $400 dollars on a new phone granted that I will never have the issues I did for years of being an android user. Can't say I have experienced any huge or catastrophic problems as an Apple user (both iPhone and MacBook) like I had several times per year using Android and PCs.

  • I have only had android phones, I am thinking about getting a I phone. I would like some pros and cons from people here, what would recommend me doing next? Thank You!

  • Ass

  • Is would be nice if a $1500 phone would have always on display and swipe to screenshot?

  • I have this phone it’s overpriced junk

  • Intel is owned by samsung now 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • I sincerely hope that samsung never adds the notch

  • Please watch my videos

  • Why do you always put your hand over your face when you are switching to a new phone

  • Plzzz do a review of Samsung Galaxy a9

  • Good clickbait