Tasting Hot Sauce With A Hot Sauce Expert

katma 13 Nov 2018
Hot Sauce Expert, Noah Chaimberg, stopped by to give his professional opinion as we try more international hot sauces! GMMore #1421
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  • Hey man, don't talk about my sauce. That stuff is the bomb

  • Who else saw Rhett put the wheel on gifticality

  • I like using Hot sauce instead of ketchup on my fries

  • I know all Southerners are supposed to like it, but I never cared for Dale's brand sauce/marinade.


  • Noah reminds me of Bruce Campbell of how he talks....

  • I love GMM and I don't want to be that person but to be fair, the hot sauce expert had a good point about the plastic spoons and the environment. And they kept picking up new ones even though they'd barely used the spoons they already had.

  • It's crazy the publicity that St. Kitt and Nevis is getting all of a sudden. I had a job there a few months back. Not a lot to do there though.

  • I love it when Rhett laughs at what Josh says

  • Anyone see Rhett move the wheel of mythicalilty to gifticality? Lmao

  • Hot sauce guy has a great smile

  • Out in eastern NC we use Dales to marinade everything!!! Between that and Texas Pete NC knows what’s up.

  • This guy sounds like John Mullaney if he ever hit puberty

  • oh, i didn't know rhett & link had an old channel (the channel Rhett & Link) doesn't say that in the vid, just subbed to gmmore & it was in the recommended lol

  • Just woke up then turned on my phone and saw this. I was like," MUST WATCH!!!!"

  • Rhett's face when he says something really funny is sometimes funnier than what he said.

  • 🤣😂🤣😂

  • Hi, just inquiring to see if Noah wants to get married to me?

  • Josh: yeah, I use that (black hot sauce) in my civilian life. Civilian life? Is being on the GMM crew like being in the military?

  • Should have had sean from hot ones on here.

  • “The sommelier says sommeli-nay.”

  • I am from mexico and i freaking LOVE that black hot sauce they tried!!! Its my fav

  • Link: Plug yourself Rhett: Hold up, plug yourself after we cut the camera, cause we need Dale for that

  • ThAnks, I enjoyed this and ordered some hot sauce.

  • 0:43 it sounds like Link says mythical bastard lol

  • You can always tell who consistently eats hot things... their voice is deeper and has a harshness to it. It's the vinegar and spice that shapes their voice.

  • I'm currently waiting on an email from Heatonist saying they have the original Hot Ones in stock again. I want to buy a few bottles for Christmas gifts.

  • No man is worth his salt who is not ready at all times to risk his body, to risk his well-being, to risk his life in a great cause.

  • Soooo, you essentially spoke over your guest for the entire video. That's fun.

  • link makes me think of my grandma

  • It took me like ten times of rewatching whatever happened to Rhett's speech at 5:26 (and laughing hysterically) to get what he's saying there; it kinda just kept sounding like "Almost like Woshtarshahagashashah", as if he got a stroke mid-word lol

  • I love Rhett's astonishment at 5:34, like how did you not know Link wasn't gonna like it you've known the boy since he was six

  • Did you actually have a hot sauce from New Zealand?!?! As a kiwi I was SOOOOOOO excited to see you try one because we have some great hot sauces made here in New Zealand! We have one made with kiwifruit and habanero and its amazing!

  • Let's just call hot sauce island juice. (Jk)

  • Opportunity missed guys!! You had New Zealand on the map and didnt try our famous hot sauce 😲 Kaitia Fire

  • I was actually eating some tacos with hot sauces I bought from Heatonist while watching and lost some bc I laughed when Link said “plug yourself.”

  • These guys are hilarious!

  • this guy is sooooo smiley

  • I use Dale's in my hamburger meat for burgers!

  • Is Link going to be okay???

  • Allegro is really good

  • Noah's giving me stoic, mountain man vibes 😏

  • Noah - tastes the hot sauce and speaks speaks eloquently about the flavor Link - "and check out the noise the cap makes!"

  • I lived in St Kitts for school and their hot sauces are amazing. The Brimstone sauces are so good

  • dale

  • No Sean Evans... I’m out!

  • tasting hot sauce on breakfast burritos!!!! i need something to go with my eggs and ham or eggs and sausage

  • I think u guys can afford more then an grand...

  • Rhett throwing the heat in this 👌🏼👌🏼🔥🔥

  • Props to DALE.

  • Cant believe i didnt see a single comment about him being white

  • I’m pretty sure Rhett got high/drunk from the hot sauce.

  • My parents are from Trinidad and Tobago 🇹🇹 it was on the map the Caribbean

  • I wonder if they have ever gotten food poisoning from any of the weird things they eat??

  • Good for you Noah!

  • Allegro's my joint. Marinate a steak for a few hours, put some Montreal Steak Seasoning on it and as my former boss would have said, "It's the bomb diggity".

  • You invited dale over” I died😂

  • I’m from South Carolina and my mom uses dale’s steak seasoning when she cooks steak or sometimes with pork chops. So good

  • I knew he was connected to Hot Ones!

  • SommeliYAY or SommeliNAY

  • Dave’s insanity hot sauce and Texas Pete are the best

  • I'm so happy that Rhett intentionally stopped on the gift option, that I'm giving $10 to St. Jude's personally. You should too

  • My husband and I marinate everything in Dale's as well 😂🤣

  • Noah: Expertly explains how to use a sauce best and how good it is and why. Link: "I like the sound the cap makes."

  • the hot stuff episodes are my favorite.

  • Why not Sean Evans?

  • In the town I live in they have a hot sauce called Death and Mega Death lol

  • mmm mmm mmm the one on the left is cute

  • that's awesome!

  • Plug yourself guys

  • thumbs down for plastic spoons

  • The dude was really nice

  • This guy has the chin that Rhett dreams about.

  • Dale is here to help

  • LLEWELLYN CLARKE FROM NEVIS Wonderful that the sauce got on the show

  • Rhett really brought the spiciness in this episode, damn

  • A hot sauce expert??? Lol

  • ‘Allegro’ means fast. Use your imagination for what they meant by that when naming the hot sauce.

  • As a southern woman from backwoods Alabama, I can confirm we do use Dale's to marinate EVERYTHING.

  • Will it hotsauce with Sean evens

  • Yes boys keep saying my name xx

  • The biggest risk is not taking any risk… In a world that changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risk.

  • Guys, I love your show and have watched you religiously for years now, but the joking about the "for the environment" really needs to stop. Like seriously, do you NEED to use a new spoon for every single sauce? And even if the answer is yes, do you NEED to use single use plastic spoons? That is so wasteful and so easy to avoid :(

  • lol my mom cooks all of our meats marinated in dale’s, i guess it’s a southern thing

  • Hello, Humans. TERRANCE OUT

  • This makes me angry af


  • Can we just talk about how the hot sauce expert literally hadn't heard of any of the sauces? What a great job he must have.

  • I skipped 10 seconds once link started opening and closing the hot sauce lid repeatedly and he was still doing it. Thanks link

  • 9:30 links face!! link knows its a joke but doesnt quite understand what its about 😂😂😂

  • He must be a real expert on hot sauce then because he didn't even touch his milk lol


  • The best hot sauce is no hot sauce

  • This guy was fun :D

  • *_but does it burn your bootyhole_*

  • Just the fact that Rhett got hiccups and Link just about lost it for the fermented banana one... that would be a NO for me, but I sprinkle either cayenne or a smidgen of ghost pepper flakes on all my pizza and enchiladas now after my friend introduced me to spicy pepper sauces! BUT, he ate an onion heart with Habenero sauce on it, and hasn't been the same since, he said he could "feel it behind his eyeballs" lol!

  • **Rhett just casually talks about being business partners with Noah as Link plays with a hot sauce cap** Says a lot bout this show 💀

  • "The sommalier says sommalinay" would have been a good play on words there, Link xD

  • Could you guys try and get Jeremy Dooley on? He says he watches y'all a lot & loves y'all. Or anyone from Achievement Hunter / Rooster teeth? I'm sure a lot of your audience would enjoy that, plus its canon that Jeremy is a friend. He's jdoolz on twitter

  • Link! Dale's is the best marinade for chicken!!!!