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Shannon Sharpe sees major growth in Lakers' young players after win vs Thunder | NBA | UNDISPUTED

katma 18 Jan 2019
Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless discuss the Los Angeles Lakers comeback victory over Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder. Lonzo Ball made up for a mistake and led LA to victory in OT while LeBron James continues to nurse an injury.
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UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.
Shannon Sharpe sees major growth in Lakers' young players after win vs Thunder | NBA | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


  • Are the young Lakers proving themsleves without LeBron?

    • Lakers lineup in 2019-2020 Season needs to be... 1. LEBRON JAMES 2. KAWHI LEONARD 3. KLAY THOMPSON 4. KUZMA 5. anyone else Best team ever right there...even better than this years warriors! Those 4 players have similar laid back personalities, great team players, and styles will compliment each other!😉👍

    • As soon as LaVar stops being mad at Luke & LeBron, or Lonzo stops listening to him. The Lakers will be much better.

    • Yes sir

    • These young players never needed lebron they was gone grow regardless. They better off without lebron and miss me with the facilitator nonsense.

  • Too bad that lebron will want them all traded to get anthony davis in LA.

  • Lakers lineup in 2019-2020 Season needs to be... 1. LEBRON JAMES 2. KAWHI LEONARD 3. KLAY THOMPSON 4. KUZMA 5. anyone else Best team ever right there...even better than this years warriors! Those 4 players have similar laid back personalities, great team players, and styles will compliment each other!😉👍

  • Russell Westbook lmao

  • 🤣 I can't you seriously anymore Uncle Shannon. #LebronsBiggestStan

  • Lonzo’s personally not mad at Luke. *LaVar* is mad at Luke, and Lonzo is doing what his daddy wants.

  • Saints got ROBBED

  • My friends, The Lord Jesus Christ is arriving soon! Hallelujah! Jesus loves you. He is not angry at you. He took our punishment upon Himself so that we may live. He died on the cross, and rose again the 3rd day. He did this out of sheer love for us, friends! I pray you all accept this Free and Wonderful Gift from God today by making Jesus your Lord and Savior! All you need is faith as a mustard seed and sincere words from your heart. For all those that call upon the Name of The Lord shall be saved! (Romans 10:13) Shalom!

  • The Lakers are a bad team with bad players and they really don't need LeBron James to grow, they can grow on their own... the Lakers are currently LeBron James' farm system until he gets new teammates. Nobody on this Lakers' roster is someone I would want on my team; either they are a project or too soft or they just don't 'get it' as far as how to win games as professionals. Lakers have to clean house and there's nothing I see in their guys that says they can do anything with LeBron there but if you let them alone they'll improve because they basically have no choice.

  • I think Zo is more worried about hurting his knee again that’s why you haven’t seen much of this.

  • I see a major growth in "oh yeah yeah"

  • #36 on trending

  • Lonzo sucks

  • When does WWE premiere on fox?!

  • *OhYeahYeah*

  • If LeBron played in Chicago, Shannon would say he says major growth in their young core also....'bronsexual'

  • I thought basketball was dying. Every person I ask who watches sports always respond with wtf who watches basketball anymore? It’s dying

  • Oh yeah yeah yeah oh yeah yeah yeah

  • Give it a rest please 🤷🏽‍♀️! Put a fork 🍴 in them they are done ✅

  • Strangest looking group of NBA players ever! This is what the groupies and 'unwoke' players produced? Lol..good..players should have known better.

  • Luke said; ''yall 🐂 jivin'' 😅🤘

  • let Jenny speak! lol

  • did skip just say lonzo is steph curry with a 40 inch vertical?

  • Oh yeah

  • Kalei carlson!! Vt

  • As a "90's kid", I've always thought that MJ is and will forever be the best basketball player in the world. However, after seeing how these young gun Lakers have stepped up their game (let's be honest, they want to impress Papa LeBron, it wasn't Walton's coaching)I think James might be the GOAT. MJ is the better individual player, but LeBron makes a team better even if he's not on the floor, regardless of the W-L record. MJ could never be a coach, but I think if LeBron were to persue coaching after he retires as a player, he would be one of the greatest coaches ever.

  • Oh yeah yeah

  • "What kind of man are you falling outta love!"

  • Every episode about NBA skip always talk SPURS, the todays episode/topic is all about Lakers and OKC game

  • These two Young players Will Come and stoppable After Coming Two Seasons . Bright Future For LA Lakers . Viva LA Lakers And Their Funs . :)

  • Único que habla español Yo soy rebelde,yo rompo las reglas XD😂

  • Hello, Humans. The Beast: [beckoning from the darkness] We are glorious! We will no longer be afraid. Only through pain can you achieve your greatness! The impure are the untouched, the unburned, the unslain. Those who have not been torn have no value in themselves and no place in this world! (Split 2016) TERRANCE OUT

  • Lebroke go home in Cleveland 😀😀 la not home😎

    • edgard deon he’s made almost a billion dollars over his life...

  • Every1 taking beasley to task for having on the wrong shorts, but ppl need ro remember, he not used to plyin lol, he probably thought not gonna ply again sooooo.......lmao

  • What kind of man are you lol can't be falling out of love

  • We are on our timeline...

  • Steph Curry with a 40 inch vertical

  • Skip is hilarious lol “maybe they don’t need Lebron” come on man (Steven a voice) any team would need Lebron

  • Skip is evolving!?

  • Shannon is sharply dressed



  • Skip falling in and out of love like Alice keys

  • Lil Lakers lol💯

  • Lost in all this......what did Brandon Ingram do?????? #traded

  • 4:12 I'm convinced Skip has somebody in his ear threatening him to jab LeBron or else he don't get paid 😂

  • Nobody gonna mention Ingram assist numbers

  • ZUBAC!!!

  • “Steven Jackson”

  • Plot twist: Luke Walton is Lonzos long lost big bro, look at the eyes...look at at the nose...the demeanor 🤤

  • Ivan Zubac

  • Westbrick

  • When were they down 17??

  • Micheal Beasley be high asf 😂and skip is hinting that he knows

  • Lakers W w/o LBJ: Great young team, so much potential. Lakers L w/o LBJ: Oh man, these guys don't grow when they should've been better now. Whatever, Unc. With or without LBJ, Lakers is in the deep West. No spot is guaranteed unless you're GSW.

  • Luke finally coached a game

  • Young guys might be coming into their own

  • goooooooooooooo lakers! ;D

  • Just a week ago he said they are a below average team without Lebron

  • Jenny looking like a sexy librarian....

  • Keep lonzo, kuz, and everyone else. I think the lakers trynna hide zubac tbh

  • Can we stop acting like Hart is better than Zo. Zo is way better. Great passer, rebounder and defender.

  • OKC fan here. When will mofos stop having career games against us ?

  • Everyday the media spend the whole time talking about the lakers saying the opposite thing they said the day before

  • Beasley though 🤣😂 why are you wearing those shorts

  • Lakers should trade LeBron for faking his injury for so long for two caliber players

  • Bubba Gump shramp

  • “Zoo box”

  • The young Lakers can play competitive basketball I am sick and tired of the media keeping comparing this Lakers support cast to the Cavs supporting cast when Lebron is not there. Of course Lebron makes them better but they are not trash. That being said OKC loss yesterday because of the Russell Westbrook in the 4th quarter.

  • We need zach Randolph to come out of Retirement the one person cousins scared of. Make some calls

  • Just played well because they were scared they were going to get traded

  • We got to see that okc isn’t a real threat

  • Why do all these shows have that random chick that doesn’t say anything or bring anything to the show???

  • No!

  • I'm a Laker fan but I got 2 admit these guys flip flop every game 😂😂😂😂

  • “No you still love him, what kind a man are you?” 🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭 classic uncle Shey

  • Legit only these players should be allowed to shoot 12+ 3’s- Curry, Klay, KD, Harden, Lillard, Kyrie, and these players on real good nights- Kemba, CJ, PG Lowry, Bron mayb, idk who I’m forgetting. Westbrook needs to accept his weaknesses

  • Common ..... You guys are crazy... They will defeat GSW and Denver on a back to back and will lose to Hawks and Cavs the next two... It's a young team with talent.. That's what they do

  • 12 3’s wtf Westbrook

  • His Name is not Alonzo Skip It's Lonzo

  • Lonzo Kcp Lebron Kuzma Zubac Should be the starting lineup

  • Russ doing Russ things sums it up. The WrestBrick & Mortar opens 24/7

  • Zo came out man, was impressed. Just wish he had that sense of urgency all games......

  • The Flip Flop channel wow

  • The Thunder Beat the Thunder the Lakers are a 9th Seed in the Wild Wild West

  • Its one game. They just lost to Cleveland

  • Give Beasley a break, he's been through a lot mentally no joke intended.

  • Just when you thought skip bayless couldn't come up with something more absurd, turns back to trolling all of us😂😂 never take these two of television.

  • Last night was crazy.. It was Lakers vs thunders + referees

  • Skip's continual utter disrespect for Lebron is ... transcendent.

  • Waiting for dennis rodman to comment :

  • Lonzo is so much like Jason Kidd, If you remember Kidd didn’t have a breakout year until like his 5 or 6 season. Lonzo can be legendary, let’s see how it goes.

  • I remember Russ as an assassin. The guy that hits a three and gives an insane emotional reaction. The guy that can run full speed then stop at the elbow and hit a J. The guy that could just score. Watching him against my Lakers last night was weird because I saw somebody being affected by something. He was not the same, and that is a bummer. Not because I want my Lakers to lose that game, but because Russ is an incredible player and something has him down. He still had completive edge which is great, but I hope he figures out whatever is ailing him.

  • lonzo likes to play mad, when he is not mad he just chilling but I think playoff lonzo will be very motivated

  • -if they win. “It’s LeBron’s sheer presence that’s helping them develop. LeBron’s the goat. Definitely not giving any credit to Luke Walton.” -if they lose. “Omg they’re all trash, players trash, Luke Walton trash, LeBron has no help. What in the world is he going to do with this trash team!?”

  • Shannon looking like he wearing a ball of rubber bands

  • Honestly all these "upsets" or "chokes" this year just show no team is ever out of it with an offensive first oriented league.

  • kuz shoulda been going for that harden foul flop on the last play in regular time

  • Kuzma can ba a star in other teams. He has the potential.

  • Shooters shoot? Westbrook has never been a shooter and he never will be, he's never ever gonna win a ring just isn't ever gonna happen