Saints' loss to Rams is 'on the league office' - Stephen A. | First Take

katma 21 Jan 2019
Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman, and Damien Woody say the missed pass interference call that gave the Los Angeles Rams the NFC Championship over the New Orleans Saints is a product of bad replay rules by the NFL. Max Kellerman says it is "the most eggregious missed call in the history of football."
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  • So what about those blown calls that went the saints way all first half? So nobody gonna cry bout those blown calls, but you gonna cry about that one missed call? Nahh like that play was a bs missed call but if yall gonna call one bad play call out the others

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  • Once you understand the importance of ratings and viewership, you will start to understand how TV networks make money and how much the NFL profits from controversial calls.

  • rigged rigged rigged

  • It sucks that the saints wanted to win a game on a call, you win a game by playing , so put your big boy pants on

  • "Look we gave you a Superbowl after Katrina, we need ratings." WE IN NOLA HAVE BEEN ROBBED. PURE AND SIMPLE

  • No, it is on u!

  • 100% RIGGED the saints should have won that game point blank, it’s all about the paper. This world revolves around the paper. #MONEYTALKS

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  • Let’s cancel the super bowl. Im sick of the complaining. Its football.

  • ESPN, if you are reading this, disable comments on this video. There's this leader known as MaxamilianMus who is taking over TR-tv with 3 words: Oh yeah yeah. Disabling comments on this video and every other one of your videos when they get Trending will greatly be appreciated.


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  • As a Steelers fan I’m glad to say fuck the saints

  • Tired of hearing about it, Payton, Brees, nor Kamara cried when they got away with a huge 4th and 1 PI against Pittsburgh that changed the game and momentum that ended up costing Pittsburgh their season. Refs missed a call, let's start talking about where Machado and Harper are going to land. Fans need to start realizing, you can't change "the fix" once it's in, Vegas controls the outcome.


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  • One play does not and never will determine a game in sports. The saints had plenty of opportunities to put the rams away. The saints could not score touchdowns, settled for fg’s instead. Gave up a punt fake. Rams scored before halftime. The rams stopped the saints running game and Drew Bree’s did not look good the second half. The refs missed plenty of fask mask penalties on the saints too. The saints still had the lead when the blown call was made and yes the outcome might have been different. The rams still had to get in field goal range and make it. The saints receive the ball so why not go score if you are that team you say you are. They didn’t the rams forced a int, the rams then go kick a 57 yard field goal to win the game. The rams were the better team if you are relying on the refs to pull you through then say so. The refs blew the call it happens to every team maybe except the Patriots, but it’s sports it happens. It was too many plays the saints did not make so please stop the crying and make game winning plays.

  • I don’t care about the video but oh yeah yeah

  • Saints fans shouldn't be angry??? Uhh what???


  • Soooo? What’s gunna happen? The rams are still going to the super bowl? I’m clueless

  • 6:18 Begins the "What am I doing here" Daze.

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  • This game needs to be re done

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  • It's all Rigged,

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  • Please tell me why I see so many of these matrix “oh yeah yeah” people in every videos comments.


  • The superbowl will be FLAWED👎 super bullshit🏈👎as soon as I remember what happened to the Saints...I will Surely do something Else .....and Not watch that Fake...Fixed...Shit.....The Truth is in Me....and I CAN'T watch that phoney Crap.....the nfl is fake entertainment....Not a Real...True Sporting Event....👎🏈👎the game is NOT played to Win....its played to get your Priceless Time and Money.....

  • The Saint's didn't want a redo when the ref's gave them the W against the Steelers, but now it's a problem?

  • People alwAys forget about the tuck rule against the raiders. Started the patriots run

  • Oh yeah yeah they cheated oh yeah

  • Saints' loss to Rams is 'on the league office' - Stephen A. | First Take

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  • Not nearly as blatant as the atrocities done to Brett Favre and the MN Vikings in 2009. Sean Payton can kiss my ass.

  • Dawg...I ain' happay.

  • Dumb ref oh yeah yeah

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  • We gon come together THE TALK IS ALMOST OVER

  • I swear on my mom ill sub (u swore)

  • Lmao Sean Payton beat himself with that terrible play calling.😴 run the ball 3 times, make the Rams use all of their timeouts, kick the field goal leave the Rams 40 seconds with no timeouts. It would be highly improbable that the Rams drive down the field to kick the field goal.


  • The Rams should give the game to the Saints.

  • People still watching NFL.... are more clueless to whats going on then People watching WWE. Facts.