RAW Egg Soda Taste Test

katma 28 Sep 2018
Today's loser has to taste test a raw egg soda-- a literal egg cream if you would. GMMore #1389
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  • I was hoping they were going to drink Soda sữa hột gà...

  • Looks like eggnaug

  • I’ve been to eggslut

  • The front cover of the book is The Virtruvian Man, the proportions of the human body.

  • Ever had Beverly soda?

  • Did Mr. Hood ever call back?!?

  • The fact that link just said hes too famous to wait in line for food like the rest of us....

  • I cannot eat soft cooked eggs. Horrifying.

  • I am Vietnamese and we love egg soda!! You can find it at most Vietnamese restaurants or you can try making it at home! Super yummy. Tastes like a liquid eggy dessert

  • damn she more ripped than Rhett and Link combined.

  • Who else is at watching in 2019?

  • Damn Jen, bigger arms than me...GG girl!!!

  • Wow Matichuck's ripped! She's really been working hard apparently. Bravo.

  • There is a drink that is pretty much an egg soda. I think it is vietnamese. It's a raw egg, some condensed milk and club soda. You mix it and then drink it. I like it a lot

  • Peter Hood? You mean FORESKIN!

  • try kinutil

  • Y'all need to go to the Crack Shack in So Cal. It's lit fried chicken specialty sandwiches. 🙌

  • if only it were eggnog :3 so tasty...

  • Youch

  • Aeeeg sluhhhht

  • Jen =😍😍😍😍

  • Jen looks nice

  • They are literally describing how to properly eat a chicken fetus....let that sink in....


  • My 16 year old son eggslut" lol


  • What’s Jen’s Snapchat? I just want to see her more.

  • Jen always classes up gmmore. It's such a sausage party until mail day.

  • I love y’all but this episode is extremely obnoxious.

  • Jen is kinda buff.

  • it's midnight, I've been up for too long, and I don't even know who these people are, but Jen over there ... god, i'm gay

  • are rhenn and link boyfriends?

  • Isn’t egg cream like eggnog

  • 2:17 - 2:30

  • Jen "Who drinks these?" Link "Winners" Rhett "Well in this case..heheheh" lol I love how a lot of Rhett's little snide remarks go unnoticed by Link. It's hilarious

  • In Vietnam, we actually do have “egg soda,” made with condensed milk, egg yolk, and club soda

  • Is Jen the Mythical crew body gaurd? That chick has got bigger guns then Rhett and Link combined!! 💪🏻

  • fizzy eggnog

  • Don't worry link you're famous to us

  • Ok Rhett is so sexy, that Eggslut voice turned me on haha

  • R hood, robin hood

  • Pretty sure they genericized the mail song so they can put episodes out in what ever order they want.

  • 666 is one section?

  • Jen could beat my ass i think

  • XD

  • Does Jen work out??

  • Peter Hood is an Egg Slut

  • Egg creams are delicious! I personally like to make them with cream soda and chocolate syrup. And hey, mail's here!

  • I just want to say I really like Jen. That is all.

  • I love the editor lol!

  • 🤣🤣🤣

  • "My 16 year old son Eggslut"

  • Jen back at it again 'sorting the mail' with Rhett and Link 😂


  • hey there mr hood just seeing if you're satan or not

  • Can we get some Randy daddy merch

  • 3:43 Jen making the hand sign on her shirt lol

  • She's buff

  • 1:26 via who now?

  • The editors comments were so funny lmao

  • so it turns out I know Peter Hood, he's a friend of a friend. I didn't know he wrote a book

  • Runny eggs yuck!

  • 5:18 Jen😂

  • If Rounda Rousey had a daughter, it would be Jen. She looks so strong and powerful with those arms!

  • So it's a carbonated egg flip?

  • i eat eggs every day while i watch you

  • "Smell it with your mouth" lol

  • This was a great GMMore. Thank you editors for working today.

  • Hey Guys! i love your videos and have been watching for a while. I know a cool thing you can try to mess with. When you call someone when in the same room it does a REALLY LOUD echo thing, and i would love to see you mess with it From, A new youtuber

  • I grew up with a number that started with 666! I wonder if this guy lives in my town


  • Grandpa used to make them for me. It was egg, milk, vanilla and sugar.

  • Rhett really likes the name 'Egg Slut' 😂 I couldn't stop laughing

  • the girl is soo cute!!!


  • I swear I heard Rhett say egg slut 😂

  • But it's not Thursday tho ?????????? Me not likey

  • Egg creams are my favorite

  • Please clarify a video illusion: Is that a left-handed guitar?!

  • Also, why is Jenn's tshirt doing what I dream about....haha

  • Jenn's shoulders....whaaaaat?

  • @1:48 what was up with her face was she finna sneeze again n it walked away

  • Te queremos en español

  • My 16 year old kid named egglsut Im crying

  • He thinks he’s to famous to wait in line. Ur rich link not really famous. Beyoncé is famous.

  • I remember back when every Thursday meant mail. Still love you anyway!

  • Can anyone read lips

  • Oooh that cheeky editors' commentary

  • sounds like you made a sour, shoulda used a shaker

  • Peter Hood is a legend

  • Maybe it should be "mail day means Jen"? Idk

  • Fun fact - you guys actually just made a virgin fizz! There is absolutely a category of drinks made with cream, raw egg, and soda water. They are really delicious if you make them correctly, but you have to know how to

  • Love the editor bits haha

  • mix your eggs with a little bit of Creme Fresh and remove them from the pan right before you think they are done and let them sit a min, and they will taste wonderful.

  • You are famous Link :D just not a celebrity

  • 1 can of Pepi and 1 raw egg is the way to go

  • 1:54....her face XD

  • Dame Jen's looking good.

  • 5:31 it’s scary