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Patriots vs. Chiefs AFC Championship Highlights | NFL 2018 Playoffs

katma 21 Jan 2019
The New England Patriots take on the Kansas City Chiefs during AFC Conference Championship of the 2018 Post Season.
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  • I am a patriots fan but the chiefs are better

  • This is pure Hollywood gold. Amazing Sport.

  • Rise up yeah army!!!!!

  • Refs vs Refs super bowl

  • Yo that must suck to be offsides when the chiefs could've won that. Dang. Still can't believe the Rams beat the Saints at home. My team can learn a few things from them.

  • The chiefs lost to Burkhead & gronk

  • I am a Patriot fan, but that roughing the passer call against KC was just absurd. the defender just slapped his helmet w his hands and that is a penalty??

  • Patriots Cheated end of story

  • Patrick Mahomes is the future Today. Andy Reid lost that game. New England didn't win the game. Andy Reid Lost that game. Andy Reid didn't prepare Patrick Mahomes for that game. Patrick Mahomes was like a deer in headlights when he stepped on the field 1st quarter. Andy Reid is a veteran coach who played against New England in the Super Bowl when he was in Philadelphia with Donovan McNabb and Terrell Owens. The same results happened this game, as it has happened back then, Andy Reid down 14 to 0 to start the game. Patrick Mahomes was like a kid first day of kindergarten without his pops. Andy Reid never took that team to their home field during the week to get a feel for what championship game day lights camera action play would feel like. If you're gonna blitz the blitz better get there. LT says it, Carl Banks says it. With one minute to go Tom Brady has to throw the ball to get down field. Has to. No way around it when Tom Brady is down by 4 points. Andy takes all safety coverage over the top away and places the smallest cornerback on the team on Gronk who leaps over the guy to catch the ball without safety coverage. He should have been chipped at the line by a linebacker and then released if that type of play gets ran. Or just play a prevent to stop tom Brady because he has to throw to win. The Giants played Dime, the 9ers played Dime, the Cowboys played Dime coverage. Andy Reid makes bad decisions. And has no 300 pound defensive linemen at least 2 to defend in goal line defense situations. How many times was Patrick Mahomes flushed out the pocket? How many times was Brady pressured. pressured

  • Dee Ford blew it for the chiefs, the city, and everyone else 🤷🏽‍♂️ u have to agree

  • Jim nantz and Tony Romo make a game so exciting. Like if you agree

  • If the Patriots are so good, what took them so long to score after that explosive first quarter? The defense for the chiefs started figuring it out near the end but it was too late... but guess what we’ll be back next year 😈. Coming from a Chiefs fan

  • I don’t watch football anymore but it must have been a hell of a game.

  • You got one job Rams:BEAT THE PATRIOTS

  • #2 Trends Deutschland 🇩🇪

  • You need to rush Tom Brady always. Every team can learn from Denver

  • Honestly can’t believe they didn’t take one more shot at the end zone having 11 seconds on the clock.

  • I don't know anything about American football but I hear they say Tom Brady is the best player in history so I'm joining the bandwagon


  • Stop talking about the roughing the passer, because this was a even game good and bad call wise. If they made a bad call, eventually “amends were made” Start talking about the Chiefs pick play that went to the two that resulted in a touchdown where Conley destroys JC Jackson, a clear PI, and his man gets wide open..

  • Mahommes is going to go down as the modern day Dan Marino by putting up huge numbers and never winning a Super Bowl. Great offense but the Chiefs are awful defensively year after year and also they've basically got three elite players in Mahommes/Hill/Kelce who are surrounded by a bunch of average to slightly above average players. They're elite talent is great but not enough guys around those players who scare opposing defenses into pulling double coverage off of their Hill and Kelce, and at this point Mahommes isn't developed enough as a passer to do anything other than run around and buy time with his legs for those two guys to get open rather than read the field like a real QB.

  • Thank God Joe buck wasn't calling this game

  • Chiefs deserve to lose with that piss of a defense

  • Pats cheated once again what a shocker and I’m not going for the rams because I wanted the saints to win so idgaf who win the super bowl Btw I’m a bills fan

  • All of the "experts" picked the Chiefs.

  • The NFL is so fake really to give Tom Brady the super bowl before he retires.

  • Tom Brady has done it again 3 years in a row

  • pats suck

  • I cant remember when I was so disappointed in the outcome of a game that didn't have my team playing. But there was a lot of old man pride out there last night. Brady and Gronk? All washed up. Too old. Father time always wins. But those two old warhorses rose to the occasion. Hell, even Edelman is a bit long in the tooth by NFL standards. Oh yeah, let's not forget "the running game." That's old-guy football. Everybody passes these days. It's the future!! But when it gets cold late in the season and everybody's banged up, "you gotta run it!" to quote Lawrence Taylor, "You gotta run it!" So I say, Cheers to the old guys!

  • Let's go Patriots

  • 12 did it again not surprised, Patrick have a good career ahead of him

  • Need to fire Sutton and get someone that knows how to make necessary adjustments. If he comes back, we wont see a SB as much as I hate to say it. Our D has been sliced throughout this (and previous) season and the whole world knows it.

  • This was staged when Gronk dropped it and it got picked they through the flag late which makes it look fake

  • Another super bowl tainted with the patriots!

  • I heard people say that the Patriots can not beat the Chiefs in Kansas City. I heard people say Rob Gronkowski fell off. I heard people say Julian Edelman fell off. I guess those people were wrong. Lmaoooooooooooooooooooo

  • STOP

  • Tony Romo is becoming an absolute Legend. He is THE BEST color announcer in all of sports.

  • Instead of super Bowl it should be New England bowl smh.

  • Amazing game !!

  • Patriots Are Unstobbale🗣🤘🏽

  • Congrats to the Patriots!! But the cheifs were cheated!!

  • I bit off most of my nails watching this game

  • Nothing to talk only wait for next year.

  • I say we boycott the super bowl til they start kicking the cheaters out

  • *Brady falls to the ground* Refs: roughing the passer, ground. 15 yard penalty, automatic 1st down.

  • Same ole chiefs they repeat there sorry selves every year. 😃

  • Tom Brady has more Super Bowl appearances than every team in the NFL except his own This is just unbelievable

  • Chiefs got robbed so hard

  • Dont let this distract you from the fact that mr Krabs sold spongebob for 62 cents

  • I was at that game and man, those were the most respectful fans. Beautiful game.