Original 2007 iPhone Unboxing!!!

katma 7 May 2018
I got this first generation unopened iPhone from 2007!
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  • 8GB vs 246 GB 😪 we’ve come so far

  • When you opened your laptop and you were watching Netflix was that The Flash 😂

  • I'm only 4 days older than this iphone

  • Now we have IPhone XS and XR

  • amzn.to/2VeHfK7

  • I have an original iPhone 2g

  • The original iPhone is super cool


  • bro you could have just gone into itunes un the mac but instead your extra and show your other computer

  • Drop a like for the galaxy s10+, s10e, s10+sry for saying it would times drop a like

  • Wait everything apple pro had the same phone and he thought it was fake so he returned it

  • Watching on iPhone XR

  • 5:55, is that Steve Jobs on the paper?

  • Steve Jobs is so happy!

  • That's amazing.......

  • The moment I saw one of iJustine’s videos, I immediately subscibed😂

  • True

  • 7:45 she was watching Riverdale 😂

  • Your so extra


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  • I loved the weird phone cases you did with Ro

  • why would you cry over a 11 year old phone thats crazy

  • I was born in 2007 lol

  • I swear that I only watched that video because the girl looks pretty

  • Lo sai Italiano

  • how old were you when you realised that iPhone stands for internet phone

  • She was watching The Flash on Netflix 😂

  • 7:49 RiVeRdAlE?

  • iorgasam

  • I stood in line for 16 hours for this phone when it was released. What a time 😂😭

  • Reset and updated it

  • Is this a reseal

  • In generaly how is battery health after 7-8-10 years of sleeping phone in the box ? Is it good ?

  • So when this phone came out I was not old enough to get it but my older brother got it and I remember going in to his room and taking it and hiding it cause he was on it and talked about it so much ,but it was really funny watching him look for it of course I got in trouble but it was worth it lol, I'm a good sister lmao.

  • This is why I hate most female TR-tvrs, they are over dramatic. Such as 7:05 she is so surprised that it’s charging. If it’s been in the box like that for 11 years, you should be more surprised if it didn’t work. I have a old GBASP that I got from a Junk Pile in a yard sale, and it was disgusting, and slimy and it worked great. EDIT: If you need Windows XP, just use a virtual box, or better yet, Build a Windows XP Computer. That would make a good video. Someone who knows nothing on what to do, trying to do something

  • My resting heart rate is 120!!

  • iTs hAppEniNg iTs hApPEnINg OH WOW!

  • I cried with the intro

  • Is it sad I was born in 2005 and I feel ancient...

  • Apple’s probably wondering why so many people are searching for the original phones lmao.

  • You need a sim card that was active at the time!!!!! Not an older version of iTunes

    • Luckily I have a few sim cards that were active at the time :)

  • "OMG GUYS MY HEART RATE IS AT 111, 112!!" Girl you need to calm down it's just an iPhone ok? You'll scare away the men, shh

  • Why do you think it is so special?!? Its just an old phone!

  • 4:13 she is scaring me ... who new the original i phone could turn you into a psychopath 6:35


  • When apple devices were good RIP Steve Jobs, if only he was here to see what apple has come to and stop them

  • My friend has an iPhone 4 right now but I don't know how she got it to work

  • Imagine if they brought this iPhone this year and they would call it iPhone Classic...

  • The iphone 2007 is an antique now

  • what laptop you are using?

  • Damn... takes me back. I remember this rich kid in high school getting it and playing that one pong game with him. Insane how old it is. I still have my iPod touch 2nd gen in my drawer.

  • it lookes like one of the old ipods,like if you dont have a phone. i dont have a phone.

  • Hey I was born in 2007

  • I was Born June 12 2007 who is my twin ¿?

  • I wish they still came with the charging block and stickers😫😩

  • That phone is the same age as me

  • there was no itunes until 2011 you got scammed

  • Cries for CLICKBAIT 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • omg gabbie hana much... *LiTeRaLLy cRy aBoUt eVerYtHiNg* 😭😭😅😂😂

  • I have the original iPod touch

  • jeez its just a phone

  • they are gonna remove the charging cable next, watch

  • It’s fake because I’ve unboxed one that’s never been opened before and there’s paperwork on top of the phone

  • not kiding

  • Omg I never had one of those I wanted one but i was too young to have an iPhone when that came out so my mom got me an iPhone when I was 18 I got the iPhone 4s that was my first iPhone.

  • Back then, when all started, hello iphone users since 2007 😂✋

  • Does iPhone 📲 pay Justine to review their their products Because she acts like she does 😲🤔

  • *its 2019 and i am using an iPhone 4 because my parents don't like phones*

  • I was today years old when I learned that iJustine is the "AT&T SENT MY BILL IN A BOX!" girl 😂

  • That phone is fake

  • the funny thing is I have the iPhone X and 11 years later I still have that charging cable and the phone

  • This was uploaded on my birthday

  • February 2019???

  • Nya nya nya nya nya nya nya Nya nya nya nyanya

  • Good vid

  • 8:23 Epic fail of Apple?? :D :D

  • Your hands look so old

  • Gosh I feel old now because of this.😂 I remember only having the iPhone 4 in college back in 2010.

  • Can we talk about how fat the phone is 😂

  • I’m 11 and I was born in 2007 lol I feel special

  • no one is mentioning that riverdale was playing when she opened her computer. 😂

  • 2019?

  • Where did you find it ???

  • You know what I’m super excited to watch this!!

  • Imagine if it wasn't recording...

  • Anyone else thinks it's an overreaction??

  • i was born exactly wwhen this launched June 29 2007

  • I had one of these omg hahahaha

  • Honestly the iPhones right now should come in the black box lol

  • Who else is watching this video on that phone..... not mr

  • 2019

  • I’m 2019

  • Why are you emotional it's an iPhone you dot

  • Why dont they still give us docks???


  • The queen of overreacting

  • .

  • The 1st generation iPhone is better than the iPhone 4, much bigger and better Edited: the box is way more better than now

  • I was born 2006 and iPhone gen 1 is born 2007 so I am older then that iPhone LMAO😂😆😁