Original 2007 iPhone Unboxing!!!

katma 7 May 2018
I got this first generation unopened iPhone from 2007!
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  • Is in 2018 exist iphone x i don't like the phone

  • Fake. No plastic in the box

  • Pussy pink

  • _girl i understand yah_

  • The intro is amazing 😂❤️☠️🌹

  • She looks like savannah from save and Cole

  • Tbh I didn't have a phone till my first year of middle school and it was a flip phone but around that time that Iphone was very popular in my school and i was stuck using a plain slow flip phone 😂😂😂

  • I remember my mom having this phone xD

  • I miss the old iPhones 😭😭

  • This Iphone was released the exact day I was born same month same day even the same year

  • My sisture and me used to share a phone like that

  • plz tell your laptop model ......shown in video plzzzzz

  • Your crying for a super old iPhone when there is a iPhone XR

    • Mareline Ortiz because it’s insane to see how far technology and communication has come, in the span of 11 years. Her entire career is based off of phones and tech😂😂 plus she had the phone

  • I think it was a scam because there was no plastic on the cloth that you set the iphone down on.

  • Kawkaw

  • No Siri?

  • What's song name? 9:29

  • the camera legit cute

  • omg the screen is too small and cute

  • omg i've had one of these as a phone when i was little but my parents didn't put a SIM card in it and i didn't even know

  • Ah, the nostalgic days

  • Why is she doing this over an OLD iPhone

  • I was only four years old when the original iPhone came out!

  • "8 GB" wow😱

  • iphone xs is bitter

  • Im not gonna open it if i was u

  • When im super super sweat my apple watch rates 180 bpm check my small slime poking video i had the apple watch in. The back so you all believe i have the apple watch

  • When i come to watch this video, the ad appears and its iphon Xr

  • Get a life

  • Jeez I don't know how people would react to the unboxing of Xbox 360 (2005). Or especially the original Xbox. I had like 7 flip phones before the iPhone even came out.. haha

  • I've never seen so many comments of 11 year olds saying they were born in 2007 lol

  • I still have this iPhone!

  • That box is soooo much thicker

  • Back then all the accessories were in ONE BOX.

  • Life was simple

  • I think the charging style is so good i like it The phone and i was born in same year i am also now 11 years old

  • Omg it took her so long to open it it was annoying like sis it's just a phone

  • actually the very first iPhone is iPhone 3. i’m not lying i used to have an iPhone 3 when i was atleast 3 years old😌

    • Divone Manabat Nope, that’s the second.

  • Giveaway an iPhone first generation

  • why pc .. i heard that mac is better 🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • This phone is older then me

  • The way she reacts is like she's getting a phone for the first time in her life

  • i was born in 2007

  • Uhhhhhh, your like 12 models late.

  • iPhone 5c unboxing please

  • Wow you talked much

  • Damn, it happened. Just like tuat.

  • 2007 is the year when I was born. Wth!!

  • People are stupid XD 😂😂😂😂 LOL

  • menina forçada da porra

  • My mom had that iPhone now she got a 6 Plus and I’m getting a 7

  • I'm actually using a iPod4 right now xD You can't even update TR-tv anymore so i'm using Safari. Oof sO LaGgY!

  • *nostalgia*

  • I honestly think I had one of these 😶

  • Watch her like totally destroy this after the vid lol

  • I am 15 and i am getting nestalgia tf

  • Can you pls do a imac g3 I’m dieing for it pls pls pls make one

  • This videos so weird 😒

  • Oh please don't over react.!!!!! 🤨

  • Watching this on an iPhone XR BAHAHAHAHA

  • 111

  • I subed

  • O my god she is so annoying....

  • Do they have the dock for the iPhone 6

  • Dude imma just buy the old iPhone since the other new ones are to expensive then ever!😭

  • It’s been out since....I was born.

  • She is soon dramatic

  • she types soooo fasttt

  • 3:37 *-is that an iPhone X-*

  • Who else got the chills also because of the fact that you might have an iPhone? It looks soooo different!!

  • I wish I never destroyed my iPhone one. My moms neise had one and it’s an og cause she was the first in the world to buy one stg

  • one word to this original iphone "vintage"

  • i cannot believe it that iphone is real?

  • love how your watching the flash!!

  • I for real had a iphone 3G when i was little

  • I love arrow

  • 7:57 what’s that sound? it sounds so familiar

  • this is so stupid and dramatic 🙄

  • thank god this wasn't another scam or else theres gonna be a new video the original iphone scam😂😂😂

  • I don't really like Apple products but I love watching unboxings of tech and I love the old iPhones compared to the newer ones.

  • Bitch my neighbor still has their iPhone 4 I tried calling my mom with it and I didn't even know how to work it

  • this was published on my birthday!

  • she has come a long way with her eyebrows *insert applause*

  • I just learned the it’s called a charging brick I have always called it a fat thingy

  • why does the original iphone have a stand for charging but all the other iphone and ipad after it doesn't have one.so sad

    • i do think that it is true and sad at the same time

  • horny reviewer gets penetrated by Tim Cook with sexy new iPhone 3g guest appearance iPhone X

  • I love u

  • I want to smash

  • Send the full song link....

  • Very cool 🤩

  • Charging cables have souls too

  • Y tho??

  • Is it just me who thinks it's so sad to see how much you'd get with the iPhone and how you see you get less over the years

  • Back when Apple made a great product.

  • Man, they really have to bring back those docks!


  • I was a newborn in 2007 omg

  • Do a video on the newest iphone vs the original

  • 7:00 is when she show the phone cuz she talk to much

  • Im weak she actually got a iPhone 4😂