Original 2007 iPhone Unboxing!!!

katma 7 May 2018
I got this first generation unopened iPhone from 2007!
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  • Crying for your baby. Crying for your IPhone.

  • Very nice mobile and you

  • Iphone 2G is the very first phone that came out throught all cell and smartphones followed by iphone 3G and iphone 3Gs

  • Omg. Like, what knife would’ve I used blah blah blah.

  • thot

  • Your so dramatic While you were unboxing (but still satisfying)

  • She is dog for apple company .

  • i love how she turned the mac into a table for the surface xD

  • why somebody needs that old pise off shit

  • I thought I was the only one who has AT&T 😂

  • I have the iPhone 4 and the iPod u2.

  • She’s not overreacting she’s just excited and I’m pretty sure if you guys got something you love so near and dear you would be acting the same way lol I love Justine keep it up❤️

  • Why did this make me stress

  • Give me one

  • Ok it is stick in recovery mode which s hard to get a out dated phone out of but you can go to a phone store and pay them 70$ for a formula to get it out of.

  • Link to the Att bill?

  • U look pretty 😍😍😍😍😘😁😁😍

  • Skip to 2:30 for actual unboxing

  • It is not your baby, it's *OUR* baby.

  • Did you get an orgasm at 7:08 ?

  • You are the Amy Schumer of opening boxes

  • I would so use this phone today, just to get an reaction

  • It’s just a phone.

  • I remember going to the apple store back in 2007 and being blown away by this device. Can’t believe it was 11 years ago!

  • tuyệt vời

  • silly video and silly personality and silly people let apple rip you go to hell you and i phone

  • What tittle song of the intro?

  • I was born March 27 2007

  • this was a 20.000 USD phone, opened is 1000 USD

  • U made that on my bday

  • I phone not have eyarphon

  • Overacting

  • you are a pain in the ass, ill shut your mouth with my big fat cock.

  • Hey Justine what is name of the outro song

  • THE ORIGINAL IPHONE UNBOXING!!! tr-tv.net/tv/video-yy40nW93n5o.html

  • Who else is watching on their IPhone 1?

  • retard

  • I had that phone but I think it was the iPhone 4 🤔?

  • Uhh...the music intro thing does not fit ur channel lol

  • she makes the Same reaction women do when the make Sex. sory but thats stupid and wierd as f.

  • I thought my 6s plus was old😂

  • Lol Iphone vs Iphone X max

  • There is another youtuber : EverythingApplePro But....last time when EAP unbox the iphone 3gs, he always got scammed on ebay....And justine got an original one...where did she got the original one??


  • I WAS BORN IN 2007

  • Im the same age as that iPhone.. 😂

  • My 3GS still works

  • The old Apple design was my childhood! I still can’t believe that my old iPod Touch works

  • who else just skipped to the unboxing part

  • Connect it to your old mac

  • What is the name of the second song? I need it in my life. It’s such a smooth beat!

  • 3:57 I’m a blond and emotional.

  • Watching this on my iPhone X s

  • oh god she is more exited for this phone then for iPhone 8

  • 3:35 Asmr

  • They still sell those?

  • Teary eyed over an iPhone? Joker

  • Why the box for so big but its such a small phone 😂

  • That intro song! Pls tell me

  • Hahahaaaa I got one too !!!!!

  • She is apple fangirl maybe if apple company bankrupt and close she will dying week to week i guess wkwk

  • Overacting!!

  • U are so stupid its just a phone lol (also the overacting was terrible)

  • You should go to Church

  • Parang tanga sarap mo sampalin

  • iJustine, I love your videos and you are awesome! Love you

  • 7:48 I know that’s the sound of a CW show, but which one?

  • I was one yrs old when the first I phone came out

  • Anyone else remember when Apple devices used to come with TR-tv already downloaded ;-;

  • id be just as excited ngl

  • It’s iPhone 2G

  • Girl I like ur videos... Pls jst stop over reacting it just annoys me...

  • I was born the same year as the iPhone and I have a iPhone 5s now

    • Richa Elizabeth they still sell the 5s 😂

  • Justine has so many iPhones like if you agree

  • Ah the original iPhone. Those were simpler times.

  • Why is she not a model for 🍎 Apple

  • Holy shit,I was 1 when that was made😱😂

  • ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm im scared she loves that phone

  • Wait, I had an iPhone 4 and there was no option for a passcode. And the iPhone 1 has a passcode? WHAAAATTT

  • Guys stop being rude about how she acted, it probably gives her memories of when it came out. So guys please stop.

  • How much phones do you have 🤷‍♀️

  • Hey typing skills tho

  • It’s funny how the original iPhone is most expensive then the newest iPhone lol

  • Imagine what the people with iPhone XS would be thinking

  • Buy a apple iPad with the same button to go home on a. I pad like mine and then it will work

  • I have that phone and a ipad 1 too

  • Where did u get this at?

  • am i only who ask himself, why she got a brandnew without any scratches and the TR-tvr Everyapplepro don´t has?

  • Where did she even get that thing

  • I like ur videos...but this is just over acting

  • Just insert sim card in it. It will be automatically activated

  • Did you know the “iPhone” was made by a dropout?

  • When I was not borne se I did not told a lie so give me like edit thanks for your likes

  • Dose anyone know where Justine got her watch from ??

  • What’s the name of the song and who sings it ?

  • buy an iphone x and never open it.. save the charger and only open it in like 20 years... let's see what happens then.. how much would it cost tho at the time ?

  • Charging brick? No way...the good charger?! Now it’s just a small box that doesn’t have good charging energy....Steve jobs is crying in his grave rn

  • I can’t stand to watch Yu any longer be normal not a over reacting cow

  • Oml I remember this phone and I could hear the unlock sound in my head though out this whole video

  • Apple is boss