News media calls me out for lying.. (confession)

katma 8 Aug 2018
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  • Bruh I feel like there is gonna be an article made about all these pew news’s

  • Keep dragging wsj. You don't do it nearly enough.

  • Now this is epic

  • I feel bad that every time he makes a joke, everyone gets on his back and tries to ruin what he's worked so hard for.

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  • He changes the title to “this video is demonotized” (the article writers ask TR-tv if it’s true) TR-tv- it is now 😏👏

  • Who's that girl on his profile?

  • And everybody clapped for Timmy

  • Did noone see Minecraft in his shade reflection?

  • I need Pew News Mugs.

  • Media Is r/WOOOSH ing it seems :)

  • fortnite has the gay

  • that hat lol

  • PewDiePie haters we call them... We don't call them at all because we don't care.

  • Pews News

  • Change the title to "SPONSORED BY MY DAD" and see if they can reach out to my dad

  • Dont do videos when you are drunk you idiot. Cant even talk straight

  • اين انتم يالعرب

  • Hey Pewds, I really hope one day you decide to run your own media type company that won’t rely on the whims and scrutiny of TR-tv. Whatever form that might take. I honestly feel bad reading and watching the type of reactionary news articles ‘people’ produce to as you say whose sole intent is to damage your brand. In all honest it’s just harassment and bullying tactics and click bait. I hope one day you are in the position to severe these people cease and desist letters after they run this irrelevant trollop.

  • *It's clear that they aren't that dumb, noone can be that dumb* ... x doubt

  • How’s the shit cares if you lied or not 👎🏻

  • moze reklama?

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  • in my days it was AQW grind'in

  • Is it just me, or is pew new intro has a cringy photo of Casey Neistat

  • Should've changed the title to "Sponsored by WAKDONALDS"

  • btw one of the best funny videos of PUBG that i watched

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  • I hate today because of the political correctness and fake news because they take literally every good point that the opposing person has out of context.


  • Lol I watched that video.... You did say Volvo sponsored this video 😂 but everyone knows you did it as a joke...

  • But Pewds ur 65 million active users know ur just a prankster

  • lol and then your video gets an ad init by...VW! The irony!

  • Wow keren

  • Damn I got clickbaited


  • Change the title to "sponsored by Digiday" After all, they must be raking in the views with all these articles.

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  • Why are there ads? I thought this was a Pewdiepie video.

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  • Change the title to SPONSORED BY FSO POLONEZ - I wanna see them try to reach out to a brand that doesn't exist anymore... also, you're gonna get +over9000 to the Polish Points stat

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  • These guys don't even know wth CLICKBAIT even is!

  • Ryan toys review is more famous than you pewdipei

  • Sup Felix I’m an old fan (happy wheels pewds was when I subscribed) and I hope you see this but sadly that won’t ever happen ☹️. But as a kid growing up I seen you grow and I’m just happy to see someone else ,an intellectual ni🅱️🅱️a ,call all out hate and be able to move past it so easily .well I’m 17 and barely see any of my friends anymore but now I watch your videos bc they actually make me laugh in the same way they’d make me laugh . I just wanted to say thanks for being you ,a lot of people aren’t themselves these days so it’s refreshing . Till next time papa pewds 🍕~Jonathan from cali 💯whole latta Gangshit 🤟🏽💯😂

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  • Sponsored by Digiday They'd probably ask their selves if it's true...

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  • Un comentario en español/a spanish comment


  • Omg is this trash content from pewdiepie!?!?!?!? NANI!?!?!??

  • Changgwangsan Hotel look at the reviews in N.Korea. everyone is dogging on them.

  • Clickbait Shit lololol

  • The media just can’t help but meme themselves every few days, huh?

  • But we can believe everything else they say, right?

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  • Change it to Sponsored by Tesla. The left already hates Elon anyway. XD

  • You are the worst person In the world and you can die

  • "I am driving around killing people, with a's a joke" lol ... sure... a "joke" driving around and killing :D


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  • Mortal Kombat II > World of Warcraft

  • 4 ads?! I’m proud

  • I love you😘 I'm anto , and my from is argentina , my favorite youtuber( o como se diga en ingles) Ok Bye

  • Wow you #2 TR-tv #1TR-tv moves #2 pewdiepie #3 t series

  • it's weird seeing this guy not curse in all of his videos...kind of was the only reason he was funny back in the day. i still can't believe he's pulling in 4-12 million views per video. that's like viral veeeewwsssss

  • Nice outro

  • Props to brad with the noise edit at 3:17, died laughing

  • (((Wise))) said, it's a bunch of old Jewish boomers who achieved their media power through nepotism, usury, and bribery/ manipulation. Who are totally out of touch with modern reality, their main goal being to put pressure on sponsors and companies to get their way with people. The same tactics they've been using for over a century to circumvent our Bill of Rights. They've had their century, and they saddled us with Two World Wars, Globalism, Communism, soulless Capitalism, Mass murders, covered up Gang rapes, the destruction of Christianity, moral and cultural and scientific relativism, insane debt, and the near total future destruction of most of Europe which used to be the shining example of progress and human rights and decency for the world. The Jewish century is coming to a close and they are clawing and grasping to hold onto it and their power.

  • Chupame la Verga Puto!!!!!!

  • The thing I don’t get it surely you want your friends to NOT be amazing at Fortnite so you can beat them?

  • This video would make soooooooooooooooooooo much since if PewDiepie was here

  • your hat has a hole in it

  • Cyka means idiot

  • Are you a slav

  • Change it to another car company hahaha

  • Ok. I dont watch your channel, man- I just read somethin about something and apparently you are the biggest youtuber ever so I just came over to check you out. I have to say this story is hillarious. I can't believe people have no sense of humor. Crazy.