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New Pokémon Discovered: Introducing Meltan!

katma 25 Sep 2018
What’s this? Trainers, thanks to your field reports, we can now confirm that a brand-new species of Pokémon has just been discovered! Introducing Meltan, the Hex Nut Pokémon! Professor Oak and Professor Willow have teamed up to research this mysterious new species of Pokémon, and what they’ve uncovered is pretty interesting. Take a look at their findings so far, and let us know in the comments if you’ve encountered Meltan in the wild!
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  • Looks like an unknown

  • finally, something good on trending

  • Hold on... willow? Wasn't Pokemon go set before the great war?

  • Meltan use Eating sugar

  • A bolt attached to a ditto’s head... well they had me again, and they lost me.

  • *W I L L O W M Y B O Y*

  • wish we could leave niantic out of pokemon...

  • Why do I have a feeling this was a complete accident and they are doing this to make it seem deliberate.

  • I wont be surprised if it has another form

  • Wow that ugly boring thing is a mythical pokemon, R.I.P. hopes and dreams.

  • Edd?

  • Mythical Pokemon have features that are based on the next region. Mew being MewOne, CeliBI bi is 2, jiraCHI tri is 3 and has 3 points on head and so on. Meltan has 6 faces. Gen 6 is Kalos. Spain is next to Kalos. Spain region confirmed.

  • anyone else think its cringey af when people edit their comments thanking everyone for all the likes

  • I feel like it was a glitch they just rolled with tbh

  • Professor Willow is daddy

  • Who still plays this?

  • Lol I like it

  • This was so cringy

  • Why do I feel like Willow was sarcastic the whole time

  • They need to make a Pokémon adventure game for the iPhone, like the one for the DS.

  • While I'll admit that it's very... Boring? Unoriginal? I still find it interesting. Any information on new pokemon gets me hyped, and I cant wait to learn more about this creature. For science.

  • How about the Pokemon - MissingNo ?

  • “I play Pokémon GO every day”

  • It's ya boi, the new Pokemon....

  • What was oak about to say?

  • Real talk though, the 2019 game better look as good as Willow does here and not like Oak does.

  • can we just .. ya know... *D E L E T E T H I S*

  • "Hello there? Professor Oak? Can you-" "Are you boy or a girl?"

  • Turns game glitch into cannon nice save...

  • The sacred texts!

  • Pokémon “let’s go ditto” coming 2020


  • I can’t believe this game is still thriving. It seems to be making a comeback

  • This is official and I feel blessed

  • Meltan looks pretty cute to me, i hope it has another form too

  • Oak- I have never seen this Pokémon before Willow- IT MUST BE A BRAND NEE UNDISCOVERED SPECIES!!! :O

  • pokemon the nex generation: shapey-manz

  • I forgot how childish the pokemon fanbase is to criticism. Thanks for reminding me comment section.

  • I love how weird it is that they just mix the two games art styles in the video, it reminds me the canadians in south park ^^

  • Yeah I'll stick with Nutto

  • Worst Pokémon design.

  • Wait, Professor Willow is voiced by the same guy who voices Chrollo in the HxH dub

  • How many how many Pokemon has Ash caught ?

  • terrible pokemon

  • Ash: "I wanna be the very best! Catch em all!" Professor: "bin there, done that.. just look at this handheld computer of all my catches" Ash: "f&%$ that shit then, I'm going back to bed"

  • How about collecting the original 151???

  • Pokémon just died today.



  • First car keys, now a nut. What's next? A soda can?

  • I’ve seen this Pokémon in Home Depot

  • Meltan looks ugly af. I hope this isn't the final design

  • Just caught it

  • Being a mentor, prof. Oak will die right?

  • SMDH

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  • How old is Willow? He looks too young for a professor

  • Ditto: turns grey Nut:gets picked up by said ditto Unown: gives eye Result: meltan

  • now your using pokemon go to release a pokemon no one wants come on Nintendo/Game Freak wake up and realize that no one wants anything to do with pokemon go interacting with the any of the next games i can see a transfer system to bring pokemon from Go to the switch but stop at that

  • what type of ancient culture can create a clay on a factory manufactured nut? with a ribbon cable of a tail?

  • Nice PK Pikachu and Eevee reference

  • It kind of looks like an evolved version of one of the mysterious pokemon that looks like a letter.

  • People still use Pokémon Go

  • Rip Professor Oaks voice actor

  • They're foreshadowing us that next game title will be screws and nuts guys I mean isn't that obvious, right?

  • And how about Meltan being the MissingNo being canon?

  • Peter Parker is that you?

  • This still won't make me want to play Pokémon Go or anything that's not Generation VIII.

  • I got one and it turns into ditto

  • Professor choksondik

  • Everyone add me I need help with the celebi quest >> 4463 0906 9058


  • Not as cool as Anemon from the Gold/Silver beta. It was a ditto evolution through metal coat.

  • whatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  • Why is the voice of Joseph joestar professor oak?

  • This is Ash o /l\ / \ He is 10 years old. (Bc he doesn't age I guess) 1 like = 1 year. How old can we get him?

  • What an uninspired design...

  • This pokemon looks stupid

  • This must be one of the test models created back in early development. It must have glitched and replaced the model of the Pokémon that was trying to be caught. So now they are trying to cover it up by saying its a new Pokémon.

  • If you check bulbapedia meltan is a steel type.

  • i feel like Lets go pikachu and eevee are the teen titans go equivalent of pokemon. dont @ me its 2 am 😫

  • Thats so cool, can't wait!

  • This is a cover-up

  • Who here was extremely disappointed when it wasn't a Missingno?

  • What kind of Fortnite skin is this?

  • Melton-that one scrapped ditto evolution with a nut and ball on the top


  • Yo I’ve seen this guy before in an old game.... something with Mario and sonic.....

  • Omg new pokemon

  • Pokémon is the Simpsons of video games. The series should have ended a long time ago.

  • so it's really? It kind of seems like an Ultra beast

  • I like the way they are introducing Meltan

  • I wonder if willow and the other team leaders will appear in let’s go

  • My body is REGGIE to catch this new pokemon!!

  • I thought it looked like a ditto.... fused with an Unown or something.

    • I thought it's a new kind of Unown.

  • It's so derpy but I love lol

  • Meh God it's unowns gay brother

  • Dude believe me if you want but Meltan kind of looks like it could be the underneath of mimikyu because he could have put and eye on the tail and painted it black and then put on the mimikyu rag does anyone else see it

  • Meh God it's unowns gay brother

  • Sorry, I think you mean t posing white ditto with a banjo kazooie item on their head.