MRE Haul Taste Test

katma 26 Sep 2018
MREs come with a lot more than the meals we've tasted. It's time to test the rest of our MRE haul! GMMore #1387

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  • Link realizing it was peanut butter was the best thing xD

    • It's been a full 2 minutes since watching, and I'm still laughing.


    • I am so much like Link food wise...I HATE TOMATOES LOVE PEANUT BUTTER...and I remember him saying once he does not care for mint other than in toothpaste...I HATE MINT even in toothpaste I use Crest Citrus Blast

    • Hello Rhett and Link this message is for Josh the one of the cooks on Good Mythical Morning I have an idea for you to serve for Rhett and Link Pickled Pig anus that is four link and for Rhett blood pudding cake with blood buttercream frosting sorry boys

    • ♫ ~𝒫𝑒𝑒𝑒𝑒𝓃𝓊𝓊𝓊𝓉 𝐵𝓊𝓊𝓊𝓊𝓊𝓊𝓊𝑒𝓇𝓇𝓇𝓇𝓌𝒶𝓌𝒶𝓌𝒶~ ♫

  • Alright, let's get this out onto a tray.... nice!

  • how they did the chocolate milkshake was wrong since you were supposed to pour in water into the container since it has a zip-lock after all

  • tff = turkish football federation

  • All of this is chump food for chumps WHERE IS THAT INSTANT COFFEE TYPE II BABYYYYYYYY

  • Chicken chunks is the best

  • Watch the Mythbusters Jr latest episode and you will find your answer

  • 3:07 "YEEee!" :)

  • Cute how Rhett feeds link...

  • Where the menu 23 pizza?

  • I love how you talk like military makes me smile because I couldn’t open my mre at Basic and I got smoked for it 😂

  • that cheese sauce can be traded for almost a WHOLE MRE, and the jalapeno cheese sauce will get you a whole MRE in trade plus other stuff.

  • The gum is laxative 😅

  • God I remember when I was in the army we went out on a week long training mission and they just gave us a box of mres each and we had to pick and chose what we could fit in our rucksacks for a week. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • It is most def not fun to open your meatballs and expect pretzels and skittles... open it with excitement and don’t get them...😢

  • aren't there methane ponds at the bottom of the ocean?

  • My fiancé is in the military and he made me try an MRE once and it wasn’t bad.. until the “mashed potatoes” came... I almost threw up.

  • If you had no water could you eat just the powder and get the same nutritional results?

  • That’s a lot of Macaroni.

  • Y'all need to try out the GI recipes. Ranger Pudding, Cheesy Mac, etc. And do the 'mre cracker challenge'!

  • You can't tell me that a cow can't fart with velocity. I once saw a holstein dairy cow in a chute. My boss was walking up behind her and she started pooping. Then she let out a thunderous fart, while pooping, that had enough force to send the poop about 10' down the chute into my boss' face! I almost got fired that morning because I couldn't stop laughing. lol

  • @7:46 - You are not mixing it, Link... by the look of it you just shake the spoon, or stirring it.

  • For the record, Stevie, I’m more of an Elvis Costello man than a Taylor Swift man, but I won’t tell, if you won’t 😉😉

  • Wow

  • and that's how you make Link shut up with peanut butter

  • I really like Rhetts shirt. Not from a GMM stand point, the art work is just cool.

  • The gum is a laxative. It helps the dried stuff slide out easy...

  • See what we did was go to training and have those boxes in either a van or what's called a one ton. Lunch time each platoon grabs like 4 boxes or they'll dump em out and have u grab and go

  • At 10:48 Rhett is having a hard time opening the package as Link has scissors right beside him

  • How about an MRE review once a month?

    • All I want for Christmas is a case of military MREs...

  • If u feed the cow toco bell anything is possible.

  • My dad served in Desert Storm and he's told me many times that the sweets in his MREs were what got him through the whole thing 😂😂

  • From first hand experience you can trade a packet of skittles for a whole MRE...

  • I didn't watch the more of the episode didn't knew they gave shout out to my boi steve. Love it 😍

  • 0 degrees Fahrenheit is 'frozen'? Betcherass it is!

  • you shove a hose up the cow's...

  • TFF The Final Food aka dessert

  • "Let's get this out on to a tray... Nice! Ncay..."

  • 9:49 there was something orange in link's bag

  • tell me you got leftover mres i want one

  • Link is literally me trying to open the damn thing.

  • I'm not a taylor swift fan

  • Well, Link, it's harder to make hot chocolate in unheated water because raising the temperature of the solute (the think that dissolves stuff), in this case, water, increases the solvent's (the solvent being the thing that it dissolving, so either the hot chocolate powder or the protein powder) solubility (though not always). This is because.... well, why am I commenting this.... nobody cares... cries to self

    • I also liked my own comment because nobody else would...

  • Lol I'm eating an MRE while watching this

  • Tochess in Yiddish and Tahat in Hebrew. Learn Hebrew Neil. Please. It is cooler than Yiddish.

  • You are supposed to pour water into the drink mix puch zip it up fold it and shake it. then you can pour into a cup but the pouch acts as its own container for drinking out of as well.

  • How do I give a channel Two subscribes?

  • Boi how did you get the MRE's

  • okay let put this out onto a tray - Nice mmkay

  • 3:08 @solluminati

  • Nice!

  • Peeeeenut butteeeerrrrrrrrrr

  • Chili mac is the absolute best, people will kill for it

  • The beef stew and white chicken fully cooked is good. I was in the rotc program. And went to a place that actually had obstacle courses. And we had to eat mres for our lunch. I always got the good ones too eat. I even had their jerky and it was very good.

  • These look fun. A surprise in each pack. Can regular people buy and live off these?

  • These nitwits not reading ANY of the instructions or preperations

  • "You can't tap the power of the cow anus to actually blow up a balloon." ~ Link Neal, 2018

  • This kinda makes me sad. I can see these guys fighting over seas getting excited, losing their minds over skittles. Dont take small things for granted.

  • Steve is awesome!

  • I'm upset that it cut off before Link could say how he feels about the peanut butter.

  • The first MRE I ever had included Skittles, snack bread, cheese spread, oatmeal cookies and a decent entre. I thought they were all like that and was very impressed. The second one was omelette. :(

  • Dude! You guys didn't eat the snack bread and cheese spread? That's MRE gold!

  • I'm not a taylor swift fan

  • I watched a ton of @Steve1989MREInfo videos and was ready to ask you guys to MRE videos and I should have known better that GMM already had the line on it! Love this.

  • Now I want to see a hinden-ballon

  • Don’t eat more than 3 wheat snack breads. It can clog you up. It’s 1 loaf of bread compressed into a slice of been told at cadets by our Commanding Officer.

  • THESE MRE videos just make me miss MRE s.

  • Party idea... Get cow fart filled balloons. When you want everyone to leave pop the balloons and watch how fast people leave.

  • You shouted out Steve but didn’t put any of the mre on a tray smh

  • I am not a taylor swift fan💯

  • Link's "What is it?!" At 10:51 is killing me 😂

  • NICE!

  • Tff tax free food!

  • This is why even POGs carry a pocket knife. There better be at least 1 First Strike bar, and some chocolate peanut butter spread in here somewhere Edit: someone didn't do their research. The cinnamon apple First Strike Bars by the best damn thing dessert wise

  • Watching them struggle just hurt

  • Taylor Swift is just another disposable pop icon. If you're a 'fan' of one, you're a fan of them all. And I'm not a fan of one.

  • 🐄💨🎈

  • But you haven’t lived until you’ve had the jalapeño cheese spread.

  • I love how they opened the second set of MREs in tandem. It was satisfying.

  • Why is nobody talking about how in sync they were at 9:47 😂

  • the peanut butter and cheese spread are literally the best in an MRE.


  • “You can’t tap the power of an anus” put that on a mug 😂🤣

  • gotta try the new MRE menu 23 pizza slice with pepperoni

  • -10:53 WHaaaAATTT iSSS ITTT

  • Beef stew one of my favorites

  • I remember making a lot of trades for skittles or pound cakes lol


  • I was about to comment on the OP asking why you guys skipped the desserts because that’s the best part! The skittles are sometimes the only thing in an MRE. Lol

  • yea, i love powder;P

  • Nice, m'kay.

  • Atleast get this out onto a tray or it won't be.....nice

  • that was satifying

  • From my time in ROTC, I can tell you the vegetable crackers are top notch. Most other items kinda have the taco bell situation going on (same ingredients, repackaged with with a different shape and name). Also, the toiletries are currency. The things a man will do for some TP in the woods...

  • 6:01 You better hope it's jammed real good before chewing that gum, or else its going to be shooting all over the place. And it's gonna be a stinky mess. (the gum contains laxative)

  • Love that Steve 1989 got a shout out. I love him!!

  • Isn’t this taking away from the troops Ha ha. Actually let’s all get MRE’s so the government has to send our troops actual good food lol. Genius. lol.

  • We have mre's at my house for some reason

  • the oatmeal cookie is dry because oatmeal rot really fast when its humid

  • TFF=Trans Fat Free