Mouth Opener Headlines (GAME)

katma 16 Nov 2018
How well can we read these jaw-dropping headlines with mouth openers in? GMMore #1424
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  • 0:47 demonic whispers

  • 9:37 Vandalay! Help me I've come aflame again!

  • did you see at 9:50 where he looks at the card and acts like he didn't do anything or even mention it.

  • This was also on my birthday

  • All I want to say is... (insert 😒 emoji here)

  • jared gives off such a gay vibeee


  • Jared for president

  • Rhett’s beard is so long I didn’t know he had too teeth until he had the dental guard in.

  • Steaming with hot breaths 😂🤣

  • Welp the demons got Rhett & Link

  • Anyone In 2019-01-01?

  • Died laughing at "DRY YOUR MOUTH OUT SON!!" Still laughing actually

    • Then also when Rhett couldn't adjust his mouth piece and panicked 😂😂 watched both parts multiple times

  • Do you like Pancakes?

  • 11:46 Jared's face lmao

  • Jared mopped Alex's mouth! 😂 That was so frelling cute. And very nice of him!

  • Did anyone else replay the 'panquakes' song? Only me? Ok..

  • how much have they donated to st judes so far? can someone tell me?

  • 3:51 Awwww!! I am already in love with Jared!!!! ❤️❤️

  • The intro was so bad! I'm laughing my ass off 😂😂

  • Is Jared Jim Carrey's son?

  • Jared looks like a young *JIM CARREY* and he laughs like him too, when he laughed while wearing the mouth opener. @8:20 . It's almost creepy but in a good way. LOL.

  • Oh my gosh this was so funny! I loved the first one😂😂

  • Link looks like fire marshall bill from in living color

  • I didn't laugh all day until I saw Rhett's panic attack with the mouth opener!

  • I miss Mike :(((

  • I'm never gonna stop laughing when the words 'Nixon Resigns' come up

  • Rhett looks hilarious when his mouth is that wide

  • Rhett’s face when Jared said “hell yea” on set. “Why did I hire him.” ~ rhett

  • Jared looks like Jenn

  • Most of the recent crew look like far left antifa looking hipsters...

  • Great 1 guys😂

  • LMFAO "he doesn't speak with lips" haha!!

  • Does anyone know, does the GMM crew have a high turnover rate, or are there THAT many people on the crew?? I know it’s big, but dang! Seems like there is always someone new!

  • Why did this remind me of mason verger from hannibal?

  • Rhett's 1921 Chicago Bears Jersey is upsetting me.

  • 😂😂😂😂😂

  • "20-20whore,It was a 20-20 episode about prostitution" bahaha

  • I can't tell if they didn't test those themselves or made sure ones like Nixon resigns were in there

  • Jared is timid now... but I think he'll get at Alex's persona within the year on camera.

  • Sick undercut Link has there

  • A 20 20 episode about prostitution hahahaha I laughed so hard at that. Watch your mouth Rhett

  • I want jared’s hair

  • 0:44 that one quickly turned into a weird ASMR breathing video :D

  • This was the best episode ever!! Y’all need to do this more often; it was very funny😆.

  • Young Jim Carrey!

  • "Nixon resigns" *blink* Jared I love u alteady

  • tell jered michigan is trash osu is the best

  • 🇮🇪 🇮🇪 🇮🇪

  • Yeah Ireland

  • Jared seems really cute and very nice!

  • Did I mention Nixon Resigns?

  • easily one of the funniest videos ever


  • Jared is ridiculously handsome and charming - reminds me of the guy in Spirit who tamed the horse ✨✨

  • Jared...can you read? Are you 19? Cause you look like him

  • Omfg that was hilarious.

  • Oh this would be so fun during a cast party after a summer musical! Ooooh...mouth opener cards against humanity!

  • 9:50 New kid totally cheated and looked at Rhetts card

  • More Jared, please. He is the cutest.

  • 2020 wh*re 😂😂

  • *_NiXoN rEsIgNs_*

  • i just got my wisdom tooth removed and watched this .. laughter has never been so painful


  • Anyone else have to put on captions?? 😂🤣

  • I've been a mythical beast since 2011, never made it a point to comment on GMM videos, but in the last year I've gotten super into Ear Biscuits (Thanks Spotify!), and now, because of the podcast I will start engaging more often. Rhett and Link thanks for all you do! This video had me dying with laughter :D

  • SCANDAL! CHEATING CAUGHT! @9:50 Jared looks at rhett's card. COLLUSION!

  • Rhett and Link making weird noises. Typical them

  • Hahahahaha!!!!! 😂😁

  • 9:50 you little cheater Jared 😂

  • They sound like the grinch

  • 😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂😄😀

  • Jared is lovely!!!!!! I hope we see more of him soon (:

  • Why does Rhett turn into Jim Carrey's Grinch when he puts the opener in?

  • Jared is really attractive

  • I want an entire episode done like this please.

  • Jared , who is she tho 😏

  • I would like to see more of Jared, for uh, entertainment purposes 😰

  • The singing was cringy

  • Jareds hot

  • *N i x o n r e s i g n s*

  • Rhett with mouth opener and solid paperhands looks like Bender from Futurama

  • 5:27 I fully thought Alex was making a joke about Rhett’s small mouth until I remembered the casts 😂😂😂

  • We need more Jared he’s a cutie

  • ALEX Love Love the hat

  • he went to jared's

  • Jarred's wink into the camera!

  • oh yeah go Michigan

  • So how's the labels on the back of the chairs

  • Hi Yeeeeee

  • Welcome Jared!!! We are glad to have you on Good Mythical More!!! 😁❤️

  • Why does Rhett have those things on his arms? Did he break them or something?

  • Jared seems like a sweet guy!

  • More Jared please! And Alex! So fun!

  • Heh love GMMore More now. they arre starting to feel like GameGrumps episodes./10 minute power hour.

  • Rhett is so hilarious 😂😂😂

  • Glad to see Keanu Reeves son on the show

  • Glad to see Keanu Reeves son on the show

  • New dude is cringy. Fire him

  • There are SO MANY awesome moments in this video but 9:27 hit another level for me. Lol