Milwaukee Bucks vs LA Clippers Full Game Highlights | 11.10.2018, NBA Season

katma 10 Nov 2018
Bucks vs Clippers Full Game Highlights | 11.10.2018
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    • MLG do you have a capture card? I need some help!


  • Commentators be like, "BINGO!".

  • Drive, kick pass, 3 Drive, kick pass, 3 Drive, kick pass, 3 Drive, kick pass, 3 That's pretty much most of the game lol

  • Clippers are a pretty good team this year. You go clippers!

  • When u got 7'6 giant guarding inbounder😂😂😂

  • What is ilyasova doing in this team ? Ilyasova kazmasinin ne isi var bu takimda... he got no defensive skills.

  • song at 5:06? I know it but cant put my finger on it

  • Bingo!

  • god damn this comentator for saying bingo after every basket.

  • First off I'm liking the Clippers jerseys . Good game Bucks . 7:10 I always wonder why people don't do that. Clippers are nice.

  • are we all just gonna act like pat beverley didnt just shoot 5 3s?

  • Big Boban decides who win or lose! 😂

  • biingo

  • i hate the bingo guy

  • As Doc Rivers said himself, he doesn't need Blake, CP3, DeAndre, JJ, or Rivers if all they do is play for show and not to compete or play with passion for the Clippers.. LA!

  • Those fans are ass

  • bingo guy just made a comeback

  • BINGO!!!

  • Boban gaurding the inboud 😂😂😂

  • buck, celtics, raptors , these top 3 are in east

  • Lou > Giannis

  • Brook lopez underrated

  • Boban won them the game.

  • I came here for Boban. He played for less than a second and still came in clutch at the end.

  • Who else is tried of them sayin bingo😑😑😑😑

  • I don't know why ya guarding Giannis on top, he's not a shooter, he's a inside scorer.

  • Crazy game I was there

  • Very Good Game -- Like the Bucks a lot-- Clippers better than most believe-- Good Win for the Clippers- BIIIIIINGO !!!

  • Brook Lopez is some caveman looking mofo

  • B-I-N-G-0 man on mic

  • Good game

  • SGA, you can call him a superstar if he shows it in the next few years. Trade the guards which are TRASH like Milos, to the Suns or Spurs, what he does in that team anyway?????????

    • Trade Milos because nobody at clippers like him anyway. Let a PG be a PG, on another team.

  • This was the most exciting game yesterday, but as usual, Clippers will always be ignored while Lakers get all the undeserved attention. This video deserves 2M views already.

  • I LOVE TREZZ 😍😍😍

  • Giannis 💪💪💪💪💪

  • Lopez shoots the 3 ball better than some guards but plays defense like he's 5'2 and mentally disabled.

  • I really thought the bucks had arrived

  • Bingo! 😂

  • Good solid game/win for the Clips. The broadcaster, though, "Biiingo" on almost every made three on either side. If I was a Clippers fan and had to hear that all the time... ahhh. So annoying. Ya can say other things, ya know? Like, "so-and-so for Three!, Got it!", "Nailed it!", "It's good!". Bingo? Come on, man. I just imagine this guy in the off season when he's not playing golf he's playing BINGO at an American Legion Hall somewhere. "Biiiinnnngooo!" Also, to say bingo is correct on his part... BUT, in the game of basketball it doesn't translate to the word properly... don't you need to cover like, FIVE squares? the Three ball is 2 squares short... Just sayin'. He should stop that, it's annoying. Go Celtics!

  • The commentators has to stop saying BINGO

    • He will - when he retires after this season. Ralph Lawler, 80 years old, 40 years with the Clippers, absolute legend behind the mic.

  • what a great game!!!

  • Clippers city jersey are lit

  • How many times did he says BINGGO lol

    • Once for every 3-ball that went in.

  • when the greek freak met boban in the 0.3.

  • when the buck's don't even try 😂

  • Thank you for defeating them clippers!

  • Now they all hopping on the wave


  • Playoffs game. Antetokounmpo is really a monster.

  • Man I've seen alot of great team ball with teams with super stars on then but a TEAM like the clips is s scary team to play cuz everyone can get a bucket if needed and that's what makes them so hard to play cuz most super star teams u most the time know who to guard but Clips have one the best all around Teams I've seen in a long time with no superstars that's the crazy part Great job Clippers 🙌👍

  • Not sold on the Raptors and Bucks yet. It's just regular season and still early. Could be Celtics vs Sixers ECF for the next four years straight.

  • Gianna’s shouldn’t have taken it out. Obviously he’s the tallest/longest and most athletic on the floor , he should have been the one receiving the lob.

  • Don't forget how good the Clippers coach is.

  • Clippers one of the most underrated team in the NBA nice win for them in a very good game

  • Do bucks fans have that big of an ego that when they lose they still think they win lmao how delusional

  • That mf Harrell is crazy i love it

  • Boban made it possible

  • My *LA* Clippers will upset the Warriors tomorrow if Steph is out. They're deep. Of course, BSPN and the rest of the LA media will ignore it. Will instead talk about how great their Fakers are.

  • Wow, just wow, no way did I think they were going to hold of the bucks after losing that lead in the first... Big heart in this one. Clips great fun to watch. Go clippers!

  • In a team build around Giannis Bledsoe is the problem. They can leave with Giannis not shooting the 3 cause he is beasting in the paint but you can t have a perimeter player shooting like that anymore. Especially since Bledsoe thinks that he is the second choice in the team. They should trade him for a better shooter end a better facilitator. They don't need drives they need passing spacing end shooting.

  • If you look at Middleton playing, he play like Kevin Durant just look cleanly

  • bingo bingo bingo

  • Breathtaking battle. Thats why bucks will never win against warriors if by chance bucks will play in the finals.

  • My boy shai coming through with glutch threes in the 4th and OT! Could give Luka a run for ROTY.

  • In all 3 losses offensive movement was not up to their standards, so it is still work in progress.

  • Montrezl Harrell is so underrated....

  • didn’t realize three pointers were called bingo now...

    • Look up Bingo Smith of the San Diego Clippers on Wikipedia.

  • clippers are a very solid team ... they have a record 7-5 and most of there games are against playoff teams . Fan game to watch even tho we took an L (bucks fan)

  • the commentator is Mr. Bingo... lol.. 99% bingo on three...

  • That Bingoooo put it in your ass!!!!

  • People dont realize how good Clips are because we lost 2-3 Games because we still waiting for Beverly get His post surgery Stamina. This Game vs. Bucks is showing that Beverly conditioning is coming around allowing Him Score more consistent. Fully Conditioned Beverly we would be at 9-3 Record. Beverly by Game 22 should be fully conditioned. Think that we still havnt fully utilized Ty Wallace, Jerome Robinson nor Sindarius Thornwell. Clips have most Backcourt Versatility in NBA. Said, Our only achilles heels is Gortat, but we have Motley and Delgado waiting in the Wings to get more playing time next Season or possibly this Season if Gortat continues be below average.

    • We also have 6'10" Anthony Bennett in G League. If Doc could Develop DeAndre Jordan who had NOWHERE CLOSE Talent of Bennet when came out College then Doc and Rex can RESURRECT Anthony Bennett Career.

  • Were they playing in LA or in Milwaukee?

  • NBA today looks very easy to score, all players can shoot 3,

  • Harrell reminds me of prime K. Farried of Denver. And Giannis too strong. Congrats both team what a nice game

  • They’ve silence the bucks but they haven’t silenced the Greek Freak..

  • Clippers 52 bench points Bucks 27 bench points


  • grreat 0,3 seconds from Boban

  • Why the fuck y’all sleeping in montrezl harral the man a beast in the paint

  • My heart stopped more than once. And I‘m not the squeamish type. 😁

  • Doc Rivers might get coach of the year keep it up

  • Boban op

  • Jerry west sure knows what he is doing.

  • Some guy named Harell just dropped 26 on the Bucks and nobody even cares lol

  • This Clippers team is kinda giving me 2004 Pistons vibes in a way

  • Montrezl disgustingly underrated

  • Clippers are 300% legitimate. A deep, hardworking team with no over-highlighted star. #OP

    • Nobody other than Gallinari makes more than 14 mio. a year on the Clippers.

  • Sweet Lou is on fire.Best 6th player of all time😉💪

  • Boban saves the day

  • How many time he said bingo? So freaking annoying

  • I thought Scott was Josh Smith for a second like hol' up!

  • That was an incredible game

  • i swear these commentators are not doing their job, playing bingo and whatnot. 😂

  • I could have sworn Gianes was struggling throughout the whole game.... but then I look at the Box Score Boy!!!

  • “Bucks are coming out of the east” ..... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • BINGO!!!!

  • Give that man Lou Williams the sixth man of the year award again already

  • The bingo guy is stronger than ever !!

  • "Bingo!" poor clippers fans.. You gotta hear that shit every time someone hits a three when you watch the game?

    • SabuPtolemy congrats to him that's an impressive career. God bless

    • We Clipper fans love Ralph's 'Bingo!'s, especially now since he'll retire after this season after 40 years behind the mic. He will be 81 next year!

    • +bryan reyes lmaooo

    • ever hear the Cavs announcers? that's worse lol

  • Nice jersey