Miami Heat vs Philadelphia Sixers Full Game Highlights | 11.12.2018, NBA Season

katma 13 Nov 2018
Heat vs 76ers Full Game Highlights | 11.12.2018
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    • Highlights for today? U must be extra busy today lol

  • velrriho

  • FANTASTIC EMBIID, Impressive progression because of HARD WORK !! THE WORK PAYS ALL THE TIME !!! GOGO JOEL FOR THE MVP ^^

  • lol BEN SIMMONS a superstar ? The new Magic Johnson" ?? ...... EUh are u sure ""sport's'journalists"" ?? BEN SIMMONS always makes the same move all game and all season long ! He takes advantage of his very large size compared to the opposing leader and goes to the double step or DUNK as soon as he has received the ball..... He does it ALL THE SEASON without NEVER SHOT.... (MAGIC JOHNSON was an incredible player who could do whatever he wanted with the ball)It's just incredible and it's so telling about the current defensive level of the NBA which is not worthy of the great times of this sport !

  • Where's the Heat vs Nets highlights 🤔

  • It looks like they're playing at the local gay club

  • If the heat get another all star player on there team they will be deadly they already have a good team

  • If wade was playing the heat could have one because they were neck and neck with them until the forth

  • all those empty seats

  • Lol

  • Ben Simmons is a joke

  • And we have a friend that “woaaahhhh” all the way, even if it’s alone. Lol

  • Thanks for the hard work you're a lifesaver for people that don't have real cable!!!

  • I don't need to guess that alleyoop by derrick jones jr must be in the top 10 tonight.

  • I'm just about done with Simmons...dude startin to look like an 80's ballplayer with all those fucking hook shots and refusal to shoot the damn ball. He's predictable already and now he's forcing a lot of dumb plays because he has no shot to be able to open up his assist game or force spacing. Weak.

  • JJ redick small forward lmao

  • Hi need a Miami fan

  • Simmons is scared to shoot

  • Joel enbid can be better if he played more on the low block and not at the 3 point line. Plus he's never in position for offensive rebound at his height and body. He's still has a lot of development to learn. He plays outside especially around the 3 point line like a guard, that's crazy. He still manages to rack up stats but imagine once he learns how to play his position correctly

  • 1980s heat colors!👌🏾

  • Bruh Embiid really going for that MVP

  • Congratulations 76ers for the huge victory. Win Champions! Stefanos!!!

  • heat needs to change their jerseys back theyre 0-3 with it

  • I have honestly never seen Simmons, not make, but ATTEMPT a jump-shot in a game, is there footage anywhere??? Dang.

  • The Miami heat still the OG jersey of the 76sixers

  • Embid shouldn't try and wake up the home crowd with waving his arms in the air. You do not do that during a road game.

  • why are they even guarding simmons beyond 15 feet?smh

  • The Sixers have gotta play much better defense if they wanna compete for a championship. Maybe Jimmy Butler can help with a little more intensity on that end of the floor

  • Do I have to be the only one to say that the refs fucked us over

  • I see you fultz, Just keep grinding brother. Sixers nation got your back.

  • Why isn't Dion Waiters playing

    • Predrag Stojanovski ankle injury

  • Redick is real dagger is unstoppable

  • Furkan better than Fultz

  • Ben Simmons , the process and butler starting 🌟 we gonna kill the east this time

  • am i the only person who saw derrick jones jr flying

  • That woman screaming is one hell of a Sixers fan. I wish she was on my team. She even cheered for Fultz.

  • I thought jimmy Butler will play

  • Fultz is a bust? Take a look at Lonzo first 😂

  • Good game from Philly. At 8:14 it is amusing to hear the heat announcers applaud the block on Embidd while we get to slow-mo watch Jones grab Embidd's hand and commit the obvious foul.

    • +Yosi hey, don't get me wrong. Joel embiid is a master of abusing the most awful rule of freedom of movement that the NBA has just implemented. I do not think he deserves more free throws than some teams, but slapping another man's hand when he's going up for a dunk is a foul

    • Trey didn’t complain about his 20 freethrows tho 😂😂

    • You're absolutely right! It was clearly a foul.

  • markelle fultz out furkan korkmaz in

  • that screaming woman was not in the philly broadcast.

  • Somebody help that women. She had been screaming above all match. Looks like she got robbed😅

  • Don't look now, JIMMY BUCKETS IS HERE!!

  • White side is terrible on defense. one on one per say. He can’t guard the centers and forwards that can shoot. Embid, as good as he is, he has a problem with that as well. Wish defense was more of a priority in the NBA.

  • yo that alley to derrick jones was wild

  • People should start giving Reddick some credit, boi! This dude is a sniper!!!

  • where is DWade??

    • simonzhouxiao he’s taking care of his baby

  • Kelle in line up,,destroy philly strat

  • With Butler's arrival at hand, time to demote Fultz to D-League. Fultz needs to play through the yips and he'll never get that chance with the Sixers now. He's only 20 and the Sixers have too much invested in him to part ways just yet, but he appears to be a bust.

  • Embiid for MVP🤘

  • wheres is wade?

    • Gedamax he’s taking care of his new baby

  • Furkan korkmaz Broke summer league record in pts most underrated player in the NBA. Brett Brown needs to give him more minutes. Korkmaz is a lights out shooter.

  • 🗣📣Whoooooooooooooh!!

  • Furkan Korkmaz ♥️

  • Was at this game. So sad. Last 3 minutes is where it fell apart

  • There’s always so much empty seats in Miami home games

    • Lavar Ball they cost a lot also you think that bc the seats and stairs are red

  • I love that kaboom.

  • Is no. 31 on philly the white mamba?

  • Furkan Korkmaz needs to take more time man! He is special , isnt he?

  • My team sucks

  • Your boy Dragic looks like the villain from The Equalizer

  • Embiid has Whitesides number

  • so many empty seats

    • Bethany Mae Dona that’s the stairs

  • god that bitch is anmoying

  • Reddick is sniping, Simmons is slashing and Embiid is posting up

  • Im so annoyed with that female screaming everytime sixers made a bucket.

  • miami HEAT court color?.

  • Ben Simmons is not a point guard. Hes a forward wit the ball always in his hands cause he can't shoot

    • +Joey Shelton he's not either. And it's not an argument. It's a statement. You're trying real hard to make it an argument. Get off my dick and go about your business

    • Davari Roberson Don’t get your argument then. Ben Simmons literally plays point guard there’s nothing to dispute. You may not see it that way, but in reality that’s the position he plays. If Ben Simmons isn’t a point guard then neither was Magic Johnson.

    • +Joey Shelton exactly. Thats why i said it. Cause he's not to me...

    • Davari Roberson maybe not to you. But for the Philadelphia 76ers and the National Basketball Association, Ben Simmons is indeed a point guard. LeBron runs point, but plays the 3 or 4. Ben Simmons simply plays the point guard position on offense.

    • +Joey Shelton not to me. LeBron got better vision. Is he a point guard too?

  • Markelle Fultz Stay On The Ground All The Time 😩🤦🏾‍♂️😂

  • the76ers girs said : eeeeoooooooo



  • Shut up bitch

  • Y tell me how's better embid or davis for me AD

  • kaboom

  • Simmons- Semi-bust Fults- Biggest Bust of All Time

  • bingo vs kaboom

  • JoEm bascon The GOAT

  • Fuck butter look at the young guy furkann !!!

  • Furkannnn ❤️❤️😉

  • Fuck that girl who scream every basket from 76ers

  • FURKAN KORKMAZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JJ Reddick's Shot Mechanics 0_o

  • I'm a 76ers fan but I sure do love those Miami Vice uniforms

  • Is it weird that Embiid (the center) has a better shot than Simmons (the PG)?

  • Wow The Heat doesn't want to play defense at all... 🤔🤔🤔🤔 Gotta try some new guy, maybe a new PG..🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Melo to the Sixers!!!!!!!!

    • fuck no

    • hell no

    • Good idea

    • Instantly makes them the favorite gives them depth Off the Bench and spaces the floor also if he's playing well enough he can finish games

  • furkan korkmaz > markelle bustz

  • shoutout to that crazy bitch screaming on every basket LMFAO

  • KİNG Furkan

  • what was Simmons doing at 5:22 ??

  • I got to adjust the contrast and the brightness on my phone I think 🤔


  • So we just gone ignore the lady screaming loud af every time the 6ers score 😂😂

  • Weak ass attendance, that's why Miami Heat fans are the worse.

    • Bklyn Ladyy1 they cost a lot and it looks empty due to the stairs and chairs being red making you think there’s empty seats know your facts

  • Bu süreleri J.Butler geldiğinde de vermesini diliyoruz.

  • A lot of empty seats that game ?

    • CP_FPV Nope that’s the stairs


  • Please kill this bitch

  • 6:24 nba in a nutshell these days..bunch of guys driving and flopping, while the defender gets called for a foul by just standing there. Such a joke.

    • OfficialRelyseMusic did you see the defender he legit did a harden flop and Embiid has 20 free throws so don’t say crap