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katma 10 Sep 2018
On this episode of "You Sang My Song," DJ Marshmello watches TR-tv fan covers of his songs "FRIENDS (with Anne-Marie)," "Wolves (with Selena Gomez)," "Silence (feat. Khalid)," "Alone," and "Happier (ft. Bastille)." Fans react to DJ Marshmello watching their music.

Watch the covers here:
Friends: Rob Landes -
Friends: Veserium -
Wolves: Sara'h Officiel -
Silence: First To Eleven -
Friends: Andrew Foy -
Alone: Andre Schnura -
Happier: Bayley Graham Taps -

Marshmello and Bastille recently released their new single "Happier." Poignant and exhilarating, "Happier" acknowledges the uncomfortable truth that sometimes truly loving someone means we have step aside so they can find their happiness.

Download / Stream "Happier" HERE:

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Marshmello Watches Fan Covers On TR-tv | Glamour


  • i love that you guys picked a bunch of cool unique, covers. it's so cool seeing the artist react to different interpretations of their music, i think this video has the most unique covers chosen so far :)

  • Can he just start talking

  • He should just probably just learn sign language at this point

  • Is he the real one Im just curious

  • Omg He is so adorable!! 😭😭😭

  • Show a big marvel cover to any artist... Have him react

  • Tres. Belle. Ja temp. Beaucoup. Marshmello..

  • So nobody did "Danger"

  • Andrew's reaction was so cute!❤

  • Andrew Foy though

  • Andre.. The moment you started laughing I recognized a fellow German.. And then you spoke hehehe :D beautiful sax!

  • He is Shawn Mendez

  • He is so pale

  • I love ukuleles 💗💗💗💗 I wish I could play my ukulele and I would play happier

  • Wait how do we know this is the real marshmallow????!?!?!?


  • Glamour I want anne maria watches fan covers on youtube

  • he’s so cute

  • If this video was on the radio and you couldn’t see it, it feels like it’s playing the whole song with music and other people talking, because Marshmello just acts so quiet and still!

  • 저거 마시멜로우가 말하는 자막은 통 안에서 녹음하고 그걸 그대로 갖다 붙인 걸까..? 아주 궁금하군

  • i love marshmellos vocie !

  • Wow marshmello 😀😀

  • 9:24 i want to bite the feet of marshmello is so cute he has the best personality

  • I. Love. Your. Song.


  • Why is he so adorable with the mask on?

  • [✖_✖]

  • This is completelly Music power


  • he watched Andrew Foy!! XD

  • Marshmello's face fits a wide array of emotions, let's accept that fact.

  • Can we just appreciate for a moment the effort and artistic drawing of marshmello everytime he draws on the whiteboard hahahahaha so cute

  • Mello react make it a show

  • that last one tho gives a whole new definition to happy feet

  • [ X _ X ]

  • I love Sara'h! I'm so glad she was featured here 💕💕


  • I was hoping he would react to one of cole rollands covers as well, but still thats awesome. I may not listen to much of your music marshmello, but i thought this was the coolest thing

  • it's my birthday today!

  • aamazing

  • I have crush on him 😩 without seeing his face ×___× 😍😍😍😍

  • Yay Andrew foy is my fav

  • I wish I was talented I only play saxophone keyboard ukulele guitar and xylophone I wanna learn 5 more by high school I’m 11

  • Wow this was amazing I love Marshmallow !

  • 1:14 Did he just say "Oh my heck?" I thought this was a christian server

  • I sang all songs a 10000 times xd

  • Marshmello 😍😍🤣😍

  • Am i the only one who think Andrew foy looks hella cute??? (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

  • qui parle français ici ?

  • Reaction on a reaction video of yours! Sounds cool👍

  • Marshmello ur a big inspiration to me that's why I'm a DJ

  • *I love how he expresses himself*


  • i love u marshmello

  • Wow stay mello guys (X-X)

  • next zayn malik please!!!

  • 1:19 look in the background to the left and see a of jesus

  • 8:20 that moment when a german guy talks english 😂😂😂

  • Oh he reacted to andrew 😍😍

  • Honestly I couldn't pay attention to the videos he was watching because I was just reading what marshmellow was saying....who else? Keep up the awesome beats tho marshmellow!

  • U keep smiling .. Marshy U hear me😘

  • Marshmallows cant talk. Subtitles or not. STILL CUTE THOUGH

  • [✖️_✖️]

  • YOOO thanks for helping me find First to Eleven! They're so sick

  • Plzz the of music on 0:50

  • When he started tap dancing 😂

  • Marshmello Marshmello 2 months ago Great Job everyone!!! Thanks for having me ❤️[✖‿✖] 16K

  • [× ×] hey [× ×]

  • His head movements had me weak but good job marshmellow❣️

  • Rob landes has almost 1 million subs

  • Marshmello is so cool even if he doesnt show his true face i feel like hes a nice guy and he says good things in all the covers. I think i love him already

  • I like how he moves his head like he is talking but he is not lol.

  • Just use the Automated Voice like you did on the Question Answering Video (I forgot its name)

  • The moment I realized that he was Shawn mendaz I was shocked because I didn’t like Shawn mendaz

    • F. F. I am so not up to date 😔 sorry 😂😭

    • He isn't Shawn mendaz.That was a just a prank😆,his real identity is Chris comstock.

  • who else came here for andrew????

  • Can he take his mask thing off his head cause I want to see who is under that like if u agree

  • [✖️✖️]

  • I love you all

  • 💕💕

  • He was more positive and energetic than Katy Perry and Mariah Carey without talking or facial expressions.

  • [✖/\✖]

  • i love how this dude manages to say something inspirational without even speaking,

  • Sometimes I imagine what marshmallo would look like without his mask, and then I stop bc I want that to be his real face

  • 9:23 He's so adorable oh my god

    • Isn't he?!🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Marshie why didn't you put that drum guy who covered "Alone"?? I think he's one of the best of all

  • ^-^ yay I love there voice singing.

  • Iconic!!!

  • thats the cooles

  • Yay It's Marshmello you are soooo inspiring I love your music!!!😺😃🎧🎶🎶💗

  • Can you plz do Au/Ra

  • Marshmello is Christopher Comstock

  • Alone is my favorite song by him! I’ve been a fan of marshmello for a while now because my brother showed me him and then he just suddenly blew up recently since friends came out is when I saw him blow up. I love marshmello and love seeing how far he has come. He is one of my biggest inspirations in life. This is random yes I know but I just want to let it out about how much I appreciate him and his music. 😁

  • [✖✖] [ ͜ ]

  • Love you 😍

  • sqishy can i eat u no u not sqishy u marshy


  • For anybody thinking than French girl is cute... France doesn't use deodorant/anti-perspent

  • i love you marshmallow you are my bigist fan

  • J'adore ! On adore !!!!

  • Can @glamourmagazine be with @martingarrix like if u agree