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katma 10 Sep 2018
On this episode of "You Sang My Song," DJ Marshmello watches TR-tv fan covers of his songs "FRIENDS (with Anne-Marie)," "Wolves (with Selena Gomez)," "Silence (feat. Khalid)," "Alone," and "Happier (ft. Bastille)." Fans react to DJ Marshmello watching their music.

Watch the covers here:
Friends: Rob Landes -
Friends: Veserium -
Wolves: Sara'h Officiel -
Silence: First To Eleven -
Friends: Andrew Foy -
Alone: Andre Schnura -
Happier: Bayley Graham Taps -

Marshmello and Bastille recently released their new single "Happier." Poignant and exhilarating, "Happier" acknowledges the uncomfortable truth that sometimes truly loving someone means we have step aside so they can find their happiness.

Download / Stream "Happier" HERE:

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Marshmello Watches Fan Covers On TR-tv | Glamour


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  • Y a pas eu ma réaction de lenni Kim je suis déçu !!😭😔

  • Waitttt what?? Andrew Foy!!?? Best vid yet. 💗💗

  • All the kids are into u MARSHMELLO and all the adaults are into Arianna wich is weak but ur not Marshmello 0.

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  • “Your feet are crazy awesome” -Marshmello

  • I guess marshmallow was actually speechless watching their videos

  • Am I the only one who noticed @Marshmello gets 27k likes in most of his comments?

  • “He liked it you can tell by his voice” I’m dyinggggg🤣

  • ayyy it’s Andrew!

  • He talks on a fortnite event and on live streams but all of the sudden hes mute in this video

  • I want 2 c marshmellow watch this vid

  • You want silence you get silence plays marshmellow

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  • andrew foy fans!!!!

  • French one was dope.... ALL OF THEM ARE DOPE

  • That pop rock one was really good

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  • 🤯he is amazing


  • Who do y'all think Marshmello is?

  • Like : If you speak MELLO Replie : if you speak English *I voted myself as Mello* Edit: OK right now 5 likes no replies that's very good Team Marshmello!

  • I guess you could say he was speechless..

  • 5:40 in case y'all don't know andrew, he's a really talented guitar player :))

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  • You sure that those dudes with the virtual instruments weren't the most impressive?

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  • Yo what reaction to a reaction that i réaction to dammm

  • I can’t wait for a marshmallow emoji

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  • Bro nice can I be next?

  • Isn't anyone going to talk about how he put this feet on the table???? Like how ADORABLE was THAT !!!1!!!1!!!

  • Hi Chr- I Mean Hi Marshmellow!

  • can't imagine that a person didn't on the subtitles 😂

  • I know who’s under his helmet and it is If you want to know subscribe to marshmello and like *EVERY* video and *SONG*


  • I want marshmellows now

  • Tap is awesome

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  • I love marshmallow he Make my BRIGHT

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  • Omg I love Andrew foy 8mg

  • Marshmello noticed Rob Landes... Rob Landes noticed me... IM MARSHMELLOS FRIEND 100%

  • Moi 'suis français et j'ai tout compris aux deuxièmes (like si toi aussi t'es français)

  • 8:20 oh a german Hey

  • Are u hungry

  • Haha der deutsche bei 8:10 dieses englisch ;D

  • 8:11 is the only reason I liked the video

  • who translated that french girl? I could be extreme but...? she said I could express myself xD

  • Guys remember Keep it Mello!!

  • Uhmmn correction,marshmello's eyes never closes😂so its not an eye opening for him

  • Its 2019 but,you really need a sign language simulator this times....mello

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  • “I can tell by his voice”

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  • owo

  • He talks and they write the subtitles for anyone wondering ;) at least that’s what I think...

  • Chris Comstock... You rock

  • I want you to be happier I want you to be happeir

  • Wow ses super gg marshmello

  • 0:49 When I have my homework done

  • how did you guys get to know what he is telling with out him talking to you?

  • how did he even listen to the music without wearing a headset?


  • My boy Andrew foy is in this.

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  • I bet marshmello is cute

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  • Marshmello should've joined " The Masked Singer" lol.

  • “Oh my heck”

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  • I guess you could say he was left speechless after every single one

  • Why Marshmello doesn't speaks in videos but in his conserts hi speaks???? I don't understand the point.

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  • love you Marshmello xx

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  • Cringe.

  • Ahhhh les français et l'anglais... 😂😂😂


  • Is this a copy of fbe?

  • ◉◡◉ yay marshmallow

  • The reaction of the reaction after another and another and another and another

  • Plz a shout out for me (x_x)

  • I love how his face has only one expression but expresses all emotions.. [✖️w✖️] ❤️

  • F R I N D S

  • andrew!!!!!

  • We love you Chris Comstock 🕺🏿