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Mariah Carey - With You

katma 11 Oct 2018
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  • *"Mariah Carey is best"*

  • My fav😍😍

  • ❤❤❤❤

  • I'm really over the boring 'glamour' Mariah. Bring back '94' natural Mariah!

    • +Sammy Paul lol she was just being herself these days not unlike those 90's era's Except her debut

    • +Anorn Path Fuck off dickhead. What's so natural about fake tits, plastic surgery and dressing like a drag queen every other day???

    • Yeah “natural Mariah”. She was manipulated and controlled by her record label to act, dress a certain way. They were basically concealing Mariah’s true self, image and personality so I don’t understand what’s natural about that. If you don’t like her true natural self, which was unleashed after 1997, then you gotta get outta here.

  • Its like the perfect blend of Love Takes Time & We Belong Together!😍😍😍

  • I love this song so much, just wish the video had a better concept. Nevertheless I can't stop listening 💕💕💕.

  • To think this is the same women who wrote vision of love amazing 😍 hope #caution brings her much success

  • why is she on the floor

  • The part of her laying on the floor looks like she is laying in a pile of her own blood as if she was thrown over the balcony with her cold dead eyes staring at the person who pushed her. Disturbing

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  • This is Mariah Carey😊 great song

  • This is definitely my favorite song from the album💓😭

  • This is one of my favorite Mariah Carey videos. Glamorous music video!


  • Mariah was my teenage heroine.

  • When I heard the song on the radio, I knew it was Mariah Carey. I love how much she has evolved in her music since her Vision of Love days. This song is definitely a sign that she evolves with the times, and that her music will always be a sample in society.

  • ♥️

  • Mariah Carey is the vocal💍queen👑 no matter what. I am grateful that she still sings and writes songs.🙏💖

  • Wow

  • where my love, hold on if it true love pray your man though

  • Best song on the cd...i say this cus it seems with you is about brian Tanaka. Hope they stay together for ever.

  • ♥️

  • i wish she would bring back her curls. but i love this vibe, very emotions era


  • ❤️

  • LOVE this song but she seems in love with herself in this video. Love song to yourself Mariah? lol Like I said love the new song :)

  • The whistles at the end are everything

  • This needs more publicity its an awesome song

  • 💛👏🏼Love her

  • 2019 anyone.✨

  • Mariah Carey really is a gift from GOD

  • 🤩

  • QUEEN ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • The song is beautifully written! "We all make mistakes sometimes but we muddle through" / "You ain't gotta break down you're too strong". Gorgeous melody

  • This video kinda reminds me of we belong together

  • The Best !!!!!! 😍

  • Love this song 💗

  • Feels

  • such an angelitic voice as always ❤ my life right now

  • Why aren't the likes staying on the page. I have watched this song five times this week and liked the video each time. What's going on?

  • 1/18/2019 top 8 last: 7 peak: 1(2x) days: 45

  • Mariah, you look & sound so soft and pretty in this.

  • Pretty song but whats with the foul language? ,

  • Mariah is back! Yessssss This song right here is a perfect comeback, I cannot stop singing

  • Now thats R&B!!!

  • Love this song sooo much!!!!

  • I could play this damn song fo evaaaaaaaaaa

  • I love Mariah. She makes my life look pathetic & wasteful of the air that I breathe.