JR Smith Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

katma 20 Aug 2018
JR Smith goes Sneaker Shopping with Joe La Puma at Stadium Goods in New York City and talks about his footwear for memorable dunks, which signature lines he sports in the NBA and what it was like working with Supreme.
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  • Y’all should take Boonk sneaker shopping😂

  • What was that 7:20 ???

  • You know he bought the jars for weed and the ashtray for joints

  • He's still lookin for bron

  • we need that henny x jr x nike collab! haha

  • Dat nigga voice deep asf😂😂😂

  • This nigga is always high af😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  • J.r get a compass and dont fail on clutch moments and cause a game 1 loss. Possibly James at his greatest in the finals.

  • He the reason why the cavs lose the 2018 finals

  • I still like Jr tho

  • 3200 Tattos

  • Stop with the joke's man! There not even funny anymore...he made a mistake okay...that's waaaay in the past this is the present now.

  • Complex: what's your favorite shoes? J.R: Yes!

  • So he can go sneaker shopping but not play basketball🤔


  • Bum

  • great beginning bgm

  • Jr the best three pointer in world

  • Im gay

  • What shoes was JR swearing in game 1 of the 2018 nba finals?


  • Jr the type to be asking footlocker if they sell shoes.

  • What sneaker is he wearing?

  • I thought jr was Finna forget the price also 😂

  • only jr would try to steal some shoes after handing a cashier his credit card lmao

  • Just here for the comments section 🥳

  • Jordan needs to partner up with Hennessey and zig zags too make Jr smith his own shoe call them the Jr Hennessey hybrid joints

  • Lol Jr was about to run without his card 😆💯🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Better get a pair that steer you in the right direction.

  • JR the type of guy to try to rob the store when he already handed over the credit card

  • Do the players pay with thier own money?

  • Everyone likes to meme on JR but he actually seems like a well spoken, honest dude.

  • Yo joe did u ask JR how high he was in the finals

  • Justin Bieber please

  • Get Ray Allen on Complex please!!

  • Ooooo shitttt MVP nba

  • Complex balibago ??😂😂

  • I’m such a bad person! I already laughed before even clicking on the video imagining the memes hahahah

  • what the name of music on 0:00? pls reply me

  • What bit on first secound ? 0:1

  • Take Damian Lillard sneaker shopping

  • Wonder if he mistakes his left foot for his right.

  • That nba money lol

  • Whats the name of the sneakers J.R. is wearing?

  • He still thinks they are up by 1

  • Can anyone ID the shirt he's wearing?

  • he is high as

  • Who else got the henny ad lmao

  • Stadium Goods overcharges the hell out of their Supreme pieces

  • This mf tried to run off with his credit card IN HER HAND

  • Damn Jr Smith drunk on the damn show

  • jr you gotta buy 51 LeBron shoes cause you fucked up the kings epic performance man but i cant stay mad cause its jr

  • Do jay park 🙏🏻🔥

  • One of my all time fav ballers.

  • Get juju on an episode


  • I find it interesting how some celebs want to flex and spend 5,6g and others who can flex but spend 4,5 hundred

  • J.R goes Henny shopping with complex

  • I’m surprised he even remembered how to dribble a basketball for them cinematics

  • hypebeast ?!

  • this man remember bout all these shoes but cant remember if THE DAMN SCORE IS TIED.SMMHH😂🤦🏾‍♀️

  • JR-Head towards The door Without Paying Joe-“JR the cashier Is His Way My Guy” JR-I thought I paid already

  • 7:20 Me lmaooo

  • E

  • E

  • E

  • E

  • This bum is free agent now and selling most of his shoes

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  • who else heard someone say no at 4:33

  • “I thought we were up”

  • I wish I had $4,000 to start my business {sadFace}

  • Hennything is possible...

  • No wonder he got that ashtray 7:39

  • comfortability

  • driving a Tesla so he don't forget to fill up the tank

  • cAShier's cute!


  • This is all wrong! Should've Liquor Shopping!

  • Do a Fat joe goes sneaker shopping

  • He really pretended to steal the shoes while she had the card so therefore he would have gotten robbed🤦🤦🤦SMH such low iq

  • 7:20 nigga J.R allll the way hood 😂😂😭

  • This guy ruined LBJ's 51 point game. What a bum...😂

  • Damn, the Supreme Gucci Mane Tee for $699.00

  • i would love to have a smoke sess with JR and play some NBA2K

  • I love JR,, but he better enjoy his money while he still has this contract,, cause he aint getting another good contract after this one.

  • Still looking for a special shoe for game 6

  • I thought he would run away when he got the shoes and fuck up the whole episode... like the finals


  • Do u think Lebron will ever go sneaker shopping with Complex ??

    • I think he would if he had the time, I think he's a cool dude.

  • pj spent 16 k....

  • he high as hell


  • Please do The weeknd

  • *im 3 months late on this vid so i only came for the comments*

  • Leave it to JR to buy Supreme branded jar set. You guys keep producing great interviews. Keep it up!

  • Yall roasting jr behind your keyboard but hes still getting millions.

  • 125.....for a keychain....

  • 150 for a fuckin beanie? Wow plus he bought 2 ...

  • He's my uncle uncle.