Jason Momoa Spills His Life Secrets!

katma 12 Dec 2018
I got to interview Jason Momoa for Aquaman!
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  • Pilot: Everyone knows where we are going Passengers: Yeah we're going down.

  • I still know and love him from Sta.

  • I know you wanted to scream "Top of the FUCKING Morning"

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  • My Mom would die if she ever met Him she loves Jason Momoa Lol Edit: Also Good job getting number #1 trending

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  • I think he could have been a good Batman , but i guess we’ll never know

  • Holy shit I didn’t ask for this collab but I am so glad it exists.

  • This video make me want to watch the movie

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  • Plot twist: This is the person who made Spongebob and the Little Mermaid meeting the Irish Drunk who would play the perfect role of shrek.

  • An honest interview. I like this. Dive even deeper (no pun intended) next time.

  • I’m happy jack got number 1 on trending but This got 200k views.... youtube is definitely broken

  • Wow. Loved this so much! I never knew much about Jason. :) I like him even more

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  • Isn’t there a song about the movie? I think it’s called… Oceanman

  • Good for you man

  • A filthy looking liquid monster helping all of humanity? I'm touched.

  • It’s the Ryan Renonds thing all over again

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  • Yo my boy jack talking to celebrities now,wow you came a long way since your gaming days I respect a hard working man✊.


  • Jason seems like such a chill guy definitely looking forward to what he does in the future

  • Only Thing I’m Thinking Of, *OCEAN MAN*

  • most awkward "top of the morning" ever

  • I saw this on trending and I'm like OK LET DO THIS I have to saw my favourite water superhero (im pretty sure there's more than one) Aquaman Is my FAVORITE

  • The music is horrible. Doesn’t fit


  • Damn!!!! This is number ONE!!!!! On trending. What the fu@k!!!!! This is sooo cool!!!! I love you’re channel and congrats on being number one. Also excited for Chris Pratt

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  • poor Jason is exhausted

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  • To be honest every time you're with someone famous I cringe and get very uncomfortable

  • Jason has a pink scrunchie :3

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  • Is this like a new thing now? Jack Interviews ?

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  • Soon It Will Be Robert Downey Jr. Or Maybe Tom Hiddleston

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  • You sure sounded nervous. Hope it wasn't too bad!

  • Best dc movie so far

  • I'm in love with these interviews! Hope who's next!

  • How could you not mention stargate atlantis? :D that show is amazing! seriously though: Great interview! He seems really relaxed and it ist nice to see someone actually listen to the ansers even if they are longer instead of cutting in with more questions like some interviewers do.

  • Well that was awesome. Now I really like this guy

  • It’s awesome to see an Iowan with a legend, Jason, your the highlight for sure, come back man! We miss ya!

  • I am so jealous, when am I going to have a video featuring a celebrity? I want to meet Colleen Clinkenbeard

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  • i knew i recognised him. jason momoa also played a part in Wolves: Unleash the Beast. 2015

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  • Damn okay dude finna interview tupac next


  • Who’s next for jack to meet do we know…………no we fucking don’t!!!!!!

  • I am stoked he mentioned Stargate. Really well done Jack. Highly enjoyed the interview, maybe one day you'll get to meet Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Holland, or Chris Pratt

  • If you were first...you don't have school btw it's part of mt stick

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  • That's so cool that you get the chance to interview these people! :D

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  • I have to say that I *did* like the Ryan Reynolds interview, but that's because it was more laid back and felt more personal and in-depth, but I liked this one too!

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