iPhone Xs / XS Max & Xr Hands On - My Apple Event Experience

katma 13 Sep 2018
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  • Rhymes with gigi

  • I’m saving up for the XR Coral color

  • Nice video

  • Love watching on my Xs!

  • Hey I like your videos, I mean the way you edited it and all that stuff!

  • *I love this phone though very easy to use, really cool features, and>>>**ur2.pl/1256** the camera is TO DIE FOR. I really like not having a home button, it actually makes it easier and works really fast.*

  • How can a 1.8f lens make a 1.4f bokeh effect?!!!

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  • I would’ve probably freaked out if I were standing right behind Tim Cook also I am a new subscriber to your channel😜

  • Man I really want this phone

  • I like it

  • tr-tv.net/tv/video-28jSy9TtvXc.html

  • I came, watched you for the first time. I subscribed. This was a really good video. Now I can see some of your newer stuff...

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  • That girl at 1:13 looks like Alex Morgan from the women’s national soccer team ⚽️

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  • omg i love you , can we facetime sometime?

  • love the video

  • The lack of 3D touch isn't because of the LCD, even iphone 6s had an LCD and still had 3D touch it's just apple trying to charge more for less

  • Seems like some tv show anchor technically disturbed

  • Was that matthew santoro at 3:39? Hahaha

  • HELP! Should I buy the Xr or the 8 plus???

  • You are beautiful 💙

  • dumb youtube thots

  • All I want is the XS or XS Max Side by Side with the XR showing the same HD picture or playing the same HD video at the same time so I can see. I don’t believe there will be a seriously noticeable difference in the resolutions. I just wanna see to be sure. I would still buy the XR regardless anyway..... I didn’t want the 7 or 8 because of the removal of the headphone jack, the X was too expensive. Now I have wireless headphones so I’m getting the XR.

  • Upgraded from 6s to XS and I love it 💕

  • Hi Sarah☺💓

  • I’m so getting an XR🤩

  • Best Racing game For Iphone X itunes.apple.com/us/app/racing-games-a-z-real-drift-3d/id1431375310?mt=8

  • An oversight: She said that the XS Max size was comparable to the iPhone 8, when she should have more accurately stated, the iPhone 8 *Plus*.

  • the music you use is just fireeeeeeeeeeee

  • Coming from an iPhone 7, I’ll get the XS, simply because it’s gonna be my last iPhone. The future of iPhones ends here now

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  • Oh yes, Apple focuses on robbing their fans money blind.

  • How did the XR 720p screen quality look in person? Did it look similar to the 1080p iPhone plus being that the XR LCD screens now have liquid retina?

  • Watching 1st time.... you are also good like iJustine. i like the way you put all about Apple event in this video so much Information!!!

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  • Sara.. Apart that Apple event experience, you are too beautiful. WoW I love you. Please reply me. I have subscribed you and tapped your bell icon as well.

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  • Great video!! Make a video on how you got invited to the Apple event. It would be so interesting!

  • Never seen you before,great video😉😉😉😉

  • 其實這部手裡,真的很牛,自己的硬件cpu太穩定了,所以一分錢一分貨,拿到手,感覺,觸覺,都那麼穩,打遊戲又穩定,我用華為的,對比下,媽的,太垃圾了,玩黑色沙漠,note8跟華為比,贏幾十條街,華為玩遊戲,高配置卡死,調最低也是卡,三星蘋果玩的時候多穩定,配置全開沒問題

  • Just another TR-tvr reading common information to make a buck

  • Oh thank God she knows about samsung,u won't be disapointed

  • i always felt like ur about to cry. with excitement

  • I haven't been keeping up for awhile, did something happen to the Peachyfam discord?

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  • tr-tv.net/tv/video-d4sJaOrcC0w.html You inspired me to make this video. I usually make vibey videos but I think ever since I started watching your videos I got some inspirational ideas and whatnot so thank you

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  • I can’t wait to get mine! Which color should I get tho gold or silver?

  • Don't make me throw a unstable note 7 at you.

  • Even though the iPhone XR has a 720p display it still is a good phone

  • Hi Sara! My name is Polina and I am from Russia. Your video is amazing! Can i ask you one question? I was just started as a blogger and really wanna know how to get an invitation to Apple Event? I would like to visit Apple Event next year.

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  • hey sara..

  • I remember when ipohne fans been bashing and ranting android fones with big screens .. now apple made them big and apple fans suddenly loves the bigger size...

  • Which Other TR-tvr Got A Selfie With Tim Cook At The Event?

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  • do they have memory slot or ear phone jack?

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  • Just imagine if they released a phone with your name in it............ crazy

  • Hey sara. So this is totally unrelated to this video but can you please make a vlog of you visiting the New York city zoo? K thanks

  • 3:37 Matt

  • cargador de carga lenta slow charge charger

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  • Guys buy nova 3 or 3i its just the same phone like iphone xs max😂and for 400$

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  • Finally, i found a video about the new Apple stuff that is worth watching

  • X(R) any day. The price is good. Will miss 3d touch and touch id otherwise pretty good follow up to iPhone 8. Imo. Bigger battery than the 8 and the plus while being still smaller in the palm than the plus. Still have portrait mode. Front and back. Take that 8 plus. Cheaper than 8 plus last year. Slow sync better true tone flash. Smarter hdr with bigger deeper pixel. Same ppi as the iPhone 8 or 7 or 6s. Better wider stereo. Only downside, it's a big phone, wider, thicker, taller, and heavier. Not a fan.

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