iPhone XS, XS Max, XR - Did Apple Do Enough?

katma 12 Sep 2018
The iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR were just announced. Here's everything you need to know about the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. Subscribe for my iPhone XS, iPhone XR and iPhone XS Max unboxing and review.
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  • Which device of the three would you choose for the price? iPhone XS, XS Max, iPhone XR or something else completely?

    • Xperia XZ2 Premium. It totally smokes the iphone XS max.

    • Not sure if its already been said but here's what I think the R in iPhone XR stands for. We all already know that 'S' iPhones (5s, 6s, 7s, etc.) are when Apple only makes a minor, incremental update to last years phone. One Plus does something similar with their phones except they use a 'T'. This is a slight jab at Apple as T come after S meaning their phones will be better (not always true but that's the idea anyway) In that same vein, the R in XR means its a minor DOWNgrade up opposed to an upgrade as R come before S.

    • Samsung. Screw apple.. Just dropping "new" phones with nothing different just to make money

    • iPhone 10(r)obbery

  • Give me one please 😢😔

  • R for ree

  • R- ran out of names

  • iPhone XR u retarded? iPhone XS = iPhoneX$

  • i cannot believe this channel has 13M subs It's only unboxing videos.

  • the iphone does not even support rsap

  • what nonsense

  • Your laptop looks like an annoying notch at the bottom of my screen. 2018 and I phone still using notches and borders, laughable.

  • The R is for Rambow

  • R for reduced

  • I=i P=am H=not O=going N=to E=buy R=this =shit

  • You want Apple to use the type c because everyone uses it...like an audio jack? Lol consumers begging a company to do something...wow

  • R= Ratchet phone

  • this is how long it takes to charge an iPhone 😄 😀 😌 😒 😕 😣 😪 😵 💀

  • i think the R stands for Retro, since it has the iphone 5c color scheme.

  • *Fuck it. I'll list my current phone's features: 64-Bit Qualcomm 820 Processor, 20MP Rear Camera, 8MP Front 'Selfie' Camera, 128GB Internal Storage + 256GB SD Card, 6GB RAM, Dolby Atmos® & Dolby Digital Plus® Audio, for a true, Immersive, Movie-Experience, Dual Front-Facing HiFi Stereo Speakers, Ultra High Definition 2K AMOLED Screen, up to 240FPS Slow Motion, Google Daydream VR capability, Google Pay (more Convenient and Secure 🔐 and Widely Accepted than Apple Pay), NFC for Transferring Data, Music, Playlist, Files, Folders and much more (not JUST for Mobile Payments like iSheep are restricted to) all in a Super Smartphone📱.* 😎

  • R for Rubbish?

  • Retina display

  • Awesome...!!

  • All of you calling Apple customers "sheep" or "idiots" need to realize that not everybody cares about 90% of features on a phone. I myself just always preferred Apple's iOs. I've had 3 Galaxy's - they're all fine and are generally better for the price, but they're missing that smooth, seamless, quick and enjoyable experience you get with an iphone. I have a 6s now, and it's NEVER frozen. I use the phone, text, the amazing apple music and podcast apps, and just general web surfing. Apple is overpriced, yes, but get off your high horse. Competition elevates everything. There's a myriad of reasons as to why one person may buy one phone compared to another.

  • Iphone XR (the R means RIPOFF)

  • To put it into perspective: in Russia $750 is more like $1500 since the USD exchange rate increased from 35 to 70 but the salaries have not.

  • *Years ago, right here on TR-tv, I commented that Apple was going to start reaching up to the $1,000+ price point soon but it happened sooner than I thought it would. I'm sure everyone either laughed at me or just didn't take me seriously. NOW who's laughing!!* 😎

  • *Apple is not only contradicting themselves but they're STILL far behind Android's offerings. I have a 7 inch Android Smartphone 📱 from 3 Years ago. My current phone has specs that blow even the latest Apple phones away and mine is 2 and 1/2 Years old. I'd list them here but there's no real point. iSheep will be iSheep.* 🤣 *Great analysis, bro!* 😎👍

  • I phone lovely

  • R for regular...

  • Your retarded‼️‼️

  • iphone is an endangered species now hehe....

  • The 8 plus is a better option than the xr

  • $1500 for a phone that hasn't really changed anything important on the phone. It only cost apple about $278 just to make an iPhone plus the phone isn't even durable one drop and the screen is cracked as if it fell down a flight of concrete steps. $1500 is going into stock instead of a phone that will be outdated in a year or two.... Rich or poor this phone isn't worth $1500 and it has charging problems

  • thank you

  • Yeah, Tim is not Steve....not will he ever be. Apple is on it's way down because Tim does not see in the same vision that Steve did. I'm on my way out of Apple products for the first time. Tim needs to grow the fuck up and realize that the world is not based on millenials.

  • do you thing it's still worth to buy an iphone X, for the same price as an iphone XR?

  • R for retard

  • Still wondering what happened to the iPhone 9! Apple engineers miss calculated?

  • R For Recreation (Of the X Because It’s the same exact thing)

  • Confirmed die hard Apple Hater here... soooo unbiased

  • X r u a peasant

  • R for retardedly expensive

  • Is there a notch in the bottom of the vid. :)

  • remake

  • There are more Android users than Apple users.

  • R means reworked

  • Can't u get like a used iPhone 7 for cheeper than $750 lol

  • Top perk of Apple products costing a lot more? THEY DON’T EXPLODE 💥

  • R for Rentals

  • *Apple* Oh look guys we made a change Splashes some color and adds an S *Me* Hold up😂 the S stands for Splashes or Shit?

  • Tim Crook

  • "R" Stands for Refurbished iPhone X

  • “R” rubbish

  • Here in Newzealand iPhone XR starts at NZD $1400 ( $905 USD) & XS MAX 512 GB is NZD $2800 ( $1810 USD)

  • 750$ so it’s not for everyone ?? Hey dumbass I’m sick of your videos and biased at this point in fact the 800$ plus models have been the best selling iPhones and phones period selling waaaaaaay more than Samsung and fuckin one plus combined fruitcake do your research this guy never adds numbers or sales to any of his videos it’s a shame I used to like your channel

  • R for rip-off

  • Out of these three iphones I'd the the galaxy note 9

  • Please give me a iphone xs max Please give me

  • XR is for ten rainbow

  • Please, just go and fuck yourself using the new iPhone. Oh wait I was kidding. Stop doing that. Really just stop.

  • The iPhone XR is much more expensive then the p20 pro here in Sweden aperently and the p20 Pro is the better phone in every way possible and you save money

  • i'm down for the Xr because of the colors the price, and because it's honestly looking like a good phone.

  • I suppose the colors are there to show that you have the budget version.

  • R means retro

  • If i am gonna spend $750 i would rather wait for pixel 3

  • i have iphone 6. is it worth getting the iphone 8? not interested in the X

  • 啥啥啥,说咧都是啥

  • IPhone XRadiation

  • R stands for Render

  • r for rentina

  • Am i the only one who wants xr? Lel you idiots are missing out

  • iPhoneXridiculously usless

  • R means "ridiculous".

  • all what he is mentioning is so damn true but i got shocked when i saw the amount of people who hit the dislike button? 4,3K seriously? Dont be an iDiot! they are Robbing your money. I am a big iphone fan and i owned iphone all my life and im super happy with my iphone 6 and i will never change it. I stopped updating the apps and the software and it works perfectly good!

  • iPhone XRetarded

  • I-Phone X Retro

  • R for Rubbish

  • iPhone xr (x retarded)

  • What watch are you wearing in the video? Its really nice.

  • R=Ripoff

  • You can buy a used Corolla with that money. And that thing is going to last, can't guarantee about the iPhone.

  • R for recycle

  • Who tf needs 512GB of data🤔

  • I still use an iPhone 6s plus and I don't feel like I need to upgrade

  • The R might be retina

  • Well said bro

  • Think about it. It will not be too many more years before iPhones are gonna cost 2k!

  • R stands for fucking REFUNDABLE

  • What does the s stand for

  • iPhone 10Rubbish

  • IPhonexr I think 9

  • R stands for RETARD

  • Another overpriced iphone.

  • IPHONE XR STANDS FOR IPHONE 10 REGRET.. cos your gonna regret getting an apple

  • Reinvented??? 🤔

  • "They said that the xr will have the best battery rating ... that must have something to do with the fact that it has the lcd panel" I always thought OLED panels saved more battery because, in dark scenarios, they dont need to turn on all pixels, and lcd panels are always with all pixels on

  • you all hating on apple because of the price because u broke af go fuck your androids

  • iphone starter pack 100% (five minutes later) 20%

  • Lol i checked my service provider and iphone 8 dropped to under 500 with 70+ monthly combo

  • Haha so many colors but you're gonna put a case on it anyway

  • R for reserved.

  • Apples stupid when my contract ends I’m going to android ugh another year and a half