iPhone XS, XS Max, XR - Did Apple Do Enough?

katma 12 Sep 2018
The iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR were just announced. Here's everything you need to know about the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. Subscribe for my iPhone XS, iPhone XR and iPhone XS Max unboxing and review.
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  • Which device of the three would you choose for the price? iPhone XS, XS Max, iPhone XR or something else completely?

    • Unbox Therapy XR is fine. You’re just biased toward android phones.

    • Unbox Therapy xr

    • Unbox Therapy iPhone zr bc the iPhone 8 had the same pixels and that was still a great phone

    • I see a pissed android user!! Your just mad because you know iOS is better

  • iPhone Xrubbish

  • Good video 😍

  • R stands for the back of the camera

  • iPhone X regular

  • R means retro

  • lets be honest R stand for Reduced

  • R stands for replacement

  • Which smartwatch are you are wearing? It looks very sporty!

  • Shameless Apple trying to sell me £1500 for the price of a gaming laptop. O and on top of that trying to sell me services that whoop my already low back account.

  • IPhone 10 regular

  • IPhone XRedeemed?

  • Omg Steve Jobs would never 🙅‍♀️

  • Just curious, have all apple haters use their phone to make music, edit photo, edit videos, or how the phone work together with the iPad and the Mac, that's the reason why only hardcore apple fans like apple products the whole set of products work in a connected ecosystem that's what people enjoy about it, y'all must have never felt the great feels of being accessible on any devices except google drives. Their accessories are expensive because exclusive products mean more trust and more responsibility, i know it's BS to pay 100$ for a 3 port adapter( i still haven't got it anyway) but i did use 3rd-party products and holy fk they broke so fkin fast, the XR doesn't have FHD display but still has that perfect color accuracy, Android phones always have some weird saturation, and iOS is always cleaner than Android

  • My own thesis. XR = Rethink in terms of another part of the phone industry their version of a midrange with a modern specs. Still to expensive at 750 USD. The trade tour earlier iPhone program they are tuning makes it worth the money lowering the price by some 250USD.

  • R means retina

  • Watching this video is like looking at a bottom notch screen...

  • Still using iPhone 7 Plus in 2019. Won’t buy a new iPhone until the comma comes out of their prices.

  • R stands for iPhone extra really unnecessary

  • R for rubshish

  • R stands for Ripoff . . .

  • Greereeeeedy pigs Apple is getting killed . You lost 250,000,000,000 in stock value .you fuckin lost 250 billion in stock price for getting greedy and an Average sales price 100 dollars higher your unit sales tanked and people are leaving for one plus 6 Android or holding out . You lost your fuckin MO Jo Note tomTim sell for the masses not for stock analists . Mercedes sold many cheap Mercedes . The aspirational crowd got people in Mercedes . You guys fucked up Huuuiuuge . With iPhone pricing. 250 billion dollar fuck up. Quick fix . iPhone 10 R doble camera Iphine 10 R 549 128 GB iPhone X 699 128 GB iPhone. Xl 799 128 gB iPhone 11 849 128 GB iPhone 11 plus 999 256 GB You will double your sales and tape everyone with wireless headphones and fast chargers Vollluuumme

  • Fuck no fuck no they are way behind in features and way out of control in prices . One plus is murdering Apple cost vs benefit sucks

  • It was good

  • Revolution?

  • rip off RIP apple

  • Apple is great, I've used the 5s,7, and 8. The only thing is they are not worth the price considering what's on it. Switched to the Galaxy 9+, absolutely amazed with how much more flexibility you have on android and how much options are on here

  • iPhone X Sebastian and iPhone X Rogers woahhhhhh buddy!!!!

  • R stands for retro

  • R means recycled materials

  • R stand for rubish

  • R stands for 'Rubbish'!!!

  • 👀

  • Y’all sound dumb the camera are way different

  • R is one letter before S in the alphabet. iPhone Xr is less than iPhone Xs (price and spec wise).

  • Retarted

  • R for retarded

  • S probably stands for Super Retina and r probably just stands for rentina

  • 'R" standa for rude... Its I Phone 10RUDE

  • Think about it, iPhone XR. Like how there is a iPhone 6s, Xs, and if you look at the alphabets, lmnopqRStuv, before the s, it’s an r. Which can mean it is a worse version of the s since r is behind the s.

  • هل يوجد عرب

  • R stands for rest in peace

  • S=expenSive R=affoRdable

  • Iphone X R u a peasant

  • I agree the Iphones are far too expensive

  • I just came to ask you the same question is it worth both a new 2019 smart and a Dslr?

  • I have the iphone 6s and i think that is one of the best iphones

  • R for Rainbow because it has a lot of colours

  • R for adults rating for kids phone.. i mean budget phone for kiddos..

  • R= revised

  • Xs mean x smal xsmal max Xr mean x recycle its make from cellphone that people give iT to Apple and they make iT to a anther new phone

  • Just recently had a problem with apple not repairing an Iphone 7 model A1660 "No Service" Error. Even though apple stated that third party screens dont void the phone's warranty, apple will not fix the "No Service" Error because there is a third party screen on the phone. Their response was to try to charge me $140 to change the screen back to an apple screen to work on a completely non related screen issue. This is coming from the apple store and I called customer support. One employee asked "have you thought about buying a new IPhone??" Apple... things like this is why you are failing.

  • R for - Refurbished

  • yeah hi Android how are ya? see you soon

  • R is for redundant.

  • Iphone X reduced R =reduced

  • Tim cook is getting old.

  • iphones are way to expensive now, i’m sticking with my iphone 6, why?.. i can call people and receive calls, i can txt people and receive txts, i can listen to my fav songs and if i want to i can take what in my opinion is a decent photo... simples

  • OLED is trash.

  • R stands for rip off

  • Retro

  • R for Retina?

  • Watching on a XR

  • Hello it’s 2050 and we are releasing the iPhone IAir and it will be $10,000 Wat? “Wallet has left the chat”

  • should i buy iPhone x, xs or xr?

  • r u kidding? iphone never does enough. they never do anything new. thank god theyve got some iphone sheep suckered, grow some brains iphone loyalists

  • iPhone XR-Really lost for ideas!

  • Its so much chiper

  • iPhone xr = iPhone X rich NOT!

  • I bet my s7 is better than the iPhone XR 🚫🧢

    • Mustafa Sultan I had a s7 till like 4 days ago got a xs and brother a xr and you really wrong lmao the xr has a nice screen if not the colors are even better than my s7 not to mention the speed of the chip i love android but god does apple do some wonders

  • R is for ripoff.

  • iphone x regular

  • The R in 10R stans 4 regret

  • @t

  • iphone xr reasonable price @t

  • IPHONE R you a peasant

  • R stands for racer

  • r stand for rip off

  • iPhone XR stands for Revealed

  • R is for Rip-off.

  • R means Rubbish

  • I P H O N E X F R E E . PW

  • Love how that black thing on his table is a notch itself

  • R stands for retarded

  • I P H O N E X F R E E . PW

  • Here’s a message for ur guys! Here in Brazil every product of Apple in this case, cost 4x times more, think about it, you will never know what is pay a ridiculous price in a Iphone, 3th world is a sh!t my dudes !!!

  • R for Rainbow

  • 1100-1200$ in Croatia ( iPhone Xr) -7500kn

  • r is the pirate version iphone XARRRRRRRRRR

  • R = reduced

  • What’s the issue with the lightning cable? I’ve had android phones and even a windows phone in the past, and I find the lightning cable great, or I did when I first got it because it fits in the phone no matter what way you have it flipped, and I’m aware that other phones kinda use the same idea with a different type of camera, but I don’t get why people aren’t a fan of the lightning cable specifically

  • Same old piss every 5 minutes for constantly dearer prices. They've became status symbols for idiots.

  • Today my coworker that sits next to me bought an iphone XS. I placed my mint condition Asus Zenfone 3 Deluxe (5.7 16:9 screen) in Titanium Gray with lit navigation keys and it beat the iphone in personality, wider display and both amoled screens looked alike to me. Maybe with a magnifying glass, there might be a difference. As for speed, for what I use it they were both alike. The iphone even looked more insignificant and cheap when you remove the online background music, graphic effects and enlargement of the phone and instead see it in person. I don't know what people see in iphones or in these new tall display aspect ratios or in navigation buttons on the display to have to play hide and seek with your nav keys all the time.

  • r is for retards

  • R for retarded

  • My nigga inbox therapy should join imagine dragons

  • i believe the r in the xr means iphone 10 remastered

  • I use Skype. phone service for $30 a year to call and receive cell phone calls. Most people buy smart phones as toys. Don't complain if you are too lazy to use a land line like everyone did 20 years ago. I've never had a cell phone

  • R for rubbish??

  • I dont know why people hate the notch on the iphones so much it doesnt bother me at all lol