iPhone XS Max vs. Galaxy Note 9 Drop Test!

katma 27 Sep 2018
Drop test between Apple iPhone XS Max and Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to see which phone is more durable.
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iPhone XS Max vs. Note 9 Drop Test!
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  • The bigger they are the harder they fall...

    • +Jay BeeSliding are you a short person under 5 feet cause this is a high drop.

    • But the S9 note can only run 30fps on Fortnite while IPhone XS MAX can run Fortnite on 60fps

    • It’s about person actully both phones are good ive got samsung but i want an i phone

    • Dont drop it . Give me one

    • +Omer Shawl ur a fucking dipshit retard. How does the note 9 deserve less points in the second round when it did exactly the same as the xs did. And the xs deserves a 9 in the first test because it still cracked

  • Fuck u

  • Poor phones PhoneBuff how could you do this🤕

  • Give me the phone

  • Samsung better

  • poco f1 test please

  • 二度とクソみたいなレビューすんな

  • Iphone is shit the samsung is better at batery time and have better screen

  • Instead of breaking them , give it to me

  • My heart- WAT YA DOING MAN

  • Bruh!!!!

  • AHRRR 😂😂😑

  • samsung z the best of all dnt get deceived

  • 2:15 My heart going to beating fast ......

  • Pls repair your I phone 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    • I will beat those people who have broken their iPhone XS max u know I have 5-C 😭😂😭

  • If samsung had to go through 10 bonus drops then iPhone's rating should have been 3 not 6.

  • Instead of testing those smartphones you can give it to me😅

  • Iphone the best forever

  • Waste of money some people have no money

  • You fliping buy them destroy them amd om here wishing for a samsung galaxi note o

  • I got a note 9 ad XD

  • I phone is boss

  • Every new model Apple claims they used the hardest glass ever in a Phone bla bla bla

  • My dad dropped his xs once from waste height and it died intstantly.

  • The iPhone x is stronger than the other iPhones so..

  • Why wreck it give it just to meee😂

  • I hate how if iphone wins they make that stupid BONUS DROP

  • My mom has a purple samsung phone im not sure if its the note 9

  • How about a mate 20 Pro :3

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8 best

  • I m using Note 8 and it is bigger than i phone so bigger phones less drop

  • This notev9 is fake

  • Well u won't b dropping same phone over n over... the test for each round should have been new one each time..

  • IPhones for the win!!!!

  • I still love apple

  • So the samsung is less durable, but its a lot more hardware for cheaper.

  • Apple gets its glass from samsung

  • My reaction on the face drop: Nooooooooooooooo!!😭😭😭😭😭

  • Those poor phones

  • Omfg u idiot xD

  • I’m not gonna worry about it because I am not gonna let my iPhone 📱 fall on something VERY hard

  • Samsung lovers like 👇

  • Samsung always best 😎😎😎

  • Ipaid too much for my PS4

  • I hate Samsung's after this.😂😂😂

  • Cough I remember those days when my iPhone friends shamed me for having a Samsung, now I can shame them for having an iPhone😈

  • Went to an atnt store for new phone ( iPhone 8) and saw the lens on the note 9 camera was cracked

  • I know how to fix iphone

  • can u give a mobile plzz

  • give me thy i phone pls i am poor i dont have phone