iPhone XS Max vs. Galaxy Note 9 Drop Test!

katma 27 Sep 2018
Drop test between Apple iPhone XS Max and Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to see which phone is more durable.
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iPhone XS Max vs. Note 9 Drop Test!
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  • The bigger they are the harder they fall...

    • How to justify jerryrigeverything's drop test?

    • +The Brown Fish i am waiting for it

    • PhoneBuff,That's why there's many cracks on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9,Thanks PhoneBuff

    • I don’t know how did you gave that marks to Note 9 In the first round Note 9 deserves 7 points In the second round Note 9 deserves 7 points In the third round Note 9 deserves points for me I will say that IPhone Xs MAX is stronger than its competitors like Note 9 S9+

    • +L k they do make the display, but my question is why is it more expensive to replace the screen on the iPhone I wonder

  • Every time that I go to my phone store I look for cases for my Android and all I see are iPhone cases it's like iPhones take up the device stores

  • Rear glass is such a terrible design choice, I wish the trend never caught on.

  • The First One, You Used A Case

  • How to lose money 💰

  • Apple is shit

  • I have a Iphone X. I was at social Studies playing kahoot. Then I dropped my phone by accident. It was a face drop. Keep note my case was a slim case so it was not protective at all. No scratch. Amazing!

  • Note 9 is the best

  • Note 9 glass can be replaced really cheap and iphone is not :(

  • honestly no idea if the glass on the iPhone is stronger but i saw a guy tear it down revealing the insides of it, so apparently the back glass is merged with the phones "chassis"/back frame so basically if you crack the back glass you'll have to pay for getting a new back metal frame which is basically the frame that hold everything (motherboard, camera, battery, speakers, vibration device, etc..) hence why the price of replacing that is so high (while on the Note 9 you can replace the glass only without having to get a whole new "chassis"/frame), so whats my point is that the glass being basically supported by a metal frame and the camera sticking a bit out helps it survive more damage, i never really liked iPhones especially the latest X series but honestly this is quite a smart move, has its bad sides but so does everything else, its good in cases and bad in others, so its basically a tie imo, since the iPhone can take hard drops but will cost more to repair while the Note is the opposite but come on...if you have the money to buy one of these you surely have the money to fix them

  • Do A Drop Test Of Huawei P20 Pro

  • The note 9 is better then the all Apple phones ever It is the winner 👇like if you are Samsung fan💪🙋

  • 1m come on

  • Samsung sucks ass

  • Give me one of those iPhones

  • please prepare the oneplus 6 / 6t drop test ! unless they payed for not doing it

  • “Most durable glass on a smartphone” more like “most durable glass ever on a iPhone”

  • GOOD

  • Note9 droptest I see only 3 times but iPhone 10 I saw more then 8 times

  • use tempered glass

  • I don't understand these drop tests... after the glass is cracked, it's compromised. Period. So any further drops of course will damage the glass further, because it's already cracked and compromised. If you drop it from 5 feet and it cracks, a fair test would be to drop another good iPhone X from the same height and if it cracks as well, you have your answer. Bonus drops after the fact are stupid... the glass it cracked, you're only smashing it further. How you should be testing is with 5 iPhone's, same test on each, if it survives the drop then test again. This way you can really get a grasp of how durable the phone is. You cannot re-drop a phone that is already cracked... it's now compromised and will only crack further when dropped again.

  • 5,500 like!!!!!

  • Just get a case and screen protector

  • I have to admit, iPhones are pretty durable

  • samsung is champion!!..best phone in world...after Lg....10 position apple iphone xs.)))

  • RIP IPhone

  • Hi

  • Shut up and drop my Nokia 3310 from 100 meters, saying "Good luck" to Earth...

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Exynos V/S Snapdragon???

  • You are dropping it on very hard ground it would crack easily note 9 is cheaper to repair to repair the iPhone is more expensive

  • I cut the camera on iphonexs max and compared to the note 9 Note 9 wins the back drop

  • you cannot test an iphone x which had been already damaged compared to another video using a brand new S9... The iphone XS max wins here fuck you and your bonus round

  • .

  • Fact: "578 Idiots/Zombies/Bots downvoted this video" Have a great day to y'all

  • Drawing conclusions about which is stronger from a sample size of one is very bad science.

  • iphone win

  • samsung is better every time😎

  • Easy iPhone ofc better lol

  • Please use a other softer stond, because with other drop tests they perform better

  • Everyone go fuck with my cuz music videos

  • This is ridiculous, they charge you 1000 bucks and can't even make a screen that will survive the drop.

  • Fucking note 9

  • Nice......

  • You could have given it to me!!

  • Most durable glass ever made.......... the best lie of 2018......

  • Most realistic drop test ever made...... .

  • Why you have to do test... to shame and to be famous???

  • Ok my dad went to Israel and had a waller case but couldn't replace it in time but his note 9 repeatedly fell from pocket height and he is about 6'1 and onto the rough brick streets of Israel. But it DEFINETLY did not go away unharmed, the borders looked like they have just been to hell and the back glass was pretty scratched but not in one place did the glass crack in th he 3 weeks that he was there for. And for the few times that he dropped it before he left, every time he dropped his phone it was without a case and not a crack in sight... my dad was pretty impressed, and we did get a real good deal so we aren't rich or anything but basically we got that at note 9 launch deal where you can get it half off or $500 and get another one free or get an s9 plus for -$150 so we only had to pay $350 for a brand new note 9 and s9 plus sooo ya pretty good deal

  • the glass behind xs max just wants to split the apple

  • Test Huawei mate 20 pro please

  • Apple’s Glass did a pretty good Job! And yeah..You get what you paid for...So Don’t be jerking off your asses Android people...Both of these phones have Great durability! None of them are Competing!

  • I'd like to note that on both phones, you can use Siri or Google Assistant/Bixby to dial 911. So, technically the iPhone can still make the call, but I think it's more fair to day that it failed the bonus rounds.

  • authenticreviewer.blogspot.com/ review of ihone xs

  • Apple>Samsung. Fight me fanboys

  • All hail samsung

  • Wow! Akin nlng yan idol Subscriber your filipino subscirber!

  • Iphone good

  • This is it inaccurate because you chose the numbers for the score

  • iPhone is winner

  • To all of yall bitching about the durability of the iphone cases arent expensive lmfao

  • Google pixel 3 speed test please!

  • I thing you are not good person more phone distry if I say give me one iPhone x but came none issu

  • Thanks❤❤❤

  • Iphone is best

  • "Most durable glass ever" wouldn't crack so easily, Apple is lying.

  • Samsung is trash

  • Ok so what if apple is lying about durable glass who fucking cares all their phones are pretty amazing not like androids giving adds glitching and slowing down I say iPhone is the best phones ever

  • IPhone is durable but look when its going into speed and battery checking Samsung would win

  • It isnt official until PhoneBuff does it. 🔥

  • I found it worrying that the iPhone had a scratch going on the camera lens... even though it had more damage than the note it had damage on the camera which affects usability.

  • Plus stainless steel vs aluminum

  • Lol apple and its marketing scheme its the same gorilla glass 5 on both phones

  • really

  • To be fair you will have a case.

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  • People need to know and understand that Apple fill them with bull.. t jokes "upgrades". Except the results here, 600$ for the iPhone glass replacement in front of 99$ for Samsung shows clearly the winner.

  • -cries in poor- *what a waste* But then again I came here for research purposes so who am I to cry about these expensive phones being dropped

  • I own a note 9 and this is *scary*

    • Dont worry its only 20 doars to fix it compared to the iPhone that is almost 600 doars to fix

  • I guess apple apps are fragile

  • Both phones broke the backglass on first drop, the only difference being you could replace Samsung's glass 30 times with the money it would take to replace apples one time.

  • You should pick up phones with gloves

  • Honestly the back breaking on the note isn't a huge problem as it can be replaced fairly easy but to replace the back on the iphone it costs like $500+ and they need to completely replace the entire casing as it doesn't come off

  • Samsugs suck and iPhones are better and that's that

  • Double tap the home button five times to call 911 idiot

    • What home button? There is none. Idiot.

  • Fandroids . . . The video is about the durability of the glass; Not whether or not you can get a replacement. SMH

    • Its still something to consider. I would rather have to pay 50 dollars than 600 dollars for glass replacement

  • This is bs no offence you cant compare a curved screen created to be sensitive to a straight screen that's obviously gonna be more resistant and yet still even after being broken the note still retains full functionality where the iPhone fails XD

  • Naw sutti kutti deya 😭😭😭

  • Note 9 very good

  • IPhone just dream to beat note series Note series give worth to spend huge amount of money in smartphones Samsung rocks

  • this hurt to watch...

  • If both screens break to the point of needing to be replaced then it should be a tie. It's obvious that you need a screen protector and case for both. No improvements in that department. Apple needs to stop boasting about their glass being stronger, it still breaks like everybody else's.

  • Can you please do an A7 2018 (triple camera) drop test?

  • Ok when do we use our phones without cases, this test is completely irrelevant (although the video is great)

  • Nice work from both companies.... Samsung just has to up the back glass durability

  • Why not test the note in the bonus round again? Results vary, it will never be the exact same result

  • You see Jerry Rig drop that iPhone Xs? It doesn't shatter at all

  • I hate to say it .... each round should be a new phone as the damage (seen and not seen) caused by the preceding drop will contribute to future damage levels. That said neither appears to be gorilla tough.

  • Most durable glass in a smartphone - tiny microscopic text. Our smartphone.

  • What kind of idiot will buy apple, as it clear, they rob. Us...

  • Maybe you do different phone then iPhone and Samsung. Do Sony xz2. A lot of people are interested this phone.