iPhone XS Max, unboxed

katma 18 Sep 2018
Larger screen, gold finish. 512GB storage. We open it and a Max-sized leather case.
Read the iPhone XS review: A great phone you should wait on - cnet.co/2xuYuNk
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  • Thanks for watching! Check out our hands-on video with the iPhone XS Max: tr-tv.net/tv/video-2xfliumgYOY.html

    • +张寒牧 your over reacting just a phone

    • Test anki vector pls!!

    • Awesome unboxing Cnet. It's the only honest video I've ever seen on an iphone. You don't have to say much for the audience to get the message. The iphone sucks period. I can't believe they don't even include a fast charger. People are starting to wake up and realizing that Apple does not offer what they pay for.

    • 张寒牧 haha. Cute Little Dumpling. Never seen a more sensitive review of an unboxing video haha. He is not feeding us shit. He sounds "Meh" because the phone is ACTUALLY shit. Overpriced Shit. I have been a longtime Apple user, but now I feel like Apple is intentionally screwing us over. I actually tried switching to the Note 8 last year, and was thinking to come back to the Xs Max before it was released, but upon seeing the cost/benefit ratio of both, it is obvious Apple is minimizing its effort, and Samsung is maximizing its effort. It's not about innovation anymore, it is about money for Apple. Creepy Tim Cook does not have the same passion as Steve Jobs. I preferred the simplicity of iOS, but now I am learning to live with Android, to not be "locked" into the ecosystem.

  • 😄😄😄😆😆😆😆😆😆😄😄😄

  • So Good

  • Wow you sre such a horrible persone im not lying mhahahahahhaahahhahhhah

  • My iPhone xs Max

  • Did you know 1 testicle is worth 35k

  • Should have wireless earpods! BTW dont blame this guy for boring unboxing! Blame Apple because they made the phone...... NOT THIS GUY.......... SO............ DO U UNDERSTAND NOW?!

  • Plz give mee a lot plz

  • x$

  • We get for 1449$ for 64 gb in india its 40% more tgan it was

  • i want one😍

  • Good explanation

  • I unboxed my dad's XS Max and he isn't even here yet Hahaha

  • When apple make a phone that can be dropped, that will be innovation. In the meantime colour really does not matter

  • Terrible video - nice blue iPhone, you could always get a gold one next time !!!

  • That NOTCH,I would like one for my plasma tv,NOT.

  • Omg xs max gold 64gb no stock in Boston and NY waaaaaa....when can i buy???

  • Your unboxing sucked. You didn’t even show the phone. That’s what we came here for? To see how it looks or what it does


  • iPhones are the most overrated pieces of technology in the market. Why do people still buy their products? Android is way better and cheaper too

  • No AirPod

  • Iphone sucks as always!Iphone was made only for idiots who are looking for a life brand.Why no wireless headphones for that money?Why no SD Card?And more?!RIP Apple!I like my Note 8...and defo I will buy the Note 9 for a fair price,comparing with this piece of shit,who was made in China for cheap wage!

  • LOL, 1500 for an iPhone which still has the same icons since 2007.

  • What a waste no 3d recording

  • Littler 😂

  • just only for calling or texting no need to waste your money for this phone

  • what a waste of money 512 gb iPhone this Called a matterialistic iPhone

  • No headphone dongle that costs 15 cents to make, for a $1500 phone...

  • Let's wait for next year….

  • Soooo satisfied when i heard he took off the clear plastic from the phone....

  • Trash phone ???

  • whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat , thats an expensive phone , shit , thats ridiculous iphone just like porsche

  • Apple customers will need a second mortgage before buying future models. absolutely ridiculous price point.

  • After watching this video... 290$ HAVE BEEN TAKEN OUT FROM UR ACCOUNT..


  • Wow how insane is this device

  • The price is ridiculous

  • They box garbage now??? 😂

  • It’s the fake XS MAX IPHONE (i’m french)

  • So what's new about this phone? Hahahaaa waste of money

  • I’ve had the original iPhone X and I dropped it on a surface that wasn’t too hard. Within days, it began to shatter from one tiny spot into half of the back glass. I’m sorry, but no thank you. I’ll be downgrading to the 8 plus for my “upgrade”.

  • Shitty phone

  • This is a very boring unboxing

  • Same shittttt with the iPhone X just bigger screen...

  • Unbox Therapy must feel left out.

  • BTS will have this

  • Little disappointment that we are not getting a phone with 2000$.

  • I really want it.

  • Oppo and vivo copy the notch design and now apple new release still exist that odd looking notch. Therefore i concluded thy apple copy this notch design from oppo and vivo for this release.😂😂😂😂

  • One of the worst review I have ever watched.

  • Taking too much time reviewing the paperwork

  • I normally but the new Galaxy Note and the new iPhone every year. I guess I don't care what Apple nay-sayers have to say, I'm EXCITED to get my XS Max tomorrow.

  • No premium ear buds, no dongle, no fast charger... I mean you guys do realize you're being ripped off right?

  • I’m fine with my iPhone 8 Plus no need to upstage

  • This is seriously one of the worst unboxings I have ever seen.

  • I love mine,

  • Are you serious??? No lightning to headphone adapter?

  • وينهم العرب العراق الله لا اله الى الله

  • I like my iphone 7 plus ❤️❤️

  • Worst unboxing ever! This man sucks & sounds just boring. Why not get Lin La, or Jessica to unbox the iPhone X Max, because this man well... I think some of us know what I’m getting at....

  • i like his hands..

  • I think Iphone XS stands for iPhone XtraShit

  • Fake

  • Next year be prepared to get the iPhone in a plastic bag with no charger brick, no cable and no headphones...

  • Great That's my next phone 📱 In Sha اللَّهِ

  • *OMG!! WTF😀 it's so expensive iphone. I'll never be buy... I'm using iPhone 8+ it's one of the best iPhone Because it has a fingerprint..*

  • I didn't see video's people at the Apple store falling in line to grab the their new "iPhone " .....😂😂😂😂

  • Muito bom

  • türkler burdamı

  • If this phone don’t do split screen I don’t want it

  • Every year my wife desperately wants the newest iphone. She currently has the 6 Plus. She always talks herself out of it after watching reviews. Apple has not done a thing since the death of Steve Jobs. This new guy, Tim Cook, is nothing but a social justice warrior domestically and a fascist China promoter overseas. Hasn't overseen one good iPhone or Macbook yet.

  • Slowest unbox in the west

  • It's just like the x

  • Iphobe Xs Max Big Money😊 No Money😊😊

  • 2:19 oh god that asmr though 👍🏼

  • Jesus smh 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Mds 512GB puts avançadao

  • Then this is not in gold anymore

  • Apple is killing me with the no dongles!

  • Sorry but the unboxing was slow and boring as the iPhone X’s MAX ......I don’t blame you there’s not much to be exited about this iPhone and the sad fact is that I’m going to buy 2 not because I’m crazy about this iPhone its just because its time to upgrade from the 7 plus,I’m happy I got the note 9 as well .

  • I still had hope of Apple including a USB-C to Lighting but I guess not......😑😞😒

  • omg littler!! This guy works for Cnet...wtf!!

  • godamn what a ripoff

  • You know unboxing should be in slow motion cuz there is nothing new to talk about

  • Everyone says ipX sucks Then y youtubers use it

  • Quite possibly the most boring slowest unboxing of an iPhone that I think I've ever seen....At least unpack it a little faster & maybe turn it on to give ppl an idea or a feel of the phone and what it looks like in someone's hands.....just sayin.....

  • Imagine buying the 512gb for $1499.00 not including tax and not getting a fast charger.... LOL Apple 🍎 is giving its customers the finger 👉🏼👆🏼👇🏾☝🏼 that’s for sure... here I come Note9 512gb.

  • $2,369 for the same model in Australia It’s a joke Apple have become so greedy that it’s only marketing to the rich For the price they should include basic accessories.

  • Noob Apple. No fast charger, cost 1500 for this shit .

  • Fastest and most powerful phone in the world according to benchmarks though.

  • Metto il dislike non per il telefono in se, ma per due fottuti motivi: in primis il prezzo, che per il top di gamma piu di 1600€ ma scherziamo? Secondo perche almeno la Apple (visto il prezzo esorbitante) potrebbe includere nella confezione le AIRPODS, non le EARPODS lightning... e parlo da possessore di iphone 8 plus 64 gb con il quale mi trovo benissimo e possiedo anche un iphone 6 16gb e un ipad pro 12,9... pero non mando giu queste due cose nei nuovi device... 😳

  • Piece of s#%t

  • Nice informercial.

  • No fast charger, the 5v charger as I have in my iPhone 7 box , At least I have the dongle and people who are looking to buy the new iPhones guys I'm sorry for you Apple has made you handicap by not providing a dongle this year😂 But this time I say no to apple and it's ridiculous prices Even after charging$1099 you should not expect a good battery life like Samsung offers in their premium offerings.

  • For almost 1500.00 they should come with air pods!

  • No, that's not how you open up an iPhone​ case box. You opened it in the wrong direction.

  • Hard pass

  • "Alot of money" for a nowadays average phone lol

  • Buying one of those is like labelling yourself as a dumb monkey caught in apples web

  • Original looks is the best😢