iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr!

katma 13 Sep 2018
Some highlights from the 2018 Apple Event! Hands on with the new iPhone Xs Max, iPhone Xs, iPhone Xr and the new gold Apple Watch Series 4.
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Sony rx0 - amzn.to/2yQA7wKq


  • But I'm poor need a sugar daddy! Yass!! daddy!

  • wowowowowoww

  • My bro has the 10s max

  • These phones are so expensive, but 700-800 was the same price as the Iphone 7, So that hasn’t changed, but 900 DOLLARS?!? Oh heck no. I’ll keep my Iphone 6 for now, it works great :)

  • Apple Queen 🙌🏽💁💜

  • Apple 👎🏼

  • My boyfriend is getting the iPhone xr. He is going to buy me the iPhone 6... in white.

  • I Love Justine and Iphon !! (-:

  • ik she has the money to repair a phone if it shatters (cause we all know she has coin) but shes alot braver than me to go day to day without a case 😭


  • I hate the notch. That’s the reason why I’m not getting it, and never will.

  • When the phones are almost $2000 in Australia 😩

  • Which one you think 🤔 better *iPhone 📱 xr like * iPhone 📲 x max comments Don’t know 😐🤷🏻‍♀️comments!! 😁

  • I think I’m going to get the gold one in the iPhone Xs max. In either 518 gb or 256gb. I have that on both my iPhone 8+ and iPad Pro 12 inch and haven’t even used half of it yet. But I’m super excited to see what it can do to help program my school thing for college courses

  • And they are still not waterproof

  • I guess the "R" of iPhone XR is because R is right before S in the alphabet so it has the same internal spec of a S model but is a less expensive outfit. Does that mean that the R model will only be updated every other year together with the S model? Any thought?

  • These are some very expensive iPhones if you do a giveaway please choose me

  • It looks so ugly :( if Steve was he wouldn’t of made it this expensive, it doesn’t even look like iOS

  • Ok give me iphone xs

  • All Americans are rich can you give me an iPhone 📱 8 plus

  • Watch with ifon 8+

  • I want to know the difference pls

  • Haha i dont have money 🙂

  • Stop flexing on us broke Niggas

  • And I’m already good with my Iphone X ahahha- rather.. ONLY THE CAM, COLOR AND SIZE AND SOME BLAH BLAH- sigh

  • Well her name is ijustine... Is she an advertisement?

  • The most amazing photos you can take!! 😵


  • say shit about iPhones but people will still buy them.....

  • Youu you just released iphone x and 8 chill

  • I’ve always wanted a phone since I was 10, ik that’s young but I like phones, anyways I would always complain saying I need a phone for emergency’s and such😂I always had a thing for iPhones. I liked the camera quality the cool tech stuff and things when I was 11 and it was Christmas I got my first phone. No it wasn’t an iPhone it was an android but I was so happy that I even got one. I’ve had that phone for about 6 months and I got a new one next Christmas and yes another android but like a better one😂 I was still very greatly I got a phone. I sorta recently just turned 13 and I got an iPhone 5 SE. I was so happy and shocked and I was crying and rolling on the ground cuz I was that happy. I’m just very grateful I got an iPhone

  • my gold 7+ is to rose😂

  • *She might as well buy me one then since she RICH OR WHATEVER*

  • I have an iPhone X but I really want the iPhone X max my dad already have the iPhone X max

  • היי מה קורה שלווווווווווםםם


  • OHHMYGAWD! getting a new apple product is like growing a bigger penus every year. The 10r I will buy as a drink coaster for my coffee table. I'm getting the 10x max cuz I'm such a fanboy. Besides I'm filthy rich and make my morning smoothie with $100 bills.

  • iPhone 6 gang where u at?


  • Smhhhhhhhhh, let have that other iPhone X🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • AWESOME!!!

  • Every year when a new phone comes out I get really hyped and realize I cant get it. :(

  • love how the most praised thing on the phone (display) is from Samsung lawl.

  • My last phone is gonna be the 8+ and that’s it, to expensive and it’s that thing is gonna slip out of my hand if I touch it

  • iOS - overrated

  • am I the only one who thinks the IPhone XR is pretty affordable? people are saying it's so expensive but I don't really think so you get what you paid for! I'm definitely going to buy the IPhone XR in October...

  • I have a samsung galaxy s8 and it is so terribly bad, I know people are going to attack me for this but I personally think that Apple is way better than Samsung, Apple phones don't have to deal with viruses and their apps randomly stopping.

  • im good with my iphone 7 :)

  • i’m jealous. i have the 6 plus who feels me? 😂

  • Price:1000 something dollars Me: im keeping my iphone 7


  • USA prices are okay, other places (which have lower wages typically) pay so much more. Even taking into account tax. $750 or £750 for the XR, £750 is worth $1,000...

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  • Your such a apple person

  • look at the title then look at the thumbnail🤔 what’s wrong with that picture?

  • Me, I, I'm, mine, me, mine, I, I'm, I. This is how these people think. About themselves.

  • She crazy when It comes to apple products this iPhone is overrated Xs XsMax Xr. Galaxy note 9 plus is better than these iPhones

    • legendary I know apple just copying them now because they don’t have anymore ideas 😅

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  • I watched this on my iPhone 5s

  • Petition to bring Steve Jobs back from the dead. Please like this comment

  • No matter what this haters say at the end of the day apple is the best 😜 I’m loving this new model 😍💕

  • Fantastic 😘😘😘 Sister love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩🇧🇩

  • ill stick with my OLED screen on my s8+ lmao

  • We all love how each year the prices get higher like with the 7 is was 700 something and the 8 was around 800.

  • I have a iPhone X, and I like the iPhone 8+ better (it just fits my hand better) but I am extremely grateful that I have an iPhone💖

  • For these prices, the phone better vacuum for me and drive me home in the morning after a 13 hour night shift.

  • her sleeve was bothering me everyone else is talking about prices lol

  • This is just out of control. These phones are absurd.

  • That phone is just dumb

  • The phones are fake

  • wtf you need help. why do you need this many phones?

  • Imagine she drops the Phones XD

  • So is the iPhone Xs max bigger then the pluses?

  • I’m gonna stick with the 8 :(

  • The iPhone Xr comes out on my birthday

  • Omg I only have the iPhone 7

  • My freaking dad just bought it *I A M J E L L Y*

  • I am cryin rght now any1 kind enough to gift me one😭

  • I'm good with my iPhone 5c

  • Watching this hoping it would change my mind and upgrade but meh, I’ll keep my X lmao

  • Iphone r more like iphone recycled

  • I bought a new iPhone with my parents money

  • Nice

  • So is it worth to upgrade from Sony Xperia X to IPhone Xr?

  • You can gift me that🤭

  • Apple needs to chill i swear

  • Ima ask my parents for the XR wish me luck I have like an iPhone 4

  • Ha can you give me your iPhone X when you get the new one lol

  • Mmmm no. That’s a whole tablet

  • I had the newest model until apple came out with three new clones if it ugh

  • What’s the point it looks basically the same

  • Why is your name iJustine? Is it because you like iPhones so you put a i in front of your name

  • Me over here watching this with an iPhone 8 Plus ;i don’t wanna iPhone X Of any cuz there’s no button I have to have my button

  • omg i have iphone xs in silver 2 haha

  • I hope they make a XS Mini. I would totally buy that. I love Apple products but I hate that everything keeps getting bigger and bigger.

  • ))))?

  • ООО мой пенис

  • new iphonexs and iphoneR *starts talking about the apple watch*

  • I’m 2 broke to get One ;(( lOlz

  • Can i have one