iPhone Xs and Xs Max UNBOXING and FIRST LOOK

katma 18 Sep 2018
An EARLY Unboxing and First Impressions of the new Apple iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max in Gold. Subscribe for more ►►► tr-tv.net/username-avorahtv
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Shot on a Sony RX100 VI.
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  • Saw marques brownlee post earlier and automatically knew what was coming! (Still haven't watched his yet😏) gotta stay faithful to my bro!💪🏾🔥

    • markass brownlee - will smith

    • +EMKWAN REVIEWS I currently have the 7 and 8😬 wanted the X, but wanted to wait as well, and glad I did! Having 2 phones is a hassle, and now finally with the new dual SIM I'm more than ready for the XS😍.. the XS Max just seems a bit too big for my taste yano? Well done unboxing, can't wait to see the review on the camera!

    • Zayn Miles Hahahaha love it bro! Let me know what you think. Are you getting one?

  • My crush i phone X's

  • Is it just me or alot of girls are doing reviews on this gold iphone but the only guys that are doing reviews on the gold one are British accent guys

  • Favourite colour is the silver ,though the gold does look stunning , I look forward to one day being lucky enough to own one of these amazing models👍

  • Same music as Zollotech’s outro music haha coincidence idk

  • Hi sir I’m new with your channel I want the iphone xs max I don’t have so much money to buy one good bye

  • Win iPhone xs Visit here amazonnewofferuk.blogspot.com

  • If only I had money I would have bought this ages ago. The only reason I’d buy the iPhone xs Max is cuz of the camera and the big screen. But for now my iPhone 6s Plus is still great.


  • Gold or Space grey?

  • Any one wants to sponsor me a 5s call me at 18768201684

  • I love being poor

  • why tf is EVERYONE reviewing gold i need to see the bloody colours beacuse i need to know what i like ffs

    • Do you do note 9 vs xs max speed ? if you have a note 9 ? lol Current Speed 5Mbps 9GB/50 UPLOADING..... 45 Minutes Remaining █████▒▒▒▒▒ TITLE: ALL IPHONE XS & XSMAX COLOUR COMPARSION LOLLLL basically all you gotta do is type that as a title and you weill be famous beacuise you will be the first person to upload all colours

    • Wolf Reviewing I got you covered bro. 45 mins now!!! Lol the video is loading

    • well shit thank you beacuse ive been typing this every day now Lol still trying to choose maybe out of gold or white but black i just never had beacuse... idk it just seems not that uh idk good XD but gold ive always had but WHITE GLASS i remeber my 4s days when the white glass back was just the best looking ever so idk now gold or white glass ?? i mean what would u say looks nicer gold or white on xs max? also im trynna wait for a video for someone to do XMAX VS S9 note BEACUSE I Need to know whats faster the xs or note 9 its a major thing i need to know here

    • Wolf Reviewing tonight I’ve got the video for you. An hour and it’s all the colours reviewed. Stay tuned to the channel.

  • Moron ur not the first. Ppl been unboxing all week ffs

  • I’m tired for gold color reviews.. and looks ugly uf imo. Show the Xs Max is space gray

  • Owsome phone

  • Please take a video or photos at night specially in person eye if still have red eye or white eye when using flash at night. This is my issue on iphone x the red eye and white eye when using the flash at night.

  • My Dreem. I pn. Bt. Nice bro

  • How did you get the phones before the ship date?

  • ❤️ vid. Just subbed. Why does wallpaper remind me to get my mammogram? Looks like CAD version! I digress😂. ALMOST ready to migrate to "dark side". Primary phone: Note 8 (Motorola OG Droid > everything Samsung forever) but using kid's castoff iP6 just to get AW3 which I'm stupidly upgrading to AW4.

  • tr-tv.net/tv/video-Y-owYiNQG24.html This guy has nicked your content. Great vid btw.

  • True story - I went hiking, my phone went for a swim. I had to get a new phone. I went a whole week without a phone, and I needed one ASAP. I had a chance to wait another 4 days or get iPhone X. I needed a phone because of work. That gold looks nice :(

  • Are u superaf

  • i'd like yout review brod, simple, elegan and best 👍👍

  • Good video but can you rid the audio of the metronome sounding click in the background sound? Quite annoying to hear over your explanations of the phones color and features.

  • iPhones golds are never gold

  • Pls...

  • I want that i phone

  • Pls..give me that an iphone......pls........

  • Love you video bro

  • Hey bro.... gift ur 1phone x max to mee plzz.....

  • what happened on your right thumb?

  • X7

  • Same S*** again and again and what justification users are providing is.. Wowwww gold color 😂😂😂😂

  • Excellent phone job

  • And technology you filling

  • This channel is the best TR-tv channel and my favourite TR-tv channel

  • I call b. S.

  • We need reviewers to talk about the pixel density of the iPhone XS Max. It has the same 458ppi as the regular size XS and X. Wouldn't it be pixelated since the screen is much larger while having a much bigger screen?

  • Really . My iPhone X is fine for me . I’m just average joe . The gold does looks awesome . But my opinion is . If your the type who has to work with they’re phone . I would upgrade. Because the faster chip. Two, of your camera type . I would say . Upgrade . Other then that . I think I’m going to wait for the 2019 iPhone 11 to come out . There will be more goodies in that iPhone . 👌

  • He wasted many DOLLARS 💵!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Your background music is Zollotech’s theme on his videos.

  • Gold is too feminine

  • Iphone is total crap, I could not see any good feature like other's. Unnecessarily overpriced for featureless product.

  • Thank You EMKWAN for you in depth review. Since this is an “s” year I think I will wait for next year. Im more impressed about the cameras more than anything. Hopefully ios 13 will have darkmode, the feature Im waiting for the most! Thanks again!

  • Waiting on my 256GB XS 😩

  • I like it so much but I don’t have enough money to buy it

  • Still 5w Charger, come on apple surely we could of got a fast charger by now

  • Difference between iPhone X and X's and X's max

  • Good review, thanks!

  • How did he get the new iPhones ,,there not even out

  • Hi! Does xs and the max have the same notch size? Thanks

  • You look like one of the TR-tvr!

  • i hope you give me the iphone xs max to me :')):

  • Why you’re holding two same phone

  • discount supersaf

  • I pre ordered both... now I'm looking at his reviews to choose which one lol

  • Excellent video, the shots were amazing!

  • Jesus, why does every single youtuber order the gold xs max? I want to see the silver one!

  • good video! waiting for your full review

  • Yay for iPhone tennis match 😜

  • Congratulations. Hope to see an in-depth review soon. Getting my Xs Max 512gb in gold in two days. Seeing this just got me even more excited about it. Thanks for the video. Subscribed. Peace and blessings upon you too. ✌️

  • Fabulous Unboxing Video

  • Great review bro.

  • My question is the iPhone XS gold is it a different gold compared to the iPhone 8 because I had the iPhone 8 gold colored version and I used to get a lot of crap from my sisters and my wife that it looked more like a pink color and I wanted to know so that way if I decide to get the iPhone XS and gold I’ll be satisfied with the color hopefully you can get back at me thank you

  • Will the battery life of a xs be better than the 7

  • At 0:34 you were holding the XS upside down just letting you know

  • I hate UK version as it contains fcc statements in the back of the iPhone. I love the US version😍

  • for you it is not expensive; because you are rich, and all emirati people are well-off people

  • I want!!!!

  • Sweet

  • Now with the price of both of those, you can look forward to not eating for the rest of the year! And with the accessories that Apple makes you buy, you can also look forward to just living on the streets with the other people that have no money! Hey, at least you have 2 new iPhones! ;)

  • Silver or Gold? Which one looks better?

  • gross fingernail

  • Why does yours have writing on the back didn’t they get rid of that. Is it because you aren’t in America?

  • I’m going for the XS if there’s not much difference between them, cool review bro waiting for camera review also

  • I dislike Gold so much but the Gold on the Xs looks pretty stunning. I'd probably go for that colour if I decided to buy it. Enjoyed the video, as always. Look forward to seeing the video on the camera :) Also, to answer your question, I'd pick the Xs Max over the Xs for that 6.5" OLED display!

  • Are you muslim?

  • Awesome video 👍🏻

  • Is it Dual Sim both ?

  • I don’t get it the IPhone X’s or XS MAX isn’t in the stores yet so how does he have it?

    • Sara Han You do realize TR-tvrs get theirs earlier, right?

  • awesome video bro!! MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY.......!!!

  • An hour more than the X not Xs

  • Speed test when ????

  • Thats some good looking clones

  • Space grey or gold

  • How you get it so fast

  • I have $1600 of disposable income. 128gb 7 plus for $500 or 64gb xs max for $1160?

  • This was a great review!!! Also, the ASMR peeling of plastic was satisfying to hear!!! 😂🙌

  • Wow it's amazing

  • Knew it was coming 👀

  • i thought you were saf from the thumbnail

  • Battery capacity

  • Safwan Ahmedina rip off

  • You're nothing but piece of shit the price is not justified at all for this price range Still pixel 2 has best cam and it doesn't come with 3.t mm no fast charger no lighting to 3.5 dongal and for face unlock you have to press button how about pressing fingerprint id and unlock it

  • Big notch for 1000bucks.. yuck.. 😝

  • This guy is a muslim. Don't trust him and unsubscribe!!! Muslims destroyed the twintowers!

  • I wonder if the scratch remover compound for the silver variant will work with no problem on this gold variant.

  • So excited for the mate 20 pro. Apple this year is so boring and waste of money.

  • Is this the first time when there isn’t time on the box’s phone?