iMac Pro 18-Core Unboxing!

katma 3 Feb 2018
Wow it's finally here!! IM SO EXCITED!!
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  • Ι counted at least 15 orgasms.

  • It’s. Just. A. Computer. There is no reason to love an item this much...

  • She got moneyyyyyyyy, isnt that like a 5000 imac

  • My dad wants to get this

  • Wow 😮

  • i love the white color of the house walls.

  • I was litterally launging soo hard wjen i was watching this vid for no reson 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Did anyone notice that she changed her clothes while she was pushing in the door

  • i was just watching her cute smile

  • Man

  • IJustine:This is a freaking beast!!! Me: It’s Obese

    • Me: It’s obese

  • Can u pls buy me imac pro and pls reply for my more detail. Thx

  • Ok people keep saying she is crazy or she is only so exited because of a sponsorship, but if you didn’t realize she was mainly so so exited to have it to edit videos FOR HER FANS ENTERTAINMENT! Plus she is an Apple user so she gets really exited for things like this. If you don’t like what she is doing or if you don’t like her videos then just don’t subscribe, don’t watch don’t comment because when you do those things TR-tv will think that you watch her and she will show up in your feed. Just let her live her life and you move on with yours

  • I thought it was an Apple TV thingy if that even exists

  • I love your Video, I´m still like you.

  • I feel like IJustines farts smell new products and cherries and chapstick

  • How is 128 gigs of ram even possible

  • This pisses of Windows users so much. An Apple user being excited for a new non-Wintel computer.

  • Pc users laughing when she says that mac is a beast

  • Android and pc master race

  • use the knife!!!

  • Are you a apple fun OR a Samsung fun

  • You are an APPLE LOVER ....Me too sister me too 😍

  • It took me two years to save up for this

  • I'd bug out too if my $12,000 CPU arrived. But more honestly I'd never get it delivered.

  • U over reaction

  • If I were a postal worker and I knew what that was I would steal that in 2 seconds

  • Man, she is soooooooo rich.

  • What kind of UNBOXING is that one? 3:16 please!

  • well you unboxing is good but give more review other wise no use of making a video

  • I am an Apple freak too ,, but I don’t have money

  • U should of gotten muscles after pushing that beast 🤣

  • Justine love smelling things doesn’t she

  • A Pathetic Immature little girl - for god sake GROW up - maybe get in the box too - its crap

  • I gotta get me a man who gets as excited over me as Justine does when she gets new Apple tech😂

  • “We...are sharing *ughhh* this moment AHHH as one!!” Lmao we aint struggling like you

  • Why does it smell so gooooood tho?

  • its so so so exaggerated。

  • 2.16 da kız çarpılıyo

  • Money its me!!!!--!!!!!!!!!!moterfuck

  • She's acting like she met a close friend after not seeing him for like 10 years😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Congratulations

  • *An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctors Away* and i think that Doctors are Light years away from Ijustine😂😂😂😂😂

  • So you're showing your tears? Unboxing of imac or your tears?? Rubbish

  • Came here for the ass.

  • Yeah is heavy kg?

  • Where is the system unit?

  • How many funny attitude in your face...... Love you..... If you are saw funny attitude in her face then you like this comment for she will saw this comment..... Thank you everyone

  • How many funny attitude in your face...... Love..... If you are saw funny attitude in her face then you like this comment for she will saw this comment..... Thank you everyone

  • she's very clingy but super hot so

  • You didn't even turned on

  • Please calm down, focus on your video

  • I alway wish to buy this imac pro. It’s sexy

  • There are thousands of people who hate Apple, If you see the comments of any Apple-related videos, there will be always going to be hate comments and It is ridiculously easy to hate Apple. :-|

  • I want the imac pro for free

  • 👍👍👍😘😘😘

  • sure what else should 18 cores be put to use than editing Videos. This hurts - really hurts :)

  • I feel sorry for humanity, definitely NOT subscribing !

  • No signature required??????

  • Ohhh..we are so the same imac pro 18 core.....i had a 2999GB So Cool

  • 128 gigs of ram hahahhaah... Wait r u serious... OK :/

  • She needs to se her gp

  • Apple stickers, so important

  • You would have deserve an Oscar for u r acting..... lol

  • Plzz Sister Give me Buy Link 🔥🔥🔥🔥


  • What software do you use to edit your video ?

  • Can i get one of u imac's 😏😏 jp

  • That camera u have is 2 times expensive than that imac

  • If you found poop with an apple logo on it, shed tell you how it smells like freaking cinnamon

  • Would it be soo cool when she used the knife to open the box and accidentally scratched the screen so deep...✌️😁

  • Isn’t this woman like 34 years old

  • She likes smelling things doesn't she .... Hey its cool

  • One dollar for every single time she said oh my gosh

  • Apple sucks.


  • OMG you are the APPLE QUEEN

  • who was waiting for the iMac to fall off the counter? omg >.< :')

  • The reason why i wait detroitborg review of apple products than this isheep girl

  • I can not imagine any woman with technology

    • Here is a Dino! :-)))))

  • I never seen anybody so exited for a computer

  • I never saw anyone so excited for a Apple product! Love you ijustine!!!!! ❤️

  • 1:33 when the brazzers scene is approaching

  • Lol sooooo coooooooooooooooooooooooool

  • 5:50 why is she talking to it like it is a dog? “oH yOuR gOnNa lOoK sO gOoD”

  • why is she smelling everything? your an okay TR-tvr but explain why you smelt everything

  • 2:54 *smells the cord* what did you think it was going to smell like?

  • Justine you're still a little girl and I like you 😚👍

  • she is so funny she said it smells like i hop

  • I have a feeling that she is gonna sleep with it tonight..

  • Congratulations 🎉🎊🎈

  • Every thing is pro iPad Pro iMac pro what’s next iPhone pro or iMac master iPad master I really confused right now

  • Why do you smell the stuff

  • Compare the surface studio 2 to this. That would be nice

  • heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Girl with technology, never suits

  • _i want someone to look at me the way justine looks at her iMac_

  • The Mac looks so beautiful

  • She was literally CRYING like I would just be like this “* AHHHH ONG THX THX THX THX YAY!!*” that’s it XD

  • a little drama good ..this....way overdone.