iMac Pro 18-Core Unboxing!

katma 3 Feb 2018
Wow it's finally here!! IM SO EXCITED!!
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  • I bet she is hella orgasmic.

  • Who smells is cable

  • Ah stop yamming over an imac

  • Did any one notice iJustine's iPhone fell? Lol.

  • The only thing crying for real is the wallet.

  • Have a nice day people going through the comments

  • 0:42 I’ve never seen ANYONE that excited abt a computer…

  • someone tell her that she is suffering from depression frm apple

  • Too much talk

  • That Crying is fake u silly woman

  • *giggles* at #FreshMac"

  • Damn, she's annoying.

  • You are sexy mad

  • ugh. you should be showing that kind of attention to that dog.

  • Overpriced piece of crap. You could build a rig double of power for the apple price.

  • 128 GM RAM?!?!


  • I cant watch this video with high volume. People outside my room think im watching something else.

  • She’s crying cuz she got a computer?! Wtf lol

  • how you so reach

  • I'm scared on iMac at 4:24 Lol.. Wrong move and it will fell off

  • Why so much over acting. Worst unboxing video ever.

  • Why so much over acting. Worst unboxing video ever.

  • Wat sop

  • u like sniff the things alot Lol i like ur videos

  • Thats a beast of heaven

  • I rly want one but they are so expensive and I don't even live in a real house😞

  • Probably forget about it in less than a week

  • I never even knew what an iMac was until now😂

  • Imagine if It came in Rosegold

  • Hooker with iMac

  • Woooooooow👌🏼


  • I'll be honest, the magic mouse looks cool. But the power cable port? Come on.

  • انا دعاء من المغرب

  • Please don't over react!!!!!!It gonna affect ur channel

  • Did she just say it smells like IHOP

  • I wanted to be basic but now.... idk about that

  • Yikes $8,000, Mac, yikes.

  • Even I love to smell new stuff like she does 😁😁


  • and then there is me....i can't afford a 2009 imac for $95 lol

  • I could just get this from the steam workshop and get it

  • I'm calling the police that computer is getting sexual harass

  • No hate but does she get an apple product everyday 🤷‍♀️

  • I swear l heard her having an orgasism

  • A little dramatic. Come on. Anything for " reality tv hi? " really your breathing is elevated. Man... I like you but....

  • Just your typical ijustine unboxing.

  • Happy for a mac?? Only 18 cores?? How much did you pay for it a million??

  • I often wondered what was in those weird shaped boxes, I work for Royal Mail and used to see them quite often.

  • Is it *fully compatible in color gamut* for 16 bit RGB images on the 10-bit RGB iMac Pro 5k screen (30 bits)? Is there 16-bit RGB computer monitor (48 bits) out there so that fully compatible with 16-bit RGB images in color gamut? As computers, TV, mobile devices, and printers are getting more advances, consumers & professionals are demanding their full comparabilities with each other such as *higher frame rates, refresh rates, higher bits RGB, so on for the best screen to display the best images.* For an example, when you watch high quality 16-bit RGB images on the 8-bit RGB computer screen (24 bits), the images do look good, but do not look the best.

  • Good actor

  • Why does Justine love smelling her Apple products? “Oh this smells like ihop” me, “I’m hungry now”

  • hello I i want pc to work i want pc I am sorry I am from Egypt I want pc

  • and i was so hyped to get a new laptop with a celeron inside... for free school, why?

  • Do you love More Your boyfriend or imac?

  • It’s so beautiful, I wish I had one.

  • Lol... I was thinking you were going to accidentally drop the Mac. 😬

  • Overreacting bitch

  • You don’t need to cry jees

  • Il y a qu'une chose que je reproche aux iMac, ils ont pas réellement changer depuis 2012 (j'en est un chez moi) et j'aimerais beaucoup que les prochains soit à bord fin sinon rien à redire, c'est des machines juste terrible !

  • Hi justine how are you? Change you camera . Very bad record you

  • This is so nerve wrecking, so close to the edge😬😬😬

  • How do you get so much money to buy all of this stuff?

  • I have the IMAC PRO

  • 可愛すぎ〜

  • Did she get it for free???? because it was supposed to come, if she had paid for it !

  • One time I would've been like this is so expensive. Now: buying one of these right now.

  • 2:16 your videos are so fake. There is no life in these..videos

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  • Consumerism at its very finest moments.

  • You got an iMac why do you want a Dell here 😂😂😂😂😂

  • You have a problem lol

  • Apple product cry’s other brand oh is here

  • Is this racist “and a (black) apple sticker”

  • You know you’re a real apple sheep when you cry for a apple product. I am a apple sheep to.

  • Exactly one year

  • Download minecraft best benchmark test

  • Good

  • 1 year later and i still remember watching this the first time 😂

  • The most excited person to open a box with a bunch of overpriced hardware 😆

  • Why dose she smell the equipment 🤣🤣🤣

  • This is my imac bro

  • U ruined the whole unboxing when u broke the plastic wrapping

  • Ngentod ah

  • Drama queen

  • Watching these videos mak e feel homeless

  • What a fuckin bimbo idiot

  • 5 bands girl you got money i want this but this is several months rent for me so ill pass

  • Turn it on 😭😭

  • Who tf needs 128GB ram???

  • That's a whole t.v.

  • I love how she smells all the products 😂😂😂

  • It’s like you work for Apple

  • what is she working btw how can she afford to buy every single apple product?

  • She's tryin' too hard... Soo sad😑😑

  • I don't know how many time watched this video and every time your reaction is priceless 😁😁😁

  • Unbox therapy is better

  • This is so me !!! I bet even I would cry !! We are so relatable man !!!!😭😭😭😭😭