iMac Pro 18-Core Unboxing!

katma 3 Feb 2018
Wow it's finally here!! IM SO EXCITED!!
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  • Justine, or the Misfortunes of Virtue.

  • Is it your kitchen table?

  • Omg,her crying tho😊

  • 1:33 When i got C in math

  • mac os sucks lmao windows is so much better

  • I don’t know why but you’re always smelling things and I do 😂😂😂

  • I’m stuck with a crappy ass pc... Will probably be for the next 10 years hurray

  • Plzzzzzz.... cringing every second of this video... overacting

  • Microsoft surface studio is way better than this...

  • Piece of shit

  • Idiot

  • My track pad smells like cinnamon

  • fk this video

  • I want subtitles in Portuguese🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Ha you cried

  • Huh? What's with the mac? Why cry?

  • why isn't your profile picture a rainbow knife?

  • Justine oh justine, just do this on the floor i dont trust that island table

  • ExCUSE ME, did you just say... 1-1-128 GIGS OF RAM?!!?

  • Like how does she get the money for these things!!???

  • White girls are a disease

  • A prime example of delusional Apple users

  • 0:00 Everyday for you is Exciting (You always cry infront of Apple Products) This Ho can't get that Shit together. 🙂

  • Not worth crying

  • GIRL! r u rich!

  • How can she be crying when she gets shit like that Everyday

  • I feel bad for her. The new iMac​ 2018 is coming out. It's insane.

    • Yeah they could added 8th intel with six core and RX 680

  • 128. Ram ??????????????? Are you sure

  • "Can u focus on my tears" she's such an apple hoe 😒 it actually feels like Steve Jobs is her father

  • You are so rich

  • What's wrong with you!


  • 14 k on a pc that will prob last 6 years just like any other pc. No pc is worth more than 3 or r 4 k imo

  • Ur so hot I want to have hard sex with her

  • paint your house, everything is white.

  • Not surprised that someone cries over an iMac as this is where the world is heading.

  • How are you able to afford the stuff like this?

  • Apple sucks

  • Idiot dan poor girl. Tiny house

  • Это маразм, просто маразм...

  • Are you rich it looks like you are sssssooooo rich

  • People will do anything for views and money today.It's a goddamn computer with hardware from all over the world,put together in a cool box and x times overpriced.Jesus Christ.0 acting skills

  • Good to know I’m not the only one who smells Apple products after I get them. It’s just kinda normal for me.

  • 5:25 she game

  • whats the price of this

  • I just heard that! "I cannot f***ing wait to edit on this"

  • Great workout video carrying that thing around! The things we do just get a good piece of technology!! Love it Justine!

  • drama queen and booooooring

  • You know what! Unsubscribe!!! I've had too much of this apple workshipping l

  • What will apple do without Justine?

  • can I has your old one? lol

  • must be nice......

  • I came, saw and left


  • IJustine us tge real life version of Summer lol

  • I wish I can steal It from my screen

  • I want this computer

  • Oof

  • I am an Apple enthusiast for sure, but crying? Nope. This was incredible.

  • 128 GB's of RAM. Not overkill at all.

  • 5:25 Apple sticker orgasm

  • Ultimate from of apple fandom😒

  • *Sonho de todo consumidor brasíleiro!

  • 84 beats wtf well I had on a normal day 96 so ha

  • Beach I have never had a iMac 🖥 your so lucky unfair

  • Hey just saying for all the haters, if you want a MAC for school or everyday use you can get one for $1,000 to $2,999. Also with Apple finance you can divide that by 18 and that’s what you would pay monthly. Just saying!

  • Justine is such a mood lmao

  • Bitch

  • I prefer macbooks

  • It just blows my mind that someday, I'll have this iMac setup in my home... maybe like 5 to 10 years from now, but still it'll be so sweet

  • Wow, I can't wait for some old grandma on craigslist to not have a clue what she has and unloads it to me for very little.

  • Did u pay ? Or did Apple sent it to you for free, cos of ur Social Media popularity ?! 😁

  • I mean..I would react the same as her....don’t judge 🤫🤭😋

  • Whyyyy soooooo rich, omg

  • Shes crying because there is no money left forever :D

  • 3:30 Puts brand new iMac pro on the edge of the counter. Imagine if there was cut off footage of Justine bumping into it and shattering it.

  • Why don't you marry Apple products

  • i mac i cry i justine

  • That's the size of my tv

  • well, i saw this blond girl at LinusTechTips channel and thought that "hey! she must be doing some similar cool stuff but about apple", but after several videos i realize that its just a blond girl who is very emotional about apple. no interesting hints and tips about apple, no cool technologies, just videos like "whats on my new iPhone XSR+something"...nothing special =(

  • This product rate??

  • Okay, I get that this is her job and hobby and everything, but how could anyone justify a computer with those specs, it’s actually insane. Over 100 gb of RAM. How could anyone use that

  • over acting..girl

  • can someone explain to me what shes excited for?

  • Since I’m guessing you buy the latest versions of all apple products what do you do with your old versions of apple product.

  • You can be as excited as you want because the haters have different eyes than everyone else when you are having fun they see you overreacting

  • I thought it was going to fall on the floor

  • She loves apple so much her channel is named ijustine after apple products. Iphone, Imac, Ipad etc....

  • If I got all the Apple products you did I would have all the same reactions I love Apple

  • Wow wee 🤣

  • overacting shit

  • i have iMac no pro pro is stupid

  • Hello, I'm from Brazil, I'm from Brazil, I have a dream to have an imac, no matter what, but unfortunately I do not have conditions, you're a lucky person, if you know who can fulfill my dream of having a Imac, I'm very grateful to you, thank you ...

  • She orgasms to apple products 😂😂😂

  • So much overacting! 🖕😪🖕

  • She's dumb

  • The trillion dollar company needs fools like these.

  • 128 gigs of RAM ????😂😂😂😂😂

  • 20 years from now UNBOXING MAC CORE-18 old

  • Only Justine would cry over an apple product 😂