I Am Afraid After The Synagogue Shooting in Pittsburgh

katma 11 Dec 2018
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Bella lives in a neighborhood called Squirrel Hill in Pittsburgh. She's grown up there, lived there her whole life, has her friends and her synagogue there, right near the Tree of Life synagogue, and it had always been a peaceful neighborhood - diverse and accepting - a really nice place to live. There were a lot of Jewish families who lived there and she could hardly remember any anti semitism ever happening around them.
But, on Saturday, October 27th, she slept in late and only woke up when her mom called to her from the other room at around eleven o'clock. She ran in to her Mom's room and her younger sister was there and they looked awful, pale, afraid and scared. Bella didn't know what was going on, and her mom would only whisper because she didn't want Bella's youngest sister to wake up. But something really, really bad was going on - you could tell from the terrified looks on her Mom and sister.
Her mom asked is she'd looked at her phone yet, if she'd seen or heard any of what was on the news. She'd heard lots of sirens in her half sleep, but they didn't wake her - what was going on? Her mom sat her down and told her that there had been a mass shooting at a temple - the Tree of Life synagogue right there in squirrel hill.
Bella gasped and sat down hard. She was so scared, afraid, shaking and crying. She was just in shock that something like this had happened, in their neighborhood, at a synagogue that was practically right next to the one she attended. Also, the fact that it was all because of their religion, all because they were Jewish, and this scared Bella too - the ant-semitism, and all these shootings taking place everywhere.
What made the tragedy even worse was the fact that it was Shabbat, the holiest day of the week for the Jewish people -- all they were doing was praying -- and that morning the Tree of Life synagogue was having a baby naming for a new baby just born into their community, a special and festive and happy occasion. And an evil man full of hate and anti semitism came into their place of worship and shot and killed 11 people, including police and security guards.
When Bella and her friends returned to their religious school, hebrew school, so many of them were on edge, scared, and couldn't quite put into words how awful and vulnerable it made them feel. Why was there anti semitism, or hate of any kind? Why couldn't people coexist without hatred and gun violence?
After they had started their school day they had a special morning prayer service and they invited the congregation from the Tree of Life synagogue to join them. There were so many people there, mourning and praying, holding hands and supporting each other - praying for peace, and love, and for the souls of the those who passed to ascend. And they chanted and sang words of power, that they were strong and that they would not be afraid.
The Pittsburgh synagogue shooting has effected jews all over the United States and the world, and all people who enjoy feeling safe and free to worship how they choose under any religion they choose. Hopefully the families affected by this tragedy will be able to feel one day that those they lost did not die in vain and that they re-awakened the need for peace, and love, and light across the entire world.

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  • if there’s one silver lining with this particular shooting, at least all the victims have already lead very full lives. at least no one was under 40

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  • lady...dont go to a third world country... u will cry every day lol

  • but like did the shooter have a reason? like that he hates jewish people or like...idk just why? and what regelion did he or she have?

  • if you’re from pittsburgh like i am, you shouldn’t be afraid. this is what that shooter wanted in the first place, that’s why the SLOGAN WE MADE is STRONGER THAN HATE. i get being scared, but you’re losing if you’re scared.

  • if you’re from pittsburgh like i am, you shouldn’t be afraid. this is what that shooter wanted in the first place, that’s why the SLOGAN WE MADE is STRONGER THAN HATE. i get being scared, but you’re losing if you’re scared.

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  • Still can’t believe it happened so close to home. People in this world are horrible these days.

  • This is some garbage narration

  • It still hurts me as of now, these are people in the city I live in, even though I didn’t know the people who lost their lives I know many who knew them, and Pittsburgh is supposed to be a place of love. Supporting those who has different beliefs. Sadly someone came and tried to ruin that, but we can do better by showing love and support for each other. No matter race, gender, or beliefs. We need to be there for one another. We only have one life so let’s make it the happiest we can.

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  • So as I take it from thr comments section this channel was made for kids to cry and then have other kids cry with them? Seems... Counterproductive.

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  • Shit... I just don`t know what to say... Really, it`s so terrible...

  • Sad but this is what happened in countries where laws are trash and there are defective police(not all)

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  • Crying over a random shooting. I understand it is sad, but put your adult pants on. These things happen, sadly more often than not. We cannot waste our time crying over them

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  • Shootings in America are so Frequent, that even we Europeans got used to them

  • I’m sorry but the style of animation is to silly for such a serious event. I’m sorry but it’s kinda annoying and almost inappropriate. I’m glad they are spreading awareness. But it’s really hard to watch.

  • (The Holy Spirit explained in the book of John): ***The Holy spirit is the third person of the Godhead who exercise the power of the Father and the Son in creation and redemption. Because the Holy Spirit is the power by which believers come to Christ and see with new eyes of faith, He is closer to us than we are to ourselves. Like the eyes of the body through which we see physical things, He is seldom in focus to be seen directly because He is the one through whom all else is seen in a new light. This explains why the relationship of the Father and the Son is more prominent in the Gospels, because it is through the eyes of the Holy Spirit that the Father-Son relationship is viewed. ***The Holy Spirit appears in the Gospel of John as the power by which Christians are brought to faith and helped to understand their walk with God: He brings a person to new birth: "That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit" (John 3:6); "It is the Spirit who gives life" (John 6:63); The Holy Spirit is the Paraclete, or Helper, whom Jesus promised to the disciples after His ascension. The Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are unified in ministering to believers (John 14:16)

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  • You should all be afraid since the government is behind all of this. Either by supporting the people who do these things, Or they flat out do it themselves.

  • I have never been in a shooting, and I hope to never be in one. And to anyone who has been in one or been affected by one, I am truly and honestly sorry that you had to go through such trauma. People can be so horrible sometimes. Innocent lives have been taken due to extremist beliefs and hatred. Enough cynicism, humans aren't all bad. And it hurts me to say that I have vivid and horrifying images of an active shooter being in my school. The thought of it causes me to lose focus on what's important in my school, and that's learning. It's sad that children today don't have to privilege to learn without fear. Truly breaks my heart. Thank you for talking about this, I understand it was probably really hard for you. I am so sorry.

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  • I was a senior at santa Fe high school when the shooting happened. It's okay to be afraid but you shouldn't let those fears overtake you. We lost 10 lives and it's always important to carry them with you. As bleak as it may be you must never let hate win. In a wicked way. Hate brings us together so we can stand against it. Stay strong.

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  • As a white guy, I’m afraid a lot of times because the Jewish-controlled news media is always preaching hate and inciting violence against people with my skin color. Hopefully the Jews will stop their hatred and lies and then the return hatred and violence also stops.

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  • This shouldn’t have been a surprise. We all need to prepare because it’s only going to get worse considering our political and social climate. As much as I understand all the comments that discuss how bad people can be, we have to remember we’ve always had these sort of bad people. I wish more than anything that everyone can be loving and caring but we live in the real world and we need to act with real solutions as to make sure this sort of act in hate never happens in our country again...

  • My Jewish friend got really scared so he didn’t even talk in school for 9 days in school... teachers always asked why he didn’t talk, he didn’t want to answer so I had to explain because I knew what he was thinking, I know how he feels after that.

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  • Religion is why this happens. Until we unite as one human race, there will be too many folks with different, violent afterlife myths, who insist on pushing them on you and everyone. When you deny their deity exists, they will get angry and lash out. If we would have united thousands of years ago, we would have communities on the moon and Mars by now. Probably farther out even. We all have the same two-hundred-thousandth great-grandmother. She is mine, and yours. We are all human beings, and there is no god. I know it’s impossible to stop religion, and some religious are good people. But what a world it could be, without the chains of Olympus holding us down. Get some science in your head!

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  • I used to go to the tree of life... this is really sad

  • Such a tragic event. I hope people never forget.

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  • Anyone have heard of the shooting in Strasbourg in West France ? It happened yesterday and I live not far away from this city. It happened almost at the same time that this video was uploaded and that made me cry

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    • +Becker289 not all people who decide to kill other people are mentally ill. If they were ,we wouldn't have they many prisons and only handful of mental health hospitals.

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  • Here comes the persecution complex. Can we talk about the tendency for these days for people to make tragedies or events about themselves when, in reality, they were not victims in the literal sense? This shit is gonna happen, it’s not politically possible to do anything about guns, move away if you can’t handle the tiny likelihood you might die in a mass shooting.

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  • I'm glad most of you guys are ok..I'm here in Singapore and not knowing anything..27 October is my birthday and i didn't even know anything about this..

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  • banning guns doesnt work in America yall. people have had guns since forever, and taking them away only worsens the problem. one of the main issues in our country is mental health, with most of mass shooters mentally ill. most mass shootings also happen in gun free areas. WE NEED BACKGROUND CHECKS FOR GUNS. yall are too ignorant to be commenting about gun control

  • why do other mass shootings fall off the news cycle so quickly.. yet when jews are the target the event is reported on and referenced nonstop forever? It's a fair question.

  • I’m no racist or whatever but it seems to me you’re taking on a victim mantle here when you are not a victim of this crime. That’s no way to live your life, with a persecution complex. Just saying