Houston Rockets vs San Antonio Spurs Full Game Highlights | 11.10.2018, NBA Season

katma 11 Nov 2018
Rockets vs Spurs Full Game Highlights | 11.10.2018
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    • Day after day, aldridge doing his job silently and go home without fussing or showing as others, respect to the man, and to th most consistent team in nba, although i am not a fan of the spurs

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  • Um time com a camisa parevida com a do exercito destruindo um time que seu 'lider" é um barbudo que usa vermelho e tem o numero 13. Já vi esse filme em algum lugar

  • I am single...who else?

  • Graduated from BMT at Lackland, attended this NBA game afterwards (first live NBA game) there is truly no other way to watch basketball with so much passion, what an experience!

  • TO BEAT THE ROCKETS ???? EASY: You attack on the HARDEN Side when you need a few points... lol ...... Defense in the NBA is generally RIDICULAR at the moment (Considering the physical level of the players, all the coaches etc....), but then, the defense on James HARDEN's side, it's just nothingness! It's an open door on the HARDEN side, it's barely lifting his feet and arms to get in the way...... lol

  • Aldridge will be on Shaq list for sure :)

  • Rockets seem to have lost chemistry. Probably disheartened because last years roster was suppose to be the team to defeat the Warriors, and they know that roster couldn't be improved upon...

  • #GoSpursGo

  • Eric gordon carry this game

  • Still blaming melo? Harden and paul not a team player.

  • makes thumbnail rockets when they lose. unsubbed.

  • G'day mate. Mama Mia. Now thats someYankee Doodle Dandy commentry.On point Uncle Sam.U da Man.

  • Less and less "OH MAMA"

  • White-LA linkup is so sweet

  • The disgusting Italian is being exposed... AGAIN. For how long this fucker will fool nba teams over and over? They never learn?

  • Is Rudy gay injured?

  • Were the Melo haters at ? Its so easy to use him as a scapegoat instead of addressing the ACTUAL issue with the rockets.

  • 7:45 That's me getting the word of the night. I feel like a celebrity. Not really but Go Spurs Go!

  • Why did get Carmelo Anthony. Every team he is on they start losing.

  • Butter Baby

  • CP3 has been done. He’s just a relic that will be forgotten like Charles Barkley.

  • Now, if they just fire all the refs that keep bailing out James harden with bull shit calls.

  • aldrige wears skates every time he guards someone, worst foot work of any big man on defense.

  • Huston was a fluke when it was CP3 and Harden contract time, now they’re straight up Garbage $40 mil a year to each of those bums, it’s going to be a long 4 years.... on a good not harden will dribble the ball 100 million times next four seasons.....

  • 1:14 harden travelling ez

  • ang bobo

  • CP3 4:45 That was disgusting

  • Melo is cancer

  • Rockets should change their name to TRASHED ROCKETS

  • 5:42 when the announcer said green but its actually white. is he color blind?

  • Yesss!!! Rockets lost🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • Who the fuck is that pointguard stephen curry look alike? Btw he is a good shooter excellent in lockingdown defender

  • Well done! Congratulations! San Antonio spurs

  • Rockets are still fun to watch

  • It’s all Carmelo’s fault right ?? Scapegoat ass team

  • My team win beat got to gold state this year we can lose other champion🏆


  • Trade paul to pelicans

  • Every team Carmelo has been on totally sucked! I can't believe they added that cancer to the team! Cut him and save your season! That dude would cause the warriors to stink!

  • Spurs to the finals 2019

  • Carlmello takes his bad luck with him every where he goes 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Anyone remember when everyone kept talking bout how they're 18-0 when paul, harden and capela start? I guess it had more to do with the overall team than those idiots thought it did

  • Congratulations San Antonio Spurs for the huge victory, in this new beginning. I wish you good luck from the heart. Stefanos !!!

  • East is getting stronger and West seems to be slowly getting weaker.

  • that pass by aldrige...lol

  • Eric Gordon always hustling

  • No Gasol or Rudy ..good win Welcome back D White..

  • Had to watch that one twice... The first time I was too distracted by all those empty seats. Go Frontrunners Go

  • Wtf 4:33 the man is walking

  • i'm just here to read the comments lmfao.. harden is trash, cp3 is way past his prime, and we are gonna blame melo.. hahahahaha

  • Lol rockets are trash melo is bad luck

  • Eric Gordan is a better PG than CP3

  • Spurs drop 2 players.in still balling Like Tupac

  • Go spurs Go 🦊👍🏿

  • biast commentator

  • Ariza and Luc > Melo

  • Rockets have only broken 100 five times this season and lost 3 out of those 5 games. Pacers, Nuggets, Warriors up next. Yeesh, this could become a painful losing streak. They have already beaten Indiana once but seeing how the two teams are playing I would back the Pacers in that matchup.

  • EGs dunk was so nasty bro..

  • After watching money ball, I question the guy who though Carmelo soft skin Anthony would be beneficial More than the guys they let go

  • what is happening to the rockets? #1 seed last year to this???

  • too late for jimmy butler

  • Half of this video is James Harden walking around not playing D 😂😂

  • Houston traded away two quality defenders. Now the whole team basicly has no defense

  • White & Forbes is looking solid. Spurs backcourt is really great in the future. Forbes is playing consistently well. Mini-Klay I would say.

  • carmelo hurting rockets even without playing - smooth

  • And this is the team who supposed to challenge the warriors

  • Ok James plays bad they say well he just have a off day Cp3 play bad they talk about the games last year against golden State Melo plays bad oh Lord he to old he lost a step he not good he making the team lose come now y'all be real dude a star let him touch the ball more he suppose to miss he shot 11 times the whole game like really

  • derozan play like kobe

  • jeeze the scores flipped 13 times this game

  • I know Derozan didn't play too well this game but I really love this guys game. Def a great addition to the Spurs. I doubt it but I hope Spurs and Kawhi can reconcile their difference and he returns to San Antonio next season when he's a free agent. Once again, I know that's very doubtful but not 100% impossible. Maybe like 90% unlikely haha

  • is this your mvp LOL

  • i love this camera angle wish more games were shot like this

  • Harden got his flukey MVP. CP3 got his money. They don't care. Rockets are done. CP3 really is a cancer to teams after he signs his extensions.

  • melo is doing good. its all good

  • Abusadores de nba

  • The rockets have to make changes they bring very bad players jerry clark, mcw , james enice and melo this is the cind of players you bring to get better ??

  • Is James harden playing like a MVP? Foh! Nigga lucky he had that squad last season that basically helped everything about him getting it. This dude is the most overrated trash ass dude I've seen in a while. Travel step back 3, and draw fouls is the only shit he can do. Sad! And so are the niggas who ride him.

  • Feck C3PO

  • to be fair, I think Rockets looks better without Melo. It was a close match till the end even Harden is throwing bricks and 7% in three point line. (his lowest ever) Hopefully they will get better. By the way, Lebron is the Goat! Go Lakers!!! i love NBA!!!

  • Rockets are done might as well blow it up cp3 will get 30 plus

  • Playoffs 1. Warriors 66-16 2. Nuggets 57-25 3. Jazz 54-28 4. Blazers 54-28 5. Spurs 53-29 6. Lakers 51-31 7. OKC 49-33 8. Grizzlies 48-34 9. Rockets 47-35 10. Kings 43-39 11. Clippers 42-40 12. Mavs 39-43 13. Pelicans 37-45 14. Timberwolves 36-46 15. Suns 19-63

  • Melo Needs to start

  • i guest harden & cp3 hates melo..

  • The rockets tanking. 😂 it didn't seem like the 4th quarter close game situation at all. 🤔 wtf?

  • What’s JEEF Nathan excuse about Rockets losing last nite game!?!

  • Harden can't defend

  • When u realize a sg of the bench is better then ur starting backcourt..gordon is a mean maschine

  • Rockets suck, Harden and CP3 will never win a ring unless they go to Golden State, Trevor Ariza made a very smart move this past offseason.

  • Such an empty arena. LOL

  • Why gerald green always in the bench

  • The spurs are back! That's how you ball. That trade helped both teams. Demars midrange game fits perfectly with this team. They just shut down a full rostered rockets team. Didn't even let them get 90 points.

  • Rockets lost their heart and soul when CP3 went down with that injury in game 6.

  • Good teams find a way to win. Bad teams find a way to lose really bad.

  • At this point can we finally accept that rockets defense isn't really as much of a problem as the offense and that's why they are losing so bad all these 3 pointers and no rebounds they need to pull their big men into the paint more it's just capela down their like "help me niggaaa" everyone else at the 3 just watching harden and cp3 , no ball movement just harden and cp3 going for assists ,no screens to free players without the ball , nobody brings the ball down except harden and cp3 , no melo or pj or capela in the post, no midrange not even warriors are so cocky they think they can win without it come on dantoni switch you system please it's too predictable and doesn't make the opponents defense work hard to stop the ball giving them more energy on offense to shoot if Steve Kerr coached the rockets right now they would be 9-2

  • Finally spurs

  • Gordon is underrated

  • 1:52...bruh!

  • The Rockets GM is a idiot for trading the team best defender, Trevor Ariza and one of their best 3 point shooter Ryan Anderson. The Rockets will make it to the conference final.

  • Harden rebuilding the Great Wall with them bricks 🧱

  • 马刺没有球星了,都没有多少观众