HOL HD: Scott Frost Illinois Post Game comments

katma 10 Nov 2018
Nebraska Head Coach Scott Frost meets with the media following Nebraska's 54-35 win over the Illini.


  • Illinois the big ten punching bag,

  • It's great and revealing how the UCF team and fans are glad this dude is in Lincoln! It's all about Scott.

  • cant hear the questions

  • Illinois scores 35, not good at all

  • Where is the Mountain Dew?

  • Man that was a good game. Its easier to strip the ball out when you know your guys are right there for clean up. If they didnt have Bush on the field they would have been luck to get a TD! We play like this next week we have nothing to worry about! GBR

  • From a Buckeye fan, great job Nebraska! I want to see Nebraska get back to the Power they were for so many years! It would be great for the BIG Ten!!

  • Outside of creating turnovers this was a step backwards on defense. We knew what was coming but seemed poorly prepared and tackling sucked. Where was the spy for Bush? We got multiple breaks and Illinois still put-up 35pts and 500yds of offense. At least we did play better and get some legit stops in the second half.

  • This is our team! We're heading in the right direction, we aren't there yet but we will be there. I believe in coach Frost, GBR!!!

  • There is always someone that says something about the audio and it’s funny as hell 😂😂

  • I'll admit I was way optimistic about this season thought we could go 8-4 or 9-3 cause Frost is the real deal 3-7 sucks but at least you can say hell yeah it's improving and the Frost era is gonna be a great ride!!!

  • Huskers climbing the ladder of success. Soon they will need a taller ladder. GBR

  • GBR! Love from Atlanta, GA.

  • Can't hear the questions.

    • Why they can't have a mic or two ready and take a few seconds to hand it to the reporter is beyond. me. Ridiculous we hear Frost giving answers when we don't know the question.

  • I’m gonna Amazon Prime you guys a microphone......my treat

    • The mics for the basketball team were great.

    • I will chip on bud!! I can not believe they can not figure this out

  • GBR! Looks good Finish strong!

  • We’re gonna be very good give it a few years 👀👀👀


  • Good win! It sure is turning around. You can see it and feel it, even here in New Mexico!! Love me some Husker Football! Go Coach Frost. Go all you Coaches! And most of all GBR!!!

  • As some have stated this team is just a couple pieces on the defensive side to doing something special. Recruiting will be huge. Trust in the process and be paitient!

  • Looks like Scott is under the weather. Hang on everybody be patient. Things are gonna get better. Can't expect a perfect season the first out of the tunnel with all the new people on board.

    • @+Joe Rockhead Exactly.

    • Well, he was just out in the frozen weather with the wind blowing in his face for four hours. So there's that.

  • Gbr

  • If it wasn't for them giving yall 24 pts off of 4 turnovers. Would have been a different game. Yall still suck. But good win for yall

    • If it wasn't for your mom giving it up to the garbage man you wouldn't be here, so what's your point?

    • How many TD's would we have if we didn't have 11 penalties and turn the ball over 3 times a game? We'd only have one loss. Your argument is flawed. GBR

    • Drama queen trolls just can't live life without trying to stir up shit. It's a mental disorder, they can't help it. "Bless there heart"

    • that IF is a big word turnovers are apart of the game

    • Is bigg june actually Mike Riley or something???

  • cant hear the questions what a waste of time

  • I was there it was cold but the fans dont care

  • long way to go..recruits on the defensive side will happen..patience...will happen sooner..than later...