Gummy Bear Pie Eating Contest

katma 20 Sep 2018
We've hidden gummy bears in whipped cream pies, and it's up to the Mythical Crew to rescue them without eating them first! GMMore #1383
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  • Jen and John just pointing at each other's faces and laughing is true friendship

  • Not gonna lie, feeling nauseous now

  • Jen won.

  • I now look at josh differently *eyebrows eyebrows*

  • That was the most disgusting thing I've seen in a while xP lmao

  • That Wu reference tho ;)

  • i cant stop laughing

  • Jen sounded like jenna marbols for a sec haha both jens are awesome

  • GAWD Jen is so fine 😍 I feel the need to comment every time she’s in a video lol god bless ya DNA!

  • Just wanted to say i really appreciate the donation to us against alzheimer's my grandad has it and the donation really means alot thanks x

  • i 100% agree with jack

  • 🤣🤣🤣👍

  • I love Jen.

  • Oooooh Man!

  • John is just so damn cute!

  • wh is this called gummy bear thing

  • that was so funny

  • Everyone’s talking about Jen’s competitiveness eating pie but that nonchalant single face wipe was BOSS. Jen always gets me laughing.

  • I can't do this.

  • John really put his all into it there was whipped cream on his eyelashes. Lol

  • This episode was mamadas

  • it lands on that one alot, pretty cools

  • OMG I LOVED this Good Mythical More. I think what I liked was seeing the Mythical Crew competing.

  • A very messy episode. I enjoyed it

  • john won on replay sorry jen

  • Yikes!!!

  • As a fellow Canadian, I find myself cheering for Jen whenever she is on GMM

  • Oh, the diabetes!!!🤢

  • That pizza planet shirt though 👀

  • More Pies!

  • I want to make a Jen comment, but everyone else has already said everything the is to be said. So I'll just say *JEN* !

  • When they said ''we are donating to us-'' I thought they were gonna stop right there

  • Am I the only one that loves Jen? I always want her to win....especially against Link! ;)

  • Yes, Rhett's name comes before Link's.. but link is always in the description.

  • Jen had it!!! Lol!! She won !!

  • Thor and hulk, but not knowing surtur, someone didnt see ragnorok.

  • Lol at 2:50, Jenn shoots whipped cream from her nose.

  • You guys just make my day when im sad you make me happy im nine a girl im on my brothers acount

  • What a wonderful birthday present this was!!

  • Ya know I gotta say, I'm loving john's face mask

  • when ever jack is on, it's a good time

  • At 4:05 look at the guy in the red shirt. Looks like he has demon eyes 👀

  • Jen won first!!!! 👍

  • Awesome video guys. I wanted to thank you for your donation to the cure for Alzheimer's, it means a lot to me and many more people of course. Peace.

  • LOL HER FACE!!!!

  • I love how Josh and John are both wearing pizza shirts

  • REAL SERIOUS QUESTION how often do they replace the ticker thing on the wheel?

  • “Whip cream rules everything around me!” What 👏 an 👏 answer 👏 well done!

  • I did this in a high school pep rally but it was gummy worms an puddin

  • This is like a real life mario party game lol


  • John's shirt is great! And his face afterwards 😂😂😂

  • Jen is so fn hot 0.0

  • I want that pizza planet shirt!!!!!

  • That moment at the end where link doesn’t want Jen to be the winner 😂

  • I think Josh should've won! 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • What's the incentive to win?

  • they literally all look like birds pecking at whipping cream😂

  • john and jen crack me up even when they’re doing nothing, let alone pointing and laughing at each other! y’all are hilarious!😂❤️

  • How is it you have a gummy bear pie eating contest and there's no sign of Cotton Candy Randy?

  • John Warder. I'm in love.

  • dude.......Jen is so damn hot!

  • "I'm Matt and I went to college."

  • I'd like to believe that they organized them based on the color of their shirts because gosh, does that look pleasing. I also appreciate that two of the four are wearing pizza shirts, lmao.

  • "I'm Matt and I went to college"

  • Oh what pigs 🐖 😲

  • Will it salsa????????

  • Correction: "Hi im, Jen. I eat a lot of 'pie'."

    • i wanna see a jen vs stevie "pie" eating contest

  • We did this during the pep rally at school today

  • Thank you for donating! My grandpa passed away in July from Alzheimer’s. Hoping a cure is found soon

  • Jen won, she got the ten before everyone else :P

  • 2:53 Jens Face 🤣👌🏻

  • I love Jen and John, they're so great

  • I feel bad for the mythical crew

  • Ummmmm there’s a reason a guy won lol

  • They seem depressed in good mythical more

  • I would eat Jen's gummy bears

  • Jenn won first. And the faces she makes are too adorable

  • Josh and John are both wearing completely different pizza shirts and that is awesome. Matt's Ultimate Warrior shirt is pimp. Jen's shirt is normal.

  • Pretty sure Matt threw up

  • quickes gmmore ever

  • Josh’s awkward fist bump with Rhett was hilarious!

  • Shortest GMMore ever lol

  • UsAgainstAlzheimers. org

  • I don’t know if you can do this, but they should have a gifticality where they donate to the UN and UNICEF fund to end child marriages by 2030

  • I wanna date jen lol

  • Has there been mail? We’ve hardly seen Jen since the season started.

  • That was very gross. It sounded like pigs snuffling into slop.

  • john and jen are friendship goals

  • Josh got a perfect white goatee with some sunscreen on his nose!

  • Gummies + M&M's = GMM eminem level double meanings!

  • This DIDN'T make me nauseous. I also DIDN'T notice the slurping noises. (Until i read the comments, now thats all i hear)

  • Is Jen a full lesbian?

  • That was much more gross than I was expecting.

  • Jen dont eat pie alot? Why u gotta lie and what happened to Alex and his goth buddy

  • Thats Jen for you!! XD :D

  • The sound 💢💢💢💢

  • Omg in my old school we played this same game at the vbs and the winner would get 20 bucks it was crazy

  • 4:09 Jen "that doesn't work for me" after they tied. Lol so competitive

  • This was a great thing to watch while eating😂