Guess These Ridiculous Tombstones (GAME)

katma 29 Oct 2018
We've located some unique tombstones, and it's time to see if we can complete these ridiculous inscriptions. GMMore #1410
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  • my tombstone is going to say "i told you my head hurt"

  • 1:14 oh yeah... That raisinet is still there

  • Thank you so much for helping people in my country ❤️

  • If you die (long time from now) your gravestone should say Here Lies Rhett McLaughlin, Etc Etc. Let’s Talk about That! And if it doesn’t I say missed opportunity. Same for Link

  • one thing i'm absolutely positive that's gonna be on my grave is... my name

  • I'm getting "GET OFF My DIRT" put on my tombstone :D

  • My name is kay

  • i didnt knew that was allowed, them stopping the wheel, cool though

  • 🤣😂🤣😂

  • 4:13 Dark was my guess.

  • 00:06 kook at rhets hand

  • Will it slushy?

  • Donated!

  • May 17 is my birthday

  • I died and all I got was this lousy rock.

  • I think that you should donate to a world for children, an orphanage in Texas my peers and I are trying to get as much as possible to them, but we can only do it in El Paso, and probably San Antonio...

  • My all-time favorite grave that I've seen is a bench that says simply, "Come sit with me." It gives you such a great idea of the person buried underneath, and makes me wish I'd known them when they were alive.

  • What's it got in it's cupses?

  • Good job for supporting M2M😀

  • This makes me sad that it's been over a year and we still haven't been able to get a stone on my dad's grave :(

  • Kind of a weird question but will you ever make a segment where you play weird video games

  • 'Dave's Not Here'

  • You need to have josh make that fudge recipe. You missed a trick there!

  • I dont know, but I think Rhett controlled the spin at the back to land at gifticality. which is awesome for him! good guy rhett

  • No

  • Happy Halloween from British Columbia, Canada


  • hey um can you consider the heifer organization it helps bring people in prone places of poverty to bring them out plz consider luv ya thanks

  • rhett and link should have "dink it" and "sink it" on their tombstones

  • Real video starts at 3:09

  • Oh how creamy

  • Anyone else thinking about making that recipe?

  • I want my to say oof nuts

  • Rhett looks really good in black 😊

  • Link: Tries to take a sip of his water, looks inside cup, slowly puts cup down.

  • rhett: My wife blah blah blah me: "impersonates borat" mah wiiife

  • I knew most of these 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Hey keep your hand off the wheel. Donate and talk about M2M if you want but let the wheel stop where it naturally will.

  • I'm glad they explained the whole m2m thing, I was confused as to why there's a charity that in a sense "supports" mothers having kids who would definitely have hiv. I didn't realise that it's not a definite to be passed on, so when Rhett explained it, it made me realise how good the charity is ^^'

  • Robert clay was an elusive outlaw

  • On my tombstone, I want “I got run down by the Grand Funk Railroad”.

  • Softball stage, marble slab....can you tell these guys don't do much cooking?

  • Maybe it’s the black knit but Rhett is looking like a SNACK

  • Something felt off and I realized it was cause I didn’t hear Stevie’s voice

  • When we were young, I think my sister was about 12, she started getting acid reflux really bad but my mom didn’t really like listen to her because she exaggerates all. The. Time. She would be like make sure my tombstone says “I told you but you wouldn’t listen, now it’s me that you’ll be missing”

  • Can you makes kaye's fudge and give us your opinion

  • My tombstone would say "Well, that didn't go as planned"

  • I got the bathroom;love one!!

  • I work in HIV research and it made me SO happy to hear Rhett spreading the message that anyone (not just expectant mothers!) can virtually eliminate their risk of transmitting HIV to another person if they are on successful therapy. Such an important message to share!!

  • He did say love lol I found it at 4:38 in the challenge when they read the tombstone about “raised four beautiful daughters with only one *•bathroom•* and there was still *•love.•*” I just had to look I was like he did not say love he don’t deserve that point so I had to go look for anyone els who thought this at 5:49. I looked at the video again and found it at 4min and 38sec.

  • Thank you guys for being you

  • woot got the bathroom one right lol

  • Man Rhett and link r good guys they didn’t just spin the wheel but he purposely stoped it on it so yeah good job

  • Grabs the wheel "BOOP ITS GIFTICALITY!" thanks for being so charitable guys

  • mothers to mothers sounds amazing

  • I love all the charity work you guys do! Thank you for giving me a way to be my mythical best and give back.

  • Noticeably missing Stevie

  • Shoutout please?Im new NEW FAV CHANNEL

  • What's the point of the wheel if he is going to stop it on a specific one? Like do the gift thing in addition to whatever it lands on... that's the point of the wheel... its random.

  • *Make fudge with the grave recipe for an LTAT or more!!!*

  • I came for a sweet nothin' daddy... and I'm kinda sad.


  • I love that you use your very public platform to donate and encourage others to do so, wish more people would do that. :)

  • Fun fact, the tombstones are actually at the base of your feet. So, that "If you can read this you're standing on my boobs" one is a fail lol Unless the person buried In front of Janet asked if she could put that, i doubt it but yeah, Tombstones are at the foot of the grave. if you walk behind the tombstone THEN you're walking on them.

  • 3:03 this is where they stop talking. Its a good cause,but i skipped through it because i wanted to watch the game.

  • 0:06 rhett stopped it

  • Here lies the body of Dentist DeMille in the largest cavity he'll ever fill.

  • What curse did Rhett say so casually? Link didn't even react

  • Link being disgusting about whats in his cup and not drinking cracked me up - 1:14

  • The whole "I told you I was sick." one is overused. I even have a somewhat distant relative with that on theirs. You don't want your special rock to have and unoriginal joke etched into it if you're gonna bother getting one. That's just telling future generations "I stole jokes." And they'll know you did because of the dates. Lol

  • Thank you for supporting charity but we can see you grab the wheel to stop it on gifticality

  • I looooove hearing about charities that people are both passionate about, and have evidence that the work being done is helping! It's amazing to hear the progress they're making. M2M sounds like an amazing charity. It's so cool that Jessie was able to see their work firsthand!

  • How much did you donate to mother2mothers


  • Loveee the gifticality

  • Very nice info sharing about M2M ~

  • Dark was SO OBVIOUS! lol (Because it's so dang dark, so dang dark, so dang dark!)

  • Now, I know this sounds weird, but I have a “charity” you could do one day. It’s called PRAI. It stands for Pediatric Research and Advocacy Initiative. In Virginia/North Carolina/nearby states I think, it helps people with PANDAS or PANS and other autoimmune disorders. I have PANDAS and have struggled but PRAI is actually amazing, and they need funding for research. Just wanted to suggest one!

  • What about savage lady butts? That tomb stone actually exists

  • I have recently got back from a trip to Kenya and Tanzania! It was an incredible experience!

  • Loved that you stopped the wheel at gifticality 😍

  • You guys should do THORN as your charity next PLEASE!!!!!!I know TR-tvr Kendal Rae supports it allot and the charity is to help stop for human trafficking. There was just a house found in Carson that was trafficking kids and the police caught them recently... it’s happening here it’s happening everywhere

  • what the fudge?

  • 332nd comment

  • ive seen the tombstone that says i told you i was sick its in key west

  • Love the charity support, guys! You guys should do an episode with Zachary Levi and support his favorite charity, Operation Smile.

  • In my hometown (New Braunfels, Texas) there's a headstone in one of the cemeteries that says "She made the best meatloaf"

  • “Im not having a tombstone, I’m being shot out of a t-shirt cannon”

  • I had me and my mom make the fudge IT WAS SOOO GOOD

  • TOMBSTONE! 🔫🍺😍🙌💏🎩🐴 Wait.. Not the movie..? Oh.. 😞

  • Rhett actually "my wifed" in the middle of explaining an HIV charity.

  • British comedy legend Spike Milligan always said he wanted to have ‘I told you I was ill’ on his gravestone, but the church I believe refused to allow it in their cemetary, so they wrote it in Irish: Dúirt mé leat go raibh mé breoite

    • Helen Nesbitt I like how B.P.’s engraving fades as the sentence goes on. It’s so morbid.

  • When it said Tombstone quotes I thought it was gonna be quotes from the 1993 western starring kurt russell.

  • Now, whenever I look at a t-shirt cannon I'm gonna imagine Rhett being shot out of it😂

  • This would be a killer full episode, maybe next year?

  • Love you sooo much love

  • “Fallopian raw tofu” in the automated subtitles

  • 3:59 Damn it's blank down here HOT!!!!!

  • you guys should, one day, cover the wheel of mythicality with Gifticality but have one slot with anything else, like "winface" or something. thank you for what you do DADDIES

  • I think it will land on WinFace or Gifticality