Golden State Warriors vs Brooklyn Nets Full Game Highlights | 11.10.2018, NBA Season

katma 11 Nov 2018
GS Warriors vs Brooklyn Nets Full Game Highlights | 11.10.2018
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    • Im fun og this team for along time...please down load the game every time they will play...gogogo

  • that game was lit.

  • And people think GSW don't need curry haha yeah right

  • I saw a ps4 sign did you see like if you agree?

  • Clippers warriors 2 5 6 g-o

  • The game was boring without chef Curry 😞

  • I think it's time to cop a Quinn Cook Jersey😆👌

  • someone crucial on the warriors will get injured midseason

  • All the other teams are trying to beat the warriors at their own game from the 3 point line and that is why GSW will win the NBA championship for the next few years.. The warriors have perfected their style of play and lead NBA with their style of play.. The only team innovating a new style of play is the Bucks

  • They need me on the court !!

  • This game was good that's I watched on TR-tv

  • the nets push tho...why does most of the warriors fall down by those bumps??

  • eat bulaga

  • KD跟四號,救了勇士這場比賽

  • I'm so damn tired of the warriors

  • Curry30♥

  • Cook be cooking the 3points without the chef 😁 Gsw great team

  • The best paid donkey in the world. Does not do anything, but no one cares!

  • Chef Curry: don't worry I lend my slider to my cook..

  • Why is curry not here?? Well At least Quinn Cook was there to back the team up

  • and that is, ladies and gentlemen, a real COOK serving hot rings...

  • I love Damian Jones !!

  • Do you know what the CHEF is COOKing in the pot of KLAY???

  • thats why you cant kill the warriors Klay might be off, curry might be off, but then... You still have the best scorer on the planet.

  • Why does it look like JOE HARRIS plays NBA games after work

  • What are them sneaks Klay got on?? Lol And they said Steph had the ugliest shoe lol Klay my boy tho!!

  • When are we starting the KD is better than LJ debate?

  • Kevin Durant future GOAT!

  • First play was a double dribble. All I can think about.

  • Gs wins 116

  • Steve kerr. He's the best

  • Where is Curry

  • Lol watching these basketball fans go at it is funny to me i come from the boxing scene it gets real racist there glad its diff here

  • Thought My Shit Was Lagginn

  • Where is Draymond Green no more teeth's

  • No food for the warriors Chef Curry is not playing

  • Why didn't steph play?

  • Whats up with the word fantasy on the thumbnail? Anyone?

  • GS bench players learned a lot from the best

  • Congratulations Brooklyn Nets, you fought it. Stefanos !!!

  • KD with a silent 28 points and 11 loud assists

  • Boring

  • Had the warriors lost without Steph, bronsexuals would’ve been thirsty in this comment section. “Warriors can’t win without 4 all stars”

  • Listen guys "almost chicken no make no soup". Oh really!

  • of course we all want Steph to be healthy and come back as soon as possible- nice guy, electrifying player, and has a shot at MVP- but in the Long Run, him being out for a bit, along with Draymond, is giving the Warriors a chance to let a bunch of these younger guys really get experience and shine-- Cook, of course, huge this game, but Jerebko has been solid for at Least 5 games in a row, I'm watching that guy

  • The golden state assist made sure Jonas jerebko got up lmao 😅😂😂

  • All these bums sucking KD dick that bitch couldn't win shit on OKC. Never took them to the promise land now he's the best this best that. One thing I do know he's the best coward ran to GS an already championship team. Yes I hate GS, fuck them bums and their stupid bandwagon fans. Half of their fans don't even live in that state. Fake asses

  • This time is the time for KD to be shine!

  • No Curry no game

  • I hate durant . Why? IDont know

  • Wow warriors Rookies vs Nets all stars .. 11-2

  • The number 4 player has been on fire lately


  • Warriors are unfair. They have 5 allstars just give them the trophy already

  • Am i the only one who noticed Hood throwing up Gang Signs haha. Sexton a baller ,trade everyone else. At least they get Zion Next year. Haha.

  • No steph no party...

  • did anybody else hear “ gimme that shit “ 8:55

  • When everybody on the team can be mvp


  • I feel like the warriors bench can make it to the EFC and actually win it.

  • Uhmmm where's Livingston guys?

  • Cook>>>Chef ..... Who's cooking now? The Chef or the Cook??

  • Jerebko, cook and mckinnie looks like a great fit with GSW. oops i think anyone can fit there

  • Only 2 good teams in nba

  • What's a chef to a cook?

  • What did we learn from the warriors huge loss to the Bucks? Yes, two of GSW star players were absent. The lesson there is specifically for KD who played that night. There is a lot of psychology and gelling of players to build a phenomenal team which takes more than individual talent to be a success. So if a player thinks he can just walk away from that niche of players and win championship he is sadly mistaken. It did not happen for you on other teams yesteryears or future years. A wise man knows the importance of humility.

  • KD going to the Knicks or Lakers is a pipedream. KD would just leave after a threepeat? He should just leave until another team finally ends it or he has 4 rings, one more than LeBron.

  • where is livingstone?

  • Where the hell its curry? this game sucks.

  • Warriors ownership and GM have to offer KD whatever he wants. It seems anti-Warriors to think about, but why wouldn't he take priority over Klay and Draymond? He's the best player.

  • Where's chef curry

  • Trash warriors fans acting like be beat the tough team😂😂😂 relax this is nets

  • No curry no problem Cook to the rescue

  • They beat the nets by only 16? Warriors defense and bench needs some serious work

    • Love90 u are dumb if u think net is trash this year, they getting better than last year plus they don’t even have curry, green and Livingston even cousin in this game .

  • Worst player on warriors makes a layup* Fans: OOOOIOOOAAAAAAHHHHHHHH

  • WARRIORS....!!!! LO MÁXIMO, un gran equipo.

  • Cook must've heard coach Kerr talking 👀

  • How is it there's no Chef but the Cook was still serving people🔥🔥🔥

  • People really acting like they aren't already established smh

  • Cook had a Kobe moment in the 4th lol

  • Klay was insane

  • 1. KD 2. Steph 3. Kawhi 4. Lebron 5. Giannis

  • Crazy to me nobody Gave cook c a chance. it is a little easier to play next to Kd an Klay but this Kidd has talent and can flat out shoot the ball hes the perfect back up to Steph, #CookBeCooking

  • Warriors 11-2 and 2 time defending Champs!!!! 💪💪💪

  • Felt bad for the Manimal. 😢

  • Warriors - Raptors 2018-2019 finals.


  • How many times did Klay come off a screen and hit a 2 from the right side of the free throw line? About 5? That must be his spot.

  • Kevin Durant needs a haircut

  • Lowkey wanted to see curry explode again! 💯

  • Where is curry?

  • Damn, Kenneth faried has became another man after Ross dunked on him

  • GSW is the best in the west while Raptors is the best in the east. if raptors vs gsw in the finals, it will be super competitive game.

    • Proud Cebu kawhii sucks

  • Gsw bench look like sesame street lol the big 5 might not be enough

  • Cookamamie!

  • Cook getting the most amount of rebounds makes me laugh 😂

  • seemingly they are saving livingston, iggy and green's energy for playoffs. then mcginnie, cook and jones should score more in regular season to release curry and kd's pressure. also jerebko might just be a bad addition

  • Apparently some moron in this comment section thinks that "banwagon" is being a fan of the player and whatever team the player goes to

  • What happend to kenneth farried?

  • You all bandwagons