Gold iPhone Xs Max Unboxing and review!

katma 18 Sep 2018
Unboxing and testing out the new iPhone Xs and Xs Max! More in depth camera review coming soon, so don't forget to ► SUBSCRIBE:
Apple Event Recap:
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  • I have a question... In the rear of iphone Xs it is not written "Designed by Apple in California and assembled in China"... Generally on all iphones it is written.... Why so?

  • I heard the new iphone now has a dial pad. is this true?

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  • Okay so like I have an iPhone 6s and I have been waiting to upgrade my phone to the x but then the xs came out I’m just not sure if I should, like is it worth it?? (I need opinions pleaseee)

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  • Did you buy the phone with a plan from you phone provider or just by itself with no plan?

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  • I purchased iPhone xs max few days ago and it’s faulty no WiFi connection even after updating to iOS 12.0.1 it didn’t fix the WiFi issue apple seriously need to fix the WiFi issue it’s a big let down!! I’m a big Apple fan but the new iPhone xs max has let me down! In the end I had to return it & get a refund!☹️

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  • I remember about 2 years ago I was so obsessed with buying the 7 plus and just HAAAD to have it and now I feel that about the sx Max lolol

  • At the price of the phone, you would think Apple would give you AirPods with the phone

  • So I went to Verizon to see the new phones thinking I wouldn’t like them that much and that I would just get an iPhone 8 Plus later in the year. Wow. I am shocked. Justine is definitely not overreacting because the phone is incredible. I know people who have the x, and this is such a step up. I would DEFINITELY go for the xs max!! Might be purchasing in the future!

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  • I was little bit dissapointed bc of the live wallpaper by apple, on the paper box it looked really sharp but on the phone its not that high quality. But otherwise great phone tho.

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