Gold iPhone Xs Max Unboxing and review!

katma 18 Sep 2018
Unboxing and testing out the new iPhone Xs and Xs Max! More in depth camera review coming soon, so don't forget to ► SUBSCRIBE:
Apple Event Recap:
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  • I want an iPhone XR only because i currently have a 6S and want a faster/bigger screen size phone but I’m to poor to afford it

  • Who else is watching on the iPhone 7?

  • I have 1 of the iPhone 📱 Xs max gold

  • Love your videos

  • Passion fruit.

  • It might be me but I’m not a fan of the gold. I lean more towards the silver😐

  • Late squad bc in less then a month I’m getting the iPhone 10s max

  • 4:40 it’s all fun in games until she drops the phone

  • "die person" lololololol the germans really need to know what some of their words mean in english............

  • Justine pls do a giveaway

  • love ur vids x

  • Hello sister can you give me one iphone please

  • Hoping to get a Iphone xs max gold this year in 2019!

  • Subscribeddd!!!

  • I downloaded the apps

  • Why can’t I have it 😭

  • I really want one is my DREAM phone 📱 please please please your my favorite you tuber please everybody in my family has a phone not me

  • Honestly I have an LG but I have always wanted an iPhone 📱 like the X or Xs Or Xs Max or XR like fr

  • What was the app that she used with the phone with the constellations and translate with the items because i have the xs max and i want the app aswell

  • Damn the new iPhone looks so beautiful 😍

  • Wait, this doesn’t make any sense. Apple said the XS was 5.8 inches, which is the same size as the 8 plus. The XS MAX is supposed to be 6.5 inches, one inch bigger than the 8 plus. 🤔

  • as a german, it’s so funny to hear her talk in german her german is very cute

  • Don't worry your not overreacting everyone over reacts when they get an iPhone I overreacted when I got an iPhone XR

  • Silver color is better

  • how does she pay for all of this shit???? and that apple wacth is worth $17k mine is just a plain old series 4

  • Are there 2 cameras on the back of the iPhone XS and Xs max

  • Awesome Video Ijustice.


  • I love your videos hope I get to meet u and genna one day

  • Can I get one?

  • Watching on iPad Pro 😂

  • I wish I had this phone😫 it’s stunning…but I don’t want to be greedy because some children out there don’t have anything. And we all need to remember that…

  • I’m getting on too can’t wait !!

  • Why tf would u buy two

  • I can’t wait to get this phone in March!!!!

  • IPhone now it's a warst phone in the world no new option every year no new also the prices it's very highest and we have low prices in Samsung and huwie with more option not found in iphone this is a fake company it's a brand only but I think this company within 2 years it will be closed

  • How do u make them look so huge bro myne looks nothing near as big as urs

  • I wish I can have one 😔 I have a Samsung s4..

  • 2:28 she saw my d*g thats why she recated like that Like if u know i'm not lying!

  • Just have subs because ur hot 🔥

  • People buy iPhone for there status not for features

  • I’m hoping I can go upgrade tomorrow... 😭😭

  • What was the name of language learn app ?

  • Here's a high quality and cheap iPhone:

  • I always overreact I’m glad I’m not the only one

  • Wow love how Apple can make anybody look like a 3rd world hungary never seen tech before idiot! The bloody phone is useless with so many bugs and fixes and the more it costs the more morons will fight to buy one. Apple has managed to con nations of idiots. Rip Steve Job. Visionary died with his creation. anything after 6s. Pure bullshit in new design.

  • my dumbass spelled rings wrong....

  • My teacher still has an iPhone 3GS.......

  • This is the gold standard of 21st century technology driven consumerism. Welcome to the tweet twerk world of non contributing zeros.

  • I wish I had that phone. I have always wanted that phone. I litteraly dreamed about it 3 times already😂😂. Which is acutualy kinda sad cause I really want that phone. ( I don't even have an iphone. I wish I did tho)

  • Ай раша

  • I will soon switch my phone to an iPhone X I’m so excited 😆

  • Calm down and breathe! It's just a phone and on top of that,it's pretty bad one. And yes ! You have a problem,but it's ok. You are funny 🤣

  • I want the iPhone Xs Max SO BAD!!! This phone is so beautiful!!! Hopefully I'll get it for my 18th birthday!!! I LOVE this phone!!! 😘😊😁😙💗💗💗

  • 2:44 ok somethings wrong with her!

  • Ohhhh i saw some real Ishit. Wanna see real phone check here:

  • Lose the nail polish, it looks bad.

  • Why 2 phones

    • Jack Guignon cause they is iphone xs and iphone xs max

  • Yo anyone tried that app? Is it cool?

  • Last iPhone I had was the iPhone 4 I've been on Android since. Moving back over to the MAX Gunna be a wild ride lmao

  • I will have my XS Max a week on Sunday. I got the gold and it’s beautiful. Love it. I upgraded to the Series 4 watch too. Apple has the best !

  • Nice... Really nice. Haha

  • downgrading to the xs, im gonna miss my Q6+ which already had face rec

  • I’m loving my just gold XS Max!!!!!!

  • you are not over reacting . you are just exited

  • I just wanna switch to iphone now,but i just bought this new phone😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Why don’t apple ship or sell with 1TB storage

  • The best review of the xs max I've seen hands down

  • It’s time to join the bandwagon: I’m watching this video on my IPhone 10s

  • Give me one I phone

  • OMG Justine!!!!! My video production teacher Mr.Roper litteraly just showed this video in class and I freaked out.He was saying that he liked the way u reviewed the product and says that this phone has a really good camera for filming.I just got out of class and am comenting this litterally during passing period.ILYSM

  • Good to have such reviews before moving with the new technology products.. Thank You

  • over react hahaha,,

  • Can I have one

  • #IJustine I have to say it's really refreshing to see a review from a woman's point of view. I follow a few tech vlogs on here, but most of them are guys. Seeing your vlog for the first time is a change of pace for me.

  • You should also must be vlogger. U've ability. Keep up

  • Apple looks very very premium.

  • Lol no need to react on my part I already have one 😂😉

  • try offer up for iphone xs max

  • Apple products are the best products in the world❤so high quality, amazing camaras, Beautifully, Heavenly, and Perfectly design ❤Most perfect products in the Universe💕❤💖

  • Idk what makes me so happy watching phone unboxing vids 😂😂😂I’m so weird

  • shes so adorable and cute i cant haha😂❤️

  • Omg Justine you have all the iPhone 😭 Want the iPhone X so bad

  • omg im over-over reacting bc i have an iphone 5c. T_T

  • I luv her channel she has such a good vibe nun negative

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  • I just love your videos! Exactly the real expressions when you have new things. Keep it up

  • Shit phones LMAO!

  • Why no plastic and cutting with those many different knives lol

  • Tumi, one day this will be us, our dreams will come true. 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

  • U look like my EL teacher❤️

  • This is how I would react once I get my iPhone

  • Watching on my gold iPhone xs max!!

  • I Justine you have my same passion for these super tech devices

  • you make me ashamed to have a samsung

  • iPhones are shit your just wasting your money

  • Android is better than iOS

  • Your reaction while opening the iPhone XS was my reaction while opening my first ever iPod (5th gen). Hahaha!

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  • She sounds like she was having an orgasm over these phones