Gold iPhone Xs Max Unboxing and review!

katma 18 Sep 2018
Unboxing and testing out the new iPhone Xs and Xs Max! More in depth camera review coming soon, so don't forget to ► SUBSCRIBE:
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  • I have the Xs max in gold and I love it!

  • I feel like the first iPhone was going through the awkward puberty stage and the iPhone Xs max is the complete makeover

  • Is your fav color gold ? 😂🤣

  • Dear I think You are Rich exactly You Rich And have MAny phones Spicialy iphones ....But My heart From Me THat You give me Iphone 6+ etc..😓😓

  • i dont have an iphone and i wish to get one

  • You’re a nice young lady, I like you

  • I got the IPhone XS Max in space gray but I am starting to like the gold

  • Dear Justine, I really love your channel and would love to just talk to you. I really like iPhones but can never afford them. Christmas is coming up and I don't have a phone and I actually need one. I was going to get on but a death has just occured and now I can not get one. I was wondering since you like to help people out could you help me? I know this is a lot and if you deny it ok. Well.. Have a very Merry Christmas!

  • I personally think Apple has been trying to get that “perfect gold” every since they started making gold phones and I recently got the Xs max in gold and this is it this is the perfect gold.It’s very classy compared to the other golds and rose golds it just combines them all to get the perfect shade. I may be overreacting but the gold this year is just something...speechless 🤯

  • Not my proudest fap

  • Can i have the iphone 8 puls

  • Note 9 is better

  • I have the IPhone XS Max tooooooooo!

  • I’m returning my I phone xs max for my old I phone x. The front camera still isn’t “fixed” it still comes out with that beauty gate shit and it’s all zoomed in. The I phone x NEVER looked all “zoomed” in on the front camera NEVER.

  • Love your channel!!! Also do you keep all of these phones? Like do you use all of these products. Not trying to sound rude just wondering.

  • I am German😂😂😂😂😂 your German is sooooooo cool😂😂😂😂😂😂❤

  • Can u pls buy me iPhone xs max and pls reply for my more detail. Thx

  • I’m in 7ty grade and I got bit on the lip by a dog. The lawyer got me 20k and imma buy a Max for my sis and I

  • Lol it Took me a Moment to realize it was German lol, cause im German 😂

  • Its seems like you care more about yourself than showing ua the phone. Ivr seen more of you than the phone

  • Hey love your videos. Question. Does your TR-tv app on your iPhone flash. I’ll watch mine and it’ll flash like I’m pausing the video but I’m not. It’ll continue to do this but doesn’t seem to happened on android. It annoying. Any idea?

  • 0:15 stared from the bottom now I'm on top

  • honestly to me the gold is way overrated. in person it kinda looks like copper. i don’t like the gold myself. my personal fave is the white. the white just looks soooo nice and clean to me 😍😍😍

  • sub to sub guys

  • How does she afford all these phones???

  • 4:23 song title ?

  • Are u on apples PR list?

  • pls give away i phone x s maxx

  • Нифига не понял, но посмотрел.)) Ведущая приятная.

  • Just got my 10s max today so excited😁

  • I'm thinking she has some kind of mental illness or mild retardation.

  • lol where do her old phones go???

  • Apple should pay you huge amount one of the big advertiser i mean embassador 😂💋

  • Stupid notch

  • Ur vid is so fun ....ur enthusiasm drew me

  • Ok so I’ve watched many of theses videos but no one has addressed the fact that we are required to purchase apple care when we buy these new iPhones 🤔 so now I’m wondering is that just carrier specific? Or was that att store I went to just try to get me for more money 🤔

  • good video

  • Give me your iPhone 6s plus

  • anyone still have a 6?

    • I upgraded last month from a 5s to a 6. ::::)

  • hi am a poor person can you send me a phone to call grandma pls I havnt seen her in a long time pls send me one I see your videos for so long since you started I love you very much. and I question my self what do you do with all those phones and electronics SHARE SOME.

  • I still cannot believe apple ships these without a fast charger.....damn

  • I’d buy a million I phones just to take off the plastic

  • I hate you and the iPhone

  • I js wanna know is there still Siri on there cause there’s no more home button.

    • Hadley Song then how do you power it off?

    • yea. you just hold down the power button

  • I have XS Max

  • Can someone give me this iphone xsmax as my birthday gift. My birthday is on 7 dec . Hopefully 😔

  • 4 gab ram 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Samsung does 6gb ram And oneplus 8gb ram

  • Apple is a scam

  • send one for me free

  • Could you make a video about how to make videos

  • How do you use all these phones at once?

  • Love your channel. Love your house. Keep it up!

  • Hi from London. OMG I love your accent !! great video!

  • "we have got another one!" Damn I wish i could say that, i'm stuck with an android lmfao

  • If tim cook pooped an put an apple logo on it, she would review it and call it the best product of the year

  • I really want that iPhone XS Max! Um... how can I explain that?

  • I have one too

  • We want arabic copy

  • U shuld make a video with all the phone that u buy

  • @justine what do you with all your phones

  • Heyy I love your videos there are so good I love how you give a lot of details and everybody keeps saying that you overreact whenever you get new iPhones but I would overreact too because it’s literally the iPhone XS MAX also I have a questions what do you do with all the iPhones you buy?thank you and have a great day:))

  • reminder: water my plants

  • I’m getting this for Christmas I’m so happy bc I have a iPhone 7

  • Omg I remember when you were sooooo exited about the iPhone 5 lolll

  • Pls justin now giveaway pls 🙏🏻😭

  • Do u do giveaways

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  • 512 girl


  • It's not bad that ur overreacting it just proves no matter how many iPhones u get u still love them as mush as a casual person would

  • It was a great video but why r u wearing your series 3

  • Just got my first job so saving up for this won’t be able to buy one till February 2019 😂😔

  • IJustine thats going to be me my dad is going to get me a iphone X and i am seeing all your vids from the iphone X

  • iPhones in my opinion are really good but just too expensive for the specs that you get if they were cheaper I would be a lot happier

  • Your German is not Bad 😜

  • yes, beutifull and everything, but I use glasses. what about people that use glasses? does the iphone can recognize us with glasses?

  • I love you so much!!❤️😍

  • My dad has the brown leather case too

  • Hi omg i am Germany

  • Yea I don’t like her ... she’s too excited and that’s just dumb asf .... i really want the Xmax now 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • I’m young and i got it and I’m legit crying of joy I started with the 6s now iPhone XS Max 😭

  • She unboxes apple products like me😂

  • give me one plz

  • IPhone 3gs window display with full into for sale. Huge 32 inch screen Original for sale. Not sure how to upload pics here.

  • OMG YOU HAVENT SEEN LORD OF THE RINGS?!?!?? Neither have I.....

  • When I got my xs he put his fingers all over the back

  • how much apple paid u?

  • Guys I need help idk if I should get the iPhone 8 Plus or the iPhone XS Max Updated: it turns out that I upgraded from the iPhone 6s to the iPhone X’s max and I love it 🥰

  • Lame question, but do you use any protector for your screen?

  • Ok can u do a video of iPhone 7 vs iPhone 8 vs iPhone 5c vs iPhone X vs iPhone xs vs iPhone X max lol ik it’s a lot of iPhones

  • So nice

  • R.I.P I am poor I have only Redmi note 4A 😭😭😭😭 and you have iPhone X's max!R.I.P

    • +FOLFING AROUND well,in this matter I also own an Acer pradyot and iphone Xs max but I consider myself middle class because I can't just go and buy them blindly,I have to think before buying them,so I consider myself middle class.

    • I would consider myself middle class and I have the iPhone 10S Max Gold Edition

    • 😂😂😂😂i know the pain of being a middle class.

  • Your Apple Watch is fake

  • If you became the ceo of apple, what would you do first?

  • What’s the app she uses around 8:00

    • I believe it is Memrise and if not Memrise does the same thing

  • Nice Job, Justine!

  • People getting the iPhone XS Max and I’m getting the iPhone 6 Plus but I’m ok

    • Erica’s Videos iPhone 6 Plus isn’t bad my aunt has one but I will say the iPhone 10s Max is awesome I have the gold edition and I highly recommend it

  • How many iPhones do u have 😮😯

  • The gold is more like a tan I’m disappointed.... phone works good tho

  • You are funny as hell. lol keep it up