Giant Slime Making With Giant Ingredients / JustJordan33

katma 16 Jun 2018
Jordan makes giant slime with giant ingredients. One slime ingredient ruins the slime. Can you guess what that item is?
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Hi! I am Jordan and welcome to JustJordan33. I love making fun videos that will make you laugh! I am 15 years old and a Sophomore in High School.
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  • School slime

  • The largest slime I have ever made is an 8 ounce because I’m a noob at making slime

  • In the thumbnail the paint bottle looks huge but in the video is smaller....

  • sorry jorbe but you can't win kerena garsea iam sorry you can be a prencans but kerena garsea is the qwennnnnnnnn

  • I use both paint and food dye

  • Do Galicia slim

  • A mixture of clay, shaving cream,and fake snow

  • Mermaid slime

  • I want some slime please to 34 attelsey way

  • A prank on your siblings

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  • Why did you add three clay????!!!!.

  • 10 gallons of slime

  • This was filmed on my on my birthday

  • I use paint 🎨

  • Ok now time to subb

  • Love you Jordan my name is Lily 7

  • I I never made slime

  • Yesssssssssss! PLEASE DO A VIDEO WHEN YOU FIX YOUR SLIME!!!???????

  • I use paint because food coloring is expensive.

  • Jordan the clay is Air-dry clay your slime is going to melt 😯😦😧😮😲😶😐😑😬🤭

  • In. A. Big. Pool

  • you forgot clay but love ur videos:D


  • I Love YOU J O R D O N

  • I have made 14 big humongous pools of slime before if you don't believe me watch my videos and I'm not going to tell you plus I have to if you don't find any other

  • Dont like oh roses are red vilets are blue shooger is sweet and so are you

  • Food gel

  • Stop don’t add the clay it’s pottery clay

  • paint

  • This was a fale

  • I think it was the soap

  • Omg 😍

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  • I never made slime but I really want to feel one

  • I love slime so much I love it

  • omg that's a lot of slime . i want some soo bad but i live in quesnel :C. but your awesome :DDDD .

  • Roses are red violets are blue i want to make slime but i have no glue

  • Your canola is nice

  • 100 gallins for meeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • I was playing with green slime while watching this and I use food die and paint

  • Do you think this is like 300 pounds of slime video🤔

  • great vid

  • Paint

  • Crazy slime

  • I use paint👍

  • It’s Christmas tree slime

  • 7 gallons

  • I can not do a bubble WHY

  • I use food dye. Like if u do 2!👍

  • food dye

  • Unicorn slime, fishbowl slime, milky slime.

  • blue sky slime

  • I use paint and food die. The biggest slime I have made is 1 gallon

  • Delivery slime two 100 Saint Mary’s St.

  • Your slime is cool

  • hi jordan i love your videos so much can i have a shot out and be friends

  • Food die

  • Make slime out of super glue

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  • 22 gallons of slime

  • On just amerrah they made slime with a big gallon of food dye in the video where she tested to see how much slime can take

  • I have made 14 gallons of slime before

  • Cool

  • its air dry clay not regular

  • Can you play Sardines again please

  • I love your video so much and all attendances her blogs that you tube family, Jake and Ty too!!

  • Paint!😀

  • i like yousing pigments

  • How big is the slime?

  • Turn your slime into a fairy land so I am

  • Jordan your slime melted because you used air-dry clay and you're supposed to use Model Magic clay

  • roses are red Violets are violet Not flip in blue Sorta in the name hint

  • I love you do much I watch you every night and also I sneek days of school to watch you love ya

    • Do you mean I love you so much so get your facts right from GAME MASTER

  • I made 20 gallons of slime that is a'lot of slime

  • It is my birthday today so can I get 2 likes please I never get likes!!?!

  • Dose anyone know what she uses for her slime?

  • I can't use food coloring sadly

  • yes I do make slime with paint

  • I maid 1000 baches of slime

  • Hi

  • Ho

  • I love u ur so cute and pretty love you cya byy

  • Fooddie

  • Jordan : you gata keep mixing Me : just keep mixing just keep mixing

  • My name is jordan and my sisters name is audrey .And am 15yers old my sister is 1 yer old and your nam

  • I love your vedew

  • Your amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your whole family !!!!!!!!!!.My fave is Jordan. Can I have a shoutout because my Rabbit died when he was 4 month, s

  • I use to use paint but now I use food coloring 🙂you are the slime queen 👸

  • Around 14:44 Jordan: I really hope that this slime doesn't get ruined! Me after watching her fix my giant slime video: Consider it ruined

  • I've made 20 Gallons of slime

  • I dount know but you can add more loaxean

  • Ik Gubruik foodday

  • Never to much glitter!

  • I love your slime videos. Can you do some more but you can only do it for 1 minute

  • I use food die

  • Your vids are awsome