Game Theory: Nintendo’s SECRET PLAN for the SWITCH!

katma 3 Mar 2017
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The Nintendo Switch is literally releasing in a few hours and there has been a TON of HYPE leading up to this, Nintendo's newest console, but when you stop to look at it, the Switch is a pretty bizarre system. The Switch promises the most advanced Rumble features ever, but lags behind the PlayStation and Xbox when it comes to graphics quality. Nintendo keeps pushing it as a portable gaming device, and yet we all have mobile gaming devices in our pockets in the form of smart phones. So what gives? What's the big plan here for this hybrid console? I think there's A LOT more to the Switch than we initially realized, and in this episode, I’ll reveal Nintendo’s Secret Plan to make the Switch a success!
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  • Mario might have dwarfism

  • Labo.

  • Mario is not human, he has no collar bones

  • Game theory is cool 10/10

  • I think i saw 1,2 switch( the game) for about 10$

  • Damn 8.2k dislikes harsh much

  • 12:14

  • Anyone in 2019

  • For the accelerometer it is used for Pokémon let’s go to catch Pokémon with the joy-con connected to the switch.


  • So.... Then how does link the only one who grows by the swords timeline thats i i would like to learn? Plz @TGT

  • MatPat, your theory might be revealed to be true this year

  • Mairo could have stoped growing when is size 5'1"

  • One thing you failed to count is that besides the diference in 720p and 1080p of the cellphone and the switch is that the headset magnifies the screen and with the big screen of the switch they don't need to magnify all that much so they could do even better than 1080p with less CPU usage 😎

  • Damn almost 2 years later and this theory turns out to be true

  • Could you imagine a vr breath of the wild?

  • COINCIDENCE probably

  • Sorry

  • What about Nintendo labo cardboard robot

  • 2:40 that was g.. man

  • Mario is not human he’s Italian heheheheheheheheehehhe!!

  • I have a red and blue switch

  • Nice Ouya reference MatPat

  • 0:13 I lost it XD

  • I believe this. Just waiting. Still waiting.

  • I literally was about to play Splatoon 2 on my Switch when I saw this in my recommended.

  • Sorry you were wrong

  • That's more of a gaming theory than a game theory

  • Did... did mario just... jump out of a 3DS with a gun in hand...?

  • Mat Pat Mario is human he just has dwarfism don’t question it. It’s game logic

  • Ive Never thinked in that way

  • Pokemon go killed people to!!!

  • Smash

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  • He could have made a great pun and said it's so intheoriating

  • but there's, not a camera on the switch.


  • Mario can just be a midget

  • The joycons are 80$

  • 2:55 eww

  • 2:20 But today I’m SWITCHing my focus to another topic

  • Thanos gaming system

  • Maybe mario's a midget

  • This is why, *I love Nintendo*

  • Irferiating more like in-theory-ating

  • The switch is the ultimate combination of all their previous consoles's positives. It could not get much better.

  • "Game Theory: Nintendo's SECRET PLAN for the SWITCH" But every time you hear a click, the video goes 5% faster!

  • 2:55 nightmare fuel

  • Lol it was a freaking god dam a box the a “vr”

  • 2:55 I'm done

  • Awesome theory, very interesting

  • Nintendo: We had to much cardboard in stock. Sakurai: Hold my beer.

  • Cardboard. The true answer was cardboard.

  • You would have to belief Mario is the human because 5’1 is a possible human height

  • I’ve got a switch oh yeah yeah

  • Sub me plz

  • 11 snaps in the first minute... u got alot of theorys to theorize

  • Starts talking bout augmented reality. Me: Pokemon go. Pokemon go Pokemon go POKEMON GOOOOOOOOOOOO... matpat: Pokemon go. Me: YYYYYYAAAAAAAAA BOOOOOOOIIII!!!!!!!

  • Mario is a small person

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  • The switch is awsome I use mine as a handheld and my wife keeps hers docked

  • 2:53 grinchy boi XD

  • So if in the intro had 5 switches well 6 theories + Beginning?

  • As a user of an HTC Vive and the Windows MR headsets I can honestly say that the 720p screen on the switch would look absolutely horrible in VR. That would be 640x720 resolution per eye, AKA, screen door city. People complain about the screen door effect on the Vive/Rift and that has 1080x1200 per eye, almost twice the resolution.

  • In hindsight the "secret plan" was the Nintendo Labo and a ton of indie-games.

  • Mario can be a dwarf

  • Every time you hear a snap its a film theory about infinity war

  • Mario is a man child

  • Nintendo should probably switch to sprint

  • Um Mario isnt italian he is Greek Get it? Super mario ODESSEY

  • Matpat you opened up my eyes

  • there is this small video clip of a game in the video in which time only passes when the player moves. i forgot it's name, could someone tell me ?

  • Damn the switch want all the smoke

  • He forgot to add the labo lol

  • The only thing I got from this video is that Pokemon Go is coming to Switch.

  • Switch puns stop

  • If only he knew

  • Anyone else here in 2019

  • Sailor moon!!!

  • Mario is a migit ok O K

  • Yahoo I am NOT a reliable ruler -mario

  • Next theory: the Nintendo switch was actually developed by Thanos, while Reggie and Sakurai are lizard people controlled by the FBI and the Switch is actually an evil message.

  • 8:57 the joy cons are "switched" get it

  • I herd a hidden pun.

  • Ya no vr or ar in 2019 yet sooo

  • WRONG.

  • It would be really cool to play beat saber on the switch.

  • I saved up for 3 years without a job or allowance from my parents to buy a Nintendo switch just to play Pokemon let's go eevee and future Pokemon games. $621 CAD for one Pokemon game. I'm dedicated.

  • *wild applause*

  • *D:* *I am shooketh.*

  • And now let’s go pikachu and eevee

  • I had it the day it came out

  • 7:48 want about 3ds AR games?

  • I really want this to be true 🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • 5 more


  • For the vr thing

  • Yea it’s called nintendo labo

  • For the camera argument, they could put one onto the VR headset

  • Maybe mario is a short person like some people are short