Game Theory: Nintendo’s SECRET PLAN for the SWITCH!

katma 3 Mar 2017
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The Nintendo Switch is literally releasing in a few hours and there has been a TON of HYPE leading up to this, Nintendo's newest console, but when you stop to look at it, the Switch is a pretty bizarre system. The Switch promises the most advanced Rumble features ever, but lags behind the PlayStation and Xbox when it comes to graphics quality. Nintendo keeps pushing it as a portable gaming device, and yet we all have mobile gaming devices in our pockets in the form of smart phones. So what gives? What's the big plan here for this hybrid console? I think there's A LOT more to the Switch than we initially realized, and in this episode, I’ll reveal Nintendo’s Secret Plan to make the Switch a success!
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  • This is a switch from your normal content And btw Mario could be a midget

  • They think is just to nintendo labo,but why not,this is a good theory so can be truth in the future.

  • LABOOO!!! also mario oddesy did use the controllers unattached, good prediction

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  • Little does he know Undertale came onto the Nintendo Switch...

  • I just thought the Switch was a tablet with two controllers and now Idk what it is thx

  • You failed undertale is now on switch daim

  • I have a theory on Mario's height. Mario isn't on Earth. He's on another planet. Nobody says Earth in the game, and the areas are not really realistic.


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  • Dude Mario could be a dwarf

  • 13:13 woah look in the left corner

  • 14 Snaps 14 Theories On The Switch Mat Said In The Start of The Video "There Will Be A Theory Everytime You Hear That Snap" Key Word: HEAR!

  • weird watching this for the first time after they already released lets go pikachu. how did you see it coming so clearly?

  • Guys look im in the thumbnail

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  • But wait they say marios hight is 5 1 but thay never say in feet..............i t hink

  • 0:17 is it weird that dldor a while i dident know that was egg man i thought it was a bob-omb where pants on his head any one else agree?

  • Man, you sure did predict it. Allways one step ahed of them

  • Labo

  • I dream to work for Nintendo. If I do, I’m going to talk to them about your brilliance. Wish me luck!

  • Sega do what nintendon't........wait a second what do we do when Nintendo does everything at once

  • You called it sort of

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  • MatPat the cheapest Headset | Phone price is only $19 It uses the $4 Android Phone (No joke the actual name is “Cheapest Phone Ever”) + The Google Cardboard Headset

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  • can you explane game thery of unravl

  • First pokemon go 2nd pokemon lets go 😂

  • Should I get it?

    • yes im getting it soon. honestly you wont be disappointed. with smash bros ultimate coming out soon and other small 20$ games coming out theres a lot to do. and even if you dont like it youll still be spending less moeny than buying an xbox or ps4 with games and buying a 12 month for 60$

  • Kawaii Patt Cringe for days

  • 3:21 I guess that's why SNES Games are for the new 3DS.

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  • Do a undertale episode again before it comes out on the switch

  • Everything with the theory makes sense... Except for the prices that you mentioned. Let's be honest, it WOULD be the cheapest virtual reality or augmented reality system... But Nintendo actually sold cardboard for the same price of a new game. So you know for a fact that they are going to sell that headset for... if not the same price for a lot more than a game. Therefore it will end up being about the same price as everything else on the market

  • Put a camera on the headset.

  • You know if I want too convince my parents to buy me a Switch then I only must show them this Video so thanks

  • The Vive, Touch, and the hand controls all look like sex toys, just saying

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  • Damn i wish this was true

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  • Everything sounds better with a snap. Eg exotic butter ( snap )

  • I was hoping you would explain how the switch is basically a beefed up iPad. Nothing special besides it’s new tech. And for $300, I would hope it comes with a game that doesn’t try to show off the switch. Like something else that may not be Nintendo’s game. The switch was always just an attempt to jump on the bandwagon of gaming in my opinion. They pretty much combined everything popular in gaming concerning consoles. I don’t suggest buying it as there are better consoles out there and better things to spend money on.

  • Mario could be a migit

  • Nintendo Switch MR Headset compare HoloLens. Is that what you think.

  • I've got camera in 3ds ):

  • 7:47 look at the image then look at the bar

  • 9:48 Mat: ...when basically every phone on the market have 1080p Me: watching on 480p screen...

  • I freakin knew it, im a huge fan of vr, and the switch controllers set off many alarms in my head. Imagine pokemon vr

  • Did u consider that Mario could be in his small form and that 5.1 Mario is Mario with a mushroom

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  • cringey 13 year olds will now buy a switch because fortnite and because of the chance of VR device for switch

  • And what the heck is Nintendo Labo? What does labo even mean? It sounds like a dog breed

  • Miyamoto: "Why does everyone like messing with my face?"

  • As long as Nintendo doesn’t change there name to Gregarious Simulation systems

  • Yeah I know their real business plan its making us a gamers lose the tiny switch cards

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  • Nintendo Switch and Joycon doesn't have cameras and microphone, but hey we have idea only VR HEADSET built-in camera, microphone and gyroscope, can be separated accessories for Nintendo Switch that side rail attached Headset.

  • Some people working on augmented reality stuff brought it to our school, and we got to test some stuff out, it was pretty cool.

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  • Who the hell would carry around a gamecube?

  • Undertake is on the Nintendo Switch

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  • What I want is a Nintendo switch browser that you can download on the switch

  • "If theres one topic Ive talked to death, its fnaf, if theres a second topic Ive talked to death, its marios height" matpat-2017

  • Hey Matpat um can you do a theory on night in the woods... Like what the hell mae's dreams mean

  • Thought u ment how easily the joy cons break and u use money to repair/replace them😅

  • ok ok so probably no one will read this but if you have a Nintendo switch and super Mario oddessy you probably know you press down you can look around and I moved my screen and it moved with me like a vr head set