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Falcons vs. Browns Week 10 Highlights | NFL 2018

katma 11 Nov 2018
The Atlanta Falcons take on the Cleveland Browns during Week 10 of the 2018 NFL season.
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  • 6:36. Did you see my hand off though?

  • RIP that camera guy at 5:48 on the sideline.

  • I felt dangerous today

  • Cleveland Browns destroy the Falcons !

  • The best record the Browns have against another team is this one. 12-3 all time against the Falcons

  • look at the 2nd Quarter 8;38 left the hand off was a forward pass and a another forward pass to Mayfield from Laundry and from Mayfield

  • So glad this city is seeing hope #Godbless

  • people ask me why I still like the jags its called loley

  • Lol 5:48 the camera guy trips himself

  • 😦Browns 👌💪👍👏👏👏

  • Coach- check RB- check QB- check God I’ve missed my Browns

  • Cleveland Rock's

  • How the hell did the Falcons lose like that's sad

  • We, Brown's fan sincerely don't want any of you ship jumping narcissists liking this team... Y'all are the phoniest souls on earth... Always sniffing around where winning occurs... Since 99, no sympathy, just demonic bully jokes kicking dirt in the eyes of down on their luck souls...😠😠😠 Keep it up, cause I can smell your wicked souls trying to hide behind keyboards...👍👍👍

  • Mayfield is the real deal. Browns better stick with him WHEN he slumps, because this dude is no... funny... I can’t even remember that “Mr. Football” guys name... Manziel?


  • Giants all the way

  • here we go brownies here we go woff,woff

  • The brown can win wow

  • As a Ravens fan, I was so pissed we didnt draft Chubb. That kids a beast

  • Bungals gunna get it too GO BROWNS

  • 6:38 here's what matters

  • Browns are actually winning some games 3-6-1 wow out of 11 weeks they lost 1 but I think 6 tied games is a lot but 3 wins is not bad for a rebuilding team that’s my opinion

  • Couldn’t be happier for the Browns- Saints fan

  • Browns going in the right direction!

  • Cleveland has come a long way! 👏

  • I was wondering where perriman went, also I hate the falcons I really hope we beat them but idk if we can😢

  • Sweet. Thanks a lot for this. :)

  • As an aussie living in a land way down under, am always checking up on the Brown's weekly games just to make sure they win or are competitive.... they need it more then any other pro team in all of sports 😅...

  • Best endzone design ever remember seeing! #SaluteToSevice #Respect


  • S U P E R B O W L

  • I’m a Falcons fan, but it’s still good to see the browns win, wish it wasn’t at our expense, they kicked our ass. Cleveland on the rise

  • Baker is going to be HELL... I thought he was going to struggle this year going from running shotgun 99% of his plays in college to all this under center, making calls at the line stuff, but he looked so comfortable doing all of it, footwork is amazing... idk if it was just this game or what, but I can’t wait to see him get better and better... oh and it’s good he did this against those trashy birds hehehe #WhoDat

  • this makes my donner hard

  • This is a good old style ass wupin by the pa... wait the browns WTF!?!?!?!

  • If Mayfield don't get drunk I think he has a bright future.

  • I am a proud Browns fan and have been since the Cardiac Kids days. It was hard watching my Browns basically stink up the AFC for so long. Every now and then they would get some good talent, but nothing that worked well as a "team" for more than a game or two. Now... for the first time since the mid-80s... yeah... that long ago I feel like the Browns are developing the chemistry they need as a team to be successful. Even so, I have to take the Browns' current successes in stride. Part of being a Browns fan is understanding that things will go wrong at some crucial point. It's like in the Browns DNA or something. The excitement comes when they overcome that obstacle... like they have so many times. Unfortunately, they haven't been able to get past the AFC championship game. 86 & 87 were gut wrenching and heartbreaking. In both cases they beat themselves. So I can't get too excited when they beat a mediocre team like the Falcons. Yes... they played in harmony and showed good chemistry and didn't make big mistakes. There were few penalties and no back-breaking mistakes (one pick that led to a TD). They need to play like that every game to become contenders for the playoffs. I think they can make a run for the playoffs next year. I believe they can be contenders for the AFC championship within 3 years.... IF they maintain and don't lose too many good players or get too many injuries. Superbowl... maybe in 5 or 6 years. I love my Browns!

  • At least they winning games baker mayfield could probably win two or more but I think just 1 more

  • Let's go Brownis Let's go!!!!! Best things this season so far.

  • I'm from Cleveland Lebrun went Indians not the best feels good seeing atkeast the browns improving!!!

  • Both teams are trash

  • Check out the "QUARTERBAKER" right here,

  • I really don't see us Dallas losing this like We CAN'T!!!! ATL D is not good

  • 1 million views

  • Nick chub

  • 5:47 LOL

  • They need to get rid of Desmond Trufant Scared no tackling self, he is always getting burnt...... and will watch the runner run right on bye... need to get rid of him Quinn

  • Falling dude 5:49

  • B E L I E V E L A N D

  • And this is a Man's game, pads and helmets. A Women's Rugby Team would kick their arse.

  • to all the haters and people who think the browns are the same old browns, go back and look at the scores to all their games this season. with a good kicker and without the refs taking games away admittingly, this team could and should be 7-2.

  • This is just awesome, plain and simple. So proud of the BROWNS!!

  • See how fast Baker reacting to that pressure on that roll out touchdown to hygge

  • Baker was mic'd up he said it's the start of something special right here and I think so we're going to go in win the rest of these games

  • I love watching the Falcons get demolished, even better that it was by Cleveland. #28-3

  • When you're teem is 99 ovr

  • Whatever happened to Devonta Freeman anyway

    • Mikel Cano got injured for the season in their 2nd or 3rd game

  • @ 5:45 to 5:49 the camera man falls over the 20 yard marker, pretty dang funny!

  • Browns remind me of the bucks. Low key And slowly improving

  • Browns will no longer be the laughing stock after this season.

  • Not a Browns fan. But just happy to see that they played like a well coached pro level football team. It was just good to seem them get a solid win against the Falcons. Chubb, Baker, and Ward were excellent pickups. Also saved money by dumping that bummmmm.. .hopefully they keep it up. Also it is weird to see Browns beat Falcons..and Pats lose to Titians....but then again they are coched by Vrabel.....its going to be an excitng run for the playoffs this year.

  • I have more faith in the browns to end the season at 500 then I do for my 5-5 dolphins.... Yes I know they have a tie lol.

  • The brown actually look pretty good this year

  • 6:37 Cool Running

  • I really think they can run the table and win out if they play like this for the rest of the season

  • Atlanta I feel so bad for you I actually want to support you more this season I am so sorry

  • Falcons is a really good team. Browns should have fired Hue J. a long time ago...Browns could have gotten more W's!!! I hope you guys are impress with the browns this year. Its not an elite team like Rams or Kansas but its fun to watch Mayfield play.

  • I just started going for the browns first season lets go

  • Ay man...this team has potential

  • Chubb and Mayfield are actually really good.

  • 2:15 Logan Paulsen? 😭💀

  • Mayfield’s got hella potential

  • Damn the falcons really lost to the browns😭💀

  • That one lucky guy who played Chubb against you...

  • @7:52 Matt Ryan....... you're right there......... why didn't you run it in?

  • Mayfield and Chubb are the cornerstones of this franchise! Congrats Cleveland! I think you finally found the combination to take you to a SB! Mayfield so far is the finest looking to come out of this years draft of QB's! I wish the Jets got him. Darnold (I know it's early) hasn't even come to looking anywhere as impressive as Mayfield!

  • 5:48 guy falls down over yard marker

  • Amazing how all it took was to remove the two egos, bring some structure and tailor your game plan to what your guys do best. It's almost like it's common sense.

  • Zeke is gonna have a great game against Atlanta

  • All ten falcons fans were extremely disappointed after this game

  • Awesome run Chubb

  • When the browns are on they are dangerous! We need to play like that the rest of the season.

  • 5:48

  • Ryan has the best Arm but worst Football IQ

  • Chubb remind me of jamal Lewis and Julio Jones strong af for a receiver

  • Well, after 50,000 quarterbacks since 1999 the Browns finally found one that might work.

  • Nick Chubb raw af

  • Big win against the falcons now we’re only 12-3 against them all time


  • Bakers starting to look good

  • Browns are scary this year!

  • Actually a Steelers and Cowboys fan, but these Browns make me happy. I need some merch.

  • #gobrowns 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🥇✊🏽🐶

  • Matt Ryan got a max contract for what?He's washed up


  • Any Raider fans in these comments?!

  • How about that Browns defense?! That was impressive.

  • I've said it all along. Fire hue Jackson n Cleveland will make playoffs. To bad for Cleveland they fired hue Jackson way to late. Hue will never land a coaching job in the NFL again

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