Embarrassing Halloween Costumes

katma 31 Oct 2018
Which member of the Mythical Crew spent a night as the Target Dog? We're guessing who wore these embarrassing costumes! GMMore #1412
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  • I guessed Jen as Qui-Gon Jinn for one reason. She's Canadian. Halloween is cold up here, so kids wear winter clothes with their costumes

  • Necco waffers are my favorite things in the world! Chases dad is the best!!

  • I love ten word stories

  • Favourite youtube channel right now. Why did it take me so long to get into these guys? Oh well, plenty of videos to catch up on.

  • Well, the little Teletubbie definitely stole the show in that photo

  • Chase is so hot

  • Licorice donkey should be a t shirt or something

  • Dora expoder

  • Skinny be under estimated Pelvis small But Pumpum sweet and tight

  • chase is so great

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jen is incredibly attractive.

  • Jen is right. Red Vines are gross, Twizzlers are the way to go.

  • Necco wafers are way better than circus peanuts any day, better than just about half the stuff on the bad candy list lol

  • Happy Bday to Chase's DAD! Xoxoxo

  • I can see Cotton Candy Randy with the Chaseter Bunny next year for some reason...

  • Doug butabi?! more like zack and Cody

  • Canadian like black licorice because I am Canadian and I like it

  • Jen and Chase sitting next to each other. Overdose of adorable and awesome.

  • Jen looks so deppresed

  • 11:09.... Jen's talking but her mouth DOES NOT MOVE

  • Let's make this one thing clear: red twizzlers are NOT licorice. They are cherry-flavored whip-shaped candies. Licorice is a particular flavor. Only Black twizzlers contain licorice. (Brown twizzlers don't either, for the record. They're just chocolate. And possibly plastic.) Sorry. I'll get off my soapbox now. If Rhett and Link can get pet-peeved over "barbecue," I can get pet-peeved over this!

  • Absolutely love the shirt, Chase! Best book/movie ever!

  • Kevin is my favorite. U need to try and încorporate him into more videos.😁😁😁

  • Link went hogwild on his dads butthole lol.

  • I like red vines to


  • “I just went hog wild on your little licorice, donkey...daaddd??” “Got some explaining to do” GMM summed up in two sentences

  • Link sees blonde hair and just can't look away lmao


  • Is chase gay?

  • Theresa

  • The chair at 1:00 -- SQUEAK

  • Lol I could definitely imagine a teletubby being at the cantina in Star Wars.

  • I hate Chases face

  • Oh, you guys don't know the secret about Necco Wafers? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Thanks for the shoutout link;)

  • I feel like Kevin watched the company man necco episode right before shooting GMM. Who knows that much history about necco? Lol

  • I think I saw jen at a mall passing out candy

  • Nascar drivers without sponsors is the scariest costume!!

  • I really wanted this to be old Rhett and Link costumes 😂

  • I ❤️ circus peanuts

  • Red Vines for the WIN!!!!!!

  • Cotton Candy Randy: Happy Cotton Candy Day Daddies! Want these licorice pills I found in the parking lot?

  • I like how Rhett starts to say p

  • chase looked more like justin bieber!

  • Is it just me, or does Chase sort of look like John Wick?

  • I'm a huge Qui Gon fan, so I would've worn that costume if I hadn't been a teenager at the time it came out.

  • I was on a plane headed home when these episodes aired yesterday. That was my Halloween.

  • Sponsorless Nascar Drivers 😂

  • I have that exact same shirt that Chase is wearing! Great shirt, great book, great taste, Chase!

  • I was Prison Mike yesterday. I wasn't going to dress up until I realized that it would only cost me 97 cents at Walmart

  • CHASE IS FAMOUS #13 on trending in the Uk!

  • When Jen thought that costume was a Sailor Moon costume my inner weeb went freaking crazy! THAT'S NOT FOR SAILOR MOON!

  • Where the Zeitgang at?

  • Jen HAS A DAUGHTER?! I would LOVE for y’all to do an “about the crew” segment!!!

    • Medical Doll no she doesn’t. it was so she could be Liam Nielsen from Taken

  • Lol Chase looked like Justin Bieber


  • ♡ Jen

  • Never mind that Qui-Gon Jenn is a great pun, I knew immediately it had to be her because... they are dressed up for winter weather! That's an Alberta Halloween level of bundling for sure.

  • Mlg Teletubbie

  • Kevin looks so much like Ralph Macchio, it would be a crime if he didn't have a Karate Kid costume.

  • The new asin crew mythical beast girl has one boob bigger than the other

  • Jennjen jen oh my lucifer jen has got to be the 2nd most hottest female on the planet behind Christina ricci

    • What can i say im a for head guy its hot and attractive

  • The backround art to this halloween event could have been better. I dont think it lives up to the paat 2 years halloween decorations but that's just me. It feels like something was missing. Like it wasn't big enough or something

  • Chase I see that H2G2 shirt. Hella jealous! Best book series ever

  • This made me realllllly want some twizzlers

  • I love the ghost in the background of chases Halloween costume 😂😂

  • I love the salty black

  • Donkey???????

  • I love how Links eyes looked after he said dad.

  • Chase’s costume was the best!!! LOL

  • Are they ever going to post new episodes of Ten feet tall ?

  • Chase is now my favourite crew member.

  • 0:48 link trying so hard not to laugh at his joke😂😂😂 its alright link, we've all been there

  • “What’s happening down there?” Link ya naughty.

  • One misconception is calling licorice “black”. Licorice is licorice is licorice is licorice. It’s one flavor, one color. Lol. Also, “red licorice” is not a thing. Twizzlers are not licorice !

  • that teletuby kid is a meme waiting to happen

  • Start your mornings off right with a full cup of mythicali-tea

  • You guys should do a video about what toilet paper would be the best tp to use as a mummy...or tping a house...or maybe a whole Halloween thing about tp...it seems fitting for the year I'm having. Ha!

  • thumbs up fore Chase's shirt


  • Jen is so cute 😘

  • i did karate kid too

  • Hot Sailor Chick

  • It's so ironic they did a 10- word story today when I posted a spooky 10 word story to their Facebook page. It went like this- your landlord is a cannibal that turns into a bat. I challenged them to make an elevator pitch off it. Hopefully, that'll be something me and all the other Mythical Beasts will get to see.

  • I love Chase's shirt!!

  • I was stitch for Halloween today if you don't celebrate Halloween have a good day any way

  • Rhett is especially handsome in the Ernie shirt.

  • I just went hogwild on my little licorice donkey dad

  • Why does Jen look mad/lost

  • Why is Jen so beautiful though


  • What does the girl Teresa (next to Jen do) at GMM? Intern?

  • I had to pause the vid to say happy birthday to Chase's dad cause they kinda cut him off when he said it and i felt bad.

  • I had my volume on full and had no clue when the vid started and the chicken thing made the noise i threw my phone anyone else

  • Wheres cotton candy Randy

  • Jen was easy to guess because it gets cold here in Canada on Halloween.

  • Necco wafers are awesome... especially when they came out with the all chocolate pack...Circus Peanuts are awesome too

  • I was disappointed that Jim Carrey wasn’t in night at the Roxbury because he was in the snl skin... but not in the movie