Dr. Phil DESTROYS spoiled brat!!!! . -- Dr Phil #7

katma 12 Sep 2018
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  • The Subtitles call him Savage Dr Phil

  • People: what time is it Normal girls: SUMMER TIME ITS OUR VACATION me: PHILL TIMMMEEE

  • Send her to the rrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnccccchhhhhhh

  • Take her to the ranch😂

  • I want to go to the ranch


  • Hahahaha send her to the death ranch🤣

  • 18:33 he looks like ewan mcgregor!

  • Im a kid nvm im a teen now

  • There's always electroshock therapy

  • This is just a classic

  • My grandma lives in a ranch


  • 0987654321234567890-@#/%^&*()(*&^%/#@-

  • When I was 11 I was doing I was probably watching barbie 😂😂😂

  • R Ra Ran Ranc Ranch Ranc Ran Ra R

  • 15:20

  • To the RANCH!!!

  • *woOoOoooOoooW*

  • 12K people don’t yawn apparently..

  • Yooo, does anyone know her instagram and/or Twitter 👀

  • Her grandma doesn't want her money going to the ranch.

  • This kid isnt even spoiled wtf

  • What is the surname of this girl?

  • Grandma lady: I love my granddaughter PewDiePie: And money

  • Hi

  • 13:10 NYEH

  • She needs to, stop it, get some help.

  • I swear I was in mid yawn when you said to smash the like button if you yawn.

  • shes a roach

  • dr phil should sponsor you AND give you a tour of the ranch lmao

  • Watching this on a iPhone 6s

    • Hell yeah, the greatest

  • LMFAOOO 12:26

  • I kinda wanna catch a one way ticket to the ranch cause it sound fun 😂😂

  • 6:35 the feeling when you always watch youtube

  • It feels like a week since he hit 80m and today hes at 81m w o w

  • Pewdiepie: Like if you buy it on the street and you... I DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THIS! 8:40


  • He should watch that psycho 9 year old who killed baby birds xD

  • Thank u I really hated those parents and I love your vids

  • New TR-tv red show The Ranch ft. Dwayne “the rock” Johnson, Pewdiepie and Ronald Mcdonold

  • " i LiKE WAtcHInG ChILDren CrY" -PewDiePie

  • 0:01 Best Part

  • 11:22 why? Because smoking pot and drinking alcohol at the age of 14 (or any age before your brain's completely developed) hinders your brain's growth and can have serious consequences. That's why.

    • *price is right losing horn*

  • apparently 12k people dont yawn

  • Your videos are the best 🥚


  • *I A M A T Y P I C A L W H I T E G I R L*

  • I love how Pewwwds knows the true meaning of polyamory.

  • Gabriela @14 smoking /drinking alcohol / sex . . . Me @ 22 still none of the above mentioned.Just sitting around watching anime.Then sleep.

  • I bet the ranch is really just some Vietnamese sweatshop and they never get out

  • How is she now ?

  • all white people are just stupid ..too much into sex and smoking weed ... why cant they just have morality like the asian cultures

  • “So what does this mean, don’t worry guys I will explain” *PLAYS A VIDEO OF SOMEONE ELSE EXPLAINING IT*

  • ram ranch??

  • this video is good to watch when you think your mom sucks after watching this you will love your mother and then contemplate how the mom in this video even came out of the womb

  • You've obviously never been sent away at a young age. My brother was for 3 months-or more, it's been so long- when he was 15 and all he did was refuse to go to school. I was sent away a couple times for the same reason, but always for just 3 days. Never understood why he got the worse punishment. Anyway, great video! 👍

  • Waiting for a settlement from the husband or ex-husband so she can get a place, but she can afford to buy weed.

  • Best video

  • LOL

  • 1:58 do you mean that jar of popcorn kernels so they can make yummy popcorns and not that crappy microwaved horse pucky?

  • Me: *Slowly clapping through the whole video* 😂

  • 15:27 FBI wants to know your location

  • Send T Series to the ranch

  • It's shameful on so many levels. The mom has fully bought into the concept of moral realativity, not out of any conviction, but out of apathy and laziness. The daughter is both ashamed of her race, "I don't feel like a white girl", and is terrified at the idea of being normal because it will mean she'll have to compare her own successes and failures to those of her peers, so instead she just retreats to this hazy bubble of drinking and smoking that her mother encourages for her. Her mother cares more about feeling youthful, and living vicariously through her daughter then she does about any concept of setting a good example, or being a loving, stable parent. She sees her daughter as a tool - a means to a self serving end. Absolutely disgusting. The father falls behind the blathering of a modern court system to separate himself from any level of accountability. "Oh well, courts always rule in favour of the mom." The grandmother cares more about grandstanding and putting herself above others, then she does about the future of her own grandchild, or else she would have demanded legal guardian ship of her, and not let the mother corrupt her grandkid any longer. Every single one of those people have some very sick views of reality and should repent for their failures. I dread to think about the kinds of punishment God has in store for them.

  • I love these captions hhahahahaat 13:34 it captions the girl as "brat" 😂

  • He looks like voice over pete

  • Shouldn’t the mom have been arrested

  • Live stream more tropico 6

  • I may be too much of a pacifist here, but here are my views about Gabrella's behavior. Smokin' weed? Your choice, nobody really cares. Drinkin' booze. Well, your choice, people do that now and then. Being sexually active at 14. A bit early, but if you think you're mature enough, go ahead. You can say that I'm a pacifist but Gabrella has a point. We should learn to give in sometimes.

  • Put captions on 13:21 and it says mama thot

  • For the last 6 minutes, he just talks about the ranch...

  • . . . . Read More

  • “All kids are stupid” Pewdiepie ~2018

  • Man a lot of people yawn

  • My mind v big AboOgALooGaDOo

  • As a teenage guy in highschool, young thots exist, they are almost EVERYWHERE

  • memes.......memes everywhere

  • Pewwwwwwwwdiepieeeeeeee

  • Comedy 💎DIAMOND💎

  • I know one thing dr Phil is good at Sending BRATS to RANCHES

  • Her at 14: Smoking, sexually active, apparently "woke" Me at 14: "Spell icup"

  • Lol in Argentina this is completely normal xd

  • Anyone else laughing at PweDiePies captions...

  • #9yearoldarmy

  • Watching pewdiepies utter joy and enjoyment in watching children cry is straight up inspirational 🙌🙌🙌

  • 13:13 are you alright?

  • why hasn't the backpack kid been sent to the ranch?

  • i yawn

  • That’s the huge problem with some mothers today; rather than them be a parent to their kid, they want to be their child’s best friend. There’s nothing wrong with her being a Dominatrix because she has to make a living. However, it becomes a problem when you practice bad habits (smoking marijuana) around your child and convince them that your actions are good. There’s going to be a time where she really wants to discipline her child but she’s not going to take her mom seriously.

  • Send to gulag

  • Why does this girl looks like Mandy from shameless ?

  • Pewdiepie can you react about this weird girl pretending to be a dog on Dr phil or and #bringbackdrphil :(

  • I’m annoyed that she said showering is a natural thing

  • *R-A-N-C-H!* What does that spell? *RANCH*

  • Meh. I agree with the mother and daughter on this one. If you want to do something and your not harming anyone else in the process and your being responsible then it’s no one else’s business. I think it’s kinda wierd the mom tells her daughter about her dominatrix stuff but other than that ALL kids do smoke pot Dr. Phil I assure you they do. It’s the reason I became homeschooled my senior year of high school because everyone was doing drugs. And if the girl wants to have sex at 14 then let her. Her love life is none of your business and it’s none of the laws business either. Some laws are just retarded and are founded on powerful people’s views not majority of people’s views. Doesn’t matter if it’s a majority decision or powerful person decision anyways. Sex and love is a human nature and shouldn’t be dictated by others when you can or can’t act on it. So in summary I agree with the girl. Especially when she said that the Dr Phil show is about judging her😂 cause that’s all your show is about is judging “troubled” people and actual troubled people to be fair. But this is more of a “troubled” case to me. “Troubled” in your OPINION Phil. Leave her alone and focus on more actual troubled people cases dude. Don’t go poking your abnormally large forehead into other people’s way of life just cause they are a bit strange or different than most people.

  • wow meine Niggas diese Schlampen verrückt

  • Can dr. Phill be my counselor

  • Phil the destroyer