Cutest Dog Halloween Costumes

katma 25 Oct 2018
What do the Good Mythical Moms think the cutest dog halloween costume out there? GMMore #1408
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  • Linkeeta has spent too long in LA she’s lost her accent 😂😂😂

  • “He’s only 19 tho” “But he knows where it goes in the bag” 💀😂

  • linkettes bosom are a bit low lol

  • I'm still recovering from Rhett making a "crush videos" reference that no one else of the crew seemed to get (for the best).

  • Omfg when they were talking about dollywood I thought linkita said "do you like to peg" I died, had to repeat it several times

  • “Life is great under the sea” gave me chills

  • Makes my dayyy

  • Papor

  • 5:45 link is trying so hard not to act like he knows everything about Star Wars and then he just gives up and makes an excuse 😂

  • Lmfaooooo Luther Vandross is a black R&B singer😂😂😂

  • _under the sea_

  • OMG thank you so much for talking about my two favorite movies Jurassic world and IT. Also that is a velociraptor and thats what my cat was! And I agree Chris Pratt is a snack.

  • If this is the first episode someone sees dang

  • I bet 10 year old Rhett and Link never could have imagined THIS is what they’d be doing for a living, later in life. 😂.

  • Its a Chow Chow.

  • so cute

  • lol

  • The Chris Pratt comment is literally something my aunt said last week 😂😂😂

  • I almost died while eating a sandwich just when they said "papor." I dunno why I find those moments so funny. But I do.

  • I could honestly watch the mythical moms every day XD

  • Paddington Bear is a Pomeranian.

  • “This is so cool” -Random girl with a beard

  • I am very distributed ONLY because Link looks soo much like my mom with that wig on!!! Especially in profile. Mom is that you???

  • Funniest episode ever

  • Mentioned crush videos?? Wtf..... No.

  • My mom doesn’t think dinosaurs were real either 😂😂😂😂

  • Un’da’h’duuhh’seee 🤣😂😅

  • Sooo’n character . Favorites

  • The girl on the right has low hanging boulders

  • Showed this video to my 3 year old daughter yesterday night ...this morning she woke up with a bad dream that a dog with a dinosaur head on top of its regular head was fallowing her around wherever she went. Ahaha I wonder where she got that idea. I showed her this video again this morning, and she said “hey how did you know what it looked like”. I reminded her that she watched this last night and was just dreaming about this, she started giggling feeling silly. Gmm-bad dreams lol

  • Omg I love these characters! You need to do them again. What’s their names? I heard lorretta for Rhett but what’s links name? You guys should use these character to do a bit on Black Friday shopping!

  • I forget who they really are- Link is soo gorgous

  • Is that an alligator

  • 😂😂😂😂😂

  • The little bear was a Pomeranian. I did that exact costume with my black Pomeranian. 😂💖

  • I want good mythical moms to make a separate channel! I seriously can listen to them talk all day. So hilarious

  • Both costumes are in Jenna marbles!!!!

  • I love GMM watch it religiously but I just can't with that BEARD if you're going to commit..... COMMIT!!!!!

  • It would make my LIFE if I ran into you guys at Dollywood. I live in Knoxville, TN and go at least once a year.

  • Im depresssed i really thought link had a weiner dog which is my favorite 😭 but thats a cha-weenie 😭

  • Rhett and link r some what family friendly. This mom's...........not so much

  • Oml Jade is so small. She's just lying on the desk without a car in the world.

  • I guess there kids didn’t wanna do this

  • My favorite parts were Under the Sea and Star War!

  • Link looks like weird Al and Rhett looks like a character from moms 😂

  • You need stickers that say "oh gosh'

  • Bertie's paddington costume is the cuuuutest

  • this is the funniest thing i’ve ever seen

  • If it doesn't have a dog sized wig, it loses

  • I think this was funnier then the main show. GMMoms are best unscripted like this lol say the most random things sometimes, love it.

  • No thanks. Stop dressing like women. Gross and stupid, skipping this one.

  • Hold on, Rhett’s dog’s costume is the same as the one that Jenna Marbles got for Peach 😂😂

  • "You can tell he's a prisoner cause it says it on his hat."- link October 2018

  • LMAO!!!!

  • Oh my gosh I laughed till I cried

  • Link's hairline XD

  • Could we have a full ear biscuits episode with both of them PLEAAASSE

  • I have missed the mythical moms! Love these two. Any chance of them filling in on Ear Biscuits on occasion? I love listening to them talk about pretty much anything.

  • I didn’t watch the main episode.

  • Peach and Barbra are slaying that dog Halloween wig!

  • Rhett: Don’t hit your dawg so hard Link:No no no my dawg like that pat pat pat

  • I am out of breath!

  • The only time Luke is in the second is at the very end when padmea give birth to him (sorry Im a real Star Wars nerd 😂)

  • "She's a ginger" 🤣🤣🤣

  • I know, I'm a pumpkin!

  • These two beautiful ladies, LoRhetta and Linkita, really need their own show!!

  • “He’s only nineteen...” “...But he knows where it goes in the bag.” “...That’s right. Papor or plastic?” MY NEW FAVORITE GMM QUOTE


  • I can't stop imagining link's hairy feet from one of the episodes...

  • 8:38 Glitch

  • 8:37 what was that?

  • I prefer Lorhetta and Linkette better than Rhett and Link. They should be the hosts!

  • Who wore it better jennas dogs or good mythical dogs

  • @10:12 when Rhett and Link spoke about their stickers, I almost didn't recognize their actual voices LOL

  • Aren’t all dinosaurs extinct?3:35

  • *I would love one of them to be my dad*

  • definitely thought that was John!

  • Got my stickers last night!

  • I am just loving yalls accent

  • Under the sea, its great, under the sea 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂❤

  • I'm probably in the minority but I prefer Rhett and Link to characters/guests. Especially on GMMore

  • I know you are doing this as a joke, but this is spot-on for what southern middle-class women are like.

  • “If I recall, it’s from the movie Star War” HEH HEH HEH.

  • Is no one else noticing that Barbara’s costume is the same as Peach’s? (Jenna marbles dog)

  • I love john's costume good job crew

  • "That's right. But he knows where it goes in the bag." This was so funny, oh my gosh. 😂

  • Link’s dog looks just like my dog no joke

  • Jade reminds me so much of my dog. Whenever we put clothes on her she passes out or goes into a deep depression. Lola is the most dramatic dog ever

  • Thats a hard pat

  • The bear dog looks like a Pomeranian. :)

  • By far one of my favorite episode :'D

  • Mom walks in at 6:46

  • No animals were harmed in the making of good mythical more

  • When you look what crush is :,( save me lord

  • LOL y'all are gonna be in trouble if some kid actually googles crush videos

  • OMFG I have been waiting for this for SO FREAKING LONG!!! This totally just made my year omg 👏🏻🤣 I absolutely love good mythical moms!! Thanks soooo much guys for doing this! 😂❤️❤️❤️


  • I'll bet you like to read eachothers pannies.

  • Should Google image search "dog costume two dogs carrying gift" is my favourite dog costume.

  • Liveleak is pretty gnarly tbh