Comparing yourself to others

katma 16 Oct 2018
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produced by Reed Hedani
grip - Reed Hedani, Zack Wallnau
sound - Zack Wallnau
edited by Zac Surprenant


  • I love you

  • 0:01 we all do

  • CASSIE HO GRACE HO ho ho ho.. now this is interesting

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  • Thx yputube

  • is youth and consequences season 2 coming or nah?

  • I don't think anyone has a perfect they say, the grass is always greener...they may be happier that one day, but something is probably also wearing on their shoulders

  • Does anyone know or @annaakana - do you have an email to contact you or po box or smthg

  • I sometimes want to be Justin Mathew

  • Anna I'm 12 but I'm always comparing myself to other because of my parents bashful words like fat prostitute ugly

  • how does your instagram work like that?

  • Any thoughts on this?: Men and the power of the visual and “He wants you!”

  • I wanna be just like you, i have already made wrong/bad decision/choices

  • haha omg can you read my mind or something? This is exactly what I have been feeling XD

  • i just hope puberty fixes me cuz im so ugly and all my friends are gorgeous and in relationships

  • Hello Anna 💖

  • i love how relatable this topic is

  • Do yourself, Anna, you are cute af, not to sound weird

  • Daamn your videos are always sooo relatable 😞

  • Stay awesome all y'all! Thanks, Anna!

  • You were so chill

  • I don’t know why but you are looking cuter let me put a baby in you you got dumpling.

  • diz iz fvcking legit!!!!!!


  • aw this made me feel better

  • Looking at how good others lives are motivates me to better 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • I compare myself with my best friends, and my family compares me as well so, rip my life

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  • Halloween

  • I love you so much. You express my feelings better than i can 😱💓

  • I knew you look familiar. you're the girl who talked to Falcon in antman :)

  • Cats are quite disgusting.

  • Everytime i see Chloe Moriondo i die inside because Shes just so adorable and beautiful. And When i look myself In the mirror i Think. “My hair is so boring. Im not As pretty.” And i shouldn’t Think that. Comparing is hell😂

  • Anna nailed it 😘

  • Anna, I've been watching your videos recently and just, GIRL, you say everything I need to hear. I have perfectionism, anxiety, and chronic depression (as a result of the perfectionism) and I get so into the spiral of feeling bad about my life and thinking how others are just being happy cause that's what it looks like. But I've got to learn to stop myself. I've got to get so involved with my own life that I don't have time to think about how others are so much happier than me and better than me. Thanks for doing what you do, Anna.

  • I'm a huge fan as you can tell hahaha

  • Once again Ana you nailed it

  • The key is knowing what you actually want and taking action toward making it happen. ❤ Instead of focusing on comparing yourself... instead take a step back and ask yourself why you feel that envy... Like, why do you feel envious of someone traveling? Usually because you want to travel somewhere, right? So set a goal around that and take actions in your life that will help you work toward that goal. If it's not something you want enough to work toward, then you don't really want it, you just have FOMO. Once you recognize that you can try to shift your perspective to a more positive one, like saying out loud to yourself that you're happy for your friends instead of miserable that you're not doing what they're doing. Anyone can do almost anything, we just have to make it a high enough priority that we push ourselves toward it through the actions we take every day. It can be really easy to forget that... but the thing(s) we want most will be the thing(s) we are putting at the top of mind and actually doing... For example, right now I want to watch TR-tv videos more than I want to write blog posts or plan out a livestream for my Facebook group. In 20 minutes that could be completely different, but this is where I'm at right now so that's what I'm doing. It's okay to shift your priorities, as long as you keep track of them and don't let the things you really want sit on the backburner too long... For example, I really want to watch the rest of a series I'm watching on Netflix, but getting work done is a higher priority for me today because if I left myself go to Netflix I won't get any work done today. 🤣

  • I really needed this !

  • khốn Nạn

  • silly woman you can only be your self

  • Always love your content, Anna

  • You need better pillows.

  • Just be you !

  • 0:55

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  • 😂 LOVE THIS!

  • Totally agree. This is was social media does to people. If you arent one of the people who are watching everyone else have more fun than you are someone posting every moment to prove to others have much fun youre having so you can be more like others that youve seen. I read somewhere that statistically most of your friends will have more friends than you too, its wierd but the way its explained made some sense. We are way to caught up in what other people do and everyones life will always seen more fun, especially when they are trying so hard to make it look thay way. Filters prove that dont they.

  • I think you're a brilliant young lady, stay strong sweetie

  • If you lived in 99% of anywhere else in the world I don't think you'd be feeling this way.

  • My parents compare me to other children😭😭 But I compare them to other parents😝😝

  • Same same same same same. I miss your videos, where have I been at

  • Dont try to fight it..accept it and believe it will pass in the few seconds..

  • You look better than ever!

  • Your channel is so inspiring :*

  • Did nobody catch the blogilates joke at the end... So wicked!

  • It's ok to admire someone that you want to emulate them, but you have no idea what kind of life the person on the other side of your screen is having. So yes, compare yourself to who you were yesterday, and incrementally improve into the future.

  • Can you do a piece on the benefits of getting off the grid?

  • This is so strange cause ... GIRL I WANNA BE YOU XD

  • Omg the Venmo part is so me

  • maybe youre just still pissed off with yourself for getting someone to play your dead sister. so maybe that was your wrong decision, but you sound committed to doing it over and over again till you... commit the right one? terrible.

  • I legit jumped at 1:45- but just wait for it

  • Always do this, I’m a,so very doubtful.

  • I mean hey, you can always only compare yourself to people who are doing way worse than you, or seem more miserable or don't have looks as good as you. It makes me feel great :)

  • Daaaam when did your videos become so depressing! If you need some good 🍆 let me know, cheer up.

  • You're so pretty

  • I just want to say, girllll you are soo beautifullll

  • I struggled with this a lot. I recently left my 4 yr relationship it wasn’t healthy and I feel a little better. I wonder if being in unhealthy relationships correlates with ones mental health....

  • Social media is so useful and fun but at the same time it can be damaging and toxic, finding the balance is hard a lot of the time

  • This is the bad influence of Instagram

  • This is exactly what i'm going through right now

  • I love how Anna's videos are actually useful and meaningful in life. It makes me feel like I'm spending my time right

  • w0w

  • Damn this hit home

  • Annnnnaaaa i swear we're the same person 😭

  • Life is a massive society of judgement, you can’t escape it so choose to ignore it.

  • Comparison is addiction to losing.

  • You have your youth and beauty and 33K likes here - imagine feeling that way and being over 50 and having no likes

  • Speaking right to my soul as usual! Thanks Anna!

  • That’s so me - comparison hurts and is indeed a downward spiral. Even if I am spending time with actual people I might compare myself to them if they are a happy couple with a dog and a cool place. It’s good to keep busy but I want what they have too...

  • i love the way you talk, greetings from México

  • For a second I thought i was waching liza koshy

  • 3:40 I might be dead but I can still do this

  • You really need to get off the internet and unplug!

  • Same, but other people do it to me. Like, I’m not sad when I go on insta, my family compares me to other people to “show what I could be doing” and it hurts because I can’t PLAY THE GUITAR AND GO ON THE VIOCE AND LEARN 50 LANGUAGES AND READ EVERY BOOK ON THE FACE OF THIS EARTH and still be a teenager.

  • Me toooooooooooo

  • lolololololololololidontevenhavefriendslolololol

  • I need this message!!!!!!!!!!!!! Right timing. I love you!!!


  • Anna holy crap why do you keep reading my mind and knowing what I’m feeling

  • Same.

  • I can’t wait to see you on Netflix 😍

  • Thank you Anna. Your candid and scary honest videos always make me feel more normal.

  • Instagram-dean

  • That intro got me shooked

  • I feel like i wanna meet anna, but i fear shell be a feminist extremest that gets mad when you mention the word man in anything.

  • But what if you still at school and you have an abusive family that will never leave you alone and you don't want to cause more trouble to them and you want to get out as peaceful as possible but the only solution is to wait till you graduate?

  • when he's all 'it's over ana'kin i have the high ground!' so you level it

  • 0:40 who scrolls through Instagram that way

  • I want to be you!!