Comparing yourself to others

katma 16 Oct 2018
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shot by Eric Lombart
produced by Reed Hedani
grip - Reed Hedani, Zack Wallnau
sound - Zack Wallnau
edited by Zac Surprenant


  • Dude you compare yourself to everyone else and here I am comparing myself to your perfect hair, face, clothes, house and personality. Damn.

  • love this! thank you for sharing

  • 0:09 😂😂😂

  • You really are my biggest celebrity crush. It used to been beyonce

  • I feel very upset as my friends in high school all receive offers from prestigious universities. I know I should feel happy for them😭but it seems that everyone has a bright future except me.

  • It's like TR-tv knows what I'm thinking, I needed this so much right now.

  • Well... cats are the only ones that have a good life.

  • I’m poppy harlow

  • lmao I've wanted to be you

  • Omg Lizza Koshy!!😁 fangirling

  • I was going over this with myself yesterday, thanks

  • Succinct and sacrosanct. You rest within it. Outside this and little to the unbecoming and of a heady dress suited for the few against the many. Rest Anna, rest.

  • 1:03 that clip is my mood

  • As i got older , i realized that people are extermily different from 1 to other. we have different facial features, different skin colours, different hights, different weights, different body types, different personalty, different strength & weakness, different learning abilities, different believe ,and political views. i used to hate everything about me . I was full of anxiety and stress. 1 my art teacher told me ," no matter how hard u try u will never be Micheal Jordan. Mj was natural athletic and geifted in basketball. u can play basketball but u have to be comfortable with ur self before . was mj gifted in everything?? absolutely not. mj tried playing baseball for a season, and SUCKED. its extermily stressfull to compare ur self witb others. i came from a learning disability background and took me long to figure thinks out. i remmber a kid that never studied and got 80s and up. i spended hours studing and got 50s. that frustrated the hell out of me . The good side, i was a very strong artist. that kid never Understand how i was soo good with drawing. he told me his be trying to get good for years and no resluts. He paid tutors and still low skilled . Im gald i figure this out. people are happy bez they want to look like jlo, rich like trump, playing basketball like mj, get laid 24/7, confident as 007, and so on. lower ur ago, Understand ur strength and weakness, stop comparing ur self with others, accept ur self. live life stress free

  • Anna ... will you marry me ?

  • Did liza inspire you

  • i want to be anna akana >:


  • Wow you're beautiful even without makeup! 😘😍

  • Grow your underarm hair and dye it blue and blame the patriarchy for your unhappiness like a good feminist. Then you will truly be happy.

  • I needed this so much! Thank you very much.

  • My best friend does this 24/7 and it's so damn frustrating. She is literally always comparing herself to everyone. She even compared herself to frikin Anna from frozen!! Ahhhhh I want to help her but she doesn't listeeeen

  • your videos always make me feel so much better. thank you for being you. dont compare yourself to others. everyone should be comparing themselves to you because youre gonna be so successful later in life, as you are now. love ya!

  • Asian beautiful girl hmm my weakness u just got +1 sub

  • 2:42 loses subs

  • Yeah your so much cooler than me but seriously like every Hobie that exists you do


  • I must really stop wasting time on youtube...

  • I love you

  • 0:01 we all do

  • CASSIE HO GRACE HO ho ho ho.. now this is interesting

  • Tv

  • Thx yputube

  • is youth and consequences season 2 coming or nah?

  • I don't think anyone has a perfect they say, the grass is always greener...they may be happier that one day, but something is probably also wearing on their shoulders

  • Does anyone know or @annaakana - do you have an email to contact you or po box or smthg

  • I sometimes want to be Justin Mathew

  • Anna I'm 12 but I'm always comparing myself to other because of my parents bashful words like fat prostitute ugly

  • how does your instagram work like that?

  • Any thoughts on this?: Men and the power of the visual and “He wants you!”

  • I wanna be just like you, i have already made wrong/bad decision/choices

  • haha omg can you read my mind or something? This is exactly what I have been feeling XD

  • i just hope puberty fixes me cuz im so ugly and all my friends are gorgeous and in relationships

  • Hello Anna 💖

  • i love how relatable this topic is

  • Do yourself, Anna, you are cute af, not to sound weird

  • Daamn your videos are always sooo relatable 😞

  • Stay awesome all y'all! Thanks, Anna!

  • You were so chill

  • I don’t know why but you are looking cuter let me put a baby in you you got dumpling.