Cold As Balls All-Stars | Nick "Swaggy P" Young | Laugh Out Loud Network

katma 19 Feb 2019
NBA star Nick Young, or better known as Swaggy P, is in the #ColdAsBalls tub! Swaggy has been in the headlines a lot in recent years, but he airs it all out and tells us about his fear of phones, his beef with D'Angelo Russell during his time with the Los Angeles Lakers, his family connection to Kendrick Lamar and more. Powered by: Old Spice -
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  • What's the intro song

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  • They hating on DLO

  • He sounds like 50 cents

  • boring personality with no sense of ground

  • 8:45 tha real shooters. not like gil 😭

  • His nipples little AF 😂😂😂

  • 😂 Kevin Hart is Hilarious!!

  • Get javale

  • They should make one with Terry crews

  • Swaggy

  • lmao Swaggy look like BLUEFACE

  • Swaggy P I'm never going to call another man swaggy P

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  • Yeeeeeeaaaaaahhhh They’re high😂

  • You should make a episode with Paul George

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  • Nick Young is the soulja boy of the NBA.

  • swaggy p is funny as hell. talking about him being born, “i popped out like, i’m an nba guy”

  • 4:04 my guy drooling

  • 8:26 either that tub deep as hell or he’s a midget

  • 6:25 Lol just in kev don’t like the Looooooord. 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Shaq Diesel

  • Cold as balls last three episodes have been the best!!! Period

  • Nick and Kendrick really cousins?

  • I wonder how much of Kevin Hart would be above water if he actually sat in the tub? 🤔

  • this was funny.

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  • All the dislikes are from North Dakota

  • Swaggy P got no chest at all 😹

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  • He act like he schmacked😂😂

  • Don’t nick cannon and nick young look a like?

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  • I’m surprised he didn’t say anything about Swaggy being in Philly 😂😭

  • nice:)

  • this the funniest i've seen honestly

  • 1.shaq 2. Kevin Garnett 3. Dwade

  • Bruh 😂😂😭 6:25

  • This is the funniest one so far. Nick is such a chill dude.


  • That ice is FAKE!

  • We need: Kevin Garnett Kobe Lonzo Ball Zion LaMelo Ball Kevin Durant Shaq D rose KD PG 13

  • That was classic when pulled the dangelo move

  • Not one comment on Kevin’s lowkey diss of Mike Epps

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  • Who else thought at first that was blue face 😭

  • He sound like he was high lol

  • Dwayne Johnson or Jack Black

  • By far THEEE best one!!!

  • It was shade on both of them lolllll

  • What if P is the dude from black boy fly

  • where am I?

  • Kevin hart stays in the ice less each time

  • Wow

  • Conor megregor

  • He had Iggy 👌

  • ditching school in the park doing swaggy stuff ... lmao

  • These episodes are getting shorter and shorter I still luv it tho

  • Nick young is about to say “bust down thottianana”

  • The rock next

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  • Deangelo Russell 0:30-0:40 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Kevin Hart standing up in the tub???? Lol

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  • Oddly enough a postmates ad pops up and its Iggy azalea is in it.

  • Pero por que mierda esta esto en tendencia si en argentina el 10% de las personas sabe inglés

  • Why the hell would you give this guy air time?

  • I am dead

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  • “Yea I passed high school and went to community college for two weeks” 😂😂😂

  • The fact Kevin still looks like he standing up is funny

  • Kevin hart always cracks me up!🤣😆

  • Lmao swaggy hella funny man. Always a good laugh

  • Kevin dumb

  • Allen iverson

  • Get Conor McGregor

  • “I’m celebrating in this ice now..” “Well brother you gon clean it” 😂😂🤣😭💀💀

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