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Camila Cabello - I Have Questions (Official Lyric Video)

katma 22 May 2017
"I Have Questions" Available at
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Video Producer: 33 1/3 Inc.
Video Edited by Lorraine Campo and Robert Sommerlad
Video Executive Producer: Alex Peacock

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  • you speak for my soul Camilla 😢

  • Pure art, made me cry! ♥️

  • To an old friend.... I have questions...

  • this is my situation right now...

  • Bts fans are screaming

  • Lauren's new single: answers

  • I love her voice so much!😍 it’s addicting❤️and this song still listening from 2019

  • Play it on 1.25x speed (ur welcum :)

  • Reminds me of my bestfriend. Our relationship was complicated and over the course of its development and the fall then the resurrection there were times where I grew to hate him. I still have some unanswered questions, ones that ill probably never ask. I love them to death now but this song along with a few other take me back to those times where I couldn't stand him and what he did and lets me sing out all the anguish.

  • this would be a great lyric prank to your ex haha

  • Love this girl camila

  • It’s about Lauren from5H

  • 2019!!??

  • I love how she has two exact same songs named different...smh

  • 2019?

  • Me and my best friend are no longer talking to each other anymore this just breaks my heart completely..

  • 😗😗😗

  • I should have NEVER, EVER , EVER ..... was never real.... ever

  • Its funny how one day you trust someone so much and you think they could never hurt you but the day after they just stabbed you in the back

  • It's sad to know how much more open and well minded we become after heartbreaks and rejections.

  • Who's listening to this in 2019?

  • I have a question? HOW DO I FIXT IT???😍😍😍

  • Beautifle 😍😪

  • This is about Dinah

  • 2019?

  • your a VERY GOOD editor

  • This reminds me if where are you now

  • Did anyone else notice that the lyrics are literally the background also....? I just noticed that

  • beautiful 💖✨

  • I Stan Camila So much lol

  • Camila cabello que música linda

  • her voice is coming from her heart..badly heartbroken Camila...00:40

  • this is giving me the Twilight Saga feels.

  • It made me cry

  • Teacher : Any doubt ? Topper students : I have questions

  • Damn she Hurt her very bad .

  • ¿Alguien que hable español? ):

  • My broken heart relates to this...

  • Replay button 00:00

  • 13 reasons why should borrow this. Or is it already borrowed? it's perfeeect. LAUREN my love welcome to your tape.

  • Welp I came here from a Wattpad story heh heh let me j say that story was as sad as this song

  • I can feel the emotion... especially when she says “ number 1.... why would you try and play me for a fool... but it sounds so dangerous to me now... I should have never trusted you... why don’t you care” and so on like ugh soooo perfect!

  • when he doesn't text you after a minute..

  • My Dad died of cancer a month before I turned ten...god I wish I could ask him questions. Not commenting this for any form of pity, I just love and miss him. It has been six and a half years since he died but I still wish he were does not get easier without him. The more I grow up the more I miss him...this song made me cry about losing him. I never let my self feel bad about it, because it seems to selfish but I think it is okay to cry miss him and just listen to this song .

  • Camz-it sounds so dangerous to me now Lolo-you say that i'm dangerous when i open my mouth

  • Fuckin related. 🙏💔

  • Fuckin related. 🙏💔

  • This makes me want to call my ex and just cry to him because I love him for 6 months and he loved me for 4 😖

  • been going through some shit. this song is what i’m feeling.

  • Aaaaaawwwwee #camren u guys play too much the world is ready for you we welcome you with open arms. Matthew is 100% gay and ty's going prison what do you have left? EACHOTHER. come on, you can do it, I promise.