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Camila Cabello - Consequences (orchestra)

katma 10 Oct 2018
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  • Is that Dylan Sprouse?

  • The outro where she fades away remind me of Avengers: Infinity war.. 😂😂

  • Camila Always Perfect!


  • Was that Dylan srpouse?

  • Rachel Berry

  • Wait WHat

  • Love you so so much Camila ...... Oh my my ur my everything,, my inspiration,,my motivation,hoping to meet you Camila ... Beautiful music video 😍😍....nd your vocals oh my gosh no words left to describe your importance in my life 👑👑😍😍

  • This video was beyond amazing. I could watch all day! This song is wonderful as well.

  • In my test our teacher asked us to put a song that would fit the theme of Romeo and Juliet and this was the first thing that came into my mind

  • Omg the song was so beautiful I want to cry 10/10


  • Love this song by Camilla u are amazing

  • Me hizo llorar esta canción

  • Happy 9M subscribers 😘😘 congrats & iloveyousooooomuuuuuuch 😍😍😍

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  • Yeah🍐:'(

  • Isn’t that Dylan sprouse 😂

  • 10 millones de reproducciones CONSEQUENCES y 9 millones de suscriptores

  • This needs me recognition

  • Eu ouvi essa música de tarde hj e tava com 500k likes, agora de noite tá com 800k 😻AAAAAH, Rompendo tudo minha rainha ♥

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  • Camila reminds me of Janice and Dylan of chantler idk why

  • Congratulations on your 9 million followers, my baby girl!!!

  • Camila Cabello you're awesome!

  • “Lost a little weight because I wasn’t eating” that hit me in the face like a bag of bricks

  • Beurifol

  • 376 mil

  • 😍😍😍

  • The graphics are amazing and it's probably my favorite song from her right now

  • who the fuck can hate this song??? haters like shit

  • I love the background it matches the song Autumn is pretty Now i wish i had a crush im single AF😪😪😪

  • 🙌👏👏 i swear, definitely keeps surprising everyone with her talent


  • Don't forget to put ''like'' on the video we're near for the 1st M of likes gogooo


  • 😘te amo camila

  • Okey,teoria Camren :3 Básicamente Camila rompió con su novio y no lo puede superar pero a la vez está enamorada de Lauren y cuando menos se lo espera ellas dos están juntas (en la escena final Camila está sentada con ella del pasado pero podría ser Lauren y camila en el Parque) No tiene mucha lógica pero no me juzguen, estoy en la bañera y se me acaba de ocurrir xd

  • we love a Dylan Sprouse

  • liked it before even watching it!

  • LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!!!

  • Toda vez que assisto eu choro. I love you camila❤❤

  • AFG

  • Dylan Sprouse looks really good in this video. This song is so good and I'm so proud of Camila!!!😍😍😍😊😊😊

  • Camila, para cuándo una colaboración con un latino???!!

  • Great song love it I felt like crying... but who is the guy in the vid cuz he looks super familiar. I thought ab one of the Sprouse Twins but like idk

  • Is that cole?👀

  • what is the name of the guy who appears in the clip

    • Dylan Sprouse

  • *Please Love Me*

  • Me enamore

  • No quiero llorar Camila :c

  • I love how Dylan Sprouse is in here I love watching suite life of Zack and Cody and Suite life on deck.

  • amei ❤

  • I really didn't realize the guy was Dylan Sprouse

  • Sound very good!

  • Is that Dylan Sprouse😍😍😍

    • Yes

  • This was crazy

  • Why did it end😭


  • Ja estao pedindo nas radios?

  • I can relate so much to this song

  • DYLAN SPROUSE cooool

  • My earphones just broke cuz of how beautiful her voice is it’s to powerful >;c

  • Love Song with good animation..😍😍

  • She kissed dylan🙊🙊🙎🙎

  • this video was cool, hot, and sweet.

  • The strings at 2:25

  • ART

  • 10 milloneeeeees!!!!! estaba esperando todo el día !!

  • looks like a sprouse

  • is that Dylan Sprouse!?

  • Ok is that guy Cole Sprouse? I might be wrong, but I just wanna make sure

  • te amo

  • dylan sprouse yessss

  • Very nice,,camila is great

  • Hey what’s up

  • Maravilhosa!!!

  • Another love song trash

  • Is that Dylan?!?!😘💖

  • This maybe reminds so many first lovers (the first one with whom we learned so much) usually happens when we are young, and maybe we will love this person forever...

  • Coisa linda😍😍

  • 😙😘😚😢😢

  • i love you forever......camila

  • Não para de ver....GENTE!!!!

  • Eu tou tão apaixonado nesse vídeo, SE eu podesse colocaria esse vídeo em potinho para sempre... Kkk

  • 1M de visualizações por dia no mínimo.

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  • Camila is the definition of an angel💖

  • Who else wants another song to continue the story?

  • 💕💜💞❤

  • ❣️❤️

  • This kinda reminds me of Taylor Swift bc “loving you was red”


  • 💞😘😍💜❤

  • I usually don't comment on videos, but this is one of the most beautiful songs I ever heard, it's 00:44 in England now and have listened to it more than 30 times tonight

  • She looks just so good and perfect. She should wear less makeup for her videos tho

  • This made me cry bro😭😭😭 I love u camila

  • Even though Dylan has a girl friend...I ship them really hard

  • I love that you made a video for this song!!! Hope you make More music videos for your songs!! Keep up the Excellent work Camila!!!!!!!! 😁😆❤️❤️❤️

  • Ooooh Dylan and camila an iconic duo💕💕😘😘😂😂👑👑