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benny blanco, Halsey & Khalid - Eastside (official video)

katma 12 Jul 2018
"Eastside" out now:
Directed by Jake Schreier
Executive Producers: Jackie Kelman Bisbee, Alex Fisch
Line Producer: Molly Gale
DP: Bettina Ávila, Jac Fitzgerald,
Color: Michael Rossiter / The Mill
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#halsey #khalid #bennyblanco


  • "benny loves food" me too benny, me too

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  • this is where he smoked weed

  • nice

  • Me to

  • I’m listening to this song way to much it’s a great song

  • Wait Halsey is lesbian..?

  • for a moment, I thought they would reveal they were killed by school shooter later on.

  • Vamos esquenta essa porra haaaa amo vcs

  • O amor não pode se esfriar

  • Vamos transforma o mundo e um lugar melhor

  • Amoo isso kkk

  • E foda kkkk

  • Tenho umas viagem muito boa com ela kk

  • Sla essa música r muito boa kk

  • Alguém Brasil pra troca ideia kkk

  • where are the comments?

  • I listen to this to much but. Who cares

  • I wonder if Lily ever contacted Ashley/halsey?

  • lol wtf is the subtitles that is not the lyrics bruh take it out seriously lol

  • I am in virginia bitches

  • So nostalgic 💔

  • still can't find something to hate about khalid

  • I think that this song is now a daily dose for me

  • gold's favorite...

  • I love looking at all the try-hards that want top comments

  • The beat is Lucid dreams

  • this is still good a year later

  • I'm wishing one day to be Halsey's producer and director

  • Br

  • 1:06 This us where Benny shit his pants after she said yes

  • Thank you for sharing the story of these two people. I know a lot of us can relate in different ways.

  • *2019?*


  • I'm in love with her voice omg is beautiful,relaxing.. ❤️

  • good tune still now this is. the only reason i listen to 102.2 fm/ uk while driving, i got pulled over by cops while driving singing away to this last week. the cop musn't of liked it he gave me a producer. lol.

  • nice song Khalid 👍😘

  • How many of you Just waited till the end to see "This is where he was buried"


  • its a good song because it tells about them and its a song so good

  • this is like : there is so much stories to be heard, so much stories to be told I never felt so touched

  • sad thig guys

  • Your the best I did not what you look like but now I do

  • Benny is a good guy

  • can you she mush love you she mush

  • Video made no sense

  • I thought the lyrics was "Our old friends are now our enemies" 😂

    • That would make a great context in Halseys (Ashley) part of the song when they were talking about Lily and how she never saw her again.

  • Great little video, a real story! cool

  • I know where all of the places are in the halsey section, I'm from NJ and I used to hang out in warren county all the time ha that's so funny

  • I loooooove this sooooong ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • who’s come back here after seen Halsey’s performance?

  • this song is such a low effort chainsmoker copy/paste sound. *cringe*

  • 0:55 - This is the girl Benny liked 1:01 - Ashley said yes. 1:06 - This is where Benny shit his pants after she said yes. XD I WATCHED THIS ALMOST MY BROTHERS AND MOM AND DAD WOKE UP... xD

  • February 2019?????

  • The 53.000 dislikes are from westside guys

  • NamaaaäaaaaaaaaaaaaaAaAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAA

    • Ooke

    • Wil je met mij vekiring

  • Its just me,or the beat sounds like Lucid Dreams?

  • Good El

  • Ok why can't i have 100 likes on my comment? 😢😭

  • my bf went to school with benny. its weird seeing his hometown and school in this video

  • 2029 ?

  • In terms of style Halsey's singing in 1:15-1:35 of this song reminds me of Ed Sheeran's singing in 1:40-1:58 of Galway girl.

  • is that halsey's real story?

  • Amazing, sudahku padamkan tombol merahnya ke 182 Jangan lupa kunjungan baliknya ya kak!

  • WTF

  • halsey or ashley??

  • I like this song !!!

  • Love this song ❤️💙😍 who else agrees

  • is benny lil dicky? he kinda reminds me of him :0

  • At 20 seconds it sounds like the part in sponhebob where they zoom into the krabby patty

  • Click this, it will turn blue 👇

  • 14 seconds in, sounds like he's saying "old ass man" 😂

  • Hey

  • One of my fav song just love it...

  • Its like ellie goulding voice

  • Honestly it’s a good song, but the music video sucks

  • I... can't.... belive..... that i ..... just heard this this is AMAZINGG

  • My favourite song

  • Just a dad with a ambitious daughter that's 12 years old and sings like nobody is there in the I'm stuck on this song while she whips her hair from left to rite.

  • Now that I look at it... This is a really CHEAP Music Video...

  • Halsey is GAY and I love it

  • How did ash get in trouble?

  • Is she look like miley cirus , give me a like


  • Im litsening in 2019 febuary anyone else?

  • Lyrics are so fcking beautiful .I wish I could go back to my childhood .this song reminds me of those good old days

  • omg this song

  • sözlerini anlamıyorum ama çok iyi parça :)

  • Did this story really happen?

  • Lol

  • playing basketball with lil dicky has to be lit

  • Iam really wonder WHO is Lily?

  • thought welcome to the black parade was gonna play

  • He makes music with Selena Gomez and J Balvin. He loves big hit too. Big up to Benny! 🔥🔥🔥 28/2

  • Piano sounds a lot like logics 1-800

  • this vc like chasmer cat x mø - shopie

  • I live in virginia 🌞

    • All about cali lol jk I’d move to Virginia. Beautiful

  • heard this song too many times


  • Is Ashley a Lesbian?